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25 September 2015 Rosario Dawson vs Shay Mitchell

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 25, 2015, 4:42 pm


Rosario Dawson versus Shay Mitchell
Results: Lookout  Writing: Archer
Rosario: 36 YO, (5’7, 1.70 m), 4-4-0 since 2005, Innsmouth Female Fighting Institute
Shay:  28 YO, 5’7 ½, 1.71 m), 11-14-0 since 2011. Pretty Little Punchers Inc.

Before: “After Christina Hendricks, taking on Shay Mitchell will be a nice change of pace,” Rosario tells Skip Tracey of Archer News when he calls on the actress. “I mean I am a true lightweight, and from what I’ve seen, Mitchell belongs at bantam. Still, if she wants to know what’s it’s like to get beatdown by a lightweight, I plan on being a good teacher. I will always regret not getting more action around here, but this year I am determined to make some noise. Taking out a bright young fighter like Shay Mitchell is just the thing I need after that loss to Hendricks.”

“I don’t happen to think she’s all that much bigger than I am,” Shay Mitchell said, “she seems to think I’ll be a pushover after she got licked by Hendricks. She is going to find out she is so wrong. I don’t think lightweight will be a permanent home any time soon, but I see no reason not to explore my options. I see Rosario as vulnerable and I’m going surprise a lot of people by upsetting her.”

Rosario wearing a bright white bikini to the ring with white gloves and boots (black laces), her just above the shoulders hair hang loose. Shay Mitchell in white one piece with green tropical foliage print. Green gloves and black boots, hair pulled back into a tight battle braid.  No nonsense ring instructions period then both fighters go to their corners and the bell rings.

R1:  Rosario out aggressively as the fight opens moving in quick to fire quick punches at head and body of Shay. Shay wanting to be aggressive too, gets hit to the body and head, but she strikes back at Rosario's buxom bust line, then drops down to hook warm brown belly. Rosario shifting in reaction goes after Shay’s perky bust fruit and then shifts to slipping a quick uppie to shake Shay’s olive chin. These cause Shay to pull back to clear her spinning head. Rosario right with her, but dropping down to pound hard into Shay’s cloth-covered belly. Blows hard enough to make Shay gasp as the breath is blown out of her. Shay shaky legged, but able to keep moving backward under cover of her jab. Jab gives Rosario’s face some hard blows, but when she starts moving her head and upper body, jab is less effective and Shay remains in retreat.  Shay escapes further damage, but round goes to Rosario Dawson by a firm margin.

R2:  Shay not pleased at her own lack of offense last round so she is the one quick to attack the opening of this round. Rosario had come boring in expecting to do more damage only to get lit up by a smashing, lunging right from Shay that sends Rosario spinning to one side. Rosario quickly recovers just as Shay is upon her, gloves flashing as she aims mainly at the IFFI fighter’s head. Dawson noggin takes some shots, but Rosario goes back to Shay’s body with smashing hooks to breasts and ribs. Shay hanging in there, pumps fire into Rosario’s belly to shake her defenses higher, finally gets an right over the gloves when they drop down a bit. Rosario stung on the nose, then a left clips her cheekbone leaving a nasty welt. Rosario then struck hard into the pit of her belly and she tiptoes backwards looking winded. Shay in hot pursuit trying to drive Rosario to the ropes, but Rosario jabs frantically to stop this. Finally, Rosario starts clinching and Shay attack fades. Shay still strong as she circles and punches the rest of the round with only token counters from Rosario. Shay wins her first round with no question about it.

R3: Rosario taking up the challenge goes for Shay early on, but Shay is ready to fight and they duel with sheets of leather for a solid two minutes. Fans love the intense action which rages from one side of the ring to the other and back again. Both fighters getting hit hard, but they are dishing out as good as they get. Faces lumping up, breasts and bodies under steady attack throughout the exchanges. Looks like this could be draw, but, no, in the third minute., Rosario scores with a shot to the solar plexus to momentarily stun Shay, her gloves drop to protect her body and Rosario pours in lightning strikes to Shay’s face, hitting both eyes in succession, bloodying her nose—and bringing crunching shots to the left and right sides of Shay’s jaw. Shay retreating in confusion, but recovers quickly enough to keep her jab up and discourage Rosario’s pursuit. Two battle away evenly the last few moments, but those jaw shots enable Rosario to pull out a win this round.

