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30 October 2015 Title Ch Danielle Fishel vs Margot Robbie

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on October 30, 2015, 6:17 pm


Danielle Fishel vs. Margot Robbie (Bantamweight Championship)
(Site: Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA)


We've talked about the kind of schedule Robbie plays. And, it doesn't get any easier when you're stepping in against a woman who's not only the reigning bantamweight champion, but also a Hall of Famer. But, as usual, she's not cowed by the big stage. "Obviously, she's a great fighter," Margot says, with that gorgeous Aussie accent. "And, she's proven she's as good as ever by winning and defending the title. But. I've fought a lot of great fighters. It's not too big for me. I can win those belts. And, I'm going to."

"This girl is dangerous," Dani says. "Very dangerous. She's been in with the best and held her own. But, she's never been in with The Tank. And, she's never had to withstand a body attack like the one only The Tank can bring. Let's see if she can. I wouldn't bet on it."

Margot channels the Aussie roots, dressing as the hottest "Crocodile Dundee" anyone's ever seen. Dani embraces the nickname, dressing as "Tank Girl" and looking quite fetching.


We immediately see that Margot's made allowances for a fight against The Tank. As we've seen, Robbie likes to work forward behind the jab with the chin tucked. She likes to pressure, take canvas, bring leather to bear. But, not against Danielle Fishel. You don't pressure Fishel. You try to relieve pressure. And, that's what Margot does. She's got the height and reach, and she wants to use them to keep Dani at a distance, where Fishel is far less dangerous. But. Danielle Fishel knows how to get past even the best defenses. She slips and dips, picks and blocks. The feet move. The head moves. The shoulders roll. Robbie's aim is disrupted. Fishel gets in close, and begins to work the body. But, the Aussie has a plan for that, too. She ties up, clinches, wraps around the head, traps the arms, forces breaks, slows down Fishel. The result isn't the prettiest of rounds. Both women score some points, but neither gets a lot done. Fishel does more, though, and grabs the 10-9 lead.


Robbie uses a drop and slide step to give ground while moving right away from Fishel's power. It's a back and circle movement that creates a little extra distance and keeps Margot off the ropes, where she definitely does NOT want to be. And that little extra distance is key. It allows Robbie to score at range, and makes Fishel's job of closing harder. Dani gets to her spots, of course, works some body, but, again, Robbie uses the clinch and wrap to limit those opportunities. And, at each break, the Aussie is back to the drop and slide, again piling up points, mostly with the left jab, but, occasionally with a solid right hand. Dani working hard, but getting very little result for all that work. Can't disengage from all the Aussie's ties, which continue to slow down her infighting. Not that she doesn't try. There's plenty of wrestling going on in those clinches. But, she doesn't succeed enough. And it's a solid win for Margot, who evens things at 19.


More of the same. Robbie with the drop and slide. Fishel closing, now angling more, getting her hands moving more quickly, getting work done as fast as she can inside before the inevitable tie. Robbie determined to clinch, hold on, force breaks, send Fishel back outside where Margot can get ranged weapons on target. But, oh, how Dani dodges those weapons. So slick, hands high, head dipping, moving, sliding, making things very, very difficult on the lovely Aussie. It all comes down to measurement. Measuring how many points Margot manages to score while Dani slips her defenses and works in, against how many points Fishel can score with her infighting before Margot shuts it down with a tight, wrapping clinch. And, very, very fine tools are needed to do that kind of measuring. It's a near thing, no question of that, but it's Margot by the smallest of margins, and Ms. Robbie now leads 29-28.


Fishel a bit more aggressive now, walking through Margot more. She needs to close and work, and so she does, again, getting in as much as possible before the inevitable tie and break. Fishel's been working plenty of body to this point, but she doubles down on it now, going almost exclusively downstairs, pounding the ribs and midsection viciously with both hands. And, that work has its effect. Margot begins crouching to take away some of the target, and Fishel uses the opening for a nasty left uppercut that sents Robbie wobbling backward and nearly taking a seat. Blood in the water. And Fishel's in a frenzy. She's throwing everything she has at the gobsmacked Aussie, quickly backing her into the ropes and giving her a ferocious beating. Robbie's shaken several times, but those sturdy legs hold her up. The referee seems about to step in late, however, as the Aussie's doing too much taking, but the bell finally rings, ending the beatings. It's Dani wide, but, without the knockdown, it's a 10-9 round and we're even at 38.


