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12 December 2015 Hayley Atwell vs Kelly Brook

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing & Vassago on December 12, 2015, 11:16 am


Hayley Atwell (FCBA Debut) vs Kelly Brook (36-51-5, 25 KO)
(FCBA Free Agent, ex-Beever's Babes vs This Is Glamour)
Results: Lookout! Boxing / Story: Vassago

BEFORE: The addition of JMDD competition to the FCBA league has sparked huge interest from several balloon-chested veterans that couldn't fit the regular JMD genre based on the 120 lbs weight limit. However girls like Hayley Atwell and Kelly Brook can finally extend their careers without the risk of being used as cannon fodder for some of the younger generation coming fresh off CW & Nickelodeon contracts and preaching the world didn't exist before the innovation of twitter.

This being said Atwell makes her official FCBA debut tonight; The Captain America franchise starlet has found the BBU life at premium unwilling to "waste her time" against some of Page Three glamour models (even though the likes of Michelle Marsh and Sophie Howard beat her to the US market debut) but that's not a surprise for someone who's clashed gloves with Jill Wagner and Rachel McAdams back in 2011.

On the other hand Kelly Brook is the cult hero among most lightweight fans, she's not your everyday Hall Of Famer but can sell tickets all over the world and just like Jery Ryan is destined to find work deep into her 40s (she's "only" 36 now which makes her future safe in the next decade according to RACK! Magazine). She's won only three of her last 15 fights but Blake Lively, Bar Refaeli and Katy Perry are names which easily put anything that Hayley's done in her life into row Z.

Stats first, Kelly is 34E but Hayley refuses to give her numbers amid plastic surgery rumours over the past couple of years. But JMDD rules allow the enhanced rack into competition so only the purists might find themselves in Brook's corner.

Hayley Atwell wears a crimson red basque top, black knickers and black gloves. Dark brown hair tied in a loose ponytail. Kelly Brook wears a black X-shaped monokini with silver trim and silver gloves. Dark brown hair in loose cascades. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Kelly wastes no time in thumping her opponent's rack lashing out from both sides and reeling Hayley into a desperate jug defence. There's no better way to settle into a fight against someone coming off a long absence then to just bury the girl under a leather barrage and Atwell struggles to embrace Brook's efforts let alone the repeated chest stalking. She circles back into the ropes but still well within Kelly's range who works the jabbing assault and pounds Hayley against the turnbuckle where the younger brunette has to respond but she's too slow in execution and Kelly powers ahead slicing the guard with ease and makes repeated connection with the enhanced cleavage. Hayley winces quietly but keeps throwing some punches and even though she lacks production, she prevents Brook from shutting her down wholesale.

Round 2:
More of the same in the second, Kelly outworks Hayley in close range and pummels her rack from each side to dump the younger brunette on her heels before a belting hook to the liver makes Atwell groan in pain. Kelly leans on her embattled foe and drives more hooks around the elbows which stagger Hayley in the middle of the ring but she clips Brook's chin with a desperate lunge and then whoops a series through the middle throwing the older brunette off balance. Kelly wants to resume her dominance and beats Atwell for a quick overhand but as she tags the nose, a gut-wrenching series bends her forward and has Hayley thumping uppercuts to push Brook's jugs against her slumping chin. Both women bump jug-to-jug and Hayley drives the fellow brunette butt-in-ropes but lets Brook slip a late series on the liver area and leans the head on her shoulders trying to stop Kelly's recovery in the dying seconds.

Round 3:
Hayley finally ups the tempo across the canvas and finds Kelly's melons with a straight jabbing double shutting off the older brunette's high roller, she adds another hook on the liver and finds an uppercut galore to push Brook on her heels amid loud scowling. Kelly struggles to find her feet with Hayley getting more aggressive and thumping uppercuts on the fly, she tries to break free into mid distance but Atwell whacks her on the solar plexus and bumps her off with another jug-to-jug contact. Kelly stumbles back to the ropes and gets romped with another quick strike up the alley which caves her in for remainder of the round and leaves Atwell with a flurry of punches to the guts that make Brook scream out her loudest and slump on jelly knees at the bell.

Round 4:
Kelly got jumped in the previous rounds and took few punches too many but she recovers well to resume the jug thumping from the side and shuts Hayley off early in the fourth. But the younger brunette finds her stride much quicker than before and responds with equal venom romping to Brook's gut and bending her forward into an uppercut switch. Both women wrestle in the middle of the ring briefly but Kelly just shoves her rival away and cracks another low hook on the liver area before adding an uppercut to the mounds. Atwell stands her ground though and she looks prepared to soak up the single punches by now so when Kelly pauses for a moment instead of just adding more leather she gets jumped with a hooking barrage from each side and has to protect her melons in numbers; Hayley bumps her off to the ropes and clips the jaw to stay on top and signs off the round with another belting hook on the ribcage. Kelly shakes her head in frustration but she's simply unable to outmuscle the fellow Brit anymore.

