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17 October 2015 Emma Bunton vs Mollie King

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(Lioness Club vs Double A Boxing)


Posted by Vassago on October 17, 2015, 6:30 pm


BEFORE: Emma Bunton is back in the BBU eleven months after she was thoroughly destroyed by Jade Ewen which many pundits believed was the end of her somewhat disappointing career. The Barnet born blonde was thought to be the Lioness Club leader but she struggled to get the better of former Spice Girls bandmate Geri Halliwell and is a ranked outsider against any fighter under the age of 30 these days according to the BBU TV betting chart.

That spells bad news for Bunton ahead of her tonight's clash against The Saturdays' Mollie King who caused one of the upsets of the year when she handed Mutya Buena her maiden loss back in March and backed that up with a brutal stoppage of Amelia Lily Oliver. Her rise towards the flyweight title contention was eventually halted by Jade Thirlwall but the 28 year old singer is still a massive favorite to beat Emma up in her own backyard and restore her stock as one of the top gatekeepers in the entire organization!

Emma Bunton wears a navy blue basque top, white knickers and matching white gloves. Blonde hair tied in a high ponytail with bangs. Mollie King wears an orange bikini top, black knickers and black gloves. Blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Having just seen Rhiannon Fish go down the tunnel with a battered face, the Lioness camp wastes little time in urging Bunton to hassle King as if Emma needed any more advice how to approach a younger opponent; it's a heavy loaded opening minute with both girls taking some punishment already, the ponytails flying around to a massive applause from the crowd. Emma digs into Mollie's face just a little better, landing more punches and staggering the younger blonde on her heels. A versatile touch enables her to pierce the ribcage as well and make King groan a bit before a huge overhand hook finds the temple and spins the Surrey girl back to the ropes. Bunton chases her down but just misses the jabbing combo with Mollie weaving away and looking to simply avoid the Barner leather. A late clinch halts the Bunton rally but that's a very promising start for the veteran.

Round 2:
Mollie finds some jabbing success early but Emma sticks to the aggressive jabbing and we have another vicious trade-off in progress where Bunton remains the accurate part sinking punch after punch into her foe's face. King wobbles a bit and allthough she catches the older blonde on the cheeks, she doesn't move her around much and yields real estate after getting whacked on the midriff for a change. Emma throws a series of jabs upstairs to try and back Mollie into the ropes again but the Surrey girl ducks low and finally begins to stalk the midsection herself leading to a lenghty clinch. Bunton refuses to let go at first and smacks King with a hook on the ear before the command, that was uncalled for but Mollie's a tough girl and just glares down at her opponent instead of complaining.. she battles past the high guard in the final minute and smacks a series on the mouth but another clinch halts her proggress with the KO Club crowd fully behind Emma's tactics.

Round 3:
The high tempo remains Emma's playing card but Denise van Outen begins to wonder how long will the Barnet veteran last against a rival eleven years her junior? Mollie keeps it cool and launches another head hunting attack only to meet a staunch defence from the former Spice Girl leading into a close range struggle afterwards. This time it's more even than before and King rocks the older blonde with a fine uppercut to assume control come the second minute with Bunton's precision going away in a hurry. All Mollie in close range, working uppercuts to make the veteran moan in discomfort but a body checking switch is absent as if The Saturdays girl wanted to simply humiliate Emma in her backyard by knocking her head off... Bunton has to cover up deep regardless and is punched back to the ropes in the dying seconds and Mollie keeps blazing upstairs even if she's unable to split the mitts anymore.

