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25 September 2015 Rachel McAdams vs Elodie Frege

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 25, 2015, 4:47 pm


Rachel McAdams vs. Elodie Frege
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


Elodie after big game again. Pressly, Park, Pink, Spears and Cruz in the last five, no fewer than four former champions in that group, an Rachel makes five out of six. And, Elodie is, as ever, confident. And why not? She owns wins over Pressly, Cruz, and Olsen. She doesn't only hunt big game, she knows how to bag it. "McAdams is a great challenge for me," the French beauty says, "But, it is a challenge I happily accept, and one that I'll overcome."

McAdams well aware that Frege is not to be trifled with, despite the record. "This girl has won titles overseas," says Rachel with a nod, "And, she's beaten good fighters here in the FCBA. She can fight different styles and cause all kinds of problems. But, tonight, I'll be the one causing the problems."

Frege immediately to the pocket. McAdams fine with it. She goes right to the assault. And, what we see next is very smart, very pretty boxing from both fighters. McAdams stays very sound, setting up her punches, moving the head, hands and feet, working to create small gaps in the Frenchwoman's defenses, gaps that can be exploited with leather. There aren't many, though, because Frege is a slick boxer herself, an she's becoming a better and better pocket fighter as time goes on. She keeps the hands high, using them to deflect punches. She keeps the head an shoulders moving, the feet sliding, never presenting much of a target for Rachel. And always, always looking for room to counter, to fire back with crisp, accurate stuff. Both fighters are busy. Both land a lot of punches, despite relatively low accuracy percentages caused by the excellent defenses deployed on both sides. At the bell, it's close, but Rachel gains the round and the early 10-9 lead.


Elodie right back to the pocket and McAdams back to the assault. Frege a bit busier in counter this round and that pays dividends. She's landing in combination early, backing McAdams up and forcing Rachel to cover up. The French beauty won't come forward, though. She keeps the back against the ropes and the guard high, daring McAdams to up the tempo, begging her to get too aggressive. But, that's not Rachel McAdams, as cool a customer as you're likely to meet. And, of course, a smart veteran who's seen this act before. She stays within herself, works hard, takes what she's given. But, she's not given much. She's not given enough. Frege too slick, too cute, always fouling the sights, always just off from where McAdams wants her. Oh, Rachel gets some leather home, but it's not enough. Not enough to counter what Elodie's doing, so that, when the bell sounds, Frege's claimed the second and evened this thing at 19.


Elodie in the pocket and Rachel ups the tempo. It's counter-intuitive against a fighter who wants to counter-punch, but, McAdams knows she has to match Frege's workrate, something she wasn't able to do in the last round. So, Rachel works to suppress. She doesn't get sloppy, missing and creating exactly the openings the French beauty wants. Instead, she's effectively aggressive, putting together steady barrages of punches, knowing that many will land on Frege's gloves, but, also knowing that, while she's punching, Elodie isn't. Frege, as always, takes advantage of every opportunity she gets, and she scores well in the counter, but, in a 180 from last round, now it's Elodie who's not being given enough. Rachel's consistent shelling accomplishes exactly what McAdams wants from it, suppressing the Frenchwoman's fire effectively and giving McAdams the third round, putting her back ahead 29-28.


Frege back into the pocket and McAdams back to up-tempo stuff. She's got a strategy that's working, and she's sticking with it. Frege remaining patient, behind the high guard, using every opening she can find for sharp counters, but Rachel's calling the tune now, and it's clearly one the Canadian loves to hum, because she's humming. And, then, she's not. Frege brings the music to a halt with a perfectly-placed right hand, the best punch of the fight so far. It sends McAdams back a step, but it's not clear to the crowd she's hurt until Frege comes off the ropes winging away and Rachel gives ground willingly, backing and covering as Elodie hammers away at her. Quickly, it's McAdams on the ropes, both figuratively and literally as Frege gets flurry after flurry home. Rachel's shaken again with about 20 seconds remaining in the round, but she remains on her feet and the referee allows the fight to continue to the bell. It's Elodie's round wide, however, and the cards are now even again at 38.


Frege looking to consolidate early. She's after McAdams from the opening bell. Rachel on the defensive, giving ground, countering in spots, while Frege gets off in combination again and again. Elodie quickly going from looking to take control to looking to finish...and, just as quickly she goes to looking to survive. It's another counter, this one from McAdams. A short right cross that turns Frege's legs to jelly. Elodie's body sags and she nearly goes down, but she manages to remain upright only to be sent stumbling backward with a flurry of heavy leather from Rachel. Now it's McAdams who's on the offensive and Frege in full retreat. Rachel's going all in to finish this thing, and she's got the Frenchwoman pinned to the ropes with well over a minute to go. Rachel's winging away, but, here's where Elodie's pocket skills come in very handy. She's able to frustrate some of the McAdams clean up, picking off, slipping, rolling with, even countering in the odd spot. Rachel's scoring, of course, piling up points, but she's unable to land anything heavy, unable to finish. When the bell sounds, it's Rachel's round wide, but, while she's back in the lead 48-47, there's no question she was looking for more.


Frege back in the pocket and McAdams renewing the assault. But, this is the more careful, up-tempo stuff we saw in the third, not the all-in attempt to finish of the last round. Rachel's active, looking to suppress Elodie's counter fire with work rate, willing to burn energy in the form of punches that are going to be caught on gloves rather than allow Frege to get in the roll and counter rhythm. And, all that leather's having its effect. Rachel's getting some good shots through. And, then, she gets a REALLY good one through. A straight right that lands on the button. Frege begins to sag forward again, and, this time, she sags right into a left hook that swivels the head and sends her crashing, face first, to the canvas. McAdams raises her hands in victory immediately. She knows what she just landed and doesn't believe Elodie has a prayer of getting up from it. She's not wrong. Frege never moves at all as the referee counts, and she's still lying exactly where she landed when the count reaches ten, making your winner by KO6, in crushing fashion, Rachel McAdams!"


No hard feelings on either side after this one. McAdams over to the corner to check on Frege, who's being brought around in stages. Elodie manages to get up from the stool for a respectful hug before being helped out of the ring and back to the dressing room. Rachel, meanwhile, has good things to say about her fallen rival in the post-fight interview. "She's slick. She hits harder than I thought. And, she's got a load of heart. I thought I had her in that fifth. A lot of girls don't survive that, but, she hung on and was even coming back at me some at the end. I can understand why she's beaten good fighters. But, I'm better than good. I'm the best bantam in the world, and she wasn't beating me tonight." 



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