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8 November 2015 Rika Ishikawa vs Jeanette Biedermann

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(from Tokyo Dome City Hall, Japan)


(Front Street Japan vs Lioness Club)


Posted by Vassago on November 8, 2015, 11:19 pm


BEFORE: Rika Ishikawa's title aspirations were brutally halted by Jenna-Louise Coleman but she targets a swift comeback to winning form and wants to literally punch Jeanette Biedermann all the way back to Germany and claim Knockout of the Night bonus award in the proccess. Maria Ozawa stole all the headlines in the Front Street Japan flyweight roster earlier this year and while Haruna Yabuki and former champion Mikie Hara still lead the order of merit, a convncing victory over the blonde veteran is exactly what the doctor ordered for Rika's prospects. She received help from Sylvie Meis beating another promising upstart Sayaka Isoyama just few minutes ago already but a loss against Biedermann would reall hurt her chances to become a serious player in the 110 lbs division.

Meanwhile Jeanette prefers to focus on another personal bet with Meis, she uppended the Dutch model's sixth round stoppage on the previous Jewels card and even though Denise van Outen thinks she's been handed a much tougher rival tonight, she favors the singer to lead the blonde brigade into another ruthless victory over the much maligned brunettes. The Tokyo Dome doesn't agree though and gives the German a hostile welcome, it's quite clear she's not as supported as Sylvie and the refusal to touch gloves with Ishikawa only bolsters the hot tempers inside the arena. Rika is equally upset and glares down at Jeanette with no sympathy whatsoever which can only lead to instant fireworks in the ring...

Rika Ishikawa wears a white bikini with blue trim and blue gloves. Jeanette Biedermann wears a black lacy bikini top, red knickers and golden gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Biedermann's pumped after the recent Jewels triumph and leaps after Ishikawa with a jabbing series that staggers the local favorite in the middle of the ring from the onset; heavy leather trading snaps Rika's head backwards more often and she reverts into an early headbutt already just to stop the blonde from picking her off further. The crowd doesn't seem to mind the blatant move but the singer is furious and simply enforces her ruthless game plan from there on slamming more clean hooks into Rika's face and driving her back onto the ropes where she slams a low blow on the crotch but gets away with it as the ref loses the handle of the bout alltogether. Ishikawa moans and groans in close range spiking shots to the blonde's ribcage but Jeanette shoves her even deeper and finds a late hooking combo on the temple to shut the actress completely off just before the bell.

Round 2:
The Tokyo Dome crowd didn't like that opening round but they witness more Ishikawa misery again as Biedermann rushes with a facial onslaught and slices the guard with ease to resume the head hunting display and sink the actress on her heels. Rika tries to punch herself back into this but struggles more precision and is unable to live with the high tempo whatsoever; Jeanette switches low for a couple of gut-wrenching harpoons but finds her stride in targeting the jaw thereafter. She dissects the high guard with a series of uppercuts and bumps the brunette off to prevent a clinch before zipping past the guard one more time and catching her on the nose clean. Ishikawa bends to the side with a whimper and is pounded back to the ropes afterwards, she gets outworked in close range again and while she refuses to try another headbutt, she simply must accept Jeanette romping to her body late on and shakes her head in frustration as up in the stands FSJ owner Ayako Hamada is visibly livid with the running of this bout.

Round 3:
Rika just can't catch an break here as she gets rocked by the singer with a left/right cross on the eye that tears a nasty shiner on the spot and fuels more blonde aggression. Biedermann hasn't been this ruthless for quite a while - must be the Sylvie Meis bet that lingers on her mind - and she finds more uppercuts to sway the brunette's head into more dismay, Rika trips back to the ropes again and can only revert into a high earmuff as the German whoops her to the body and keeps trapped from there on. Jeanette works furiously to the guts but decides to shatter that high guard regardless and sends a series of uppercuts that slows her progress and with Rika just about hanging on here, the subseqent clinch is the best thing that can happen for the embattled FSJ entourage. Biedermann is upset and sticks another blow to the crotch, this time she gets hauled off by the ref and the round conculdes with Ishikawa jumping away from the ropes and dancing around the charging singer who can't connect with the flesh anymore though.

