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30 November 2015 Milena Govich vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 30, 2015, 8:16 pm


(Words: Bonzo / Results: Lookout!)

Before: Milena Govich by now on a disastrous losing streak: brutal knockout at the hands of up-and-coming Bianca Kajlich in May made it four in a row. Now she’s looking to regain her swagger against 43-year old legend Gena Lee Nolin. Govich turned 39 last month and remains a formidable physical, athletic presence, but recent results and her age obviously put question marks to her future. “I feel the pressure, to be honest, but I also know that could have won all of my recent lost fights, that I was on track to win most of them, but welter’s welter and sometimes the punches roll and sometimes they don’t. It’s a bad luck streak, but I haven’t changed at all. Gena’s plenty dangerous, but she can definitely be dominated by strength and stamina, and that’s where I come in.” – Nolin, a 200-fight veteran, has defied the odds and predictions about her downfall time and again: and there she is, still busy, slugging with the division’s best. Sure, her last title run ended in 2011, and some of the younger competition has proved elusive – demonstrated by four losses to Righetti and two to freeman – but Nolin’s legendary reputation – not all of it flattering – has survived the years. “Govich’s a technocrat: she lacks the heart and soul of a true champion. She’s never been able to excite the masses, and that’s what’s made her a journeywoman all her career. She’s not prepared for the combination of charisma and brutality I’m bringing to the ring, no way.”
R1:  Govich all business, hands tucked up at chin, chucking two or three jabs, then proceeding into a right – using leggy power and ring command to walk down Gena with plenty of authority. Nolin cautioned by the beefy combinations, clearly respecting Milena’s strong hands: she’s proving fresh­-legged, not allowing Govich to crowd her out, neatly escaping with varying defensive hooks, circumventing her trudging foe. Nolin looking mobile in retreat, then she’s suddenly swarming up on brunette foe with crispy counters, marching into the offensive. Govich’s too slow when out of her comfort zone, just feeding faint get-off jabs towards Nolin, hastily hopping back to ropes. Blonde lowers her head, intruding Govich close to the body – brunette momentarily confused; getting caught various aching body shots to gut before suppressing blonde with series of rights to the side of the head. Blonde not letting off: she’s bumping, using pushing forearms, blocking big Milena at ropes. Gena keeps punching – scoring some other good body blows – while brunette’s visibly frustrated, not allowed to do her work: Nolin very active, pushing off Govich’s chest repeatedly, smothering brunette with lefts and rights, riding out rest of round on top like that.
R2: Govich behind the jab again, searching for Nolin’s head with booming lefts. Blonde’s on the prowl, too, aggressive and crowding, but Milena’s found her focus: really stepping forward into her counters, bringing shoulders into them, hooking Gena hard on her chin, side-stepping tottering blonde to jab-jab from the left, brutally walking Gena down to ropes for mop up. Blonde’s head rattled, torso drooping slightly, eyes bewildered: Milena establishing fierce control at ropes. Nolin’s slowly recovering, but laying in deep behind her defense, taking wide, thick rights into both sides, yelping on impact. Govich’s broad shoulders rotating for punishment: clean one-two combinations – not much Gena can do against that stance. Brunette looking quite controlling from there, still gets caught a lazy short body hook on solar plexus late in the round: with Govich’s eyes expressing the shock, her knees are sagging into a little bend from the impact, and she’s falling into a heavy clinch to secure the round, while Nolin’s hammering away into her flanks. Brunette’s still winning the round, but she’s stumbling just a bit on her way back to corner at bell – Nolin’s face puffy from all the pressure, but smiling.
R3: Govich’s legs seemingly not at their best – she’s not cutting off the ring, failing to establish a jab pattern, not utilizing power most effectively: Nolin can’t hide she’s upbeat, taking over the ring from grumpy Milena behind beefed-up jabs of her own. Nolin punching into the holes Milena’s presenting her – an early uppercut to breasts has brunette gasping noticeably, a follow-up hook pushes through Govich’s defenses toward left cheek to good thumping head-wilt effect – as brunette’s offenses go all but missing. Govich icy, sullen: she’s carefully stepping into earmuff position, letting Nolin deliver almost at will, her proud body rocked, her counters going astray. Milena’s not bringing her body forward, stepping on the spot: Nolin unexpectedly cold-blooded in her execution, allowed and able to trap brunette on smothering activity and cool target-punching, getting thru with another thick uppercut late to chin and two hooks to chest. Milena increasingly in a cowering stance, reducing her body space but ending up looking small, as blonde’s not having any difficulty wielding pressure, chopping heartless punches into Milena’s toned body. Govich read the riot act by corner after bell: round-three performance simply unacceptable.
