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31 October 2015 Alana de la Garza vs Daniela Ruah

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Posted by The Grand Wizard on October 31, 2015, 11:08 pm



"This is a rematch I've been waiting for," says the woman in the witch costume, complete with pointy hat and mask. "It was close the last time, and she got the win. Now, it's my turn,"

"No question it was a fight the last time," says the woman in the pirate wench costume, also with mask. "I have no doubt it will be this time as well. And, another thing that won't be different is the result."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that is 'Hip Priest' by The Fall..."

McCarthy: "I KNOW that song! That's the creepy thing that was playing at the end of 'Silence of the Lambs'...this song is WARPED, just like WEIRDO..."

Cassie: "I'd watch my mouth if I were you, Mac. Never know WHAT little surprises I've got stashed around this arena on Hallowe'en night..."

McCarthy: "Are you THREATENING me, you little...I'll call the police! Siri, call the police!"

O'Dell (sighing): "One more fight, just one more fight. Our witch is down the aisle and into the ring. And, Cassie, you're not making any comments about how much she weighs or what division this might be..."

Tess: 'That's because Cassie KNOWS who this is..."

Cassie: "I'd recognize a stablemate anywhere."

O'Dell: "And, it is, indeed, a member of the Bazz stable as the costume and mask are removed to reveal the stunning Alana de la Garza in that orange bikini that makes just about everyone in the arena jealous..."

McCarthy: "Just ABOUT everyone. I'M not jealous, because, even with this stupid mop top wig, I'm STILL the hottest woman in this gym!"

Cassie: "Weren't you calling the police?"

McCarthy: "My signal is being BLOCKED. As if I don't know WHO is responsible for THAT..."

Cassie: (whistles innocently)

O'Dell (sighing): "And that is 'Heart and Soul' by Joy Division and here comes our pirate wench..."

Tess: "Now, we know Alana's fought a few Front Street fighters before. But, we've already seen Anna Torv tonight, and that pirate wench is brunette, meaning..."

O'Dell: "Our pirate is into the ring and helped off with the costume and mask, and, in that baby blue two-piece she likes is 'The Portuguese Princess', Daniela Ruah!"

Tess: "In their first fight, which was right here at Asylum just over a year ago, Ruah won via KO6, but the fight was plenty competitive up to that point."

O'Dell: "Ladies just about ready. Let's get some picks. Tess?"

Tess: "I think Ruah wins it again."

McCarthy: "Before you ask, I think BOTH fighters are overrated, but I'm picking Ruah!"

O'Dell: "Cassie, do I have to ask?"

Cassie: "No, you don't. My girl Alana's been training like crazy for this one. She's going to get that win back tonight."

O'Dell: "And, we're underway. Already we're seeing familiar terms with these two. They like to work at length, as both are tall and rangy. Both using a stand up style, both want the left-handed poke to set up the right. Not a lot of difference in styles here, though Alana moves a little more, and, though it's close, might be the slicker boxer..."

Cassie: "Alana D's been around the FCBA a while. She knows all the boxing tricks, and you'll be seeing some of those tonight, like you do in all her fights."

O'Dell: "Good back and forth stuff here in the first. Not a ton of action. Slow, steady stuff. Mostly left hands as the fighters look to make space for the right. Right hands coming on occasion. Good accuracy by both brunettes despite excellent defense on both sides, particularly Alana's at the moment..."

Tess: "de la Garza doing a nice job of slipping Dani's left jab, which allows a quick counter. Ruah getting some on target, but Alana hard to hit right now."

O'Dell: "Both fighters tactical right now, working up a sweat, slowly getting into gear, getting their fight plans rolling. Not a complete feeling out process, as the two have fought before, but, no question there's some information gathering going on. Into the final seconds, and it's just solid, ranged boxing right to the bell. Alana D's round."


O'Dell: "No changes in tactics as we begin the second. Both fighters getting a bit busier, though. Ruah snapping out that hard left hand, looking to create. de la Garza responding in kind. Alana again slightly more accurate. Seems to have the geometry down a bit better than Daniela in the early going..."

McCarthy: "These two are slapping powder-puff punches at one another! Palicki would have had both of them out of here by now!"

O'Dell: "Good right from Alana and THERE'S A RIGHT HAND, RUAH and de la Garza is hurt! Alana's knees did a shimmy after that straight right and Ruah coming on full bore now. Daniela pummeling her fellow brunette back into the ropes and going to work with both hands. The Bazz fighter rolling with in a high guard..."

Cassie: "She's ok here. Alana's ok here. Just keep the guard up and run some clock..."

