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4 November 2015 Nicki Minaj vs Kelly Clarkson

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing & Anon on November 4, 2015, 7:35 pm


"I think she's going to go kind of nuts on me," predicted Nicki Minaj. "Kelly's ambitious and won her little feud with Hilary Duff, but she hasn't gotten any opportunities since. So she has to want to win pretty badly. If I want to win here, I need to either take a decision or kill her, because she isn't going to quit."

Kelly Clarkson, while more measured than Minaj had predicted, was still glad to be back in action. "To be honest, I'd take Anna Faris' calls if it got me back in the ring at this point," commented the singer. "Nicki's made of tougher stuff than her, but she's still the kind of fighter I can excel against."

While both fighters were happy to show off in the opening, neither actually ended up antagonizing the other. Minaj, in silver athletic wear, managed to capture the crowd's attention entering with her entourage by mere force of personality, while Clarkson, making her entrance shortly after in red, stole the show temporarily once it was her turn.

Round 1
In the first round, Clarkson did not play by Minaj's expectations, instead shooting for a controlled, safe, consistent advantage. Despite this, or perhaps because she had prepared for the opposite, Minaj struggled against this, bouncing off of Clarkson's preemptive attacks whenever she made a move. The rapper's main claim to success was making Clarkson fade away when she needed to -- likely Clarkson's plan regardless.

Round 2
Clarkson continued to pull ahead in the second round, but facing further difficulty as Minaj adapted. While the blonde was still on offense, Minaj was clearly waiting for her rival to make a fight ending slip up, and this was enough to keep Clarkson patient and fearful of overextending. Minaj, managing to get lots of mileage out of a few sudden bursts of activity, seemed to think that all was proceeding according to plan even as Clarkson took the round.

Round 3
The fighters performed similarly in the third round, with Clarkson generally maintaining her precarious lead. The key difference was that the mistake Minaj had been seeking materialized midway through the round. As Clarkson misjudged Minaj's reach, the rapper's fist immediately found her opponent's cheek, causing the blonde to immediately cancel her current plans. Several more skirmishes proved inconclusive, but with Minaj's threat made obvious, the blonde singer was at least able to have her choice on what encounters would take place.

Round 4
Early successes in the fourth round seemed to make Minaj move ahead in her schedule, forcing confrontations as often as she liked -- which was often. Clarkson failed to adjust in time and paid the price, but managed to earn herself some space after the halfway mark. The situation was only temporary, however, as a determined Minaj came back to relentlessly grind away at any energy Clarkson might have to spare. In a move not necessary to win the round, but appreciated by the crowd, Minaj backed a winded Clarkson onto the ropes near the close and proceeded to give the blonde singer a painful beating. Minaj cooperated when the referee shooed her off at the finish, much to Clarkson's relief.

Round 5
Clarkson managed to beat expectations merely by entering the fifth round ready to fight; Minaj had a record of effectively ending matches with less than she had dished out in the last round. Seconds later, Clarkson beat expectations again by facing down Minaj successfully. Minaj, not discouraged yet, made success as painful as she could for Clarkson, but could not effectively answer her opponent. Despite the difficulty, Clarkson ended the round victorious, even as Minaj periodically pushed back.

Round 6
Continuing her momentum in the sixth round, Clarkson kept Minaj in check efficiently. With the rapper's big moment in the fourth round now fading away, and with the scorecards looking better for Clarkson, the blonde was poised to run away with the fight until Minaj caught her by surprise with a solid left hook. Open after Minaj forced a miss, Clarkson was struck by Minaj's heavy right handed follow up before she could react further. Clarkson fell on her back with a dazed expression, lifting her head and arms. While she never quit trying to rise, she was only up to her hands and knees at the end of the count -- KO6 Minaj.

Minaj made her exit with Clarkson still struggling to stand as soon as the result was announced, meeting with the press immediately. "Beating Kelly is a nice step for me, but the competition for the spotlight is still going to be fierce even with her out of the way. I can still personally enjoy the sight of her on the ground struggling to stay conscious, though." When asked to clarify who she considered her competition at this point, Nicki dismissed the question, stating that she would leave it to her management to "figure out the numbers." 



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