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25 March 2005 Cori Nadine vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Thanks for FightFan for this repost

Posted by simguy on 3/25/2005, 10:30 am

Before: Nolin showing up firm, in shape - but she's still a good 15-20 pounds heavier than Nadine - Cori giving up a lot of beef to get this fight. "Gena's definitely the bigger, stronger girl coming in," notes one BLONDE! correspondent, "but she's had trouble with smaller, more dynamic brunettes getting inside and outworking her (Paula Trickey, Taylor Cole to name but two). Nadine's that kind of girl - Gena's going to have to take her seriously." Cori crabby after the Romjin result - she's promising a different Nadine against Nolin. "Becky's got an awkward, chicken-shit style," Cori sneers, "at least I know I won't have to look for Nolin. I just have be more savage - I'm disgusted at the way I stood around against Becky. Gena's going to feel my wrath - I can't wait to tuck into her." Nadine showing up in leather print bikini, ring connection hips and jugs, African style tousle bands beneath the knees - Nolin in baby-seal pelt bikini, soft-soled chinchilla boxing moccasins, arriving at the ring in winged, silver chariot drawn by a team of brunette body builders like Cori used to be.

During R1: Nadine delivers the savagery early - rocking Gena with blunt lefts and rights on the jaw as big blonde staggers straight back. Cori weaving side to side, gloves gathered at her mouth - she's bringing her feet with her, getting close and snapping off tight, bashing combinations to startling effect. Middle minute - Gena easing Cori into clinches, accepting brunette onto her bosom and tieing up for breaks - one such occasion, Nolin lunges on the break, clocking Nadine a heinous blindside right and CORI'S STUNNED! Gena pouncing - sweeping hook flat amidships, clubbing tomohawk right behind the head drives Cori face first into mat! Ref bodying Nolin back - reaming her for the late hit, the subsequent rabbit punch - poor Cori writhing, desperately trying to pull it together. Nadine given a moment - Nolin marches in big - sweeping the sidearm right hard to flank, moving Cori to her right with the pounding impacts as brunette covers up shaky to bell.

R2: Nadine recuperating well - she's the aggressor at the bell to Gena's surprise. Nadine forcing Nolin to backpedal with the reckless Tysonesque rushes - Cori weaving rapidly side to side, getting close and ripping lefts and rights with tight, twisting torso action. Nolin showing a JAB of all things, disconcerted with the ferocity of her foe tonight, looking to step around and impose a little order. Gena able to line Cori up for a few more right hands - Nadine walking through them answers in brisk swabbing combos to the ribs just below the breastline.

R3: Nolin nails Cori a piledriving right cross: Nadine's hammies all a-quiver - she's momentarily stunned, but she shakes it off, starts coming forward once again! Gena bug-eyed: nobody soaks up her cross and keeps marching - Nolin driven ropeside as Nadine attacks with renewed vigour to the midsection. Battle along the apron - G tall, hands at Nadine's ears, pulling her head down, mauling her with hold-and-hit uppercuts, chopping counter-hooks. Nadine snuggling close, jostling and bumping, pushing at Gena's biceps, then snatching sudden, ripping mittfuls of rib, tit and chin. Nolin partially smothering some of the work with her grabby style, but she's disconcerted by Nadine's sheer aggression through 3.

R4: People forget Nolin's a cagey ring veteran - she shows guile this round - stepping right, pounding that sledgehammer stick into Nadine's skull and chest, slowing up the pursuit. G's hands at her chest, relaxed - she waits on Nadine's rushes, timing her for right hands, then accepting her into suffocating clinches - Nolin doing some fine work bodying Cori ropeside and lacing her eyes, forearming her throat and face in brutal smearing sessions. Nadine gobbled up and controlled - often finding herself bogged down and struggling against Nolin's brawny arms - blonde fighting at her pace, controlling matters in the fourth.

R5: Gena pressed to ropes early, stays there bell to bell as Cori ups her output. Nolin with her hands trying to control Nadine's head, forcing Nadine to loop shots around Gena's arms - cut Cori tireless in the grasp, gets after blonde beef with a vengeance. Savage work being done in the Nolin breadbasket and ribs - Cori ripping side to side hacks in tight, scoring with plenty of elbow and forearm as she clips 'em short - Gena mouthbreathing, angst-ridden - all she can do is clinch. Ref's breaks - man pushes seething Nadine back - she charges back in all flashing eyes and bared teeth, heedless of the clinch or any counter-punches. Despite the blocking and holding - Nolin takes a pounding face-pasting as Nadine writhes to loops shots up top - only G's relative size and strong legs keeping her up under the non-stop chugging of Nadine's fists.


