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30 November 2015 Missy Peregyrm vs Joanne Kelly

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 30, 2015, 8:07 pm


(Canadian grudge contest),
Story: Vassago / Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: The battle for Canadian lightweight supremacy continues... several fans and pundits were shocked when Missy Peregrym decided to skip the Lookout! Boxing vs Lioness Club of America Stable War PPV last month but as it turns out her schedule was simply too loaded with big names to handle it in such a short space of time. Punching out bitter Foxfire enemy Mary Elizabeth Winstead was just a prelude to finally settle the home turf score against Joanna Kelly who has upset Peregrym twice before, in April 2012 and December 2013, leaving serious doubts just who reigns in the 130 lbs division north of the border?

"Yeah, I let Odette Yustman and Yvonne Strahovski duke it out on the stable war allthough I could have removed Odette from the title picture as I firmly believe I'm the better fighter than her but what I can't stand more than some lioness chick ruling the division is the perennial twitter mock about Joanne being better than me in first place! Perhaps I underestimated her back in the day but there are no excuses anymore here tonight! Even Vanessa Hudgens made Jessica Lowndes eat some crow when she knocked her out for the first time to make the h2h look somewhat respectable. I feel like my status is hampered by those two losses to Joanne and I need to knock it into her just for a personal pleasure if not anything else! Plus Mary Winstead beat her ass last time out so I must be the favorite here despite the head-to-head, right?"

Indeed that's the catch right there, both women have fought the Foxfire brunette last time out and the differing results would even make The Grand Wizard bet all his money on Peregrym tonight. Winstead is as good benchmark as they come plus Kelly's career is highlighted with tough outs all across the board, one doesn't fight Strahovski, Winstead and Peregrym back-to-back-to back without a significant revenue! This probably makes the savvy 36 year old from New Foundland the most underrated fighter at lightweight especially given some of Tractorpull Magazine's longevity peak comments recently. But nobody's switching the channels ahead of this one!

Missy Peregrym wears a lacy black bikini and red gloves. Black hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Joanne Kelly wears a silver basque top, red hotpants and white gloves with a red maple leaf painted on them. Dyed black hair tied in a loose bun at the back of her head. Missy wants to make it personal, Joanna wants to make it national! The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Both girls wary of each other's skill so the action is limited in the early going; Joanne doesn't enforce much of the previous head-to-head advantage and lets Missy pick her off half-heartedly from the back foot but when one of those shots smacks the nose it triggers an instant rush from the younger brunette who blasts a combo on the temples before Kelly shuts her down with a clinch. Neither girl secures the upperhand so they're separated but Missy remains more agile of the two down the stretch and hassles her opponent with more looping overhands however Kelly stays on top of that route in a controlled mid distance check.

Round 2:
Missy seeks more precision with her air strikes but finds the guard bulletproof in the opening minute and once Joanne finally turns up the heat, it's the younger girl's ponytail that begins to snap around for a while before another clinch shuts the IFFI onslaught down. More single punches to the body as both women desperately try to assume control but the ref has seen enough of that and separates them; Joanna dekes a subsequent leather rush and catches the 'Rookie Blue' starlet on the eye before bumping into her chest and wobbling her back with a quick uppercut series in close range. Missy is backed into the ropes but locks another clinch to see out the charge; Kelly's wise enough to accept that allthough the crowd doesn't like the frequent stoppages and the referee is the busiest person in the ring after six minutes.

Round 3:
More work for the man in charge who has to separate both women as neither of them looks to send the cavalry just yet and it's an ugly fight with a lot at stake which hampers the actual excitement. Kelly refuses to change the sluggish movement and she's fully in the back of Peregrym's head according to Boxing World Online. Another single hand approach brings Missy a brief success but a belting hook on the breadbasket reels her back and the younger brunette circles around for another try but somehow doesn't use the alleged speed & agility advantage into her favor as Joanne keeps her honets with wide swings that breathe the haymaker finish scenario whenever Missy steps too close and has to revert into the classic bendy attire she once so famously held the division hostage with. Not tonight though as Kelly stays clear of any meaningful damage and must be the favorite to clean out shop if Peregrym continues to be so lethargic in the ring.

