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8 April 2006 Claire Danes vs Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Posted by simguy on 4/8/2006, 9:21 am

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Before: Danes purring at the podium - HISC looking to TRIPLE-up on Gellar - a feat Claire maintains can only realistically be attempted by the cracker monolith. "We're the only house that can throw 3 world class flyweights at a girl," Claire grins, "what's happening to Gellar can happen to anyone. We own this division, pure and simple. When you think about it - after I'm done wiping the mat with Gellar, there's a good chance Eliza might help herself to the dregs. That would be a QUADRUPLE up - that's the kind of threat we pose below 120. Sarah could be the model for the future of small-girl fighting in the FCBA: systematic, consecutive defeats handed out to targeted individuals. Am I salivating? I thought I was salivating for a second there." Gellar furious - beaten and mounted by the wolfpack last time out - blonde letting pride call the shots as she gets right back in with HISC, daring the dreaded triple in hopes of breaking the trend. "I won't be bullied by these girls," Sarah affirms at the podium. "I have no problem going to war with HISC - after I batter Claire, I'll make good all my losses to them, and it'll be round after round of defeats the OTHER way. They swagger and brag, but they take beatings just like a regular bunch of girls, and I can't wait to prove that to Claire. Again!" Tidy battle bun, Sarah - black bandeau bikini with white bordering. Claire in punching plaid bikini - small gloves, both vixens.

During R1: Gellar very aggressive - too aggressive at the open - she comes out slinging punches, faded every step of the way by wary Claire. Danes sliding back in good order, slipping head shots, pivoting to the side - after a minute, she's got the measure of it, starts fitting Gellar for hard counters. Gorgeous counter-right uppercuts/left hooks catch Sarah coming in - second minute sees her repeatedly jerked off-balance by crisp chin-checks - Danes ripping Gellar just about as hard as Claire can punch AND SARAH GOES DOWN! SMG clattering to all fours, shaking her head - she's up and alert, but clearly ringing from Claire's heartless precision. Gellar put wobbly butt, stunned, but not ready to go - Danes content to go to slap-n-swivel over the final minute, applying her licking hook to the problem of Sarah's ribs while pivoting 'round Gellar's right flank. Shutout with feeling, Claire Danes.

R2: Danes over to offence with her jab - punishing Gellar, pre-empting her - Sarah moving her head late, getting tracked and startled as Claire chips away early. Where left hands lead, right hands follow - Danes setting down on zesty, crisp right crosses off the shoulder - short jotting shots to cheek and mouth have Sarah staring in astonishment at the tartness off the blows. Once again, Danes landing very, very clean, but unable to get Sarah off her feet - Claire goes defensive, wheeling around her quarry with slick-turning clockwise pivots, denying Sarah position as Gellar tries to slug her way back into the round.

R3: Danes hurts Gellar a lead right bingo onna chin: scrumptious early powerpunching from Claire has Sarah's knees locking up - blonde stork-stepping around as she tries to shake off shock. Lack of follow-up again from Danes - she hurts Sarah, then backs off, swivelling and turning, fluttering and brushing nuisance punches against Gellar as Sarah rallies, gets her feet together and comes forward. Sarah showing a Bilson-like aptitude for stepping-with elusive Claire and batting her about head-and-shoulders - Danes movement allowing her to roll the shots, but she lets a dazzling opportunity to finish pass her by in winning her third straight heat.

R4: Gellar rallies, doubling up her jab to make Claire commit defensively, then lathering rights and lefts to ribs and waist, rather than wasting ordinance on Danes' elusive head. Claire laying in a little - hands up high as she grinds her head into Sarah's, just looking to smother the work. Claire easing out, getting low, walking Sarah's tummy onto the left shoulder and either nudging her off or wrapping her up for ref's breaks. Gellar carries the round - can't hurt Claire, but Danes not doing much offensively as Sarah pulls herself together.

R5: Danes hurts Sarah: that jotting, lead right hand to chin - Claire following up with lathering hooks bats Sarah to ropes - Gellar staring in confusion as Danes encroaches. Claire squaring away big-girl for a moment - treating herself to Sarah's trembling tummy via licking rights and lefts, then once again - Danes backs off, lures Sarah to midring, sets up slap-n-slip. Gellar plodding, obviously hurt, but intent on putting mitts on meat - she trudges forward, gets swatted and cuffed as Claire gets off first, swivel-pivots to her left and turns her foe. Gellar tarted up hip to head - Claire applying polish - touching and controlling her foe like a puppetmaster through 5.