R6: More savvy, wiles from Gena - badly rattled and hurt in the fifth - she sets about taking some of the steam out of that taut brunette body. Thudding right hand roundhouses hammer wet into Cori's flank, hip, armpit. Rising left hands bash thick to belly, or clobber Cori upside the head, moving her sideways on impact. Nolin conscientiously holding after almost every sequence - tieing Nadine up, smothering her, pinning her down on ropes for breaks. Gena even tidying up those outrageous melons of Cori's, working in close with sidearm rights and lefts, bludgeoning jug with hardhearted malice. Cori winded at the bell, mouth open - Gena takes the opportunity to lean back in and clock a cheap late right hand as ref jumps in a heartbeat tardy.

R7: Gena managing Cori's headlong rushes with bosomy clinches, wrapping up head and arm, twisting Nadine around, crushing her to ropes and mauling her in close with elbows, forearms, and shoulders. Gena constantly trying to ride a left hand behind Nadine's head to bend her forward, then riding a forearm on the sweaty upperback: weight bearing tactics a constant grind on the dynamic brunette. But Cori keeps coming - gobbled up and thwarted for the most part - but she's still strong, fighting through the clinches and forcing Gena backward. Late the round - Nolin backing straight up - Cori crouching and stepping-with bobs into a walking barrage of crisp rights and lefts across Nolin's startled face, driving her the length of the ring and DROPPING HER AT THE ROPES! Crowd roaring - Nadine taking the opportunity to trample Gena's thighs due to the 'momentum' - brunette bellowing into the crowd and reefing on the top rope, feeling the moment. Nolin up tremble-bodied, dismayed - she cowers, showing her side as she sags into the ropes - Cori barrels in, only to be frustrated by the bell.

R8: Nadine's unrestrained ferocity: Gena's beef and savvy. Cori abruptly forward, weaving side to side, mitts-at-mouth: Gena hanging back, lifting jab off hip, trying to intercept right hands, then tieing up quick as she can before Nadine can rip her to the body. Nolin hard-pressed, but cute in her own way - spinning Cori with a hand behind the head, even throwing her to the mat at one point; riding forearms on Cori's back, pushing her down to her knees; sliding Cori into headlocks, armlocks; all the while punching Nadine hard in the body, especially with the wide right hand.

R9: Nadine finally showing signs of wear - she's been throwing herself at Gena all night long, constantly fighting against Gena's true big-girl weight - Nolin finally able to walk Cori backwards with some consistency. Slow, plodding pace - Gena shuffling to the right while pawing her jab, then clobbering Nadine HARD right hands upside the head as brunette staggers forward. Cori more stationary, crossing her arms and posing more as Nolin keys hooks to body, blockbuster rights to head, buffetting the smaller girl around. Round's end, Nolin nice-n-compact, stepping back and walking Cori into side to side slobberknockers - Nadine just guzzling leather on her chin, stumbling forward and FINALLY clattering to all fours as Nolin steps aside. BOOT TO THE RIBS! Outraged boos cascade down as Gena steps into trembling Cori with maybe the most blatant foul ever perpetrated in an FCBA ring. Soft moccasion making a dull, hollow SHUMP against Cori's ribs - woozy shout of shock as Nadine rolls to her back, hugging throbbing torso - it's a travesty. Ref gives Gena the finger-waggle of a lifetime en route to her corner - blonde ignoring him, looking back at Nadine instead with hungry, lascivious eyes.

R10: Nadine won't punk: she trudges in, no head movement now, body clearly stiff, legs shabby - she still manages to tag Nolin upside the head and drive her ropeside before blonde can clinch. Cori pushed back by the ref, she's looking unbalanced, but again lifts her mitts, wades back in and takes a BLOODCURDLING low hook as Gena gets cheap off the ropes. Nolin simply walking away as Nadine sobs, slumps face first into the ropes while holding herself - ref all over Gena with a torrent of righteous indignation. Upon resumption - Nolin shadows Nadine at the ropes, pawing the jab at her, pawing it, pawing it and BRINGING THE RIGHT HAND! Cori DRIFTED a beaut across the chops - head-spin - she's out on her feet, drooping forward, arms outstretched as Nolin misses the icing left uppercut. Cori crashes to canvas - Gena stumbles back with a satisfied leer - KO10 Gena Lee Nolin.

After: Give her credit - Nadine steps into the much bigger Nolin all night long and gives her hell - Big G rung up to the chin and temples, ripped to her body - she won't be bouncing out of bed tomorrow. Too much sock for Cori however - improved head movement and balance allowed her to offset Nolin much of the night - but Gena's grinding grapples, crippling body shots and hamhanded rights to the head just too much over the long haul. Entertaining tilt however, both girls getting some nibbles as a result: Brittany Daniel said to be interested in Cori while Virginia Madsen and a come-backing Beverly Johnson rumoured to be negotiating with Nolin's reps.



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