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31 October 2015 Irina Shayk vs Gemma Arterton

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Posted by The Grand Wizard on October 31, 2015, 11:03 pm



"It's time I expand my fighting into the FCBA," says the woman in the gypsy costume with full mask. "I have all the tools to be a champion on the largest stage, and, tonight will be the first step."

"She's got physicals, no doubt about that," says the girl dressed as Batgirl. "But, I've got those and a lot more, as she's about to find out."


O'Dell: "We're back at ringside and that's 'Get Out Of My House' by Kate Bush, and that is one tall drink of water on her way to ringside in that gypsy costume..."

Tess: "Definitely a light or a welter. No doubt about that. And, from that accent we heard, I'm guessing she's not from New Jersey...I'm thinking somewhere east of the Carpathians..."

McCarthy: "The Carwhatnow?"

Cassie: "That raven hair looks real."

O'Dell: "Certainly does, and we're about to find out who's underneath all of that, as our gypsy is helped off with the costume and the mask and that is the lovely Russian supermodel Irina Shayk absolutely ROCKING a coral bikini!"

McCarthy: "Her body's not bad. Not 'Playboy' good, though..."

Cassie: "She was on the COVER of the 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue'!"

McCarthy: "Then, apparently, 'Sports Illustrated' has lower standards than Playboy..."

O'Dell (sighing): "And that is 'The Ballad of Dwight Fry' by Alice Cooper and that's Batgirl on her way to the ring. Not sure who's under that costume, but..."

McCarthy: "It's a brunette, so, it's not one of Weirdo's REAL fighters..."

O'Dell: "It IS a brunette, and, considering Shayk is either a light or welter, that narrows things down somewhat..."

Tess: "Sure does. We know it's not Torv, Sobieski, Kesha, or Decker..."

O'Dell: "Batgirl into the ring and helped off with the costume and the mask by Jewel and Neve, and, that is 'The Gravesend Gladiator', Gemma Arterton! Ladies about ready. Let's get some picks. Tess?"

Tess: "Gemma is one of the top FCBA lights. Shayk is a tyro. She's not beating Arterton."

O'Dell: "Mac?"

McCarthy: "I wouldn't be shocked if Shayk wins, but, Arterton."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess."

O'Dell: "It's unanimous. Let's see if our ladies are right. Shayk immediately making use of all that length she has. Popping a loooonnnggg left jab into Arterton's face. Gemma, who usually isn't giving up a lot of reach, going to have to adjust here. She's keeping the gloves high, bobbing the head, slipping past the glove and going body. But, Shayk quickly wraps up, traps the arms, forces a break, and goes right back to work with the jab."

Tess: "Irina pretty athletic, Jenny. Moves the feet very well, doesn't she?"

O'Dell: "Definitely does. Add the good footwork to the long, accurate jab, and you can see where she can cause a lot of problems for other fighters. She's causing some for Gems right now. Arterton taking some of those jabs and the odd follow-on right as she works past the defenses to mid-range, then can't get very much done before Shayk grabs, holds, forces the break."

McCarthy:"Pretty good fight plan for Irinia. Eventually going to have to get some power shots on, but, for the moment, she's building up points and slowing her opponent."

O'Dell: "Which is a pretty good way to win a fight. Shayk's got some pop in those jabs, too. She's not flicking those things out off the back foot. She's got her feet planted when she punches. Arterton slipping in again, banging some body, hooking ribs. Shayk tying. Gems shoves off, lands another hook before she's tied up and there's the bell. Shayk's round."

Cassie: "And, that's the way you want to start your first FCBA fight. Up 10-9."


O'Dell: "Shayk back to work with that long left poke. She's now looking to use it to do more than enforce distance, wants to control and preempt while she's at it. Arterton, though, has different ideas. She's into a slight crouch, keeping the hands high, working forward and through, then banging some serious body. Shayk trying to tie and Gemma punching free and backing her up with some heavy shot to the head."

Cassie: "Really good right in there, Jenny. Didn't hurt Irina, but spooked her a little."

O'Dell: "Appears to have done. Shayk giving ground now, getting forced back out of her defenses. Not exactly on the run, but definitely in retreat. Gemma being smart about this. Not going to walk into any traps. Instead, she's in slow, steady pursuit, cutting the ring, going past the glove, banging body, then punching free of any attempts to clinch."

