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3 October 2015 Minka Kelly vs Eva Mendes

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(from MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada)




Posted by Lookout! Boxing & Vassago on October 3, 2015, 10:24 pm


BEFORE: The Stable War has reached it's climax with the final bout scheduled on the card ready to go ahead next. But the Main Event line-up is a surprise. After the JMD flyweight classic between Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Lowndes and the unified lightweight title between Yvonne Strahovski and Odette Yustman, it's actually a bantamweight clash featuring Minka Kelly and Eva Mendes getting the top billing here in Las Vegas? What gives? Does Lookout! Boxing want to make up for all the Minka title hype in recent months that actually failed to deliver a challenge from any reigning champion? Paris Hilton and Michelle Trachtenberg as well as LCA front office remain tight lipped on this schedule and even ESPN's Erin Andrews fails to break the silenzio stampa politics.

It's worth reminding though that Eva Mendes has previously openly praised Minka as the biggest talent available in the 120 lbs division - even with Laura Vandervoort present - and there are suggestions that she might announce her retirement from active duty tonight and that's why she was given the Main Event leeway. Whatever the reason, there seems to be a lot of mutual respect between the fighters as they enter the ring and Erin Andrews believes that's no coincidence at all.

Minka Kelly wears a red bikini top, matching hotpants and white gloves. Dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Eva Mendes wears her trademark leopard print bikini top, black hotpants and golden gloves. Brown hair tied in a bun at the back of her head. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Minka's the top name in the divisin but that doesn't seem to be bothering Eva much early in this fight as she gallops into attack instantly and smacks quick leather on the face resulting in immediate response from the MGM Grand audience. With time not exactly on her side, aged 41, Mendes' durability is under scrutiny so the feisty charge is something that the Lookout! entourage must have expected yet Kelly's not too keen to dwarf the onslaught and allows the veteran to really score some heavy punches into that pretty brunette face! Minka remains on her heels afterwards and struggles to embrace the powerful display from Eva however the accuracy of the shots begins to dwindle come the final minute and has Kelly clinching her foe plenty and wrestling her back to the ropes where a couple of rabbit shots to the kidneys cause the referee to halt the looming stalemate. Minka jumps away from the ropes and has enough agility to shut Eva off in mid range even though she barely announced herself in the opening three minutes which is slightly surprising to most of the fans and pundits.

Round 2:
Eva looked impressively agile in the opening round but there's still a long way to go and Minka closes her down easily in the second to finally send the clubbing menace that splits the Latina's mitts and makes her head snap backwards repeatedly. The steady but brutally effective attack from Kelly exposes Mendes' guard badly and throws immediate red flags over the fight mismatch however there's enough Latin fire left at this stage to trigger a hectic response and dig more leather into Minka's face regardless. Both women jump into another close range tangle where Minka shoves her opponent back into the ropes and sinks her with a quick left/right combo before wading in on the breadbasket as well. Mendes is vulnerable on the ropes - a well known factor contributing to her dismal ranking spot - and does little to punch herself out ot trouble with Kelly methodically romping away to gut and restoring the Lookout! world order with relative ease at the bell.

Round 3:
Eva wants to brawl herself to success in ultra close range but the short spikes on the ribcage make little proggress and allow Minka to dominate the ensuing wrestling struggle. The outright punching is minimal for the next minute or so before Minka finally lands the biggest punch of the round to sink Eva on her knees after her jaw gets clobbered on the follow up as well. Mendes goes all shimmy shake here already but Kelly's visibly holding back on the chase and reverts into that bruising methodical display rather than a straight one-two punching glory. She still traps Mendes on the ropes and cleans out her midriff to run away with the round and make the LCA veteran look really sluggish and overwhelmed by now. And that's no real surprise to most of the MGM Grand crowd.

Round 4:
More of the same in the fourth; despite an improved number of punches, Eva still lacks the finishing touch and fails to bother the bantamweight title hopeful at all while getting whacked to the guts herself. Minka's versatile approach allows her to slice the high guard as well and as the time goes by, Eva has to yield real estate and seek some respite in mid distance. The problem is though, Kelly dominates that area too and easily dwarfs the mediocre footwork from the Latina brunette, she stalks and swings Mendes back to the corner again and sinks her with a late flurry on the guts to close out another round in similar fashion, with a lacklustre Mendes just soaking up midsection barrage in the corner. Cassidy Freeman and Claudia Schiffer look surprisingly calm though and even the look on Paris Hilton's face gives away very little in wake of this resounding performance from Lookout!'s #1 bantamweight.