Round 4:
And there's the biggest punch of the night as Missy creams Joanne over the top, the circling deke for once went the other way and stumbled over the left handed menace... all of FCBA should know by now Peregrym is a lefty but the switch to a southpaw caught the older Canadian out... Missy shuts her down with a jabbing flurry and roots her to the spot taking full control of the mid ring leather trade-off. Joanne goes wider than just wide and wobbles forward when Missy connects with her chin, this time the bump off scenario sends the IFFI veteran butt-in-ropes and enables Missy to romp clear into the exposed gut. Kelly gasps for some air but Peregrym presses into her chest further and clips the chin again with a steady rush. It's tough to dismantle a durable operator like Joanne via one round stretch but even the IFFI entourage looked worried after Missy switched up a gear to finally land some noteworthy leather.

Round 5:
Joanne's salvaged a lot of energy and makes the push forward herself, finally adding the mean factor into her game. She blasts through Missy's gloves and snaps the ponytail around but the younger brunette is equally determined to keep the pressure on so both women exchange a bruising series in the opening minute before Peregrym's bendiness and agility prevails and sends her chopping into Joanne's ribcage to root her to the spot just a little too frequently for comfort. The heavy body onslaught does the trick as Kelly has to yield real estate and when a sluggish hook from the back foot almost ends in a face-plant, Missy romps into a half-uppercut on the breats followed by a bursting hook on the lips that spins the older actress to the ropes. There's no time to react and Peregrym bangs in one extra on the nose TO SEND KELLY CRASHING DOWN ON HER SIDE... the IFFI brunette never regained her footing after she more or less was spun back to the ropes and pays the knockdown price... she's up at seven and gestures to the ref that she slipped rather than went down after Missy's punch but the Rookie Blue star immediately begins to tear up her high guard and keeps the yelping foe buried in the ropes until the bell and many people in the audience this is the breakthrough Lookout! Boxing entourage wanted to see!

Round 6:
Joanne's been underestimated her entire FCBA career so what else is new? Is she sailing towards the sunset after just one knockdown? Not by any chance and she ducks underneath the blitzing route to crash into Peregrym's midsection before shutting down shop via a blatant clinch just to annoy the fellow Canadian even further. Experience comes to the fore now, Missy rages on seeking another way to send Kelly down for the count but she must revert into the single punches as the older brunette has found some speed in her legs and even nails Peregrym over the top to freeze her out in mid distance. The red mist mode hampers Missy's bendiness for a while and once she recovers to dominate the looping overhands again it's too late to add more significant punishment; Joanna walks back to her stool relatively fresh for someone who's been down on the boards and needs to rally back on the cards!

Round 7:
Suddenly this fight as a decision written all over it and Missy takes her foot off the gas pedal to preserve the all important knockdown advantage. That's a bad idea that immediately meets a vicious reality check when Joanne notices her rival having second thoughts and jumps into her most aggressive mode since the second round. Told ya she's worryingly fresh looking for someone who's been knocked around the past few minutes! KELLY DRILLS PEREGRYM'S NOSE into a blood seeping nightmare as she completes the rush with a dose of heavy artillery right on the money and drops Missy's hands by the wayside, the bendy legs alone ain't getting it done and Joanne wrenches the solar plexus to remove the air from her rival's lungs... now you see her and now you don't... LEFT HAND ON THE TEMPLE, RIGHT HAND ON THE CROTCH... oh wait, that was the navel after all but the Lookout! entourage claims a foul... it doesn't matter since PEREGRYM TAKES A KNEES after getting the air sucked out of her... that's one painful look on that pretty face and the nose is bloodied up alright... What about that foul? That was a clean punch after all once the ESPN crew rewinded the tape... We're back even on the cards and suddenly Missy feels the clinching call to see out the round. She succeeds but Kelly' smile says it all... it's not over until it's over!

Round 8:
If Missy suffered in a psychological trap before she's in line for a bruising follow up as Joanne riffles over the top to resume the nose bleeding and has the younger brunette in escape mode somehow trying to stay relevant and see the rushing blitz out... it's not gonna work though as Kelly shows no signs of gassing out and hooks up with Peregrym's face to pull ahead in battle scars if the busted up nose wasn't enough to convince the judges... still, a decision verdict looms large over this bout but Missy is all at sea tactically here and instead of just letting Joanne have it, she bellows out in a desperate earmuff cover on the ropes and it's getting blindingly obvious that Kelly is the Peregrym kryptonite... either this or the Lookout! team got the preparations all wrong! Sometimes the Vanessa Hudgens way is the right way! Horror show for all ya Missy fans, Joanne smears blood over the fellow Canadian's face and leaves her needing a miracle KO to save the day with two rounds remaining!

