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8 November 2015 Sayaka Isoyama vs Sylvie Meis

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(from Tokyo Dome City Hall, Japan)


(Front Street Japan vs Foxfire Atlantic Boxing)


Posted by Vassago on November 8, 2015, 11:18 pm


BEFORE: Sylvie Meis stopped Yuu Tejima on her Jewels debut last time around but lost an internal bet against Jeanette Biedermann and promises brutal revenge against a newcomer actress Sayaka Isoyama. The Dutch model is a fan favorite among the Tokyo Dome audience, a blonde glamour model has some extra revenue to display without a shadow of doubt and Denise van Outen believes that Foxfire Atlantic Boxing made a particulary good deal booking Isoyama tonight which must be regarded as a much easier task for Meis than Biedermann's upcoming clash with Rika Ishikawa.

However Sayaka targets a successful debut tonight and doesn't care about Sylvie's favorable betting odds and openly vows to beat her up and follow Maria Ozawa's path into the elite of the flyweight division. That's a very bold statement but with some BBU veterans making a crossover move to America, the 110 lbs division would be suited to some new talent. And Isoyama's attractive enough to turn many heads not only around the Tokyo Dome! The opening bout of the Jewels Vol. 2 event promises to be a cracker under all circumstances!

Sayaka Isoyama wears a navy blue bikini and black gloves. Sylvie Meis wears a pink bikini with silver trim and silver gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Quick pounding release sends the rookie into a retreat as Sylvie decides to waste no time in introducing Sayaka to the BBU rules; she snaps the brunette's head back in mid distance and dominates the exchange while Isoyama settles into a mild punching effort that only grazes the blonde's mitts. Meis works from the front leg dishing out facial strikes and slicing the Japanese guard; Sayaka must circle around those shots but struggles to really embrace the offensive mindset of her opponent and is backed into the ropes come the final minute where Sylvie switches on the midsection to keep the hammer down. Isoyama bellows out into a moaning display thereafter, losing all the aggressive ideas and just covering up for the bell which couldn't have come any sooner for the embattled rookie.

Round 2:
Sylvie moves into more jabbing menace and whips Sayaka on her heels with a vicious left/right combo that makes the actress stumble to the side and wince in pain again. A belting hook on the liver area keeps her sagged so she can do very little about an uppercut one-two that shatters her guard and snaps her head back moments later. Sayaka tries to stay on her feet but Meis adds a flying hook on the eye AND SENDS THE LOCAL GIRL CRASHING DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE... it's a nightmare debut for Isoyama thus far who quickly succumbs to the Dutch model's onslaught, she looks stunned by being knocked down but bravely beats the count at seven and springs into a sudden response trying to wipe the smile off Sylvie's face. The blonde is ready for the charge though and blocks off Sayaka in close range; after a brief clinching stalemate she bumps the brunette off and whacks her with an overhand hook on the eye that spins Isoyama to the ropes and prevents any further comeback ideas in this round.

Round 3:
Meis must be loving this fight as she outworks the brave newcomer with another feisty jabbing early in the third and snaps Isoyama's head back repeatedly to sink her on the heels and move downstairs for a solid gut-checking series. Sayaka wobbles forward and begins to yelp in pain with almost every punch landing on her bruised ribcage; Sylvie keeps the methodical body assault going until she pummels the aching opponent back to the ropes and rips some uppercuts on the jugs for a good measure. Sayaka soaks up all this punishment behind a high guard but she's unable to handle the body pounding and is quickly rendered into a punchbag status out there; Sylvie gets a little careless as she almost headbutts her having gone too far forward but the reality is, Sayaka's buried butt-in-ropes deep and barely strikes back looking for another clock rescue. She hangs on eventually but hugs her tummy while walking back to her corner and it's obvious she's been manhandled on her debut pretty badly already.

Round 4:
Sayaka's slow to rise for the fourth round and endures a quick head hunting misery that reels her on the heels within seconds of the bell as Meis romps into the clear with a midsection switch and pounds along the bruised ribcage to sway the local girl across the canvas. Isoyama groans in her misery and allthough she catches the blonde with a good hook on the nose, she's unable to soak up more of that body assault and stumbles back to the ropes where the Dutch girl harpoons her repeatedly and rocks her back & forth into yet another screaming disarray. A quick switch upstairs shatters the guard and with Sylvie thumping uppercuts on the jaw at will, Sayaka's resistance collapses alltogether within seconds... THE PROUD ASIAN SLIDES DOWN ON HER SIDE in the corner and the crowd still gives it a solid ovation as the blonde's smile has won her many fans here in Tokyo... Sayaka remains crippled on the side and shakes her head when asked by the referee if she wants to continue... the count is spared since it's obvious the Japanese rookie ain't getting up anytime soon! KO4 Sylvie Meis!!!

AFTER: That was one of the most convincing wins for the Dutch model ever but she was given a much easier opponent than in majority of her BBU fights to date. Sayaka might develop into being a solid gatekepper - if only at Tokyo Dome - but she was unable to live with the high tempo of Sylvie's tactics at any stage tonight and was duly knocked out leaving very little room for complaints. Judging by the crowd's reaction, Sylvie can count on many future deals with the Front Street Japan crew however Ayako Hamada must consider if that's truly the ultimate goal of her managerial job.

Back in the ring Meis dwells on the rampant ovation from the crowd and even takes extra strides in helping the roughed up Isoyama to climb back to her feet. Both girls share a friendly hug but that's easy for the winner to look sympathetic; Denise van Outen believes the Dutch blonde would love to face the unexperienced fighters every time she enters the ring but that's simply impossible in the shark pool of BBU flyweight division.

Final result: Sylvie Meis def. Sayaka Isoyama KO4.



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