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30 November 2015 Melissa Benoist vs Laura Vandervoort

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 30, 2015, 8:03 pm

Results: Lookout   Writing: Archer
Melissa: 27 YO. 5’8 (1.73 m), 0-1-0 since 2015, HMK Productions
Laura: 31 YO, 5’7 (1.70 m,), 32-28-2 since 2007. Foxfire Boxing.

Before: It was such a natural for a bout. You take veteran Laura V, who played Kara Zor-El on the WB/CW “Smallville” show from 2007 to 2011 and put her in the ring with the newbie Kara from CBS’s “Supergirl” series Melissa Benoist. Melissa all cheerful and perky in the pre-fight. Laura polite and supportive of the younger woman trying to build some career momentum. “I understand how hard it is to be established in this federation,” Laura says., “Melissa is fortunate to have experienced management like HMK, though I have to wonder about starting her out against Emily VanCamp and myself. I realize she’ll learn a lot losing to veterans like Emily and myself, but, really, a young fighter needs a confidence building win early on. I trust HMK will reconsider her career development after this fight.”

Melissa is frowning: “I appreciate your concern for my career, Laura, but if I didn’t think I had an actual chance of beating you, I wouldn’t have agreed to the fight. I trust even a veteran like you can still learn lessons from a defeat.”

Laura stifles (or tries) a laugh and then says: “I find victory can be much more instructive.”

“I am sure I will,” Melissa retorts tartly.

The tension builds at the weigh-in when Melissa and Laura both show in in red and blue “Supergirl” bra and panties. Both seem displeased that the other had the same idea and glower at each other through the weigh-in. Someone gets a dramatic shot of the slightly taller (5’8 to 5’7) Melissa arms on hips in a stare-down with Laura. 
FCBA officials move in to guide the two way from each other, but photo quickly sets up a “War of the Supergirls” theme for the coming bout.

Come fight night, Laura is in a bikini, red top and blue bottom with the Supergirl “S” logo on the left breast . She wears red boots and matching gloves with red laces. Melissa is in a blue bikini top and red bottoms with the “S” logo across the center. Blue gloves and boots with red laces. The two eye each other coldly, though the ring instructions are done with rigid correctness. However the traditional glove touching suddenly turns into a pushing and shoving match! Referee jumps in to restore order as the crowd’s excitement roars to life. After a finger-wagging lecture from the official Laura and Melissa go to their respective corners and fire angry looks at one another until the bell finally rings to start the actual fight.

R1:  Melissa and Laura burst out of their corners and engage in a fierce exchange. Laura is striking at Melissa’s stomach and breasts, while trying to duck Melissa’s angry heaving lefts and rights to the head. Melissa gets her body worked over hard in the opening minute, but she doesn’t back away and tries to nail Laura’s bobbing blonde head. At about the midway mark Melissa’s persistence pays off as she finally scores a hard right to the side of Laura’s head. Laura rattled by this blow stumbles away. Melissa struggling to cut the blonde off and just as she does, Laura erupts in a fierce counterattack to the brunette’s body. Melissa trying to show some upper body movement even as she strains to find another opening. Suddenly Melissa darts in and scores a cracking right/left to Laura’s chin. Now the blonde veteran is on shaky pins and trying to back away,  Melissa following up with an excited barrage of punches that mainly serve to keep Laura on the defensive to the bell. Comes back a narrow points win for the rookie Melissa Benoist.

R2: Things more deliberate this round as the HMK corner tries to get Melissa to be more focused and she does by showing interest in hammering blonde torso. Laura uses her jab at the first to keep Melissa at bay, then goes on the attack, striking hard at Melissa’s midsection until she can get the brunette tipped forward. Then Laura stings Melissa’s face with some strong uppercuts. Melissa falls back with the taste of Laura’s leather on her mouth and gets her own jab going. It’s a good jab and it obliges Laura to be wary. They circle and exchange punches steadily to the bell. Laura landing some quick hooks to the belly at the bell to put Melissa up on her toes and probably allows the veteran to edge out a points win in this round.

R3:  Circling, intense action continues to build as this round gets going and the fighters clash at mid-ring. Laura still hammering to the body to shake Melissa’s high guard, but Melissa willing to trade body punches and the sound of smacking leather on wet flesh can be heard in rapid-fire succession as the minutes tick away. Melissa shows some nice footwork with a right feint that allows her a blast a hard left into Laura’s side ribs, then  bring a quick overhand right that smites Laura between the eyes as it slams home just over the blonde’s gloves. Laura knocked back a step and hunches up protectively behind her jab. Melissa not able to build on the blow., but it does allow her a narrow win on the judges’ cards.