Fishel moving in for the kill, walking through Robbie's defenses, getting very busy with both hands, buzzsawing the younger woman, forcing her to back and cover...AND THEN NEARLY GOING DOWN! What a right hand from Margot! A perfectly-placed counter that has the champion stepping in fence post holes! And, now it's Robbie who's all in, throwing leather from all directions at a dazed Dani, driving the champion before her, trapping her on the ropes, and giving her a licking. Fishel's in deep trouble as she's taking tons of shell despite solid defensive efforts. Robbie patient, calculated, setting up punches, not getting wild as tempting as that is so close to the title. And, she IS close, as she shakes Dani again down the stretch. Fishel looks ready to go and the referee looks ready to pounce, but, somehow, neither happens. The Hall of Famer hangs on grimly and is still standing at the bell. This time, it's Margot wide, but, again, sans knockdown it's a 10-9 round. And Robbie is back on top 48-47.


Margot wants to press the advantage. She's coming forward behind that left, chin tucked. But she quickly meets spirited resistance from Fishel. Dani's legs aren't all the way back, but she has enough to hold her ground and counter. And, all of a sudden, we have a change in terms. Now, it's Robbie who's fighting lead and the champion who's the counter-puncher. And, Margot's well aware of how dangerous this can be, so she's careful. Again, she works to set up her punches, gets her gloves back quickly, moves the head and feet, making life difficult for the champion. But, Fishel's a Hall of Famer for a reason. She finds openings and she fills every single one of them with leather. Margot's not hurt, but she does take plenty of shell. Just not quite as much as she gives out. By staying cautiously busy, Robbie is able to outscore Dani by a slim margin, and, slim though the margin is, it results in a 58-56 lead for the challenger.


Robbie liking the new terms. She again presses forward behind the jab. Again, Fishel holds ground grimly, working the counter off Margot's solid one-twos. Robbie likes the straight left and then a right hook or straight right. She uses the right both upstairs and down. Fishel getting low now, ducking under those right hooks, countering to the body. Margot responding with hooks of her own, and, pretty soon, they're banging short punches in a phone booth. Uh. Oh. RIGHT HAND, DANI! Fishel a scintillating right hook that turns the Aussie's legs to jelly! Margot stumbles, remains on her feet, and is then driven back into the ropes by a determined champion. Fishel hooking everything that moves now, right on top of Robbie, thumping body, bunching the challenger up, then going upstairs, with hooks behind the gloves of the Aussie, who hangs on in a high guard. Margot manages to survive the assault, but, at the bell, it's Fishel wide and the fighters are separated by a single point, 67-66, Margot.


Dani on the hunt. She knows this fight is close and has no desire to see it get to the judges. She's after Robbie immediately. The Aussie giving ground with that drop and slide step. Legs not all the way back, but they have enough for her to move effectively. Fishel forward to close the distance, walking through Margot's defensive jabs, willing to eat right hands to get where she wants to be. Dani banging midsection and ribs, crowding Robbie, everything short and hard, bunches the challenger up with a short left to the bell and then BOOM! It's that right uppercut! Margot's head snaps back and then she crumples, face down at Fishel's feet! The Aussie absolutely poleaxed, showing no signs of movement at all as the referee counts. And, she's still exactly where she fell when that count reaches ten. It's OVER! And your winner by KO8 and STILL Unified Bantamweight Champion is Danielle Fishel!


Fishel checks on Robbie, who's brought around in stages. Plenty of respect from the champion for the gorgeous challenger, who gave her all she wanted tonight. "She's a heck of a fighter," says Dani with a smile. "She's going to wear these belts one of these days, just not today. Because, you know, I've been written off about a thousand times since my comeback. They wrote me off again last month when I lost to Lohan. But, that girl is one of the best bantams in the world and you saw what just happened. Maybe this creaky old fossil has a little something left!" 



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