Tess: "We've said before that Wiz is very high on Gems and believes she's as good as any fighter he has. You're seeing why. Skilled. Athletic. VERY physical."

O'Dell: "Very. And Irina having trouble adjusting to that right now. She wants distance, wants to box. Gemma does not want that. She wants to bring the heavy guns to bear, and she's getting that done despite Irina's best efforts, forcing Shayk to cover up now as the final seconds tick off. There's the bell. Second in the books. Gemma's round."

McCarthy: "19-19 after two."


O'Dell: "Shayk adjusting now to Arterton's pressure by using some leg. Irina very athletic and you're seeing that now. No dancing from the lovely Russian, but some effective, circling movement. Giving a bit of ground, snapping out that left hand, forcing Gemma to move the feet to get square."

McCarthy: "I like this from this kid. She's got long legs, good feet. You can use those to beat a slower, plodding fighter like I used to do against Campbell..."

Tess: "Except for the six times she beat you in eight fights..."

McCarthy: "I. WAS. ROBBED!"

O'Dell: "Well, there's nothing plodding about Arterton, who's plenty athletic, as we've mentioned, but Shayk's length and excellent feet are serving her well in this round. She's able to score at range and slow Gemma's offense, both good things for the Russian. Arterton scoring as well, though, when she's able to square and get off..."

Cassie: "But, the movement's created that ranged boxing Shayk wants."

O'Dell: "Definitely has, and Irina clearly far more comfortable on these terms than she was last round. Coming down the stretch. Lots of movement, a little less leather the story in the third, as we're seeing much more maneuver for position. Five seconds left. One last quick exchange, and there's the bell. Close. Shayk."

Tess: "And, Irina's back up, 29-28."


O'Dell: "Fourth begins on the same terms. Shayk moving very well, circling, enforcing range with that long left hand. Arterton working to match footwork, square up, get off with her bigger guns. Both fighters effective offensively, both getting punches put together and scoring with both hands, but, neither able to take control."

Cassie: "And, that's a win for Irina. In that second, Gemma took over the fight, and Shayk's not going to have a prayer fighting Arterton that way."

O'Dell: "But, she's holding her own now. Gemma patient, not forcing anything, not getting overly aggressive. Just continuing to stalk, working to get square, and, when she does, getting off in numbers. Irina working to stay off true, scoring mostly with her left, but dropping in the right hand every chance she gets..."

McCarthy: "But, the key is, she keeps moving. Stops for just an instant for a right, but then right back to the counter-clockwise rotation away from Arterton's power."

O'Dell: "Coming down the stretch in another close round. Gemma lands a good right hand. Shayk popping the left, circling, always circling. Arterton steps in, lands another right hand. Ten seconds to go. Shayk circles giving a little ground. Gemma closes, one more right hand. There's the bell. Another close round. Arterton."

Tess: "All even at 38."


O'Dell: "A bit more aggression from Gemma. She's not coming forward, but she is looking to cut on Irina, trying to slow the circle, bring her to battle, once again get those bigger guns on target. Nice, smooth movement from Shayk. She's doing a good job of staying out of the traps Gemma's setting..."

McCarthy: "This is what I've been talking about. Shayk not just moving, but doing so very effectively, getting the geometry she wants with those long legs."

O'Dell: "Arterton matching footwork, looking to cut the ring. Gets it done and forces a heavy exchange. Shayk firing right back, then tying up. Arterton shoving free, backing Irina up with a left hook. Shayk circles out of danger. Gemma right back after her. Irina jabbing, stops, pops, reverses and GETS DROPPED WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT!"

Tess: "Gemma timed that reverse pivot and caught her clean, and that's some serious power we just saw!"

Cassie: "Turn out the lights. The party's ovvveerrrrrr..."

O'Dell: "Shayk puddled on the canvas, face down. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. No movement at all from the lovely Irina. Eight. Nine. TEN! It IS over, and your winner by KO5 in one-punch fashion, 'The Gravesend Gladiator', Gemma Arterton!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Gemma Arterton, and, Gems, that was some right hand. Some might call it welterweight power..."

Gemma: "I caught her pretty good with it, yes. Not many girls were getting up from that. Give her credit, though. She's tough to line up. She has all that length, and she's very athletic. She's got a good, accurate jab and she can put punches together. Give her a little work, and she's going to beat people."

Tess: "What's next for you?"

Gemma: "Well, I'm hoping for one more bout this year...at lightweight, of course, but, we'll have to see what develops."



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