R4: Laura seems determined to get control of this fight and she is very aggressive from the bell. Melissa showing she has some good defensive skills as she is able to keep cool and jab back. She is also not above clinching to break up Laura’s momentum. Laura’s not giving up and she puts a great deal of effort into her footwork to draw the rookie off balance, Melissa trying not to fall for these tricks, but she is tricked several times and gets popped to the jaw and chin. Melissa shaken by these but uses her jab to steady herself and hold the blonde off. Still, she’s not maintaining a good punchrate as she waits to see what Laura will do next. She does seem to realize her mistake late and her punching does pick up, but it’s not enough to keep Laura from winning another close round.

R5: Laura maintaining her aggression and tricky moves this round. Melissa starting to wise up, but gets her head banged more than once as lessons in not falling for veteran trickery. Melissa stubborn in her defense and is peppering Laura with the jab, but Laura goes after the blonde’s belly for nearly the whole final minute. Melissa gasping for air from these repeated impacts, but she lashes out with some quick jabs that strike Laura hard to chin. Laura seems to slow down after this, but Melissa is not quick to react to the vulnerability.  Laura recovers and is attacking again when the bell rings. Very close this time, but Laura still pulls out the round.

R6: Laura seems a little slow getting off her stool and Melissa moves quickly to the attack. At first Melissa is hammering Laura to the belly. Laura jabs back steadily at first, but then her defensive punching seems to grow sluggish. Melissa sees an opening as Laura allows her high guard to drop allowing the newcomer to start firing rights and lefts off Laura’s chin and jaw. Laura in a shaky retreat, gloves up to protect her head and Melissa just digs down into Laura’s belly with rising hooks. Laura jabbing defensively but she seems confused and Melissa not about to let up. Laura stumbling now as she backs up and the next thing you know MELISSAA HAS LAURA V ON THE ROPES! Melissa just working herself into a punching frenzy as the trapped Laura goes gloves in hand and bends over to protect herself. Laura rides out the storm as she just sits down on the ropes and takes it. Melissa dripping with sweat as the round ends. Laura takes several moments to peel herself off the ropes and walk to her stool on rubbery legs.

R7: Foxfire corner working hard between rounds to patch Laura up, but she rises slowly and approaches the out-coming Melissa Benoist with caution. Melissa starts dancing around the clearly hurting veteran, who tries to keep up with her, but then Melissa makes a feint to the left and the dazed Laura is drawn off-balance. POW! Right cross to the jaw sends the blonde spinning away from the rookie. Melissa swiftly moving in pursuit, catches Laura as she is trying to turn around and brings the ol’ One/ Two crashing into her chin. Laura lifted off her boots and thrown down hard  on her back! Laura laying there, trying to rise on her elbows, but she can’t seem to get her spinning head to cooperate. The referee’s count marches on and suddenly IT’s OVER! Melissa’s arm is raised by the referee as Laura looks up at them in shock and awe that such a thing could have happened to her.
The Winner: Melissa Benoist KO7!

After: “Oh my gosh! I just didn’t want to look bad fighting Laura Vandervoort, but here I’ve gone and knocked her out!” An excited Melissa Benoist tells the press in the ring. “I mean I said I thought I had a chance to win, but, you know, I didn’t really think it was a BIG chance.  She was using all sorts of tricky moves on me so I was delighted to use one on her. I knew my first win would be sweet, but I didn’t think it would be THIS sweet! Would I fight her again? Sure, but she’s got to know I’m on to her now. There’a new ‘Supergirl’ on the block on her name is Melissa Benoist!”

“I am not sure what happened,” a stunned Laura Vandervoort  says as she sits on her stool, a white towel over head. “I only know she just kept getting to my head and then I was down.  I guess I’ll have to study the film so this won’t happen again. Yes, I said ‘again’, you don’t think I’m going let this be the only fight! I know I can beat and I will. I just couldn’t do it this time…” (Her voice trails off and Foxfire Communications Director Beth Harnois steps in shoo the press away from her hurting fighter.
It’s not often you see a rookie upset a proven veteran, but that is just what Melissa Benoist did to Laura Vandervoort. Is Melissa Benoist that good? Only time will tell. Or has something gone wrong with Laura V.? That is a disturbing idea. Again only time can answer that. Right now young Ms. Benoist is savoring her first win and Ms. Vandervoort is feeling the sting of an unexpected defeat.




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