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28 August 2015 Kate Upton vs Gemma Atkinson

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Posted by Lookout! BoxingEmail User on August 28, 2015, 6:07 pm

Kate Upton vs. Gemma Atkinson 

(JMDD Tournament Round 1) 

(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)




It's round one of the JMDD tournament and Kate Upton clearly believes this entire event is going to be a coronation for one Katherine Elizabeth Upton. "Yes, I'm the favorite," Kate says with a devastating smile. "And, I understand all the girls are gunning for me. But, not only am I the best fighter in the tournament, I've got the best rack, too. There's no question about who the first JMDD champion is going to be. It's only a matter of who'll finish second, and, since Gemma had the misfortune to draw me in the first round, it won't be her." 


"Kate's about to find out something about jug superiority," says Gemma with a lovely smile of her own. "Said superiority lies on the other side of the Atlantic in the UK. And, as I've got the best rack in the UK, well. You can add two plus two, can't you?" 




Not much though to defense as this one gets underway. The two beauties after one another immediately, both settling down to ranged warfare, using their length and power to bang away to the head, body, and, of course, the rack. Both women moving their feet, kicking up sand, angling, but it's all offensive stuff. There's very little effort to avoid punches or block them. It's all about landing heavy and both fighters do. Then, Gemma lands something very heavy, a right hook that sends Kate wobbling! Upton stumbles backward and Atkinson's all in, driving the American to the ropes and pounding away at her, working head, body, rack, giving Kate a beating. Upton clinching, covering up, holding on, but taking a load of punishment very early in the fight. Atkinson takes to digging belly in the final seconds, bunching up the American, then hooking her jugs. Upton hangs on to the bell, but she's wobbly and hurting and Gemma's got a quick 10-9 lead. 




Upton still a bit unsteady as the second begins and that's all the invitation Gemma needs. Atkinson's all in, banging away with both hands, willing to take punches to give some. Kate in retreat, trying to slow down the British offensive, but unable to do so. Atkinson getting off lusty, working body, then up to the head, hooking jugs and chin, forcing Kate back, back, back. Upton finally trapped along the ropes where Atkinson goes rack in a big way and then DOWN GOES UPTON! Gemma a SWEET right hook that sends Kate spilling along the ropes to crash on her right side in the sand. Atkinson wastes valuable seconds staring down at a bruised, buzzed Kate, and those seconds may have been huge, because Upton barely beats the count. Then again, maybe they aren't big at all because ON COMES GEMMA! She's winging punches from every angle imaginable, sending Kate back to the ropes in a barrage of leather and working her over. Upton shaken several times, but the great legs hold her up and she manages to survive the round. Atkinson, though, in firm control by every measure, now leading 20-17. 




Gemma's offensive continues. Atkinson simply walking right through Kate's punches now to close and bang. It's all about body. She's lathering the supermodel frame, working as much jug as she can in the process. Upton giving ground, giving ground, giving ground...then STAGGERING GEMMA WITH A RIGHT HAND COUNTER! A brilliantly-placed right and Atkinson's steppin' in fence post holes! And, that quickly, it's Gemma in retreat. Atkinson's taking heavy fire. She's backed to the ropes and now it's KATE giving the beating in a complete 180 from last round. Upton works upstairs, looking for the 'off' switch, but, when she doesn't find it, well. It's time to go RACK and pay back the Brit for some of the abuse from the first two rounds. Kate digs into Gemma's melons with everything she has, punishing the British jugs viciously right to the bell. When it sounds, Upton's claimed her first round, but still trails 29-27. 




Kate wants to consolidate, going right after Gemma early, but she meets spirited resistance from the Brit, who's quickly giving as good as she gets. Both ladies getting off lusty, banging away to head, body, rack, neither willing to take a backward step and both determined to make the other do so. And, slowly, as the battle of wills continues, the focus goes exactly where you'd think it would in a fight of this nature. It's cleavage carnage as Upton and Atkinson have at one another's rack viciously at every opportunity. Work upstairs and to the rest of the body only occurs as an afterthought as pure jug-mugging takes over. Still, though, neither will breaks and neither woman can force the other backward. Instead, bikini cups are simply abused for a full ninety seconds until the bell sounds and the referee forces in between the fighters and sends them to their corners. It's Upton's round close, and Kate now trails by only a single point, 38-37. 




