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30 October 2015 Ariana Grande vs AJ Lee

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on October 30, 2015, 5:14 pm


Ariana Grande vs. AJ Lee (Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA)
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


Second month in a row for this match up between quick, athletic flys. Last month, Lee broke her maiden against Grande, who's been itching for the rematch ever since. "She got lucky," says Grande, with smoldering eyes. "That's all it was. I solved her and was controlling the fight and she landed a lucky punch. But, not this time."

"I told you last time," says AJ with a smile. "She's just a mouthy little girl. I'm bigger, stronger, more athletic. She can't beat me. I proved it once. I'll prove it again."

Grande going all Disney princess, dressed up as Princess Jasmine. Lee going even further back in history, sporting a Pebbles Flintstone outfit.


Grande had problems with Lee's speed and feet early in the first match up, but, not this time. She's gotten used to facing a woman as quick and athletic as she is, and she gets the motor running immediately. Ariana is, as usual, everywhere and nowhere. She's so quick and slippery that Lee can't do what she did the first time around, get the left jab home an use her reach to control the shorter woman. She simply can't find Grande often enough to get that done. Instead, Ariana's getting where she wants to be, getting off quickly, and getting gone. This is exactly the way Grande's people drew up the fight plan, exactly what Ariana was able to do later in the first contest. There's no panic in Lee, however. She sticks to her own plan, lots of movement, lots of left hands, and, when she can get them home, good, solid right hand follows. It works in spots, but, mostly, it's all Grande's way as she takes a 10-9 lead after one.


Lee finding the range more now. She's getting that jab on, creating the openings for flurries. Grande, though, has seen this act before. She's not about to be thrown to the defensive. Instead, she fires back in volume. It's a risky strategy, sure. There's always a chance you'll get caught. But, there's a chance the other girl will get caught, too. It's also crowd-pleasing stuff. There's plenty of leather flying with the normal high flyweight work rate, and both fighters are getting home a decent percentage, despite the constant movement and excellent quickness in the slip and block shown by both. The number of touches in this round quickly goes into the stratosphere, and neither fighter shows any signs of slowing, even in the later stages. The buzz of leather continues to fly right down to the final seconds, with both fighters landing solid right hands just before the bell. In the end, it's close, but Lee gets the nod and evens the fight at 19.


More high-volume stuff. Both fighters are getting the range down, both getting their offenses rolling, and neither allowing the other to throw them onto the defensive, despite the barrage of shell that keeps landing. AJ has a bit more power, it would seem, and her punches tend to slow Grande at times, and that makes the difference, slight though it is. While Ariana's slowed by the weight of Lee's leather, AJ can get more work done an grab a few more points. And, she needs every one of them. Because, Grande's making huge piles of her own with that fast, accurate leather. Neither of these two does anything in ones or even twos. No, it's all lightning combinations, both hands flying repeatedly, and, it's mostly sound stuff, too, not just a lot of leather. Punches set punches up. Despite the relative lack of experience on display, this is Grande's ninth bout and Lee's second, things don't get sloppy. In the end, it's another high-touch round, and, again, it's narrow to Lee, who leads 29-28.


Grande changes tactics. She's on her horse now, all about movement. She's circling, jabbing, dancing, ducking, slipping. Lee trying to locate with the left, trying to match footwork, but, can't get it done. Spider. Fly. AJ tries to close. And, that's JUST what Ariana was hoping for. Lee comes forward behind the jab, and Grande ROCKS her with a three-punch combination. The big blow a right hook to the chin that wobbles the former wrestler's knees and nearly sends her to the canvas. And, Ariana's all in. THIS is what she's been waiting for since last month, a chance to take Lee out of there. A chance to make her pay for what happened last month. It's fists of fury from Grande as Lee backs, covers, gets trapped against the ropes, and takes a beating. But, take it she does. AJ's plenty sturdy for this weight, and, despite the leather she ships, she's able to last out the round and even begin banging back solidly by the final bell. It's Ariana wide, though, and the fight is even at 38.


Grande back to her horse. She's bouncing around like a Superball, daring AJ to get too aggressive. But, Lee's not going to fall into the trap again. She's patient. She works the feet. She gets square and gets the left on, then works from there. Grande slippery, dipping past AJ's defenses and landing good combinations, but Lee responding in kind, and we're back to the high-flying leather of rounds two and three, as both fighters show the high work rate and both, again, are able to land a good percentage despite the defensive abilities of the other. In the third, it was AJ's advantage in power that told. In the fifth, it's the reach. She's able to do a bit more, because she's able to get leather on as Ariana's slipping forward. It's not much of an edge, but, again, with as close as things are due to the high volume of punches being thrown, it's enough to tip the balance. At the bell, it's Lee close and AJ in the lead 48-47.


Grande all about lateral and head movement now. The feet constantly in motion, the head bobbing, let me get past that jab and BOOM, let the hands go. Lee picking Grande off some, smiting her hard counters when she ducks in, but Ariana getting to her spots and SHAKING AJ WITH AN UPPERCUT! It's perfectly thrown as Grande goes under Lee's right and comes up out of her crouch, bringing the glove up almost from the floor! AJ sent stumbling a step back, and, again, Grande shoving all the chips into the center of the table! She wants Lee out of there more than she's wanted anything inside a ring save a win over Jennette McCurdy. She's winging away with both hands, getting sloppy on occasion now, but still getting leather on target. AJ again trapped at the ropes and taking, keeping up a high guard, but being shaken again and again down the stretch. Referee looking on closely, but, again, the sturdy legs of Lee prove sturdy enough. She survives a shutout round, but we're all even at 57.


Grande all over Lee from the outset. AJ's still shaking cobwebs and Ariana knows it. Grande throwing caution to the wind, burning energy and taking chances. She's determined to get her rival out of there right now. Lee defensive, giving ground, keeping the guard high, countering only in spots, clearly looking to land the big shot that will turn this thing around. Grande knows exactly what the former wrestler's doing, but, again, she's willing to chance it. Now's the time. Finish her now. But, AJ Lee is a tough nut to crack. She takes some good shots, but runs clock well and avoids disaster. Until the 2:15 mark. It's a straight right hand from Grande that splits the gloves, snaps back the head and wobbles the knees. What follows is a left hook to the chin, and, as Lee begins to buckle, a right uppercut that snaps her head up and shuts off power to the legs. AJ puddles at Ariana's feet, going down like a rag doll. Grande leaps in the air in triumph. She knows what she's done. Lee's not getting up. And, she doesn't. She stays exactly where she is well past the count of ten, and your winner by KO7, in revenge-seeking fashion is Ariana Grande!


Grande talking at a rapid-fire clip. "I told you all! She got lucky last time! She just got lucky! She came in here tonight hoping lightning would strike twice, but that wasn't happening! I told you I was taking her out of there, and that's exactly what I did! And, you're NEXT Jennette! You're next, you backstabber! I want you in this ring! 90-10! You can have 90 percent of the purse! 90-10! I want you in this ring, McCurdy! 90-10! 90-10!" On and on like that. So, while one weight is off the lovely Grande's shoulders, it's clear at least one more remains. 



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