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23 August 2015 Mollie King vs Jade Thirlwall

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(from Echo Arena, Liverpool)


Posted by Vassago on August 23, 2015, 9:38 am


BEFORE: Mollie King still thrives on her upset victory over Mutya Buena and hopes to join the flyweight title,picture before the year is over. She followed that triumph with a vicious stoppage of Frankie's Foxes' Amelia Lily Oliver which triggered immediate pouncing response from Frankie Cocozza and his crew and resulted in Jade Thirlwall stepping up to the plate to demolish the blonde's plans to steal all the headlines this summer! 


Jade is on the rise herself having blasted out Cheryl Cole last December which send shockwaves all through the country and left Denise van Outen absolutely puzzled over the Newcastle-based singer's prospects. The Little Mix girls have endured a lacklustre careers thus far with Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson dropping into the punchbag brigade hand over fist and Leigh-Anne Pinnock still stuck in the gym while she ponders the Nadine Coyle challenge. Thirlwall though is the designed BBU leader of the lot and if manages to take King down tonight, she's gonna firmly establish herself as a Top 5 flyweight contender. 


The Merseyside crowd supports the Surrey based blonde who wears a silver bikini top, red knickers and yellow gloves. Blonde hair tied in a custom ponytail. Jade Thirlwall wears a blue bikini top, white knickers and black gloves. Brown hair loose, tucked behind the ears. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division. 


Round 1: 

Mollie's taller of the two singers and uses the longer reach to her advantage early on shutting Jade off in mid distance and sending a barrage of punches just to upset the brunette who struggles to live with the sheer ammount of attack and weaves around the blonde's efforts. Mollie ups the tempo even further as the round goes on and nicks in a couple of hooks on the nose to fully catch Jade's attention before trying to punish the body. That target remains out of the blonde's reach though as Thirlwall shows some nifty footwork and mounts a late counterpunching effort that slams a jabbing series into King's face and almost undoes all the good early work. However Mollie recovers quickly and sinks Jade with a late punch on the nose that's followed by a big hook on the ribcage and earns her a rampant applause at the bell. 


Round 2: 

King continues to dominate the mid distance exchange as Thirlwall shows more aggression in the opening minute but simply struggles to land the big punches and only skims off the blonde's guard while soaking up some heavy onslaught straight between the arms. Mollie tries to make some jug connection but still flicks a couple of quick uppercuts to throw the brunette on her heels before a repeated jabbing series sends Jade backing into the ropes where the blonde finds more success on the body to avoid the high guard. Jade begins to moan under pressure and clinches the older girl, she still struggles to turn the momentum away from Mollie and is left buried on the ropes for remainder of the round as the ref offers little help and enables King to smack more jabs on the ribcage even if the clinching becomes a bit too blatant in the dying seconds. 


Round 3: 

Frankie Cocozza looks visibly concerned by his girl's performance and it doesn't get any better in the third as Jade is left dancing around on her toes in pure avoidance whereas Mollie stalks her with more menacing jabs and verbally teases her to show some guts. The crowd hopes for a swift blonde victory but the ducking & weaving brings Thirlwall some success as Mollie begins to lose her temper and swings wide of the mark to wobble straight into a sudden uppercut on the chin that is followed by a crisp hook on the left temple. King crashes shoulder first into the brunette's cleavage and is wrestled back to the corner where Jade suddenly finds the upperhand and pierces the ribcage only for the ref to pull her back claiming stalemate. Jade is furious and wants to resume the fight as quickly as possible but Mollie leaps away from the corner and settles into a familiar mid distance exchange that the Little Mix singer is unable to conquer at this stage of the fight. 


Round 4: 

Jade romps out of her stool and tries to close right up to the blonde; a right on right duell has Mollie's ponytail rocking within seconds of the bell and Jade simply got there first before slamming more hooks into the exposed face. King's guard fails to regain it's stance and the blonde sinks on her knees as Thirlwall finally enforces the close range presence and whips the local favorite on her heels before driving more leather on the midsection. Mollie can't quite stretch her elbows with so little space to work with and has to soak up more Little Mix punishment as Jade mounts her most successful display of the night yet and blasts a cross hooking series on the face to leave visible bruises on the blonde's face; King has to make a run for it but she's not as quick as her rival and stumbles against the turnbuckle where Jade nails her with more looping jabs around the elbows and keeps pounding away until Mollie starts to yelp in pain under all this pressure. Ref can't do anything about it and the Liverpool crowd is shocked to see King helplessly trapped in the corner for remainder of the round and looking more bruised of the two at the bell as Jade shakes her gloves for the first time tonight and declares the real fun has only just begun! 


Round 5: 

Frankie orders Jade to silence the Echo Arena for good now but Mollie has similar ideas and both girls tangle in the middle of the ring trading vicious leather. Jade powers ahead with a couple of hooks on the temple but Mollie screams out in frustration and catches the brunette's nose before driving a looping overhand on the eye and wobbling the brunette with another well measured hook on the temple. Thirlwall's gloves are too slow to get up following that punch and she barely notices a crunching hook tearing her nasal ridge and slumping her on the spot... Jade squeals in pain and has no time to react when King whacks her across the mouth with a left cross hook THAT SENDS THE BRUNETTE CRASHING TO THE SIDE... Echo Arena errupts in joy and Mollie glares down over the fallen opponent for few seconds before getting shoved back to the neutral corner... Jade takes her time in recovery but indicates she's good to go at seven and the fight resumes with King breathing down all over her neck and dishing out more facial punishment. Thirlwall's face begins to swell badly as well and the girls are even in the battle scars come the final minute but Mollie rains punches on the brunette and pins her to the ropes only for the precision to let her down and prevent another knockdown as Jade bellows out into a desperate earmuff and looks relieved just to make it to the interval. 