Both fighters back to work, simply meeting in the center of the ring and having at it. Not much movement now. The sand barely disturbed. This is just banging away at range as the two tall beauties throw leather and keep their respective opponent on the end of their punches. About thirty seconds in, however, everything changes. Atkinson digs a nasty left into Kate's right bikini cup, freezing the supermodel and leaving her open for a brutal straight right that sends her staggering backward. Upton nearly goes down, but manages to grab the ropes to stay on her feet. And, it might have been better if she'd simply gone down. Because Kate's hurt and nearly helpless and Gemma knows it and takes full advantage of it. What happens next is a good, old-fashioned beating. Atkinson bodies Kate against the ropes and abuses her, pounding away with both hands, stepping into her punches, getting everything on them. She works upstairs looking for the finisher, works ribs and belly to further cripple Kate's legs, and, of course, pounds as much rack as she can while Upton hangs on desperately, clinching, covering up, moaning into her gloves when Gemma thumps her rack and belly. Her legs are shaken several times, but the referee's giving her plenty of rope, and Kate makes good use of it, running out the clock. But, plenty of damage has been done, as Atkinson claims a shutout round to extend her lead to 48-46 and Upton's looking more than a little shabby on her way back to the corner.




Atkinson now looking to consolidate, but, to the Brit's surprise, she meets the same spirited resistance from Kate that Upton got from Gemma herself in the fourth. Atkinson's offensive is stopped cold in the sand, and, almost immediately, the two fighters are back to banging away at range and on even terms. There's a bit more movement now, as sand is kicked up while the fighters work to get better angles, but there's still plenty of leather flying and plenty of it landing both to head and body...and, of course, to rack any time there's an opening for same. It's brutal, and effective work on both sides and leaves one wondering what, if anything the winner of this fight is going to have left for the rest of the tournament. But, that's a concern for later. Right now, the only thing on the minds of the two beauties is being that winner, and both work hard to head and body in that effort. At the bell, it's a closely-run thing, but Gemma's had the better of it and now leads 58-55 with four to go. 




Upton in a hole and knows it, but, to her credit, the American doesn't panic. She goes to the jab, a weapon she hasn't used much in this fight, but one that can be plenty effective for her. She gets the feet moving, uses those excellent legs. She stops standing in front of Gemma and makes the Brit work to square. Atkinson notices and talks a little trash. "Stand here and fight," that kind of thing. Psychologically, Atkinson's already won by forcing Kate to change tactics rather than meeting her head on, and, while Upton has to hate allowing Gemma this little victory, she's looking to win the war, not the battle, and these tactics are clearly helping in that quest. Kate's slowly taking control, peppering Gemma with good combinations, working to the head, slowing her rival's pursuit, forcing Atkinson to the defensive over and over again. It's a frustrating round for the beautiful Gemma, who can't get much done and spends most of her time chasing. And, when it ends, Kate's won it comfortably, but, she still trails 67-65 with just three stanzas to go. 




Atkinson ups the pressure. Gemma is determined to crowd Kate and bring her to battle. She's had enough of playing Rommel and Montgomery maneuvering in the sand. She wants a decisive conflict and believes her bigger guns will win the day. But, to create that battle, she has to get through Kate's well-placed defenses, and she's taking heavy fire trying to do so. Upton moving well, landing the jab, stopping Atkinson with it in no-man's land to set her up for right hands and DOWN GOES GEMMA! One right too many crashes into the Brit's jaw and Atkinson crashes face down in the sand! Upton quickly to a neutral corner, watches as Atkinson struggles to her knees...and pushes to her feet at eight. Her sweat-slick body is covered with sand and the referee does his best to brush it off as he gives her the mandatory and then waives Upton forward. Kate all in now. She's got to get this finished! Gemma forced backward, backed to the ropes, firing back hard in counter, but taking a beating. Both women landing bombs and DOWN GOES GEMMA AGAIN! Atkinson's body ragdolled by a right hand and she falls forward past Upton's left shoulder and crashes rack down in the sand again! There's no movement this time. None! Atkinson is out and, when the count reaches ten your winner by KO8 is Kate Upton! 




Gemma Atkinson is out on the sand, cheek and rack pressed down against it as Kate is beaming, just looking around out to the crowd as she shouts in excitement and raises both hands up into the air. Listening to the cheers of the crowd as they roar “J-M-D-D, J-M-D-D” and Kate responds with a knowing wink and smile. It's clear Atkinson won't be getting up off of the sand without help and Kate is all too eager to assist as she removes her gloves, tossing them away as she struts forward. Coming forward as she reaches for Gemma's hair, getting a dazed moan from Atkinson as she pulls her to her feet, almost all dead weight at first until her British rival starts to get her feet underneath her. Kate pulls her forward to give her a hug, but it becomes abundantly clear that it is not in the interests of good will and camaraderie very quickly. 


