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10 October 2015 Harumi Nemoto vs Yoko Matsugane

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Posted by Vassago on October 10, 2015, 11:49 pm


BEFORE: The Japanese warriors are 0 for 2 coming into the inaugural Jewels Pride's Main Event but they're destined to come away with a win here as the highly touted gravure model Harumi Nemoto has challenged her ex wrestling tag team frenemy Yoko Matsugane into a brutal JMD fight for the ages. Front Street Japan has stayed away from the chest muggin' genre thus far but Nemoto's call put the proverbial writing on the wall which sounds that more sensible that both these models leave little to the imagination in the cleavage department.

The model wrestling endeavour helped to sell thousands of VHS and DVDs back in the day but Nemoto claims she's outright superior to Matsugane and vows to beat all the snot out of her breasts to the point Yoko will require a breast surgery. The FSJ owner Ayako Hamada has promised to sign Harumi into her stable if she can indeed beat Matsugane in a fair fight but the latter's previous BBU experience - taking Gemma Bissix into a decision and knocking Lucy Pinder out - suggest that Yoko might spoil Harumi's debut and spoil it really bad! The only thing to worry about? Yoko's last fight was three years and ten months ago!

Harumi Nemoto wears a black basque top with white trim and black gloves. Black hair straight. Yoko Matsugane wears a red basque top with white & blue trim and red gloves. Dark brown hair straight. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Yoko has experience on her side and looks to enforce that advantage from the start hammering into Harumi's rack and reeling her on the heels early. The newcomer allows her frenemy to dominate the heavy exchange and has to cover up quickly as Yoko unloads a series of uppercuts and lifts Nemoto's boobs in crowd pleasing style. Harumi struggles in close range and begins to backpedal to the ropes while soaking up more ruthless chest pounding from Matsugane who groans in her efforts to punish the older rival. Harumi finally gets backed into the ropes, simply unable to weather that early storm and bends forward when Yoko lands another hook on the solar plexus; a series on the ribcage follows as Matsugane's visibly upset over the earmuff defence and the fact she can't lift Harumi's breasts anymore. The midriff pounce is successful though and has Nemoto moaning in pain at the bell; that was a tough start for the newcomer and Yoko's experience clearly showed there in the opening round.

Round 2:
Matsugane looks to resume the chest punishment but Harumi's quick to move into mid range and slices her mouth from the back foot before crashing into her rack somewhat against the odds. Yoko wobbles badly and needs time to react for her opponent's aggressive jabbing but by then, the crowd enjoys a solid rack pounding from the newcomer who repeats the lifting proccess and renders Yoko's boobs bouncing off her chin. Both women clinch each other as Yoko has no ideas how to tame the onslaught, a hectic struggle enables Harumi to crash some leather into the midsection and bump Matsugane off before she slams another cross hook on the nose and wobbles her into a chest drilling uppercut series. Yoko is pounded to the ropes gasping in discomfort and Nemoto whips a late hook on the ear to silence her and continue to smash her boobs thereafter running away with a huge confidence boosting effort.

Round 3:
Yoko's back to scoring those uppercuts straight up the alley but Harumi digs her elbow into her tummy and rips a wild hook that barely catches the rack before thundering into the younger woman's chin. Matsugane sags on her knees on the spot and wobbles forward after Nemoto flicks a follow up on the liver area to maintain her superior position. A flurry of uppercuts bounce off Yoko's boobs thereafter and she has to yield real estate but loses her footing and swings wide with a last ditch effort to prevent Harumi from crashing more shots into her cleavage. Since that doesn't work, the older brunette has no trouble in digging her uppercuts into Matsugane's rack and reeling her onto the ropes come the final minute. More hard pounding has the younger girl on her heels and wincing in pain as Nemoto furiously works on her mounds and lifts 'em up again before crashing another big hook on the mouth to spin the aching foe back to her corner right at the bell.

Round 4:
Harumi begins to turn on the heat here; she beats Yoko for another uppercut barrage and stalks her liver area while soaking up weak shots from the side. Matsugane visibly needs to recharge her batteries but gets slumped on her heels again after Nemoto just rips those uppercuts in the open cleavage. Yoko wobbles on her feet and bends her head into her rival's chest; Harumi whips her back upright with a brutal hook on the chest and blasts another cross on the mouth to send her spinning into the ropes with eyes closed. She traps the aching girl with a jabbing series to the ribcage and finds the solar plexus to pull the plug on Yoko's resistance... MATSUGANE SLIDES DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE... the embattled girl simply has to gather her thoughts and breath back as she sits down staring at Nemoto's feet... she's up at right and vows to continue but when she jumps at the older fighter, she gets blocked off and clinched instead. Harumi's a newcomer but channels some veteran poise and simply wrestles Yoko back to the corner rather than seeking an instant knockout solution. That's very smart since Yoko looks to be struggling physically here already.