Round 6: 

Mollie wants blood now and is obviously supported by the rampant Liverpool crowd; Jade reverts into some quick footwork to avoid a looming disaster and she's fortunate enough to see the blonde waste some energy in a fruitless pursuit in the opening minute before King finally ignites some common sense into her actions and begins to stalk the brunette with looping overhands from mid distance. Everyone expects Thirlwall to just bide her time in this round so when a sudden leap ends with the Little Mix singer crashing a massive left hook into the blonde's brow ridge, the crowd is rendered silent as a right handed piledriver follows through and dissects the guard to catch Mollie straight on the lips and bend her forward on the spot. Jade bumps into the older singer and almost makes her trip over her own feet but by the times Mollie regains her stance, she soaks up a barrage of uppercuts on the rack and few loose ones on the chin to sink badly on the ropes. Another classic flyweight bash follows but this time Jade has the upperhand as she smacks the blonde's cheeks with superior agility and precision to recover from the previous round's disaster much sooner than anyone in the Echo Arena anticipated. Ref has to rescue King from a torrid beating on the ropes citing another stalemate but this time Thirlwall doesn't seem much concerned and manages to stuck a late hook in Mollie's navel just as the man in charge tried to wrestle her away. 


Round 7: 

Mollie looks a little spend after that previous round and for once begins the round slowly trying to catch some breath before the critical period of the fight. However Jade has other ideas and impresses Denise van Outen with her superior fitness as she closes right up and slams ferocious leather tearing Mollie's guard in the opening minute and rocking her ponytal back & forth while avoiding any clinching efforts in the proccess. It's all Thirlwall thereafter too; the Little Mix brunette targets the midsection area to perfection and harpoons the navel to bend an aching King forward before slipping uppercuts on the rack to remove more air from the blonde's lungs. Mollie's power supply hits red zone come the final minute and it catches the crowd by surprise as Jade refuses to take a break from the high tempo action herself and simply pounds the blonde into the turnbuckle where she dismantles the guard and adds more lumps to the pretty face shutting Mollie's eyes in the proccess. Nothing the ref can do about it and Thirlwall lands a late flurry on the cheeks inside the final ten seconds to leave the blonde badly swollen at the bell and this was King's worst round to date as she seemed to never recover from the previous outing. She gasps for air while walking slowly to her corner and complains about her left eye shutting down quickly as the ammount of Jade's punches the past six minutes has definitely taken it's toll on the Saturdays' blonde vixen. 


Round 8: 

King's really slow to get up for the eight and meets instant leather galore as Jade whips her between the guard and begins to rock the blonde ponytail back & forth increasing the swelling around the left eye in the proccess. Mollie groans in visible pain but fails to break free or even clinch the brunette and eats a series of clean punches on the wounded brow ridge to slump on jelly knees well before the minute mark. Thirlwall adds a cross hooking combo into open space squashing the blonde's lips but more importantly SENDING HER DOWN ON ALL FOURS after the onslaught became just too hot to handle anymore... King is down and the crowd is silent apart from Frankie Cocozza and Jesy Nelson clapping & shouting loudly in the front seats... The count is slow as the ref tries to give the blonde extra time to recover but even as King gets up at eight she looks all busted up here and struggles to raise her arms before a looming pounce... she can't quite see much through her left eye as well and that's one spot where Thirlwall immediately begins to rain punches and backs a hapless foe into the ropes... it's a home run finish for the brunette as King's arms drop by her side; she gets plastered by a number of punches and just bails out of the fight with a loud scream... ref wants to rescue her before it's too late but Jade is quicker and sends the blonde to the orbit with a crushing left hook on the ear that pulls the plug on Mollie's whereabouts... BLONDE GIRL CRASHES DOWN FACE-FIRST on the canvas and it's time for the medics to arrive... Heavy KO8 Jade Thirlwall !!! 


AFTER: Joy all around the Foxes' corner as Frankie Cocozza himself lifts Jade on his shoulders and parades her around the ring to a stone cold applause with the Liverpool crowd focused on fruitless attempts to revive the fallen blonde. It was a brutal knockout indeed that only underlines Jade's truly ruthless demeanour and one must effectively admire the fact Mollie King lasted almost eight full rounds which is a sharp contrast to Cheryl Cole's cameo back in December. Sure, the pride of Newcastle wasn't on the line here tonight but the hostile atmosphere was present nonetherless and there's nothing more pleasing for a girl from North East than to silence the Merseyside gentry on their home turf. Plus Jade took full revenge for Amelia Lily Oliver's demise as she knocked Mollie out cold and now threatens to totally dominate the flyweight singer market for the foreseeable future according to Denise van Outen. 


Is there anyone capable of stopping Thirlwall's title quest this season? Mutya Buena profited from the Independence Day PPV salary and looks to be out of commission for the time being while Mollie King stumbled upon a brick wall tonight so perhaps it's time for veterans like Emma Bunton or Heidi Range to enter the picture and teach the Little Mix brunette some manners? Frankie Coccozza will surely provide the correct financial bonus to lure more girls into Jade's path and while the rest of the band remains in her shadows, the Thirlwall project is seemingly worth every penny invested thus far! 


Final result: Jade Thirlwall def. Mollie King KO8. 


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