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30 November 2015 Joss Stone vs Taylor Swift

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 30, 2015, 8:05 pm


(Words: ABC / Results: Lookout!)

Joss Stone looking to continue the success she found in her first bout with ABC when she claimed her maiden win only weeks back, while Taylor still aiming to get herself noticed at the FCBA level, trying to put that weak win/loss record aside. Both with their previous struggles, but both with tons of potential, and both beautiful and leggy. We’re in for a great bout.

Joss looks focused, determined in the pre-fight interview. “I have a lot of respect for Taylor as a singer and a performer. But, I’ll honestly be disappointed in myself if I don’t knock her out tonight. She’s the kind of fighter I need to beat to get myself up to the next level, and I want to be boxing at that level right now. This is a must win.”

Taylor a picture of confidence, calmly explaining the difference between her and Joss’s last opponent. “Joss looked pretty tough against Saffron a few weeks back. But, Saffron is, like, 50. I’m not. Joss is going to have to bring a lot more if she wants to knock me down. I’ve been waiting for my time to shine, and I’m pretty excited that it’s going to be against another great singer.”

Round 1:
Joss looks confident as the girls circle each other early on and she manages to draw first blood, literally, shovelling a left under Taylor’s ribs only to rip a right straight across the pretty blonde’s lips. Taylor comes back with her own straight that’s picked up by Joss’s quick guard, and then it’s another underhook that targets Taylor’s breadbasket. Taylor refuses to take that without an answer and jabs back at Joss, trying to slow her roll. The two do a little jab trading, and Joss comes out on the better end, Taylor shaking her head as she takes a seat, trying to clear the early cobwebs and tend to that cut lip as her face smarts a bit.

Round 2:
Taylor comes out determined in the second, set on not allowing the same to happen this go around. But Joss is smart and moves well, able to open up lithe blonde for a few crisp jabs to chin and finding flat tummy again. Taylor stays on the move, trying to make it difficult for wiley Joss, even finding British temples and cheeks occasionally with quick jabs. But Joss looks fit, and works Taylor around well, shuffling left and digging the hook into her ribs on more than a few occasions.

Round 3:
Clever Taylor comes out in the third paying attention to movement and keeping Joss chasing her this time. Taylor also not buying into the ruse of Joss taking rib and wanting Tay to lower her guard. Swift protects her pretty face, shuffling quickly to dodge body shots for the most part. She is expending plenty of energy in doing so, but Joss is equally working hard, and one may suspect fitness will come into play if this goes into deep rounds. Taylor snaps jabs from up high as Joss steps in with body hooks, most of the time Taylor getting the better of the other beautiful songstress, and soon Joss’s right cheek and eye are looking a little worse for wear.

Round 4:
Taylor picks up the new round where she left the last; crisply jabbing gloves into Joss’s pretty, but swelling face. Stone’s corner look on worried as the promising boxer starts huffing, her face contorted in pain as Taylor alternates between cheek and tummy. Joss’s legs a little wobbly as she fights to guard herself, eventually deciding offense is required, and she finds Taylor cheek with a right hook that is delivered from the hip and seemingly out of nowhere. Taylor stumbles now, surprised, but manages to recover and fight off a resurging Joss who picks up some more Tay-Tay face before she’s beaten back with another of those crisp Swift jabs. Joss seems to decide that offense is the way to go, but as she comes in again, Taylor moves deftly and dodges and counters with a bigger hook that busts open lovely British face. Joss wobbles to her corner, slightly worried and confused as her face drips blood and the cut man goes to work preparing her for the fifth.

Round 5:
The two beauties trade more heavy blows that rock one another, and the crowd seems to really appreciate the back and forth between the two this round as they each score with plenty of smarting shots. Joss maybe becoming a little desperate, picks up lovely Taylor jug with a straight left that flattens the orb and seems to freeze Taylor in place for a long moment. With Taylor stunned, Joss finds open cheek, returning a small part of the ‘favor’ she clearly owes. Joss still looking worse for wear on the surface, but Taylor obviously pained by the end of the fifth.

Round 6:
Tay takes another shot to jug early, wincing and none too impressed, she replies with one of her own that clobbers Joss’s tit, and as soon as the Brit’s guard lowers to cover up, Taylor finds that damaged cheek again. Joss ends up on the ropes, turtling and digging deep to keep those long stems planted to the mat as Taylor unleashes a barrage. Joss tries to find a way out, snapping out a glove that cracks into the centre of Taylor’s lovely features and she is given respite at last, landing a couple of hooks to tight tummy before shuffling off of the ropes and trying to give herself space to clear her head. Taylor follows of course and finds Joss’s other breast, clearly hurting her just before the bell sounds. Joss is huffing and wincing in her corner as Taylor has her face checked and tended to after that crushing blow. Taylor certainly looking a little more comfortable though.

Round 7:
Joss tries to find the centre of Taylor’s face again, but the lithe blonde is having none of it, shuffling a little quicker than Joss now and devilishly picking up those sweet jugs, leaving the Brit miserable. Joss forced to clutch at chest and then Taylor pummels that dishevelled face. How Joss is holding on, no-one will ever know. She has been outplayed for the second half of this bout, and is now being slammed back and forth, but still refuses to go down. Her legs wobbly, but refusing to give way; her face battered, bruised, swollen and bleeding; her confidence surely shattered beyond repair. But somehow, Joss continues to take the beating standing up, even slipping a jab or two out quickly to catch Taylor’s face. Swift determined, putting a lot into her blows, expending serious energy, but wanting to find that killer blow. She traps Joss against ropes and it looks bad for the Brit right up until she is saved by the bell. Joss slumps heavily in her corner, head hanging, breathing labored. Taylor huffing and puffing in her corner after throwing the kitchen sink at her foe, but head held up, staring at the defiant beauty on the other side of the ring, wondering what it is going to take to put her down.

Round 8:
Joss on her last legs, clearly knows it is do or die this round and she comes out wanting Taylor head. The two trade blows early, shots slowing and becoming a little sloppy now, particularly Joss’s, but the Brit absorbs another crushing breast shot to respond with a devastating uppercut that swings under Taylor’s chin and sends her reeling. Joss pushes, haymakers flying left and right, crushing Taylor’s temples and cheeks. Taylor now forced to turtle in the corner, and then Joss switches to a right fist deep into flat tummy, doubling the unsuspecting blonde over, prone to a heavy cross that crashes straight through busted cheek and drops Taylor to the mat in a heap. Somehow, in an incredible display of talent versus fortitude, it is a win for the seemingly indestructible Joss Stone, KO8!

Sleepy Taylor tended to by her corner, though looking at each fighter you may be forgiven for thinking Joss came out on the worse side of the bout. Each face battered and needing some sweet TLC, but Joss’s a mess of blood even as she lifts her arms in the air to signal victory.

A bewildered Taylor Swift sits, nursing her wounded face soon after. “I don’t… understand. I had her. I was winning. I was better…”

‘Relieved’ is probably the most accurate word to describe Joss Stone after the bout. ‘Exhausted’ and ‘sore’ would also be relevant. “Tay has got talent, there’s no doubt about that. She surprised me. I had no idea what I was in for. Wow. I’m very lucky.”


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