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24 March 2006 Gena Lee Nolin vs Laura Prepon

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Posted by simguy on 3/24/2006, 7:11 am

Thanks to FightFan for this repost

Before: Prepon a bit of an FCBA oddity: a strapping young welterweight in her physical prime - already drawing comparisons with the young Brooke Shields for her precocious ability at the weight - big girls division generally populated with more mature, seasoned professionals. Naturally, Nolin's skeptical. "I feel like I'm robbing the cradle, fighting this chick," Gena quips in prefight, to hearty guffaws from grizzled reporters. "She's got some good wins - I like her right hand - but she's a one-note fighter. Even if I don't knock her out right away, I'll still be the better woman round after round. I don't see her competing with me - hasn't got the stuff just yet. Should be a good learning experience for her, while it lasts!" And what of Tia Carerre - forced to wait yet again as Gena stays busy? "I don't know what her big hurry is," Nolin shrugs. "Never seen a girl so anxious to take a beatin'! I'll get to her - she should just cool her jets, have another donut, and wait her turn." Nolin in pale peach bikini: Preps in butterscotch plaid bikini, low ponytail. White gloves both vixens.

During R1: Gena circumspect early - creep stepping right, pointing the left shoulder at Laura, lifting the up-jab to Prepon's gut. G bodying up - left hand curled behind Laura's head, right palming Laura's left shoulder - just turning the girl in the clinch, releasing her with a little hold-n'-hit right uppercut. Punch, clutch and turn from Gena - she's just managing her girl, testing her strength, pushing her around - Prepon not a factor as she plays Nolin's game in the first.

R2: Laura shows her wares: a fine, lancing, long jab off a stomping step-and-plant; big, slanting right crosses, narrowly evaded as Gena turns her shoulder and rolls with them. Nolin wide-eyed, occasionally hopping to her right, trying to keep her distance: Laura walking her foe down with that brick-mitted jab, spearing Nolin, stabilizing her, then looking to cash in righty up top. Gena unpleasantly surprised: Laura dangerous as hell when she extends on punches, fights on tempo and comes forward - lesson learned as Nolin is shutout, lucky not have been clipped clean by Prepon's booming right.

R3: Laura punishing Gena jabs early, startling big blonde into an upright posture: CRASHING right hand pounds past the guard to light up Nolin's chin. GENA'S WOBBLY BUTT! Nolin stepping in fence post holes - desperately reaching for Laura's head and pulling it down - girls reeling in a tight counterclockwise stagger as Gena tries to keep it together. Groggy Gena finally pulls Laura in, jams a right hand snug to crotch while turning to shade the ref's view: official sees nothing as poor Laura crumples into Nolin's arms, momentarily crippled. Gena muscles limp Laura to ropes, rides a rough forearm across the girl's face to bend her back over the top rope - NOW the ref gets involved as Nolin licks her lips, mops her brow. Prepon angry, rushing - Gena dips low, snuggles up around her girl's hips and twists Laura into ropes again - slowing this thing down, drawing Laura into the slop. Murky mauling as girls struggle in brawny clinches - Gena controlling Laura's head, nipping cheap uppercuts out of the posture, getting as much body as possible on Prepon to smother her to the bell. Laura actively petitioning the ref during the break: Gena's veteran tricks get her out of a tight spot in the third.

R4: Gena's made her adjustment: distance is her enemy in this fight; she wants a belly on Prepon at all times. Nolin creep-steppin' right, pawing her jab, waving it, then leaning in with looping right hands - Prepon effectively ducking and blocking the haymaker, but Gena's getting on top of her, playing punch-n'-clutch to perfection. Fight staggers to ropes as Nolin pulls at Laura, bogs her down. Nolin warned for trying to pop Laura's elbow in one clinch. Nolin warned repeatedly for holding and hitting. Nolin warned for headbutting as she repositions her head on either Prepon shoulder. Nolin warned for pushing down on Laura's back with old-school middleweight tactics. Grinding brutality: Prepon's wide, white back pressed against ropes - she grimaces throughout, bullied and harassed. Gena getting big on Prepon, making the fight ugly, clawing her way to more points in the fourth.

R5: Laura frazzled - tendrils of hair coming out of her neat ponytail as she tries to solve the problem of Gena. Nolin with that flat-footed creepin' staying low, just waving and pawing her jab to distract, then lunging in - she doesn't care if she gets that overhand right, she's just throwing it to make Laura cover up so she can be clinched. Gena warned for throwing short forearm/elbows in the clinch. Gena warned for stomping on her foe's toes with her heel. Along the ropes, Nolin doing yeoman's work - bashing away short, clubbing shots at Laura's chest and biceps - just swiping away at big-girl torso and limbs, beating the fight out of the youngster. Ref's breaks: Gena pushed back all sweaty and glistening - she pushes her way back in, gets on top, riding her girl along the ropes. Down the stretch - ref's break restarts action midring - Gena comes in and LAURA LIGHTS HER UP! Well-timed right hand FINALLY tags Gena coming in and NOLIN'S HURT! Gena staggering away to her right, reeling sideways to ropes: Laura stalking forward hard-eyed but bell rings before she can pile on extra. Prepon steals the round late with sharpshooting power, sending Nolin wobbly-butt to her corner for the break.