Round 4:
Lioness Club coach Gina Wild tells Biedermann to take it easy for a change, she's build a big lead on the cards and the last thing the European guests need is a lucky punch that can change the outcome of this bout. Ishikawa happily accepts the brief respite and both girls trade single hand leather for most of the round before the singer loses her composure and leaps with a flying hook that skims off the guard and enables Rika to whack the blonde on the liver... Oi! Jeanette felt that punch and wobbled to the side with a quiet whimper and suddenly the crowd roars in support as Ishikawa pounds her way to the singer's face and slams her on the ear with a left hook... Biedermann goes all shimmy shake and drops her arms while trying to stay upright; Rika reaches out and tags her on the nose... AND THAT'S ALL SHE NEEDS AS THE BLONDE HITS THE BOARDS.... a shocking turn of events in Tokyo Dome; Biedermann finds the canvas completely against the odds and looks shell shocked... she gets up at seven but instead of ripping it straight back at the brunette, she gets caught with a wild swinging galore as Rika powers ahead and pummels her back to the ropes where only the bell can save the wounded German pride! Both girls stare at each other with utmost hatred at the bell and even Denise van Outen doesn't have a clue what will happen next!

Round 5:
Jeanette blames her coach for letting her foot off the gas pedal and storms into another attack; she slices the mitts with ease to connect with the brunette's cheeks but Rika leans on her and delivers another headbutt! The fight goes all dirty here and a heavy leather trade off follows with the ref simply letting these two go at it... and it's a gruesome barrage that cuts Rika up in the proccess, the blonde carves a nasty shiner under the other eye and the blood starts to seep from both wounds removing the aggressive spirit from the local favorite... Biedermann hooks up with a combo on the temples and breaks the brunette's resilience before thumping a straight jab on the nose to wobble Ishikawa butt-in-ropes come the final minute. The actress can only clinch herself into safety but thankfully the singer gasses out after a mindless bash thus far tonight and settles into punching her rival's ribcage instead of resuming the facial assault.

Round 6:
Ishikawa looks really bad here, a deep gash under each eye marks the tormented effort she's been through tonight however she refuses to accept the blonde's superiority and engages in another close range brawl that help her wounds very little. Despite the cutman's job Biedermann resumes the blood spill with a methodical facial assault that snaps Rika's head back and renders her even more hollow than before, this is a truly gruesome contest and while the German can't beat Sylvie Meis' whirlwind knockout anymore, she's keen to deliver the Beatdown of the Year for the Japanese troops as she keeps picking the hapless Ishikawa off and reels her onto the turnbuckle without much resistance on hand anymore. Rika realizes she's going to get wrecked if she doesn't find an opening to stun the blonde but Jeanette doesn't yield an inch here and romps into more facial glory, busting up Ishikawa's lips and thumping her on the temples with a late flurry... Rika's almost out on her feet unable to strike back and if the fight was held in Europe, the ref would have called it by now however the battered brunette is given one last chance here allthough Denise van Outen believes it won't make any difference.

Round 7:
Rika's busted up face has been patched up again but she's too slow to avoid more German leather crashing into her face and Biedermann might just want to knock her head off with all that effort... she roots the brunette to the spot in the middle of the ring and bursts the wounds open come the minute mark, Rika tries to cover up but her guard collapses under all the pressure and when Jeanette rips into her nose to squash it into more blood spill, the proud Asian can't hold back the spasms anymore and stumbles back to the ropes with arms down by the waist and frantically shaking her head in submission mode... Jeanette wants to blow her away regardless and the ref is just fast enough to grab her by the arm to prevent the slaughtery and at the same time the Front Street Japan corner throws in the towel and calls for the doctor already! TKO7 Jeanette Biedermann is beatdown of the night fashion!!!

AFTER: Rika's face is just one big, bloody mess so there's no wonder the battered actress is escorted to the locker room long before the verdict is announced. That was a classic grudge bout and the victory might just fully reboot Jeanette's career. The noise inside the Tokyo Dome City Hall is defeaning but the ammount of support for the singer is minimal. She just destroyed one of the home faithful and Ayako Hamada's grim look says it all... someone will have to stop the Biedermann rout and if the stable owner was upset over Sylvie Meis' victory, then she's got nothing but killswitch plans for the German: "You'll fight Mikie Hara next, bytch! Or say goodbye to future deals with us!", she tells the singer once making her way down to the ring to award a handsome winner's cheque. "Bring it on! I'm not afraid of anyone you've got there in the den!", she responds to the FSJ owner but later in a private conversation with Denise van Outen admits into having doubts whether Gina Wild is the right person to prepare her for the former flyweight champion test: "Gina almost lost me the fight in the fourth round and I have no idea why Mr. V keeps her as the head coach! Jessica Schwarz should retire for good and assume the coaching role as soon as possible if girls like Mandy Capristo, Heidi Range or me still want to have a future in BBU! Otherwise we're deadmeat in the sandwich!"

Final result: Jeanette Biedermann def. Rika Ishikawa TKO7 (Corner Stoppage). 



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