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16 November 2015 Jaimie Alexander vs Katrina Bowden

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Posted by Alpha Boxing Club on November 16, 2015, 1:52 pm


This bout is set to be a crowd-pleaser as the highly-anticipated but very fresh Jaimie Alexander takes on the unfortunate but talented Katrina Bowden. Jaimie is fighting for only the second time in her career while Katrina is match-ready and despite only one win from six fights, has always fought very stiff competition and showed plenty of skill.

Highly touted Jaimie Alexander looking for 2-0 record with sophomore bout, but acknowledging underappreciated talent in Katrina Bowden. “I’ve watched her fights from the last couple of years and I think she’s on her way to something special. I just hope that comes in her next bout and not tonight. She’s fit and she’s had a couple of fights this year, while my only fight was in 2013. If I give her an inch I trust she’d know what to do, so I’m going to have to play really tight. She’ll be a great challenge.”

Katrina looking fit and energetic before the fight, confident that she has the experience to do away with Jaimie. “They say to watch out for this chick, but they keep forgetting that I’m on the up as well. They’ll remember after I put away their precious prospect. Sure, she looks fit and probably packs a punch, but I reckon I can move better and I’m definitely better conditioned. I’ve spent more time in the ring too, which isn’t going to hurt me.”

Round 1:
Katrina Bowden showing she is more comfortable in the ring, getting right to it and throwing jabs at Jaimie, who is forced to raise the guard and dance out of impending trouble. Jaimie light on her feet, but Katrina knowing a little better about what to do finds the open abs a couple of times before Jaime backs her opponent off with a sharp jab and then covers and dances again. Both beauties showing great movement early, though Katrina’s fight-readiness giving her a little extra confidence.

Round 2:
Katrina comes out with that same confidence in the second, getting right back to it, and putting a tentative Jaimie on the back foot. Bowden finding more abs and even a temple, though Jaimie not expending too much energy keeping her defences up. Still would be nice to see her land more offense though. Perhaps just getting a feel for things and a little intimidated by Katrina’s clear showing of expertise. Jaimie did say she wanted to play it tightly.

Round 3:
Still with confidence, and building, Katrina leads, wanting more breadbasket, but Jaimie has gotten a better feel for it now it seems, and finds a way to block most, even countering with sharp jabs to Bowden’s pretty face. Katrina’s confidence shaken a little as she has trouble finding Jaimie cleanly and Jaimie’s patience paying off, landing some important strikes, physically and mentally, while still looking fit and fresh.

Round 4:
Katrina trying a few different techniques, Jaimie’s clever defences obviously affecting her mental game, but still nothing landing flush. Jaimie feeling confident enough to step it up now and clouts Katrina with a big overhand that has her staggered. Blonde’s guard favouring her pretty face now and leads Jaimie’s heavy fists to her ribs. Katrina grimacing, in obvious pain as she is hammered along the ropes. She returns a couple while Jaimie’s defences are non-existent, but Jaimie pushes through and the results clearly hurt the lithe blonde.

Round 5:
After regrouping in her corner, Katrina shows great resolve to come out aggressive in the fifth, landing some hooks to sides and occasionally finding those abs she seeks as Jaimie seems a little surprised at Katrina’s willingness to engage after taking the battering she did in the fourth. Jaimie responds with an attempt to damage Katrina’s will, a straight shot that crushes sexy blonde jug. But Bowden, only angered, cracks an uppercut between her opponent’s gloves and lands jawline, staggering Jaimie.

Round 6:
Jaimie needing to regroup in between rounds this time as the approving crowd is treated to a great back and forth between talented lightweights. Jaimie comes out wanting another jug, needing to bury Katrina’s confidence and resolve, but Bowden blocks wisely and finds first effective strike, landing her right on Jaimie’s pretty cheek. Jaimie shows resolve of her own, and the two beauties trade blows, both sets of pretty features taking more than their fair share of fists before Jaimie switches a left into that wanted jug of Katrina’s, forcing her to back off wincing just before the bell.

Round 7:
Katrina still determined, comes at Jaimie early in the seventh, hell-bent on revenge and finding opponent jug, Jaimie forced to cover up. Bowden then switches to face and Jamie looks a little groggy after taking a hard cross to the temple. Jaimie stuck on defence for a lot of the seventh, her own will taking a hit from Katrina’s unbreakable resolve. Jaimie finds pretty face a few times, trying to coax feisty blonde into another trade-off, but this blonde ain’t no bimbo and Katrina responds with movement and a few more jabs at various locations to keep Jaimie on the back foot. Both women starting to show tiredness as they hobble to corners, but Katrina perhaps finding a second wind, a sly smile as she notices Jaimie gently rubbing abused jug.

Round 8:
Katrina looks like a cat ready to pounce as the eighth begins and she fakes out Jaimie before blasting jug again, then peppering Alexander’s jawline and cheeks. Jaimie reels and is forced against the ropes. A bit of rope-a-dope from Jaimie who finally shows that skill the world was waiting for, slipping left and BLASTING a right straight through Katrina’s face, dropping the stunned blonde to the mat on her back. Jaimie is forced to watch as Katrina still refuses to be beaten, dragging herself to her feet, though looking a little lost. Jaimie comes back at her and Katrina is clearly not quite right now as her jabs are easily evaded by Jaimie who then clocks the blonde again and again with left, right combos across the cheeks. Bowden is wobbling on long stems and falling along the ropes when the referee is forced to step in and order Jaimie to leave Bowden’s pretty face in that condition. TKO8, Jaimie Alexander!

A dishevelled Katrina Bowden is attended to by her corner as victorious Jaimie Alexander raises her gloves to the fans after bowing to her talented opponent. The crowd roaring in approval as they realize perhaps the best fight was left ‘til last this evening, both women putting on a spectacular display of talent and heart.

“How on earth is she not under management?” asked an amazed and heavily-breathing Jaimie Alexander, applying ice to her battered cheek. “She’s quick, determined, doesn’t take no for an answer. She has the attitude to succeed and the looks to pull the fans in. I’ll be talking to the rest of the stable about her for sure. You never learn more about someone than you do in the ring with them, and I like her. She’s gritty. I really had to dig deep to get out of that one alive.”

Katrina Bowden, still a little shaken, kept things short. “Okay, she has potential. I admit it.” 



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