R6: Girls trade right hands, trade lefts - Danes steps away with a concerned expression, then stumbles in delayed response to hard Gellar punching. Sarah jabbing on the approach, ushering Claire to ropes and stepping into a FAT right hand amidships: Claire folds forward face-in-gloves, giving supple torso looks as Sarah squares away to work. Gellar batting at the flanks, staying patient - Claire rolling her torso, keeping her hands up, denying her chin to Sarah, so Slayer stays on the body, taking what's given. Gellar pacing herself nicely - bumping with her left shoulder to reset Claire, tidying up ribs, waist and flanks - even nipping a little kidney when Danes bends too low, gives up too much back. Nothing back from Claire, so Gellar just concentrating on maintaining her position and punching balance, tossing a hard-working shutout at Danes in the sixth.

R7: Claire rung up as she's trying to swivel-pivot - Gellar with the knack of stepping-with and simply overwhelming the D with straight rights and lefts - Danes scattered to ropes with Sarah in hot pursuit. Sarah really getting into Claire with digging hooks amidships - Gellar taking a little step to the right, sidearming her left hand against Claire's breadbasket to prompt the fight's first clinches from Danes. Gellar rough in the grasp - shoulder-butting Claire's teeth, carving tight right uppercuts to brush her back, then Gellar's free to swing away again, working the supple Danes torso. Claire grimacing, fretting - she's no longer really in control with her defensive movement - Gellar's scoring too much, starting to accumulate damage. Down the stretch, Danes slugs back off the ropes - trying to bend side to side and catch Gellar slinging licks as Sarah opens up to finish. Bell: Sarah still plugging away both hands to Claire's creamy middle - ref has to pull hustle-punching blonde off her foe.

R8: More Gellar: Danes looking harried, frowning, concerned. Gellar stepping-with and shooting out straight lefts and rights - scattershot punching simply designed to keep Claire defensive, flustered as the odd pinging shot scores to face. Claire driven to ropes and lathered - Danes trying to slide along the apron, spin around her foe as Gellar continues to close distance and hound that ribcage. Sarah very disciplined - keeping her work-rate high, but not wasting it against Claire's hard-to-tag chin: Gellar staying on the body, touching Claire as much as possible - only looking to the face when Danes steps back to disengage.

R9: Same again - Gellar hounding, scrounging, mugging and jostling. Sarah warned for incidental headbutts as she moves her noggin from one Danes shoulder to the other; Sarah warned for elbowing as she gets 'em up to shove Claire against the ropes. Sarah wearing out the Danes midsection - small gloves lathering and tearing it up - Claire groaning, tieing up behind the elbows, pulling down on Gellar's head. One thing Claire's absolutely denying Gellar is the strong chin-check in close: no quick-sixes for Sarah - Claire's making her drive the field with steady, incremental work. Bell: Gellar triumphant, knows she's just taking another round from her rival - she gets in Claire's face for a heated discussion of supremacy as ref edges on in to break.

R10: Danes fists reawaken - Claire convinced by her corner that it's ok to punch back once in a while. Danes timing aggressive Sarah - pre-empting the lead right; flapping the hook up top, licking it more savagely behind the elbow; constant swivel-pivot left, but covering herself with the jab, making it hard for Sarah to simply step-with and pester-punch. Claire changing levels - ducking very low, occasionally changing directions - Sarah having a hard time maintaining any pressure at all on Claire as Danes shifts and writhes for angles. Danes not setting down on anything - just batting, jotting, swatting as she controls midring - she cups a cheeky handful of Sarah's frustrated buttocks at the bell - one final taunt as the ref prevents Gellar's hot response. Comes back one point duke - Claire Danes!

After: Gellar heartbroken - stamping her little foot and yanking her hand away from the ref as decision is announced - HISC triples up in narrow fashion, recording yet another victory over plucky SMG. Rude taunting in the ring - Claire clapping and grinning, joined by Williams, Hannigan and Dushku - all clearly enjoying Sarah's angst, and enjoying it right in her tear-stained face.



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