30 November 2015 Ashley Greene vs Troian Bellisario

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 30, 2015, 7:39 pm


(Words: Oddman / Results: Lookout!)

Before: Bad blood between Holt and Mitchell seems to be spilling over into both stables.  Ricci and Shahi manhandled the PLP flies over the summer, looks like it’s Ashley’s turn.  “Claire, Sarah, Chrissy, it all comes down to the same thing: these PLP chicks can’t hack it on the inside!  So now they send out their dancer, the one who couldn’t get it done against Van Camp, and hope to make a difference?  Sorry Troi, you aren’t Elizabeth Olsen, and this ends up with you getting a good look at my toenail polish!”
 “Ashley’s a talented podium-performer," Troian allows in rebuttal, "but anyone can see how desperately she's trying to deflect attention from own devastating set back at the fists of Laura Vandervoort. A lot of people are calling what happened with Eliza lucky.  A good thrashing of Ashley Greene will show I’m where I belong!”
Ashley’s hair back to it’s usual mousy tousle, but still rocking the yellow “Staten Island Summer” bikini, black gloves, bare feet. Troian in brown-and-white crisscross striped bikini, hair back in messy pony, white gloves.
R1:  Troian prettying Ashley up early, right hand at her mouth, left darting out jabs. Bellisario putting’em together textbook, pepper the jab, drill the right hand from the shoulder, finish up the hook, step out and to the right behind a flickering jab and land another keen right hand on Greene’s cheek.  Troian cocky after two minutes,  wades in, jabbing quick at Ashley’s eyes, then stepping in to hook the jugs, hook the jugs and BELLISARIO GOES DOWN! Single booming hook on the chin drops Troian to her buttocks!  Ashley fully over to the attack as Bellisario wobbles stiff and shaky along the ropes, Greene bouncing after her, hooking and hammering right hands out of a crouch, stealing the round with thunderous power-punching.
R2:   Ashley crouching forward in that wide stance, stubbing out the left jab, right hand cocked at her cheek. Troian  backhanding her jab, bending her knees, still feeling the effects of the knockdown. Crisp exchanges of sharp right hands as girls punch from distance. Greene’s landing cracking good shots--pounding Bellisario’s face to the right with authority. Troian’s counters often parried by Ashley’s raised guard, steadily walking her down through 2 minutes. Final minute sees Bellisario’s back to the ropes, bobbing and rolling, shuddering under the concussive effect of Greene’s body blows, Troian can only nip back counters, forced to trade hot or be bullied.
R3:  Troian's got her legs back, now she shows the jab, going after Ashley's face with spiteful intentions. Greene rocked back onto her heels by the accuracy and persistence of her foe's punching more than anything else, until she extends on a slicing right out of the crouch that puts Bellsiario wobbly butt! Troian spilling forward, riding her guard up onto Ashley's shoulders and shoving her ropeside.  Both fighters piling on big-girl along the strands, dropping their hands and galloping to taught midriffs as they hunch forward. Greene able to regroup and come swinging off the ropes, Bellsiario gives ground in the final minute, content to run Ashley onto a spearing jab that has her left eye swelling up during the break.
R4:   Ashley bulls Troian to ropes, lands the right cross on chin, hooks the breadbasket, then pounds a majestic left/right/left in above the hips. Greene’s punches creeping up-torso, staying inside to work underneath with bashing, jarring thumpage. Bellisario grimly digging in, and answering: she’s dipping to her left, tucking a hook under Ashley’s right elbow, searching for the liver.  Greene’s reprisals always harsh, immediate and devastating: Bellisario constantly hammered back on her heels. Troian trying to slide along the ropes, Ashley stepping-with,, jabbing to maintain contact, then bombarding torso with great whacking blasts from both fists. During the break in the PLP corner, Bellisario’s lower lip split and ribs visibly burning hot pink as both fighters are putting serious wear & tear on each other.
R5:  Ashley rolling & twisting as Troian pumps a little something extra into her jabs: Greene bounces off ropes, right up defensively at left cheek, moving her head. Bellisario concentrates on the body--and how. Merciless, relentless shove-and-slug--the kind of thing we’re used to seeing FROM Ashley.   Grimacing, grunting from Greene as Bellisario tucks in. Troian rough with her head, drawing warnings as she pushes forward, palming Ashley’s arms out of the way to expose meat. Leather slams into jugg, tuff little left hooks and slicing right hands thump to tummy. Bellisario saving her best work for the flanks, savaging Greene whenever she bends forward, parking hooks in behind the elbows elbows,, buckling Ashley’s knees repeatedly in the long final minute, but Greene stubbornly refuses to allow the knockdown.
R6:  Troian going at her foe without remorse, circling, jabbing, leaning in with flush right hands. Ashley stumbling forward, getting her head bounced, her hands have dropped, but she just won’t quit. Midway through, furious series of blazing lefts and rights carom off Greene's drowsy face, causing her to cover up hurt. Bellisario looking at the ref, steps right, jab-jab, sways back from a pawing Ashley left and CRACKS home a sweet counter right on the left eye.  Greene numbed, reaching for canvas and gingerly lowering herself to all fours under a hail of punches. Bellisario delivers an insurance right-hand hammerfist to Ashley's back when she's down: ref bodying seething Troian off as Greene's blubbering incoherently. That's it - battered Ashley can't get off her knees: KO6 in brutal fashion, Troian Bellsiario. 
After: NO sportsmanship this time, Ashley’s people on the hop, hustling her out of there while Troian is acknowledging the crowd.  Bellisiario stamping her foot when she turns around to see her prey has eluded her.  Still, nothing to complain about.  Dushku-Greene back-to-back puts anybodyin prime position to claim the next bantamweight title shot.


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