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30 November 2015 Title Ch Sarah Lancaster vs Amanda Righetti

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 30, 2015, 8:31 pm


(Welterweight Championship)
(Words: Bonzo / Results: Lookout!)

Before: Lancaster/Righetti a welterweight title fight with a back story: back in 2009, Lancaster was an attractive dark horse powerhouse with four losses in a row against mid-level comp who somehow got a non-title shot against first-time champion Righetti, and – after getting her butt kicked for three and a half rounds – knocked the champ out with a thunderous right and then removed the belts from Amanda’s waist by busting her up, out-foxing and out-boxing her for another ten rounds. Lancaster wasn’t able to capitalize on her back-to-back upsets, and things turned quiet for her after losing the title: Righetti dominated her in a rematch in 2010, but Lancaster’s still up two-to-one. Cut to 2015 and Lancaster’s the fairy tale story of the year, storming to her second title by way of the welterweight tournament and another big scalp in Bridget Regan. She lost to Strahovski in a close non-title bout but was on a six-fight winning streak before it, and pundits widely consider the Sarah Lancaster of 2015 a much more complete, and much more dangerous fighter than she was in 2009, who has finally found consistency alongside her remarkable athletic credentials. Righetti getting another shot at the title this year after losing to arch-rival Regan for the third time in a row, exhibiting more self-confidence than ever after disposing of extremely dangerous Kajlich in October. “I’m willing to admit that Sarah’s made a remarkable development this year, and that she’s been a worthy champion. She was a lucky puncher in the past, and she couldn’t have done what she’s achieved this year, if that were still the case. But make no mistake: she’s still a very limited fighter. I just got to get the job done.” – “I ’m her nemesis”, Sarah boasts. “You know, back then people really got carried away heaping praise on this girl, and I’m the one who ended the Amanda Righetti tyranny. I popped the bubble, and I don’t think I get enough credit for that. I’m a proven Righetti buster, and that’s all you need to know for tonight.” 