Round 5:
Matsugane's visibly slower across the canvas and fails to dwarf Nemoto's spirited rush early in the fifth; the newcomer blasts more jabbing abuse to the midsection before switching back to those punishing uppercuts on the mounds. Yoko wobbles forward again amid a crying help for support but this only fuels Harumi's ruthless approach and she blasts a jabbing stacatto on the guts to sink the struggling opponent on her knees. A swift move upwards slams Matsugane's boobs against her chin again and a loud shriek signalls the looming disaster when Nemoto harpoons her on the liver AND SENDS CRASHING DOWN ON HER KNEES moments later... Yoko's down on all fours and out of breath, she takes her time before getting up at nine but that's as close as it gets now for the younger brunette.. Harumi bunny hops in the corner and comes blasting out with a cheeky smile on her face, she easily pounds an aching foe back to the ropes and even though she drops the ultra fast work rate, it's still more than enough to dominate the exchange. Yoko bellows out into a desperate earmuff and only shows superior moaning volume as Harumi cleans out her breadbasket and delivers more cross hooks to dismantle the chest cover late in the round. Another hooking connection almost tears Matsugane's bikini top off and the struggling woman looks to be all but done here when the bell sounds; she leans over the ropes and spits her mouthguard before holding her liver area and walking slowly to her corner with a painful look on her face.

Round 6:
Harumi's enforced enough damage on her opponent to finally close out the contest; she chases the spooked Yoko around the ropes almost sending the girl tumbling down through sheer duck & weave desperation. The rack bumping quickly triggers the moaning display from the younger brunette who wobbles forward into more destructive uppercuts that simply destroy her cleavage and make Nemoto punch at the huge target at will. The moaning turns into a screaming demise after a gruesome chest muggin' and Yoko's arms collapse by her side when Harumi digs into her solar plexus... a quick hook on the ear spins Matsugane around and the fight ends with a brutal hook on the liver that folds the wrecked loser into a smoking heap on the spot... YOKO GOES DOWN and immediately hugs her aching midriff as ref spares her the count and raises the winner's arm in the air to a rampant applause from the Tokyo Dome audience... KO6 Harumi Nemoto!!!

AFTER: The Asians don't have a designated JMD star but Harumi Nemoto looked really good on her debut after finding her stride ever since the second round. She demolished Yoko's rack in supreme fashion and added few moves to suggest she can really enforce some bad temper on her opponents. Despite sharing a wrestling past, there wasn't much sympathy shown from each side and it almost looked like Nemoto really enjoyed punishing her frenemy and postponed the knockout by a couple of rounds at the very least.

The crowd awaits the usual post-JMD rack humiliation and Yoko's bikini top is quickly removed before the security crew rolls her on her back. Yoko lies down there with eyes closed and doesn't open them even when Harumi mounts her and applies the breast smother. The loser's moaning is short-lived as Nemoto looks to sign that Front Street Japan contract sooner rather than later and vows to beat Reon Kadena up even before smothering Matsugane cold. She screams out at stable owner who sits in the VIP lounge and demands her to take a closer look how she puts Yoko to sleep and finds Ms Hamada nodding at her request.

Once Matsugane passes out, Ms Hamada makes her way to the ring and announces the signing of a new bantamweight into her team but promises to give the fallen Yoko another chance to redeem herself. However the Kadena/Nemoto bout will have to wait since Welsh model Imogen Thomas is revealed as Reon's next opponent. Harumi doesn't object those plans but tells Ayako she has her sights on becoming Front Street Japan's top bantamweight and claims she's good enough to cause Leah Dizon some problems too.

Asked by Charlie Webster why the free agent Dizon - the division's best fighter with Asian heritage - isn't a part of FSJ Hamada responds: "She still holds the US citizenship. She was born there after all. We have a strict policy, just because you look Japanese, it doesn't mean you ARE a Japanese. Dizon is out of question regardless of her record. (...) We will do everything to take her down... just not this month and the one after that... it takes time, you know!"

Final result: Harumi Nemoto def. Yoko Matsugane KO6. 



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