Round 5:
Eva opens the fifth with her biggest punch of the night and for once Minka looked suspiciously out of position after running away with the previous three. A quick head snapping follows to establish the Lioness priority that has Kelly on her heels and covered in earmuff on the minute mark. Mendes might be slow on her feet but she can still dish out some punishment given the opportunity and she pummels her foe back to the ropes where she embarks on some midsection trouncing herself to reverse the trends. A couple of loud scowls from Kelly marks her demise in this round and Eva just doesn't let go here, hammering along the toned ribcage to slump the Lookout!'s BW finest and cracks a late hook on the temple to almost bend the younger brunette completely sideways. Another hook pierces the navel right at the death and perhaps there's still plenty of fighting left in this Latina veteran despite Minka's sporting a nice smile once she walks back to her corner.

Round 6:
That previous round was perhaps an one-off in Minka's path to victory as she blitzes the older actress with a flurry of facial shots that dismantle the high guard early in the sixth and result in the LCA brunette backing away in a hurry. Still, Kelly keeps her well within her sights and bombs away on both eyes leaving visible cuts and continues to slow her down to the point she bends her forward with a heavy blast on the breadbasket and follows it with a precise uppercut on the chin. Mendes loses her footing and bounces off the ropes, very lucky not to tumble down alltogether, but has little time and room to spare to react for Kelly's flying hook that nails her on the mouth and slumps against the turnbuckle. Minka traps the wounded veteran in the corner and moves into cleaning out her guts. Eva's in spams of defeat come the final seconds and her head slumps low between her shoulders with Kelly pouring into that jelly stomach to punch a lot of stuffing out... Mendes is almost unresponsive at the bell, saved by it for the matter of fact - and slumps down on her corner with eyes closed, the writing's on the wall for the Latina veteran now but she simply refuses to quit on her stool in the Main Event, and probably in her last FCBA bout anyway too...

Round 7:
Mendes is running on empty tank and Kelly snaps her head backwards without any response during the opening minute; she renders the LCA brunette into a training dummy and the conclusion to the Stable War is very near once Eva begins to groan continuously before sagging back on jelly knees and simply not returning anything back at Minka... the Lookout! stand-out pierces the leaky high guard with more clubbing hooks thereafter and leaves more nasty bruies all over that Latin face before thumping one left hook on the ear too many TO SEND EVA SLIDING DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE... the LCA veteran simply took too much punishment in this fight and the ammount of punches finally broke her resilience... Ref only gives the fallen brunette a quick look but it's obvious she's not gonna beat this knockdown misery whatsoever and immediately calls the bout off... KO7 Minka Kelly!!!

BEFORE: That was a routine victory for the highest ranked bantamweight in the world but once her hand is raised in the air, Claudia Schiffer, Cassidy Freeman and Missy Peregrym all appear in the ring to lift a banged up Eva Mendes off the canvas so Minka can embrace her in a friendly hug... Everyone knows how high Eva was on Minka and this was a business schedule rather than personal feud and in fact there are smiles everywhere around the ring despite the Stable War being long decided in Lookout!'s favor... there was a reason why Freeman and Peregrym were designed as the ring side security personnel, it's hard to imagine Jessica Lowndes and Vanessa Hudgens ever being capable of putting their differences to rest and the entire fighting quarter plus LCA head coach Schiffer invite everyone to the special VIP party behind the MGM Grand scenes where the details of the Stable War will be discussed in private.

ESPN, Archer News Service, Boxing World Online, BLONDE! Magazine, Snark! Magazine, BBU TV and even the Tractorpull Magazine journalists all are given the special persmission to attend the VIP party which will begin shortly after an official post-event press conference scheduled by Lookout! Boxing's Paris Hilton and Michelle Trachtenberg in the MGM Grand Casino conference room.

As Minka and Eva leave the ring sharing a friendly hug and making jokes at Eva's face looking really swollen and beaten up, there is no word whether this fight was indeed curtains to Mendes' long and distinguished FCBA career. Freeman and Schiffer dismiss the matter with "no comments" attitude while Missy Peregrym points everyone to the press conference where the status on Kim Kardashian will most certainly be revealed along with other suspicious rumours around Ashley Tisdale and Jessica Simpson which were picked up by ESPN during their respective matches: "Of course I haven't forgotten about Tizzy!", Missy tells Erin Andrews while walking together to the press conference room, "Just wait for Paris and Michelle to give you the details. You all enjoyed a fantastic PPV so you can wait few minutes longer! And I can't believe ESPN is so interested in Ashley Tisdale of all people? (laughs) "

Final result: Minka Kelly Def Eva Mendes KO7.
Stable War (Final): Lookout! Boxing 6 Lioness Club of America 3. 



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