R1: Lancaster circles in aggressively: tall brunette champ making sure to show title-holder presence early, while Righetti skips delicately backwards/to the side, hands carefully outstretched, repressing her stalker with wide pumping jabs. Brunette engages in combat right away, hoisting uppercuts into the Righetti gut, not shying away from bumping robustly to the body, wrestling toughly against redhead’s shoulders, as girls’ rights hurtle into each other’s flanks, to respective shudders/wobbling buttocks. Righetti stays on the spot, armed with fierce short-distance jabs brushing Lancaster’s nose, trying to get Sarah to comply. Brunette responding stubbornly: weightily pushing down Amanda into ropes, she preps challenger with short tit-busting jabs, then suddenly rocks her with a sweet uppercut under the chin that has redhead closing her eyes in shock for a half-second, looking confused, while Lancaster pumps in steamy hooks to Amanda’s stomach. Righetti’s straining to get out of the corner, clearly not enjoying getting pinned down: series of thick wide rights grazing Sarah’s left cheek does the job, as brunette finally budges, hopping a few steps backwards to reload. Righetti packs out the jab machine: as brunette prepares for stepped-into lefts, she gets picked up mid-punch, bunching up hurt. Amanda hurls her shoulders into Sarah, pressing – redhead pushes Lancaster off, walks her down behind one-two combinations, keeps thrust intense not to allow Sarah back in close, trapping brunette in reverse gear for rest of round. Familiar stance: Righetti churns Lancaster to the body, calibrating distance – she won’t get a good look at champ’s head, but probably takes a close first round on routine last two minutes.
R2: Lancaster in effervescing aggression: using a strategy not unlike her wide decision victory five years ago, she’s trying to bruise/bust up her redhead – a little shoulder bump here, a little holding there – proving fearless and confident, loading off heavy punches, then tying up, jostling for every inch, all the time. Righetti jarred: not able to form her stance, get shoulders forward, get those punches rolling – yet visibly trying not to get too frustrated by Sarah’s approach, instead answering in kind: starts adopting the in-fight mid-round, punishing Lancaster’s busty torso up close. Throughout second minute, Lancaster’s starting to suffer herself: Righetti proves more solid against brunette, thumping counter fists against Sarah’s head in the grasp – Sarah lays back woozy from a double right on chin/cheek, battered into retreat. Amanda extends jabs walking forward, as Sarah stoops into ropes: Lancaster regains composure during Righetti’s wide-armed siege on her flanks, moving into authoritative off-rhythm counters. Suddenly, Sarah sneaks in a freakish, concussive uppercut upside the head, parting Amanda's gloves: Righetti slumps forward in distress – knees bending, body still pressing forward, but her punches coming up short. As Amanda’s working out her right arm into a slow upward body punch, Lancaster dodges past redhead’s defending left, pastes Righetti’s stunned face with a perfect uppercut RIGHT ON HER MOUTH! Amanda’s legs stiffen on impact, her eyes roll back into glassy stare, her lower lip’s split: she stoops forward two steps, then slumps down onto her knees, her hands grasping for support in groggy, baffled haze. Sarah’s hand’s already raised in triumph….THIS THING IS OV….no, it isn’t! Righetti starts to crawl forward on her knees – lashes batting dizzily – clutches weakly at ropes for support, lifts herself: she’s up at eight! Ref checks up on roughed-up redhead: says she’s good to go – Lancaster protests, but marches back in, easily trapping her wobbly challenger, loads up on her, hammering Amanda thunderous lefts and rights. Righetti’s stubbornly bobbing on the spot, literally doused with punches, hoping for her legs to withstand the pummeling – Sarah’s unleashing hell on Amanda’s ribs/torso/arms! Righetti’s shuddering/wilting, but her legs bear Lancaster’s punishment until the bell, as she remains standing up, defying Sarah. Still a huge round for Lancaster: seconds away from a knockout win, leaves lofty redhead a slow, stumbling wreck en route to corner.
R3: At bell, Sarah walks Righetti down mercilessly, as redhead’s legs remain reduced: Amanda in retreat, then in tight earmuff, getting constantly fed thick jabs as she’s led around the ring in circles ropes to ropes. Lancaster with a champion’s glow of power, robustly putting sock to Righetti’s body – stepping into her, trapping her in corner, her wide back sparkling with ass-kicking sweat as she works her opponent over. Redhead’s getting stacked up roughly at turnbuckles, strong rights pumped into her tummy, as she’s laying back deep in ropes, attempting to subdue the Lancaster offense, but not managing more than a few disruptive counters, as Sarah looms large, minimizing working space. Lancaster’s doing a sensational job of using her weight – constraining her challenger, making her feel small – while pumping in her fists robotically to reduce Amanda’s energy. Righetti’s successful in avoiding Sarah getting a closer look at her chin throughout the round – one looping right hand upside Amanda’s head fires through, though – mainly giving up her body to punishment to protect her face, but remains constantly at the edge, dipping on her toes, trying to hold off besieging Sarah with extended arms, groaning under the rib shots, tying up around Sarah’s elbows in pain, struggling for little moments of relaxation. Lancaster so hungry, yet staying controlled: not marching into reckless slugfests for an early finish, but trying to combat her challenger into capitulation, minute by minute.
R4: Lancaster’s mission is clear: crushing Amanda before she can come back. Sarah proves her evolution as a fighter, putting together solid minutes of jabbing, fighting her opponent’s fight – batters Righetti’s arms and shoulders, extending distance out of caution, marching back in behind head-knocking lefts, tying up at counters, brawling on the spot, bullying Amanda’s chest with her shoulders, writhing free from her foe’s tired embraces. Righetti’s look concerned: no doubt about it, she’s getting her butt kicked up to this point – Sarah’s ambitious fists are constantly putting dents into her strong torso. Around the middle mark, Righetti finally straightens into extended clinch under Lancaster’s arms, jostles competitively to drive Sarah back some inches, immediately wades into champ with resilient jabs – Righetti finds better range to stabilize, out-punching Lancaster with shelling lefts and bringing in competitive rights for the first time in a while. Lancaster responds mulishly: she closes in, gripping up Amanda’s arms, holding with one hand, punching with the other – grunting work has shocked Righetti walked around in circles, wearing down, her eyes closed as she’s getting clouted short-chopping rights and hooks to chin, as Sarah proves robust and tough, shutting down Amanda’s comeback like a badass.
