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3 October 2015 Vanessa Hudgens vs Jessica Lowndes

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(from MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada)




Posted by Lookout! Boxing & Vassago on October 3, 2015, 10:21 pm


BEFORE: It doesn't get any better than this in the whole of flyweight division especially now that long-time Disney & CW intimidator Michelle Williams has retired. Both Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Lowndes are at odds over who exactly send the HISC Hall of Famer into exile and resume what is probably the most high profile duell of the entire 110 lbs pool. Vancouver born Lowndes is 2-0 up on her California based opponent and her JMD thumping back in July 2013 has reached a legendary status among the LCA supporters and remains the biggest thorn in Lookout's side ever since Elisha Cuthbert was cheated out of the bantamweight title fight against Neve Campell.

Of course Williams' HISC stablemate Mila Kunis has crushed the Hudgens/Lowndes reign of terror very recently, first pounding the absolute crap out of Hudgens' jugs in classic JMD beatdown and then stripping Lowndes off her lineal flyweight championship less than a fortnight ago. So both girls have a lot to prove since they rarely suffer two defeats in a row and someone's poised to stumble into a cold streak since a draw is effectively out of commision according to most ESPN experts and commentators.

A face slapping and hair pulling catfight ensued back in the locker room during the earlier bout between Shenae Grimes and Nina Dobrev and Vanessa does sport a couple of claw marks on her left cheek while simply breathing nothing but utmost hate at the Canadian brunette. If both these girls could have clawed each others' jugs off they would have done it instantly but they have to simply punch 'em off instead in a classic and fan friendly JMD fashion that should meet all the expectations from the blood and jug muggin' thirsty MGM Grand audience!

Vanessa Hudgens wears a bright green bikini set and golden gloves. Raven-black hair tied in a high ponytail. Jessica Lowndes wears a turquoise bandeau bikini and black gloves. Dark brown hair tied in a high curled ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Nina Dobrev and Shenae Grimes are back ringside as supporting cast but all eyes are on the two former flyweight champions who waste no time in tearing into some fine cleavage which was pretty much expected by everyone interested in JMD action - and that's everyone interested in FCBA aside from the usual suspects from Nashville. Hudgens scores the early break hammering with bit more poise and strenght and trying to make the most out of Lowndes' recent downfall to Mila Kunis. Recovery time is crucial according to most of the fans and the self proclaimed "Fittest Flyweight" dominates the opening exchange landing crisp series while shutting Lowndes off into a single hand performance that's nowhere near good enough against a JMD veteran like Nessa. Indeed, Lowndes has to yield real easte after soaking up early pressure but Hudgens hassles her down into the corner where she rips into the breadbasket and keeps clipping the Canadian rack with more uppercuts to run away with the round in surprisingly one-sided fashion.

Round 2:
More of the same in the second, Lowndes looks downright sluggish and perhaps not exactly 100 percent after that Kunis disaster; Hudgens is all over her rack and bumps the older brunette off with a crunching series to the ribcage followed by the familiar uppercut switch that simply mauls Jessica's tits and makes her scowl in discomfort already. Nessa's on a clear mission to dwarf the head-to-head stats and bursts more uppercuts up the alley to force the Canadian into a tight cover but another switch on the guts has her pounding Lowndes back to the ropes in a hurry. Shenae Grimes looks on in horror as Nessa gallops her golden gloves into her compatriot's soft tissue and bends her forward in the corner romping clear into another one-sided round totally against the odds. Lowndes is lost at sea here and that's a huge setback for the LCA front office and fans alike!

Round 3:
Vanessa needs to be careful here since there's no way Jessica's lost her JMD touch despite barely rocking the Lookout! brunette's jugs during the six minutes of action. That awry smile from "The Fittest" might be a bit premature and she's dished a wake up call in the third when Lowndes blows her on the chin with a questionable punch before slamming leather from the north to sink Hudgens with her mouth wide open. Here comes the Canadian fury everyone waited for and Vanessa's rack goes for a ride amid quiet scowling and a wild support from the audience. Lowndes beats the arch nemesis for a set of uppercut menace and lifts the California boobs up & over to spin Hudgens back to the corner where she cleans out the toned breadbasket recovers from the earlier struggle by trapping the otherwise rampant Lookout! girl against the turnbuckle and dishing out steady jug assault to pull one round back. "U like that, ####?", she screams out at Nessa who only sends her a massive death stare and shakes her glove in disgust while checking up on the green bikini top. It's all in tact, honey!