Kate wraps her arms around Gemma's waist and pulls her in tightly for a hug, just squeezing her waist as she pulls her still recovering foe into a bearhug as their massive cleavage is pressed together, making them mushroom as the painful sensation is starting to wake Atkinson up. Kate wraps her arms around Gemma's ribcage, arms tightening around the small of her back as she plants her feet and thrusts out her chest, then she lifts upwards to pull Gemma off of her feet as she arches back on her tiptoes. Gemma's eyes open and she tosses her head back with a loud shut, her chest crushed in the bearhug as she kicks her feet, toes scraping against the sand. 


“Whose jugs stopped your jugs?” Kate demands as she rolls her shoulders a bit, chest grinding back and forth into Gemma's. 


Gemma starts to retort angrily, but Kate lifts up on the bearhug again, just wrenching Atkinson off of her feet as she shouts out in pain and slaps at Upton's arms before moaning out, “Yours did, Kate...” 


“That's right they did...” Kate smiles, just setting Atkinson back down to the sand for a moment as she cinches on the bearhug a little tighter, making Gemma's chest compress even more closely against Kate's. Kate chuckles before asking, “And so has the better jugs?” 


A look of anger flashes across Gemma's face, but before she can respond, Kate lifts up on the bearhug as Gemma shouts and groans out. Kate's arms flex as she arches Atkinson up into the air and then Upton sets her back down once Gemma howls out, “Yours are....yours are, Kate!” 


“That's what I thought....!” Kate winks down at her, “And now, one last thing – who has the better jugs – British or American?” 


Gemma looks positively horrified as she shakes her head back and forth as Kate licks her lips, waiting for a moment and then Gemma reaches up for Kate's shoulders to try to push her backwards, but Upton instantly releases the bearhug as she reaches for Atkinson's own blonde tresses and pushes her face downwards to make it disappear into her cleavage with a quick yank of her hair. 


Gemma's loud shouts are muffled into Upton's impressive chest as she pulls on Kate's arm with one hand and shoves at her abs with the other, folded over into Kate's chest for a standing smother! Gemma twists and squirm, desperate to try to turn her head as she moans out loudly, but all of her cries can't be heard as Upton has created a tight, albeit a little sweaty, seal across her face. Kate tightens her arms, making sure Atkinson can't breathe in there as she presses her chest against Gemma's face and watches as Atkinson's movements slow down a bit. Atkinson starts to slump down towards her knees as Kate releases her smother for a moment, letting Gemma look at her with a dazed expression as Kate repeats her question, “Who has the better jugs – British of American?” 


Gemma takes a deep breathe, then shakes her head again and Kate plunges her back into the deep confines of her cavernous cleavage as Kate just flexes her biceps against the side of Atkinson's head, just forcing her face in deeply as she rolls her chest back and forth, scrubbing her chest back and forth over Gemma's features. As Gemma starts to slump down again, Kate releases her and lets her gulp in air once more, then repeats the question. Gemma refuses one more time and Kate shoves her in again, just making her face disappear into her cleavage once again. It's an intense game of catch-and-release here as Gemma is able to draw a few breathes here and there, but finds herself being smothered by Kate again soon afterwards. 


The ref wonders what to do as the JMD and by extension, JMDD rules for post-match are very lenient, but even he has some concerns as he watches Gemma just slumping down towards her knees from lack of air, her thighs pressing down against the sand as Kate releases her again. Thankfully, he hears Kate ask again and finally, Gemma moans out, “A-American....American jugs are better....” The ref wipes a hand across his forehead in relief as Kate laughs, “Now was that so hard to just tell us all the truth, Gems?” as she immediately presses a hand across Gemma's forehead and shoves her backwards. Gemma topples to her back, her own chest heaving in and out wildly to gulp in air as she blinks back tears of embarrassment, her eyes glassy with jug-shock as she pants out heavily. 


Kate walks over her as she presses one foot down across Gemma's cleavage and then puts all of her weight onto it, drawing a loud yelp from Atkinson, then walking over to the assembled media as Kate beams, raising her hands up into the air as she addresses the crowd, “You heard Gemma before the match, didn't you? Gemma has the best rack in the UK, according to her and after the match, also according to her, I have better jugs than her and Americans have better racks than British girls. Since I beat her jugs, does this mean I have the best jugs on both sides of the Atlantic? Well, you can put two and two together, right?” Kate winks and then saunters off, having made quite the statement for jug superiority in the first round of this highly anticipated JMDD tournament.


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