R4: Shay shows considerable toughness as she pulls herself together after last round and takes the fight back to Rosario. Shay finding fresh, vulnerable flesh by hammering the ribs just under Rosario’s arms. This brings Rosario’s elbows down protectively, but it also allows Shay to fling some heavy overhand rights and lefts into Rosario’s forehead. Rosario falling back from these brain-rattling punches, covers her face so Shay goes to town on Rosario’s belly meat just driving home her hooks and making Rosario shudder with each impact. Rosario puts some distance from Shay as she tries to pull herself together. Shay unable to corner her quarry, but she does win the round wide.

R5: Rosario shows her toughness in this round. She shakes off the pounding Shay Mitchell gave her in the last round and catches Shay early on with some quick shots to the face, adding to growing swelling around both Shay’s eyes. Shay uses the jab, but now Rosario is brushing it off to throw driving hooks into her belly. Shay seems to gurgle as these punches thunder into her midsection and she doubles forward which gets the sides of her head batted around by Rosario’s muscular rights and lefts. Shay in retreat, using the jab to knock Rosario back and trying to stay off the ropes. Shay’s still pretty mobile and manages to evade the older fighter to the bell, but she looks hollow-eyed from the punishment as she slowly goes to her stool. Rosario poker faced, but there is a gleam of satisfaction on her eyes that slips through.

R6: Shay making a valiant effort to get back in this fight. In the first minute she is on a steady, though not reckless attack aimed as she circles Rosario. Just a steady bombardment that should get Shay some points, especially since Rosario contents herself to a few jabs. Fans grow a bit restless, but as the clock reaches the second minute, Rosario suddenly erupts with a blistering attack to Shay’s midsection that catches the younger fighter by surprise. Rosario not letting up for a minute, just bends forward and uses those punches to drive Shay to the ropes. Then she rises and drives an uppercut under Shay’s floundering guard and into her jaw. Shay thrown back against the ropes, arms outflung and she is wide-open as Rosario just unleashes to the head and jaw. A double hook to the belly and Shay sinks to her knees, trying to use the ropes to hang on. Referee moving in to count as Shay tries to climb the ropes, but just as she gets vertical, her knees gives out and ends kneeling as tears of frustration run down her cheeks.


After: Rosario grinning happily can’t wait to get her gloves off and head for Shay Mitchell. Shay’s puffy eyes wide as Rosario escorts her around the ring on a Walk of Shame. Shay tries to look stoic but tears are flowing. Once the circuit it is done Rosario actually gives her a hug!

“Sorry about that, kid, but I’ve been dreaming about giving some girl a walk of shame and just your tough luck it was you!” Rosario says cheerfully.

“Maybe next time it will be your tough luck,” Shay chokes out in fury.

Rosario laughs and sends Shay back to her corner with a swat on the tush: “That’s just for luck!” she calls out to Shay who just keeps walking but with controlled fury.

“She hung with me longer than I expected,” Rosario tells the press, “Shay Mitchell’s got some toughness, but she isn’t tough enough for lightweight just yet. So now I get my first win in quite a while. Wonder who’ll fight me next?”

Shay Mitchell is still trying to control herself when she speaks to the press: “I had no idea Rosario Dawson would deliberate humiliate someone like that! I swear she will regret doing that to me! No, I don’t think she was too much for me to handle. I was handling her—at least some of the time. It was a very back and forth fight, but she did get the better of me. More fights at lightweight? I’ll think about it. I don’t feel I was out of my depth, but I didn’t win, did I? That means not doing anything hasty. I’m glad I have that to think about. It spares me from wasting too many thoughts on Rosario Dawson!”

Shay Mitchell was probably right to call this a back and forth fight. Trouble is, when it was Rosario’s turn she took Shay down and finished her off.  Rosario can savor the moment and look forward to expanding her horizons at lightweight. As for Shay’s future at lightweight, that may well require some serious thinking, if she can’t win at light there is no point in going there, but this doesn’t mean she can’t keep trying to explore her options for a while longer.



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