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3 October 2015 Jessica Simpson vs Geri Halliwell

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(from MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada)


Posted by Lookout! Boxing & Vassago on October 3, 2015, 10:15 pm


BEFORE: Perhaps Jessica Simpson's jugs have taken too much punishment in her long FCBA career but the feisty blonde singer refuses to answer the critics that she - just like Kim Kardashian - might be on her way out of Lookout! Boxing if she doesn't beat another wiley veteran Geri Halliwell tonight. "I'm still box office when it comes to JMD", Simpsy snarks before the fight but of course this one has nothing to do with chest muggin' and outright boxing skills have been few and far between for the Texas native lately.

Still, she's the designed favorite against the 43 year old redhead even though the former Spice Girl easily whooped Shakira back in May and Simpsy last won a non-JMD contest against, wait for it, Jessica Lowndes in June of 2012! There's a serious hint that tonight's fight is nothing but a farewell salute for the blonde singer and even a victory won't save her from Paris Hilton dropping the axe.

Jessica Simpson wears a navy blue bikini set and silver gloves. Geri Halliwell wears a floral yellow & red bikini set and black gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Both women follow the frequent flyweight script and just tear into each other from the bell trying to gain immediate advantage but while Jessica is glued into her JMD regime and pierces the redhead's chest area, she leaves plenty open space upstairs and gets whacked across the mouth by a vicious right hand that spins her to the side and enables the English singer to send more overhands to keep the blone busy on her toes. Jessica tries to respond with a proper head hunting galore but keeps missing badly and when Geri whacks her with a straight jab on the mouth again, Paris Hilton just buries her head in the hands already... more from Halliwell follows and the redhead vixen is all over the blonde come the final minute, backing her into the ropes and dishing out more midriff punishment to freeze the Texan in the corner at the bell.

Round 2:
The fight turns ugly very quickly now as Simpson decides to clinch the redhead after such a promising start and both women are locked in a tight struggle sending single punches to the guts until Jessica laces the kidneys and is shoved away by the ref. Geri jumps into a high gear and looks to work on that leaky guard but falls short of the mark as the blonde shows some quick feet and avoids the English leather, crashing into Halliwell's cheeks on the counter instead. She dominates the close range thereafter with very accurate display that finally makes Paris cheer in the stands and a late flurry on the guts sends the older singer backing into the ropes however Simpsy fails to deliver that truly big punch to underline her presence to full extent.

Round 3:
Both women brawl in close range and Simpsy's finally dropped all the JMD ideas and keeps working upstairs to expose Halliwell's not exactly top notch footwork. She roots her to the spot midring with wide slaps that swing around the temples but still slice the mitts on the follow up and leave the redhead backing into the ropes as the close range exchange proves too much to take at this stage. Geri looks to clinch the Texan girl but eats a left hook on the jaw that sinks her on the ropes for good before a wild follow up misses the target and has Geri thumping a heavy left hand on the chin to wobble Simpson off her stance with a loud shriek. Geri jumps away from the ropes and delivers a flurry of facial leather to reel the blonde right back to the opposite corner and that's not what the MGM Grand crowd expected, least of all Paris Hilton, and the round concludes with Halliwell snapping her rival's head back & forth in the corner and just exposing the Lookout! veteran hand over the proverbial fist! Terrible display from Simpson who looks shocked at the bell but even worse, sporting a nasty shiner under the right eye that needs to be addressed very quickly during the interval.

Round 4:
Geri's up early for the fourth and she glares down at the shaken up opponent; Simpsy's career is truly on the ropes here but she romps away into another classic flyweight bash and it's clear neither of these veterans will settle for a decision; a war of attrition ensues in the center of the ring with heavy punches crashing into both pretty faces and it's all or nothing style that's posied to end in tears for someone... Geri works around the shiner under the blonde's right eye but Jessica shows resistance and digs into her cheeks as well, a wild hair snapping from both sides marks most of the punches reaching the target and after a furious opening minute, Geri's older legs begin to buckle first especially when Simpsy lands a clattering hook to the nose... she jumps at the briefly stunned opponent and bumps jug-to-jug into her sending the redhead stumbling back to the corner... Geri avoids getting down but needs to wrap her arms around the ropes and Jessica blitzes her with a left/right combo and slumps on soft knees on the spot... a heavy barrage of punches knocks Halliwell's head around for most of the final minute before Simpsy decides to enforce that legendary JMD strenght and whoops Geri's boobs up & down to run away with a massive round and leaves the bruised English singer gasping for air at the bell.

Round 5:
Geri needs time to recover her breath and punching her in the jugs was just what the doctor ordered for Simpsy... the Texan girl romps into another JMD-like galore but Claudia Schiffer has warned the redhead all about it now and while the chest muggin' fails to deliver, a quick switch upstairs has Halliwell's head snapping vividly again... Jessica drives the wounded opponent back to the ropes, the age perhaps begins to tell for Geri in such a high tempo tilt - and sinks her with a nasty hook on the navel before splitting the mitts wide open with a forceful uppercut... Halliwell leans back against the ropes but has no chance to prevent an instant follow up as the blonde rocks her with a left on the mouth and adds a right on the eye bursting the brow ridge into a blood-seeping nightmare... HALLIWELL GOES DOWN... the English singer collapses to her side with a heavy thump and that's the best combo Simpsy delivered in the last twelve months! Geri remains crippled on her side and makes no effort to beat the slowish count... KO5 Jessica Simpson!!!

AFTER: That's a huge win for Jessica who begins to jump all over the ring like she's just won American Idol or something... but a quick look at Paris Hilton's face indicates it's not all good for the one that really matters... to be fair to Halliwell she had Simpson rocking on her heels for a while and there doesn't seem to be much desire in Hilton setting up fight against 40+ singers to save Jessica's career. The JMD legend might have fought her last Lookout! battle especially that Missy Peregrym looks equally unconvinced when assisting Simpsy in having her gloves removed:

"Paris looks angry out there! She can't waste her time in booking fights with cougars!", "

What?, Say that again!", Jessica looks puzzled and loses all her interest in rubbing extra salt into the fallen Halliwell, "You want to say that these strange rumours I hear are true?"

"I've heard nothing myself but you know, it's best to be around Paris when she's not exactly sober and apparently..."

The ring announcer calls Jessica to center of the ring and Missy pushes the blonde out but the look on the singer's face is not what you expect to see from a winner "Go and get that checked, Missy! I need to know!"

"Oh, you will know all about it!", Missy exchanges hand signals with Hilton in the stands nodding in approval and texting later: "She has NO clue..."

Final result: Jessica Simpson Def Geri Halliwell KO5.
Stable War: Lookout! Boxing 1 Lioness Club of America 1. 



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