Round 4:
The Canadian recovery continues as Jessica outduells Vanessa in another close range tangle, ripping more uppercuts than getting back and bending the American to the side. A quick hook on the jaw sinks Hudgens on her heels for good and before she can regain her stride Lowndes just pours with more jug assault and pounds the suddenly scowling fellow brunette back to the ropes where she drills the navel with all she's got and has Nessa screaming out in pain. Lowndes steps back and bursts through the arms to split 'em again and embarks on a frantic series of uppercuts that lift Hudgens' boobs against her slumping chin and make Nina Dobrev scream out in dismay. LOWNDES ROCKS HUDGENS along the ropes with a mighty offence that dismantles the defence and renders the American into a training sack and she just can't live with that pace... Yet another shake across the chin DUMPS VANESSA ON HER KNEES and restores the Lioness world JMD order!!! "Arghhh... ", Hudgens tries to recover her breath while staring down at the canvas and she's back on her feet at eight but has little fire power left and has to soak up more punishment being shut out for remainder of the round as Jessica harpoons her ribcage in full kettle and adds one late hook on the temple to leave the American spitting out her mouthpiece after the bell and looking for answers in Nina Dobrev's eyes.

Round 5:
Lowndes rose from the ashes after those terrible opening rounds however Hudgens is used to such a treatment and jumps into immediate response fuelled by a heavy pep talk from both Nina Dobrev and Ashley Tisdale who joined her in the Lookout! corner during the interval. More bumper-car boxing on display but Lowndes is wary of the comeback threat and prefers to wear her nemesis out rather than plain wreck her through a standalone series. Adapting this tactics leaves Hudgens with time to spare and allows her to recover even further rather than just worry about Lowndes turning up the hear. That Kunis pounding must have changed something in the Canadian's approach and despite plenty of effort, Nessa is capable of shutting the cavalry off and wrestles Jessica to the corner where she still soaks up a significant punishment but the overall numbers aren't so one-sided as expected and Lowndes perhaps just let her wounded opponent off the hook and if there's one person she should never count out from a late rally, it's Hudgens despite the head-to-head stats. Advantage Lowndes at half-distance though!

Round 6:
Shenae Grimes is no JMD expert but she urges her 902010 co-star to really punish Nessa here instead if just waltzing her way through that knockdown go-ahead. We're back into the rampant action and Lowndes resumes that evil roughing of Hudgens' rack however the response is equally thunderous and the war of attrition results in both girls gasping for air in the second minute having done almost everything other than punching the other one topless. Still Hudgens rips into the exposed liver area and shoves the Canadian off before beating her for a clubbing hook on the jugs and adding one more across the mouth. Jessica sags on her heels and fails to react when Vanessa rips into her cleavage with another set of uppercuts that reels her onto the ropes and has the California brunette thumping heavy onslaught against the liver area. AND LOWNDES SCREAMS OUT IN PAIN as she gets nailed hard and bends to the side, Nessa rips a low left hook that catches the jugs and adds a right cross that DUMPS THE CANADIAN ON HER RIGHT SIDE... we're back even now as Nessa gloats over the fallen nemesis and almost kicks her in the guts before being wrestled back by the ref... Lowndes is furious but not shaken enough to sail off into the sunset just yet.. she's up at seven and wants to come right back at Nessa but is whacked by a wild swing over the top and sags on the ropes when Hudgens mops her with a hook to the jaw. The clock expires soon afterwards and that couldn't have come any sooner for the wounded lioness pride!

Round 7:
"Now we're gonna see what they're made of!", Cassidy Freeman admits she hasn't followed JMD much before whereas Missy is convinced that Nessa will get that long sought maiden win over a hatred Canadian foe. Well, she's back on track for some solid chest muggin' early in the seventh as Lowndes gets outworked in close range and seeks a rare clinch before Vanessa punches that idea out of her head & mounds. Heavy slaps on the ribcage follow and freeze the LCA brunette out before a right-on-right clobbers her on the chin and sends on the heels. Hudgens bumps into her thereafter and literally shoves into the ropes however a chaotic and lenghty clinch spoils the JMD show and seems to repeat the fifth round script where the sheer lack of a proper follow up helps the knocked down girl's chances to survive. Nessa rips some leather into the breadbasket but that's nowhere near enough to send Jessica packing and more wrestling & shoving results in an angry rant from Paris who simply doesn't understand what is going on. Lowndes lands some late punches on the ribcage but is happy with this stalemate and Nessa shrugs her head while seeing thumbs down reaction from Ashley and Nina in her corner after the bell.