R6: Gena's repraisals are harsh, heavy-handed as Laura suffers for her fifth round heroics. Nolin lapping right/left to trunks right away: instant gratification as Laura folds up gurgling, reaching around Gena's back to tie up. Nolin smashing away along the ropes, just stepping with wilting Laura, hammering at her as Preps skids to her right at the apron. Bashing, fat blows to biceps and chest - Laura's defences degrading: this is just Gena being big, reducing her foe, bludgeoning the torso. Nolin always pressing up after getting off 2 or 3 - getting her body on Laura, making her feel the weight at the ropes. Holding and hitting? You bet: Gena working out of the wrap, riding her left arm across Laura's upperback, slumping her forward for pumping rights belly and breasts. Gena just shoving mitt to meat, belly-punching Laura's buttocks up into the ropes as strapping young lass stoops forward, lips parted in anguish. Shutout beatdown - all Gena bell to bell - she sends Laura rickety, well chastised to her stool - Nolin strutting hands high back to hers.

R7: Nolin creep-steppin' right, knows Laura's looking for the overhand right: Gena mixes things up, looks to swing that fat Tia-busting right hand flat to paunch instead. Good pounding connects - Laura covering up at her temples and crumpling around the shots: poor Prepon soaking up ALL the shock of these blows, shuddering on contact, visibly breaking down. Midway through, stout singleshot bodyblasts add up - Laura's lips curls back as she hugs her gut, babystepping backward, then sinking in agony to one knee. Grinning Nolin struts past - reaches down to glove Laura's ponytail and flip it contemptuously up and around Prepon's face(tossing another girl's ponytail a well-known sign of disdain in the gym-world). Laura up panting, angry for her 8 count: Gena comes for her at the ropes, but Prepon refuses her, brawling effectively off the apron to step G back to midring. Hot two-way big-girl swapping at the bell - dangerous haymakers swinging back and forth as Laura denies Gena the KO.

R8: Gena's done a good job punishing this kid: Laura's legs shaky; guard drooping from the constant pounding of her arms; body throbbing as Gena continues to step-and-fetch right hands amidships. Nolin leading with that bolo-right hand into Laura's breadbasket, but putting the hook on top now: devastating combination has Prepon reeling, crowd gasping as once again, G looks to be on the verge of stopping her foe. But Laura made of sterner stuff - she ships the beatings, fighting back in spots to make the ref back off - kid wearing down and spluttering, but she's a gamer, refusing to give in to Gena's heavy hands. Nolin circling, eyes narrow as she continues to bombard and smother: Prepon defiant, staggers back to her corner for repairs through 8.

R9: Laura starting to pick Gena up coming in with jabs, starting to renegotiate a little distance - Nolin can't quite bridge the gap as easily as she has been. More fighting at range - Nolin stepping to her right, pawing and backhanding her jab, looking to sweep right hands up into Laura's body. Prepon stepping strong, set to punch, pushing off the right big toe to pound her jab at Gena's left shoulder - knocking blonde off tempo at times with scolding stick. Down the stretch, Nolin loads up a right but gets pre-empted a jolting jab on her mouth: while she's startled, Laura leans in and gets ALL of the Nolin chin a CLANGING right hand. DOWN GOES GENA! DOWN GOES GENA! Nolin out on her feet, sprawling to her back and stretching out helpless - she rolls side to side, desperate to shake off the KO as Prepon stomps to neutral corner. Bell: Gena's still not up, but her corner rushes in, disrupts the count, collects their girl and literally CARRIES Nolin to her corner. Wild action as Prepon's corner bitterly protests - confused ref trying to figure out which end is up as Gena gets salts to revive her on her stool.

R10: Gena's hurt, Laura's hurt - crippled beauties shuffle to midring, eyes wincing, lips curling. Gena out of the closed stance, rolling Prepon's stiff jab, answering back right round punches to the flank, or looping bolo right uppercuts square to paunch, then IMMEDIATELY clinching to smother the receipt. Prepon open-mouthed, eyelashes fluttering: she's taken tremendous punishment up and down tonight, staggering around under the weight of Gena, pressed and repressed against the ropes for breaks. Just too much Gena - Nolin punching and clutching, always bogging Prepon down, always ON her at the ropes: masterful stuff as blonde plays clock management while steadily wearing away at the remains of Laura. Down the stretch, Prepon gasping from a withering right hand to her body starts stumbling forward: Gena stepping back in good order, gets right uppercuts off the right foot, left uppies off the left foot, just carving Prepon, walking her in and LAURA GOES DOWN! Prepon stumbling to all fours, mouth open, eyes bleak - she fights off the knockdown but she's reeling at the ropes at the bell. Comes back UD10 Gena Lee Nolin.

After: Bruising contest - young Laura proving her mettle in flooring Gena and nearly having her out: Prepon can go as far as her right hand will carry her in this division. Gena pulling out all the stops tonight, turns back Prepon with a combination of guile and power befitting Nolin's veteran status. "Hard fight," Gena pants, puffing hair up out of her eyes in postfight. "I'll give her that. She's a couple years away from really competing even up with me, but she's got time to develop. She hits hard, she's got a nice firm jab. Really, when I was her age, I was still slapping punches. When I retire - Laura Prepon can do some things. That's when I retire - for now, she can just lick her wounds and thank her lucky stars I was fighting at about 50% tonight."



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