Round 4:
Another close range heat is briefly interrupted by a clash of heads and once the leather trading resumes, Mollie shows more speed and knocks her jabs into Emma's face to make the guard look really shaky now... Bunton swings wide and eats a hooking double on the fly instead, is rooted to the spot with that effort and fails to prevent a big uppercut blasting her on the jaw... cue in some jelly knees as Emma drops her arms and squeals but she bends forward just as Mollie was pressing with a hooking follow up... she crashes into her breasts and locks a tight clinch, very fortunate to escape what looked like a game-changing haymaker... Mollie finally loses her temper over that miss and the subsequent clinching but the ref does little to help her cause and gives the local blonde enough time to recover... King engages a high gear in the final minute but Bunton's well aware she dodged a bullet there and prefers to avoid any action, trying to wear the younger blonde out. Mollie barks in anger but has to postpone her evil ways for now...

Round 5:
Emma shanks the opening combo wide and has trouble staying with Mollie's improved agility - or is just the fatigue kicking in for the Barnet veteran - a close range trade off hands her a couple of nasty lumps on each cheek and bullies her into more defensive circles. King's back to a tarctical display and hassles the tiring opponent with crisp single hands, nothing too ferocious but enough to wear Bunton down the stretch as the local favorite needs to catch her breath. A late flurry of punches traps her in the corner but doesn't send her packing at all and Mollie's mischievous smile is not what the crowd wanted to see. Bunton has to cover up to avoid more bruising on her face but even Denise van Outen wonders why King just doesn't blast her in the liver for a change?

Round 6:
Bunton tries to ignite some steam into her sluggish movement but she gets rocked by a lurid hook on the temple after opening up just a tad too obviously... AND MOLLIE ADDS A CRUSHING HOOK on the nose moments later that spins the local favorite onto the ropes with blood spilling from the nostrils... the silences the crowd on the spot and has King chasing immediate reply... Emma's staggered into the corner already in no shape to escape.. buckle up time... NO GOOD!!! King hits the jackpot and finds the nose again sending the Spice Girl bouncing off the ropes with a scream and destined for a hook on the temple... DOWN GOES EMMA crashing on her side and leaving blood stains all over the canvas... Mollie raises her hand in the air and looks at the fallen veteran with a cheeky smile... there's still some fire left in Bunton though even if her nose is damaged... she's up at eight looking dazed but the medical pause to stop the bleeding gives her enough time to recover from the knockdown shock... and Mollie's composed enough not to blow her fuse for remainder of the round now that she's taken full control of the bout... the crowd is downbeat by just looking at Emma's banged up face...

Round 7:
Bunton's nostrils were patched up during the interval but King quickly resumes the seeping nightmare by hammering the guard to shreds and rocking the veteran's head back & forth again... Emma just can't live with the close range heat anymore and seeks another escape but Mollie has her checked and romps to the liver to stall her on the spot... Bunton wobbles forward scowling in pain but finds no lucky hole like she did in the fourth round and meets a powerful uppercut on the jaw that sends her mouthpiece flying off into the front row!!!! EMMA GOES ALL TIMBER and hits the deck flat on her back... her left hand collapses across her breast and that's the last she wrote here tonight! Vicious KO7 Mollie King!!!

AFTER: Ugh! Another painful loss for the Lioness Club supporters and what's worse, it's Barnet's own Emma Bunton getting knocked out in extremely bad fashion... The crowd didn't quite like Samara Weaving's destruction of Rhiannon Fish but they're simply stunned to see Mollie King looking like a true contender... this being said, how does this result make Jade Thirlwall look now? Denise van Outen has enough respect for the fallen Spice Girl to spare her the retirement talk but it's become rather obvious that King's upset of Mutya Buena casts a brand new light on her prospects... if anyone had doubts following the Thirlwall loss.

What next for Emma though? Kate Garraway refuses to answer all the important questions but the Jade Ewen pounding put the writing on the wall and Mollie King might have just erased the future alltogether. Gina Wild would be due some coaching help to focus on Mandy Capristo and Jeanette Biedermann back in Germany but is Emma ready to admit she's not good enough to win BBU bouts anymore? Well, Louise Redknapp hasn't officially retired yet so there's hope for all the Barnet fans... a very small hope...

Final result: Mollie King def. Emma Bunton KO7.



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