O'Dell: "And, that's exactly what the older brunette is doing. She's jabbing back in spots, slowly stabilizing her front. She's avoided a heavy clean up here it appears, as we head into the final 30 seconds. Ruah in control, no question about that. She's getting leather home with both hands, but Alana hangs on to the bell. Daniela wide."

Tess: "But, only 10-9, which makes it 19 all after two."


O'Dell: "Third begins with Ruah looking to consolidate, but Alana not having any. The Bazz fighter has the legs back under her and she's meeting Ruah's attempt to advance with fire heavy enough to keep Daniela in place. And, as a result, we go right back to the ranged warfare of the first round and a half..."

Cassie: "And, this is where Alana's had a bit of an advantage so far. And, that's no rap on Ruah. Alana D is just an excellent boxer and she's very hard to beat on these terms."

O'Dell: "And, we're seeing some of that slickness now. Watch the feet. The little half steps to keep fouling Ruah's sights. The head movement, slipping punches, rolling with. The accurate jab that sets up a hard right hand. Not to say she's running away with this thing, mind, because she isn't, is she, Mac..."

McCarthy: "No, she's not. Ruah's getting her own, but Scabbo's right for once. de la Garza's having the better of things when they're boxing at punching distance like this."

O'Dell: "That's where they are, and that's where they're staying as we come down the stretch. Excellent hand, head, and foot movement by both fighters. Crisp, accurate punches. Good jabs. Solid right hand follows. Both brunettes getting into rhythm in the final seconds. GOOD exchange right there sent sweat flying, and there's the bell. Alana's round."

Tess: "29-28, de la Garza after three."


O'Dell: "Fourth begins as the third ended, the two tall, lovely brunettes at range boxing. This is one of those, 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it' situations for both fighters, as both have had success working this fight plan, though, at the moment, Alana has done a bit more..."

Tess: "And, that makes you wonder if, eventually, you'll see a change in tactics from Daniela..."

McCarthy: "Doubtful, Walmart. Doubtful. Because, again, Ruah has absolutely no help in her corner with those two know-nothings Jewel and Campbell up there..."

Cassie: "Allow me to point out again that Neve knew enough to whip YOUR butt. Repeatedly. Ringo..."


O'Dell: "You know, Ringo Starr IS a member of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame..."

Cassie: "And, how many Halls of Fame are YOU in, Mac?"

McCarthy: "And that's ANOTHER thing! HOW am I, the GREATEST FIGHTING PLAYMATE OF ALL TIME, not in the FCBA Hall of Fame? HOW? It's pure JEALOUSY, THAT'S what it is! JEALOUSY!"

Tess: "Yes, because I wanted to be in a cheap cable Christmas movie with Dean McDermott..."


O'Dell: "Drink up boys as we come down the stretch in the fourth. Good, back and forth action as Ruah and de la Garza both having moments here. Daniela seems to have gotten the geometry down a little better and this has been a very close round as a result. Ten seconds left. Nice exchange there as both fighters land solidly, and there's the bell. Close to Ruah."

Tess: "And, we're even again at 38."


O'Dell: "Different verse, same as the first, as we start the fifth..."

Tess: "Now, if we had Jenny O'Dell bingo, you could mark the square that says 'Jenny O' paraphrases Herman's Hermits."

O'Dell: "Man, you could have been waiting a LONG time for that square. But, the terms are, indeed, set here as the two fighters work the feet and the hands, pushing in the left hand and either hooking or crossing off it. The hooks going body, and we're seeing more of that work here in the fifth, and the crosses mostly reserved for upstairs..."

McCarthy: "I'll have you KNOW, Walmart, that 'Santa Baby 2' premiered to 3.6 million viewers and got a 1.2 in the demo! We won cable for the night with that movie! And, we ALSO won cable for the original!"

Cassie: "And, neither one of them managed a 50 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes..."


O'Dell: "Mac, could we not THREATEN VIOLENCE while discussing a movie about SANTA CLAUS? And, WHY are we discussing a movie about SANTA CLAUS? It's Hallowe'en and we're broadcasting a fight card. SO. Let's pay attention to what's happening IN the ring, where we're coming to the half way point of the bout in another close round between Ruah and de la Garza..."

Cassie: "Definitely is close, Jenny. Daniela's finding the range very well with that left, but Alana's getting plenty done offensively herself."

O'Dell: "And, both fighters continue to score right to the bell. de la Garza by the proverbial cat's whisker."

Tess: "And, the fight is as close as the round. 48-47, Alana."


O'Dell: "Back to action, and, we really are seeing some excellent boxing now ladies. Watch how these lightweights set up their punches. Watch the shoulder movement, how they move the heads, and all the subtle foot movement that creates the angles they want. It's good stuff on both sides..."