Round 9:
Missy channels the Nessa way... she loops into Joanne's face and buries her under a jabbing onslaught but the older brunette stands tall and refuses to buckle in wake of the very much postponed rush... Kelly's head snaps around but even a deep gash under the left eye fails to break her stride and once she connects with the embattled Peregrym's face it's all going downhill for the Lookouts again... Missy yelps in discomfort and perhaps Joanne really wants to break some bones here as she powers ahead blasting vicious leather straight into the mangled up Peregrym who wobbles forward and even the southpaw switch proves worthless as the energy supply is gone... Kelly hits the mounds and hits 'em well, she barges her shoulder into Missy's slumping chin and dumps her onto the turnbuckle with eyes closed... Missy checks out moments later and gets WRENCHED TO THE CANVAS with a left/right combo on the temples... oomph, that was downright nasty! Missy slumps on her bums and looks to be exiting stage left... only for the bell to save her from the ineviteable demise... Kelly keeps the happy face but gestures to the crowd the battle for Canadian supremacy is all but over... and she's probably correct as tough as it sounds for all the Peregrym fans!

Round 10:
Missy's face is just a swollen mask but the proud actress refuses to quit on her stool even if Joanne's ready to fracture her nose right at the death... she mumbles she still has a chance to upset the odds and funnily enough, Joanne's slow start to the tenth round might just backfire on her... signs of outright fatigue finally kicking in for the IFFI faithful... and Missy clubs her on the liver entering the last-chance salloon bending the winner-in-waiting to the side, a big uppercut follows and clips the chin to send Kelly on her heels... Peregrym is all but spitting her teeth out in a subsequent pursuit but she's too erratic and too banged up to nick in with the home run... Joanne in afterburner mode UNTIL she ducks underneath a flying hook and bursts into Missy's cleavage to bump her off and beat for a countless shot on the nose that makes the younger brunette squeal endlessly.. Missy wobbles back to the turnbuckle unable to breath through her nostrils and Joanne rushes in for the finish... SHE CAN'T STOP POUNDING PEREGRYM'S FACE INTO A BLOODY MESS!!! Slaughtery in the ring Canadian-style!!! Missy bursts into spasms as Joanne is hell bent to secure the late facial rearrangement to lift the crowd on their feet... Peregrym all done and dusted, spins back against the turnbuckle and cries out unable to take the punishment anymore... and the ref charges in!!! He hauls Kelly off before she can land any punches to the back of the head with the IFFI brunette dwelling on the grudge factor any Vanessa Hudgens fight would be proud of... she swings just an inch shy of DQ with her last punch but that wasn't necessary at all... Missy is crippled in spasms and looks WRECKED all across the boards... TKO10 Joanne Kelly in bloody beatdown fashion!!!

AFTER: Ugh! That was too much Canadian national pride there in the end and you can't even see the maple leaf on Joanne's mitts anymore, they're soaking blood and poor old Missy has just been through one almighty shellacking... Say hello to your Kryptonite Kelly!!! The IFFI brunette goes 3-0 up on her north of the border nemesis and even Boxing World Online can't possibly call it an upset anymore?

Says your winner: "Sure, that was kinda epic there in the end and who says the veterans like me can't cripple a girl like Missy? She's toast! She's frickin' done! I executed my plan to perfextion once I realized she's gonna outsmart me instead of just going forward. I wrecked her mentally with those two wins back in the day but she wasn't bold enough to admit it. However I saw right through her and send her down the valley of walking dead! She's never gonna be the same again! I will forever own Missy Peregrym's ass and that's one thing everyone needs to remember even if I don't win another fight in FCBA again! I single-handedly killed off the Missy hype! Who needs Winstead or Yustman? I got the job done and heck, that was one proper grudge fest come the end. And I loved every second of pounding that pretty face of hers into a total mess! What a night!"

On the other hand there's nothing to salvage for the Lookout! team after this beatdown and the best news is that Peregrym has actually escaped a broken nose despite all the Kelly leather that turned her face into a swollen mess. This goes the distance as one of the most brutal defeats for the entire stable and Missy personally whose lightweight title prospects might be suspended indefinitely now. It's still Vonnie or bust? And the turning point of Peregrym's otherwise Level A career? Will she ever shrug off the Joanne Kelly jinx? Because the battle for Canadian lightweight supremacy looks to be settled once and for all...

Final result: Joanne Kelly def. Missy Peregrym TKO10.


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