R4: Milena looking like she got the message: the jab is key, as she clips Nolin a furious lefts fusillade on contact early, bump-bumping Gena’s head back in snapping fashion: GENA’S HEAD LOOSENING! Blonde baby-stepping backwards, not punching – Govich’s battering her! Brunette able to follow up with stalking, looming pressure, but Nolin impressively straightens up from her drooping position into a counter uppercut from the pocket, cleanly pitching Milena on her chin. Govich stopped in her tracks, stumbling about in confusion, as Nolin extends rights into full walk-down pressure. Govich driven backwards, escaping another uppercut, then suddenly heaving body onto nearing Gena, wrestling tightly on the spot for position. Govich’s incredible body punches all aimed at Gena’s ribs get the better of that exchange, with Nolin’s head resting tiredly on her own, wide shoulders, the blonde wincing sadly on each punch. Govich now wide awake, jostling blonde off to power-jab her foe into tottering escape to ropes. Govich finally working momentum into dominance, reducing Nolin’s power with aggressive hooks to arms/shoulders, while looking for openings in Gena’s head defense. Brunette’s turn to trap blonde, using shoulders/forearms to wrestle Nolin into compliance when she’s going out, now punching harder than ever, just hammering away sick body shots. Nolin not showing wilt, but unable to counter, finally loosened by pressure into slower responses: Govich able to duck a right and cleanly hit Nolin’s lower right cheek late in the round, and Gena’s head dropping slightly, her eyes glassy. Blonde laying in ropes, sponging it up desperate for bell, just barely avoiding a knockdown here, staggering back to corner, holding her sore ribs after huge Govich turnaround.
R5: Govich planning to shock Nolin with the same head-knocking jab attack again: brunette stalking cautious blonde for straddle-legged walk-down behind fat, rapid lefts – startled Gena’s drowsy face picked up harshly early, but Milena’s not coming through as effectively, not shutting out Nolin’s offense. Blonde ready for a slugfest, countering Milena’s lefts with off-rhythm rights: Govich suddenly stooping forward in hurt when one of them connects with her ribs. Brunette clearly in pain, eyes shining up moist: she stops punching, remaining upright but deprived of air – Gena wrestles her girl to ropes, cruelly ramming in short hooks to body, as Milena’s eyes look blankly on. Nolin turning on beast mode, sensing wilt in Govich’s disheveled hair/don’t-hurt-me-eyes: brunette hangs low in ropes, hands up but only dimly countering, and the blonde’s just pounding her! Nolin focuses on proud brunette body, carefully avoiding to catch a surprise hook but opening up into Milena’s ribs at each opening opportunity, as Govich moans, shuddering, her hard body put to trial. Govich in a dazed state: breathing heavily, not finding ways to stop impeding Nolin from going nuts on her ribs. Blonde’s keeping control, though, always returning to regular position, not opening reckless fire, refusing to get trapped in those time-consuming clinches weakening Milena’s trying to force her into – Nolin proving extremely robust against muscular foe, staying big and comfortably on top throughout a widely dominated fifth round.
R6: Govich looking frazzled: with slightly opened mouth and worn-down ribs, she wades into Nolin, slugging overhead rights for desperation measure, but Nolin’s fresh enough to duck and extend distance with long side jabs. Milena so slow turning around: Nolin easily steps up into her with thick hooks under her left arm, as brunette stumbles into a body hug. Milena’s head sadly resting on Nolin’s shoulder, each hook bitterly reflected in her brown eyes. Gena’s making the most of these close body battles, managing distance, wiggling free and returning for the beatdown. Govich’s legs are functioning, but she’s not able to command the ring: fight solely taking place under Gena’s rules, as brunette’s hands turns slower, the blonde’s repeatedly scoring on Milena’s chin with sharp jabs. Minute two, Nolin’s trapped Govich at ropes: brunette brutally picked up again and again by Nolin’s lefts, her knees sagging a bit more each time, then straightening up into more punishment ever more slowly. Then, Nolin finally finds the sweet spot – combination hooks pounding at Milena’s tits, depriving her of yet more air, when brunette’s head wilts back and her hands drop, all courtesy of a short jab flowing through her defenses – and a MASSIVE right uppercut clips brunette right at the lower end of her chin: MILENA’S COLLAPSING! Govich’s body totally unhinged, first spiraling backwards, then sloshing forward under her weight. GOVICH IS DOWN! Brunette landing on her belly, butt sticking up: her eyes first closed, then opening but only blinking dimly, her mouth opened wet against the floor – savagely ruined by a KO6 Gena Lee Nolin!
After: Nolin in enthusiastic celebration after an uncontroversial pummeling of what probably felt like an ersatz Amanda Righetti in her mind, not caring about the poor brunette tenderly treated on the spot of her destruction. Govich totally out of it: in one of her worst performances ever, she never found a settled rhythm against razor-sharp Nolin tonight, failing to capitalize on her fourth-round momentum, and never recovered from that rib punch in the fifth to get knocked out pitilessly. “Oh yeah, that was amazing”, Nolin informs us, “she almost started to cry when I hit her ribs and that’s where that whole hardbody thing kinda fell apart. You can spend years at a gym doing weight training, but that don’t mean you’re ready for a Gena Lee Nolin punch!” 



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