Cassie: "This is the kind of thing you can get when you match two very good, veteran fighters. Especially in a rematch like this. We've touched on that a little bit, but it makes a difference..."

O'Dell: "Certainly does. When you've fought someone before, you get a better feel for what she's doing, and it IS a feel. You can sometimes anticipate...JUST LIKE ALANA DID THERE! DE LA GARZA a BEAUTIFUL right hand and Ruah's buzzed! Ruah in trouble that quickly after a keyhole right from the Bazz beauty!"

McCarthy: "de la Garza needs to finish right now. And she's going all in to do it!"

O'Dell: "Definitely is. Alana all over Dani, backing her into the ropes and hammering away with both hands. Nothing sloppy about what she's doing, everything sound and clean, but there's a ton of volume pouring in at Ruah right now. Daniela covering up, holding on here. Alana looking for the 'off' switch as we head into the final seconds. Referee watching closely. Ruah jabbing back occasionally, but mostly just taking. Five seconds. HARD right hand Alana and there's the bell!"

McCarthy: "Saved her. Much more of that and he would have stopped it."

O'Dell: "May well have, but, in any case, de la Garza wide."

Tess: "And, Alana now up 58-56."


O'Dell: "Seventh begins with Alana looking to finish or at least consolidate. She's coming forward behind the left hand, forcing Ruah to give ground. Daniela backing and circling, trying to get the legs back under her. Alana giving her no space, no rest. de la Garza all about sound, steady pressure as Ruah continues to retreat."

Cassie: "Alana D is at LEAST consolidating here, and that's big. Grab this round, she's up three with three to go."

O'Dell: "There's a SOLID left-right from Alana that backed Daniela up. de la Garza ANOTHER right and THERE'S A COUNTER FROM RUAH AND ALANA'S HURT! That big right hand crashed over the older woman's left and almost sent her to the canvas. And now it's Ruah coming on looking to finish..."

Tess: "That punch came out of NOWHERE..."

O'Dell: "Ruah all in now, she's backing de la Garza into a corner and having at it with bomb after bomb. No jabs now, these are all power punches designed to get Alana out of there. de la Garza hanging on now, just like Ruah did last round. Again the referee looking in closely...."

McCarthy: "He'd better not stop it now after that last round!"

O'Dell: "BIG right hand Ruah! That shook Alana, but she stays on her feet. Daniela banging away at de la Garza's guard. Alana clinching now, trying to run some clock and getting that done. Ten seconds to go in the round. Ruah shoves off, lands a right hook. Bell! It's over. The Bazz beauty survives a scary seventh!"

McCarthy: "57-56 now. de la Garza still has the lead, but that was a two-point punch Ruah landed. She turned what could have been a three-point deficit into a one-point margin."


O'Dell: "And, in a complete 180 from the last round, it's now Ruah coming forward. Daniela looking to pressure, take canvas from Alana. de la Garza a strategic retreat. Popping with the left hand, throwing solid rights in counter. Not giving canvas lightly, but she IS giving it..."

McCarthy: "Like you said, a complete 180. Alana would like a little time and space here, but Ruah not going to allow her any. She's pressuring in a major way."

O'Dell: "And doing so effectively. She's keeping her rival lined up, getting leather on with both hands. de la Garza banging back hard, slowing Daniela, but Ruah right back to the offensive, claiming canvas with every punch. ANOTHER good counter from Alana that stops Ruah in her tracks, but Daniela right back at it. Eats a left from de la Garza AND DROPS HER WITH A RIGHT HAND! Overhand right from Ruah blows Alana to her back!"

Cassie: "Get up, Alana D! Get up!"

O'Dell: "Ruah to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. de la Garza rolls to her belly."

Cassie: "Come on! This isn't over. Get up!"

O'Dell: "Six. Seven. Eight. Alana to all fours. Nine...and she crumples back to the mat! TEN! It's over! And your winner by KO8 is 'The Portuguese Princess', Daniela Ruah!"

Tess: "Check the replay of that right hand, and it's just a well-thrown, well-timed punch. Catches Alana almost flush. And she just couldn't recover in time."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Daniela Ruah, and, Dani, quite a fight in there..."

Daniela: "Always is with her. Always. She's an excellent boxer. And she can hit. She's top-shelf, and, any time you fight her, you're in for a war. I was able to get her tonight, but, make no mistake, she could have just as easily gotten me."

Tess: "This year started out a little rocky for you, but it looks like you're back on track..."

Daniela: "No question about it. I'm feeling good in there. Boss says I've got one more fight coming this year, and I'm looking forward to getting back in the ring as soon as possible." 



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