Round 5:
Atwell turns up the heat again and jumps at Brook with even more aggression than before which catches the older brunette napping. A belting hook on the liver area bends Kelly to the side and enables Hayley to drill the rack with her right hand to the point Kelly screams out and wobbles back on her heels unable to stay in the exchange. She grazes the forearms instead of spiking the enhanced target and tries to clinch herself into a little breather. But Atwell bumps her off and nails with another uppercut on the fly before launching a flurry of jabs that smash into Brook's windpipe as well as her chin. Kelly retreats butt-in-ropes but sways on her feet and has Hayley pressing ahead with her cleavage to set up a drilling series on the guts. Kelly slumps her head against Hayley's shoulder but remains lethargic in the clinch and the ref doesn't want to separate the two hellcats with Atwell thumping her foe's ribcage into a mush. Brook squeals in pain but is trapped all the way through the barrage being unable to shake off Hayley's superior rack weight. It's like the younger brunette wants to apply a standing breast smother on her more experienced opponent and whatever the plan is, Kelly just succumbs to the raw strenght of Atwell's silicon. She leans over the ropes at the bell and has serious trouble finding her breath back while Hayley twerks her melons full of confidence and yells out: "I'm gonna ruin you now, bytch! Your jugs are all mine!"

Round 6:
Kelly's visibly hurt and has little strenght in her to avoid a jug muggin' rush that lifts her melons up against her slumping chin early in the sixth. Atwell smells blood and can't stop yelling at her aching opponent: "Had enough, yet? Submit, bytch!" Brook's response is just an agony of cries and the proud veteran's pounded out of any resistance throgh the minute mark and gets reeled onto the ropes where Atwell ravages her mounds with plethora of uppercuts that slump Kelly against her shoulder one more time... the screams are getting too loud for the referee's comfort but he still prefers Hayley to finish the job off and she wrecks Brook beyond all limits by almost rendering her topless in a mindless jug bash that literally destroys the monokini as well as Kelly's jugs... the older brunette slumps against the turnbuckle and just slides down on her backside with Atwell romping her pillar-to-post and looking like the second coming of Kate Upton... Kelly rolls onto her side and remains down with her eyes closed as Hayley leaps into her maiden JMDD success!!! KO6 Hayley Atwell!!!

AFTER: "I frickin' wrecked Kelly Brook's jugs! The bytch never saw it coming!", the joyful winner channels her inner ruthless persona and shows little sympathy to the fallen veteran: "She deserved all the beating she got here tonight! I feel like it's the biggest day of my life and well, while I'd love to pound Jeri Ryan's tits off I might be good enough to challenge Kate Upton now! Who's gonna stop me? Michelle Keegan came from literally nowhere to become JMD champ so I guess I can follow that route in JMDD, right? Any objections, Erin?"

ESPN's Erin Andrews indeed confirms that Atwell might have just announced herself in the JMDD elite with a ruthless demolition of Kelly Brook's jugs but it only gets worse for the 90 plus fight veteran as Hayley grabs her by the hair and drags from the corner back to center of the ring. Kelly was so pummelled she never got up during Atwell's interview and now she has to soak up a reverse facesit before the younger brunette smothers her senseless amid a mad support from the crowd. All those months on the sidelines and you can understand Atwell's rush as she'd like to repeat that standing smother effort but unfortunately Brook's in no shape to stay on her feet anymore and at least she gets spared her monokini being ripped to shreds. Atwell was so keen to put her to sleep she didn't even consider taking the loser's outift as a battle trophy but perhaps she will save that for either Jeri Ryan or even Kate Upton if the opportunity presents itself.

Atwell leaves Brook smothered out spread eagle on the canvas and adjusts her crimson basque top to pose for the next cover of RACK! Magazine while getting more attention from Erin Andrews: "Just look out for this poor bytch here. I don't think Kelly would like to see you toe-pumps doing more damage than I did already (laughs). First of all, I'd like to thank the Lioness crew and Joanna Krupa who prepared me for this battle. Must say I love Miami and all that scene and Joanna was a really nice person to invite me to her gym! I couldn't have done it without her. But also big thanks to the Alpha Boxing Club who apparently might be called Atwell Boxing Fan Club from now on (giggles). It's always nice to see some outside support and I feel like I can truly make a career here in the States despite being 33 years old. I mean, I'm no spring chicken but nowhere near to be regarded as a washed-up dancing hooker. (...) Say what Erin, gotta switch over to the Ice Hotel? Man, this TV window is really tight for you guys, but hey, let's don't make Miranda Kerr wait for too long, right?"

Final result: Hayley Atwell def. Kelly Brook KO6. 



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