Round 8:
The Kunis fight begins to wear Lowndes down and the otherwise feisty Canadian seeks another clinch after soaking up more steady rack assault in the opening minute, Nessa's aware that she had more time to recover from her own pasting she took at the hands of the HISC brunette and this time doesn't allow the stalemate to spoil her party by drilling repeated strikes on the guts to make Jessica yelp in pain. No immediate rack assault on hand and Hudgens sticks with her midsection destructive plan that works a treat and has Lowndes sinking deep after more clubbing harpoons burst into her liver area and leave visible marks. When Nessa steps back and beats her for a quick hook on the jaw, the guard collapses alltogether and allows the younger brunette to rip more uppercuts where it hurts the most and just dump a tired looking Jessica against the turnbuckle where she fails to mount any response and spits out her mouthpiece in frustration after the bell. Nessa looks much better physically now and this might be the most important thing of the lot after eight gruesome rounds with just two remaining.

Round 9:
Jessica is gasping for air hard and it looks like Nessa has wore her out even since that knockdown comeback; there's no extra advice from Dobrev and Tisdale required as "The Fittest" simply rips into the bruised Canadian cleavage and pounds an aching Lowndes on her heels with a heavy uppercut display before adding one on the jaw as well. Jessica wobbles back and has nothing left to give anymore which enables Hudgens to romp her mounds with another set of uppercuts... the turquoise bandeau bikini top is taking a ton of punishment and Jessica is jug smashed on her feet wobbling straight into a thunderclap right hook on the jaw before Nessa signs off the juggernaut with one from the left buried deep in Lowndes' bubble gum chest... DOWN GOES THE CANADIAN... Jessica is jug-punched on the canvas and LCA's best pick to win tonight is in no shape to rise again!!! She simply can't find any more air in her lungs and bursts into spasms of defeat laying out there spread eagle all the way through the count! KO9 Vanessa Hudgens!!!

AFTER: That's a massive victory for the Lookout! brunette who begins to jump around the ring and is soon joined in celebrations by Nina & Ashley. "Disney World rules!!!", she screams out to CW nemesis Shenae Grimes who barks in anger but makes her way to the ring to spoil the brat party! Look out!!! A left bare knuckle cross lays Nina Dobrev out and Vanessa is saved from a similar fate when Ashley Tisdale pushes her away and takes one on the chin herself... AND DOWN GOES TIZZY spinning around and crashing down onto Jessica Lowndes' fallen flesh...

Pandemonium in the ring follows, Missy and Cassidy are up from the front seats and try to prevent Vanessa getting her revenge as she chases the 902010 main cast around the ring but almost trips over Nina's outstretched leg as the Vampire Diaries brunette still ponder what just hit her spitting out some blood from her mouth... "J-M-D! J-M-D! J-M-D!", the crowd wants to see the jug smothering but not until Grimes is tackled down by Cassidy Freeman and dragged away to her corner... Missy tries to keep the things afloat with Nessa despite loud protests but all of the sudden a special uninvited guest appears and grabs Nina Dobrev by the hair to cause more commotion... That's none other than Cheryl Cole, all the way from Newcastle, fresh off her announcement to join the American league... "WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!!!", Nessa acts like she's never seen the Geordie brunette before and Cassidy Freeman explains that's just ANOTHER new LCA gym sparring partner for Lowndes and Gomez. Surprised much?

Both Cole and Dobrev waste no time in tearing into each others' hair and the tug-o-war even has Missy, Cass and Nessa cheering rather than trying to separate them but in all this excitement the fallen Jessica Lowndes has managed to crawl herself to the corner where Shenae Grimes helps her to escape the ineviteable JMD punishment. When the unexpected catfight is deemed over - with Dobrev tearing more hair from Cole's head and waving it like a battle trophy high in the air forcing the English singer into quick retreat - everyone suddenly realizes that Lowndes is long gone from the ring and Nessa is now truly beside herself. She waited over two years to finally stop Jessica's jugs and now the loser has the guts to escape the deserved punishment? She yells out in anger and grabs Nina by the hand to jump in pursuit of the LCA fugitives back to the locker room... We haven't heard the last of this duell yet but for now the Unified Lightweight Title takes priority!

Final result: Vanessa Hudgens Def Jessica Lowndes KO9.
Stable War: Lookout! Boxing 5 Lioness Club of America 2. 



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