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30 November 2015 Cheryl Cole vs Rachel Stevens

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 30, 2015, 7:25 pm.


Rachel Stevens (7-24-2, 5 KO) vs Cheryl Cole (1-0, 1 KO)
(Kear's Kats vs Lioness Club)
Results: Lookout! Boxing / Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Both these English singers shared the Kear's Kats gym a while back but Rachel Stevens was always regarded as the better talent based on her American forays while Cheryl Cole couldn't even secure a BBU title opportunity before she decided enough is enough and made the jump across the pond courtesy of a new stable. The Lioness Club has a habit of picking diamonds from the rust - just look at Jessica Lowndes' numbers - and Cole thinks she deserves all the help she gets right now even if most of the Americans lost track of her when she was dumped from the X Factor due to her annoying Geordie accent. Chezza has never forgotten this breach of respect and when she knocked out JoJo Levesque on her debut you just had to know she will return for more action sooner rather than later.

Christina Aguilera is still the chief future opponent for Cole but booking Stevens for PPV on a short notice was the best plan available and the 32 year old from Newcastle promises to end Stevens' SSB career tonight by blasting her all the way back to England: "She had her time in the sun but now it's all over! Nobody needs this old hack anymore and I'll take her place as the most annoying British singer this country has seen! They thought my accent was annoying? Geez, they know nothing! Nothing at all! JoJo was step one to my future stardom, now Rachel is step number two. You better get used to it because I'm not going anywhere no matter what these so-called experts think!"

Rachel Stevens wears a silver bikini top, white mini-skirt and black gloves. Brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Cheryl Cole wears a white basque top with golden trim, white knickers and black gloves. Dark brown hair tied at the back of her head in a small bun. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Cheryl wants to dictate the pace of this fight and wastes little time in tearing up Rachel's high guard forcing the older singer into a desperate counter within second of the bell. Both girls beef up the facial onslaught but Stevens is the more accurate of the two as Cole's overzealous approach backfires on her and has Rachel thumping her mouth in numbers working the heavy drill. Moreover she doesn't ease up even when Cheryl wobbles badly on her heels and smacks her across the none to keep the hammer down. Cole opens her eyes really wide in wake of such a staunch attack but she gets outworked further down the stretch and sinks on the ropes in the final minute with Rachel's most impressive drive in months only ending with the bell and still good enough to give the Geordie opponent a nasty shiner under the left eye. All hail Stevens there!

Round 2:
Cole comes right back at the fellow English singer, the former Girls Aloud wants it no other way indeed, and the head hunting continues leading those fans aware of the BBU tactics to dwell on the grudge quarells on display. But this time it's Stevens who gets caught on top of the route and yields real estate after a vicious combo cuts her brow ridge up to give Chezza the much needed mental advantage. Rachel feels the swelling grow and allthough she tries to tame the younger brunette's onslaught from behind the guard, she gets belted on the liver area for a good measure and bellows out in the corner allowing Cole to rip her breadbasket up before another quick uppercut bursts into her jaw and leaves aching at the bell. All square after two!

Round 3:
There's just no stopping these two girls from all-in approach and the head hunting unties Cole's bun on the minute mark but Stevens can't quite make her opponent pay as she lacks the versatile approach and bets gut-checked instead which enables Chezza to change the pace of the drive. She sets the older brunette up with more uppercut frenzy and begins to really expose the guard that sends Rachel into a tailspin down the stretch. Cole clearly hassles the fellow singer around the ring and scores plenty of shots around the elbows with Stevens nowhere near fast enough to avoid the Geordie leather. She stumbles back to the corner late in the going and that's the worst case scenario as Cheryl loops plethora of overhands on the temples before smacking the navel again and even clipping the rack to make sure Stevens gasps in disarray at the bell having been outmuscled all contest.

Round 4:
Cole finds herself in a sweet spot punching Stevens on the body and that further slows the older brunette down but she shows enough spirit to stun the Geordie singer with a quick looping hook on the ear which is followed by a crisp uppercut on the nose. Chezza winces in pain and loses her intimidator stance briefly and that's enough for Rachel to gallop into her guts for the first time tonight and pound her back to the ropes in a hurry. Cole groans in wake of the midriff assault and tries to clinch her compatriot, she manages to shut Stevens down for a while but when another belting hook pierces her liver area, she bellows out in a tight earmuff and allows the older singer to clean out shop and sign off the recovery round with one more uppercut that splits the gloves and sends Chezza's hair flying all over her face with a quick snap after the bun untied itself again.

Round 5:
More facial assault bruises both the girls and they really don't know how to slow down here, eh? Rachel's brow ridge endures the worst of that spat and it looks like the older brunette has trouble seeing through the extensive swelling on the left side. She bends to the other side to catch the Geordie foe over the top with a one-handed drill but gets clobbered on the wounded area and scowls in pain instead; Chezza bumps into her chest and almost lands a knee to the crotch but she barks herself into clattering that brow ridge into a swollen mess come the two minute mark with the wound clearly bothering the suddenly flamed out Rachel. The older singer is backed into the ropes trying to avoid more punches on the left eye which is swollen shut now and that happened really quick but with all Cole's punches connecting on the fly, that was bound to happen sooner rather than later... the downsize of the high guard is that fact Stevens leaves the midriff exposed and Cheryl wrenches the solar plexus to bend the aching opponent forward and just as Stevens had plans to let one in on the chin, she swooped wide AND GOT BELTED ON THE LIVER with a massive shot instead... Oi, Rachel! The older brunette yells out in pain and collapses to her knees before bending down against the canvas and hugging the liver where Cole just drilled her clean... you ain't beat that kind of a punch and Stevens promptly doesn't! She remains nose glued to the boards with her butt sticking out until Cheryl knocks her down on the side after referee ends the count. No love lost between these two indeed! KO5 Cheryl Cole!!!

AFTER: That was as good punch as you can see in all of female celebrity boxing, the classic old sucker to the liver nobody recovers from! Chezza wants to dwell over the fallen rival a little longer but notices that Rachel's truly in a world of pain here and spares her the usual verbal departure. After all, this is the might of England showing off across the pond and not some late night BBU TV highlight reel... Cole blows a couple of kisses to the crowd and shoves the announcer away trying to find out whether Christina Aguilera posted something on twitter...  she's annoyed when she learns that the New Yorker is apparently on a private trip to Mexico to channel her inner dirty bytch she once so famously displayed on MTV... it's not exactly 2004 anymore but apparently neither Christina nor Cheryl care... with Sienna Miller still very interested in shipping Nicole Scherzinger to the junkyard, the Empire Boxing/LCA prospects are looking somewhat good at this stage...

Final result: Cheryl Cole def. Rachel Stevens KO5.


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