R5: When girls meet mid-ring, Righetti’s anxious to show presence: deft footwork slowly back into play, as she shakes off the power, slugging a startled Lancaster some overhead rights before jumping into quick jabs – redhead rediscovering her aggression, ramming rights into Sarah’s tummy, tussling for leverage. Lancaster now finding hefty resistance: no longer impeding challenger’s steps as Amanda establishes thudding control in first minute.  Righetti’s body now surprisingly mobile as if on cue, circling to one side or the other, her hands relaxed at chin height, elbows tucked in: compact punches attempting to beat apart Lancaster’s strong guard. Brunette flabbergasted by the display of strength, desperately brawling into clinches to stop Righetti from walking her down: girls fight each other to a thunderous standstill mid-round. Lots of reversals throughout second minute – step forward, step back – as girls hoist each other into the ropes, rights slam into guts and lefts check their respective chins. Amanda’s trying to form regular, wide stance, pushing brunette off, extending lefts to straighten into knock-knock jabs; Lancaster more prolific up close in the grasp, tidying up with short hooks, forcing Amanda to sponge up series of tummy-busting fists. Late in the round, Righetti separates herself with sudden inside right uppercuts clipping Lancaster’s head – brunette stoops forward into more sloshing upside hooks from Righetti’s pocket, shows signs of swoon – eyes embittered, knees awkwardly bended – stumbling on her way to corner at bell, as redhead wins her first round since the first.
R6: Welter amazons wade into battle of attrition, thighs shuddering in the trenches – girls exchange howitzer jabs mostly cushioned by gloves with no-one gaining an upper hand when late in the first minute, Lancaster suddenly shrugs a short, right uppercut straight thru mitts to shocked redhead chin: Amanda’s head flaps back violently! Righetti’s moaning in confusion, her face twisted in pain, as Sarah goes on to whack hooks to paunch, doubling up lefts into jolting uppercuts – she’s got Amanda stumbling back into ropes, her head jerking. Sarah continues by chopping side-arm rights behind Righetti’s left elbow, smothering her redhead into ropes: Amanda stoops over, but suddenly straightens into an awkward, mitts-splitting rising uppercut connecting firmly with Lancaster’s left cheek, ties up brunette to smother Sarah’s counters, pushes Lancaster off with a chest hook to rock her with series of stubborn rights upside her head before the ref gets in to break the tussling beauties apart. Amanda keeping distance, then patiently walks brunette down with the jab – touching, touching, always staying in mid-distance, not bringing in the right until later in the third minute when she’s chopping a sudden right off shoulder hurtling through Sarah’s gloves into her teeth, keeping groping left arm outstretched to prep her foe, then leaning mightily into another detonating, head-jerking short right on brunette’s chin that BLOWS LANCASTER ONTO HER BACK! Sarah felled, just sloshing backwards from the force, picking head up off canvas all blinking, eyelashes fluttering in confused daze, arms fumbling around for support. Lancaster up after six, woozy and plodding on the spot to shake off the haze: Amanda’s immediately back at her, beating ribs and arms, bashing torso with wide thumping combinations, trapping her foe for the remaining seconds of the round.
R7: With Lancaster’s pace diminished by the knockdown – mouth open, legs heavy, looking disheveled –  Amanda feeds her palm-down right hands to chest, clobbering shoulders, bodying up to smother counters, turns Lancaster all wobbly-butt after chopping another right to cheek. Sarah’s forced to tie up, closing her eyes in pain, jerking from the constant grinding pressure on her lower body as Amanda pursues her relentlessly, pressures her brunette to ropes – hard shoulders thrown into tits – sets up processing there, swatting combinations of rights and lefts into Sarah’s waist. Lancaster’s grimacing, eats a vicious little right uppercut straight between her mitts late in the round – Sarah’s trembling, tying up in anguish: sobbing out in confused pain when another stepped-in jab knocks back her head, lays her rearwards into ropes, stricken.
R8: Righetti organizes behind jab, applies sumptuous beatdown to Lancaster: brunette forming tight defensive stance, trusting legs to hold challenger off, but slowly falling off the pace set by redhead. Lancaster’s proud body now exposed from the damage – legs trudging along wherever Amanda’s lefts direct her, unable to mount any significant offense – athletic mid-ring tussles all going Righetti’s way. Redhead stepping into punches, putting back and shoulders behind fists: late in the first minute, Amanda shocks Sarah with a stinging jab deep into her stomach that has brunette stumbling sideways a couple of steps, her knees not fully straightening. Sarah whimpers, folding forward as Amanda goes to stack her up, brawny shoulders pumping out meat-grinding lefts checking out Lancaster’s chin. Righetti unleashes both arms into limber, whacking hooks swatting past Sarah’s arms: a ripping right across chest straightens faltering brunette, two quick greedy jabs crush on Lancaster’s mouth – Sarah’s head snap-tossed aside, her body going limp as she’s pirouetting down near ropes to TAKE A KNEE! Lancaster wilts to all fours panting, needs arms for support, her hair dangling down, body quivering, looking finished for a moment before grimly trying to rise on autopilot, willing herself to get up – swaying on the spot, frail. Lancaster gesturing to the ref to let her go on, putting her hands up bravely, solemnly stomping into Amanda – ref’s not yet moving in – she’s clamoring to tie up, STILL punching, feebly ramming in body punches to Amanda’s flanks. Righetti’s heartless in the grasp, pushin’ and shovin’ her tottering foe – a subsequent uppercut right to temple pretty much shuts down Lancaster’s power – but brunette’s stooping forward in zombie mode, hooking onto Amanda’s arms. Righetti wrestles/pushes off, clipping Sarah two hammering jabs below her jaw – brunette’s eyes roll back with a groan and Righetti’s free to bash a perfectly timed/forced right upside Sarah’s head that ends her night: Lancaster’s hovering on her feet for an instant, then crumples down, relaxing onto her back, not responding, her head lolling to the side, eyes shut. Righetti’s exulting in glory, standing over her fallen foe’s broad, beaten body, her arms raised in triumph…that’s a KO8 for the NEW welterweight champion, Amanda Righetti!
After: Righetti beaming with joy as she returns to the welterweight title for the first time since January 2014 when she lost to Cassidy Freeman – while dethroned Lancaster’s gently cared for, her proudly strong body turned rickety from hungry redhead fists tonight. Fourth battle between Lancaster and Righetti their closest-fought duel to date: Lancaster with a commanding lead after four rounds; once Righetti got the answer knockdown, things went downhill for her and she proved unable to stop the increasing onslaught. Lancaster gets praise for her title run and her fascinating year nevertheless: experts now widely consider her a long-term contender at the division’s top. Pundits noting Righetti’s explosive new knockout power: knocking out Kajlich and Lancaster back to back a rare display for her, and perhaps the necessary formula against more or less physically equal specimen.



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