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25 September 2015 Estella Warren vs Paula Patton

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 25, 2015, 5:01 pm


(Words: Vassago / Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: In wake of Sarah Lancaster's shocking title run, Paula Patton thinks she could have well been in that very same place right now if only she'd have beaten the current champion during the Welterweight Revival back in the spring. The American actress sits 4-1 this season and that's even more impressive when you consider she stopped the current challenger Christina Hendricks in February and remains one of the most active free agents around the block:

"Sure, it's all about what if I've beaten Lancaster... I let my guard down once and now she milks all that attention that should have been MINE! But I'll be back... OK, stop laughing... perhaps I'm not as good as Bianca Kajlich but it doesn't mean I'm some naive free agent everyone can push around... I've heard the rumours about Estella being on Cassidy Freeman's radar and well, if she's good enough for that girl, then she's good enough for me too!"

Indeed, Estella Warren announced herself back in the SSB with a jaw-dropping decision over Bridget Regan last year but Robyn Lawley stopped her mojo recently and booked herself a fight versus the former champion Freeman instead. That doesn't bother the tough Canadian though who thinks the free agent clash with Patton will still turn plenty of heads:

"Of course that's gonna be a big fight! After all those Front Street girls moved down to lightweight we have some room at welter now! And allthough I still hope Cass Freeman has me in her plans, first I plan to destroy Paula Patton to prove that my wins over Regan was no fluke! I'm one of the most experienced fighters around and you can't buy this kind of knowledge no matter how high you are ranked in BWO! And Patton's clearly ranked too high given her spell in the league. I will remind her how a real veteran deals with those wannabe ####s like her!"

Paula Patton wears her trademark orange bandeau bikini and black gloves. Black hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Estella Warren wears a navy blue bikini set and silver gloves. Blonde hair in loose waves, curled at the bottom. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the welterweight division.

Round 1:
Both women jump into a brawling display early and Estella seems to be happy with the close range body assault that wobbles Paula briefly and sends her into a wincing cover down the stretch as the Canadian pierces the ribcage and looks keen to set the tone here. Patton struggles to stretch her elbows much and bounces off the high guard as the blonde leans on her and looks for more progress before being locked in a clinch that gives the older actress a brief respite. However a big hook on the mouth backs Patton into the ropes and she stays trapped there for remainder of the round with Warren bursting more leather into the body and leaving her foe gasping for air at the bell.

Round 2:
More of the same in the second; Warren shuts Patton off in close range and digs more punches into the breadbasket while leaning onto the older woman and almost tripping her to the canvas in the proccess. Paula begins to lose her temper and groans in anger but her single shots fail to slice the tight guard and quite frankly the American is too slow and stagnant to make any inroads on the blonde who triggers more offensive success as she tries to sink Patton with a hook to the liver and wrestles both of them to the corner inside the final minute where she jerks more leather on the navel and sags the surprisingly hapless foe butt-in-ropes after a hectic shoving duell that ends with Estella clubbing Paula on the mouth again and shutting her eyes at the bell.

Round 3:
Warren smells another Regan upset here and jumps into a clubbing frenzy to finally send the lethargic American down but Paula dekes to the left and escapes a looming disaster before crushing a heavy left over the top and drilling it straight on the blonde's nose... Warren wobbles forward and almost goes down on her face; it doesn't take much to see a girl dispatched in the welters and Paula turns on some long anticipated heat by slamming uppercuts to the jugs and piercing the liver area much more effectively than the blonde did beforehand. Estella tries to find her feet again but is dumped on her heels and retreats quickly as Patton overpowers her in close range for a change and head hunts the Canadian until she finds another clean strike on the nose and follows it up with a jaw crushing uppercut. Warren sags on the ropes instantly and is only rescued by the bell but that was as close as it gets to a huge Patton comeback right on the spot!

Round 4:
Patton shows more improved footwork and wades in with more clubbing power on the head that shatters the guard within seconds of the bell to pave the way for a brutal head hunting again that simply exposes the blonde's flaws and sends her spinning into the ropes with a nasty gash axross the left cheek; Paula simply powers home in truly contending fashion and cross hooks the leaky guard to open more holes and finally land a sinking right hand on the temple that shuts Warren's eyes and drops her cover for good... a left handed uppercut on the jaw lifts the blonde off her feet and sends her TUMBLING FACE-FIRST ON THE CANVAS to complete the comeback. Warren remains crippled during the count and makes no effort to salvage any pride whatsoever... KO4 Paula Patton in classic welterweight power display!!!

AFTER: Most of the audience is stunned by the lighting quick destruction of a raunchy veteran like Warren but then again Patton's only been downed by the current champion Lancaster this year and she's improved a ton over the past twelve months or so. She remains animated during the attempts to revive the fallen blonde and shouts back at her in less than sympathetic fashion but there were reasons to be concerned over the former Mrs. Thicke who was duly outworked in close range and barely landed a hard punch in the opening two rounds. She's never been known as a speedy fighter but still found enough in the tank to outweigh her durability skills and adapt to Warren's otherwise dangerous tactics. Will we see Paula inside the divisional Top 10 after this performance? Don't bet your house against it!

Final result: Paula Patton def. Estella Warren KO4. 



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