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16 December 2015 Emma Glover vs Carmen Electra

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Posted by kjwx109 on December 16, 2015, 6:58 pm



Emma Glover versus Carmen Electra
(Words: Glamour / Results: Lookout!)


The scars left by her beating in December 2014 by Leah Dizon have proven to be as much mental as physical for Emma Glover. With the scrap for the bantamweight belt continuing in her absence, whilst her wounds healed, some commentators had voiced fears that Glover was a slow healer. Four time bantamweight title holder, Carmen Electra, had gone one step further though and accused Glover of losing her bottle. What followed was a war of words on Twitter, which culminated in Glover calling Electra out of semi-retirement.

Emma Glover ‏@MissEmmaGlover
Just want to point out that the FCBA has moved onto another level since @carmenelectra won her titles. She is free to show me otherwise. #cougar#hasbeen

The fight is taking place at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas and marks Glover’s first fight under the wing of the This is Glamour stable.

Carmen Electra wears a blue bikini and gloves. Emma Glover wears a black bikini and gloves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Emma Glover takes the fight forward, backing Electra up early on, the left jab is sent towards the former Baywatch star and grazes her cheek. Feint, feint and feint again from Carmen Electra but no end product. Both girls chuck a jab at the same time and both miss. Glover is in the corner, talking to her opponent- it is probably not praise.

Emma Glover starts the round by confidently switching from the southpaw stance to orthodox. She keeps switching, leading with the right, then with the left without landing anything of note. Electra looks as though she is annoyed at being played with, but patiently probes with her left. Glover’s confidence grows and she drops her guard. Whatever game she is playing backfires spectacularly as a series of lefts from Electra is followed up by a big right that causes Glover’s knees to buckle and opens up a cut before her left eye.

With their danders up, both girls start the round in explosive fashion, cheered on by the crowd. Both girls land some big shots but Glover’s superior reach mean that more of hers land. The cut below Glover’s eye has been opened up but both of Electra’s cheeks are visibly grazed. Will this sway the judges?

Again, the punches that matter - the ones that score - are few and far between. If Electra throws she knows that she is in danger of being knocked out if she misses. They grapple, a few digs to the ribs from Glover. Right cross, left jab from Electra, both hit the head crisply. Glover looks mentally dazed, you can see the questions running through her mind.

Both girls are visibly starting to tire, and it is Glover, the younger girl by fifteen years, who seeks to exploit this by using her footwork to move her opponent about. The strategy pays dividends as Electra stumbles to her knees after a rare exchange of blows between them. She is unable to rise to her feet straightaway, even though she is quick to show the referee she is alright, and proceeds to run the clock down by clinging to Glover. At the bell, Glover has Electra in the corner and the latter is struggling to fend off an uninterrupted series of blows.

Glover seems content to work away at Electra’s ribs in the clinches. Electra seems to have run out of ideas. A jab towards the middle of the round bloodies Electra’s nose, but it is a cross in the third minute which knocks her down for good. Electra struggles to get to her knees during the count.

Emma Glover beats Carmen Electra with a sixth round knockout.

Carmen Electra is being led out of the ring in tears. Her makeup is running, and her eyes are swollen, making her look like all of her 43 years. Meanwhile Emma Glover is interviewed by Denise van Outen.

DvO (tries to look like she is not impressed by Glover’s 30H rack):”Fantastic win there Emma. Carmen asked some real questions of you in there.”

EG(rearranges her boobs in her halter):”She was game I’ll give her that. I’d definitely rematch her as she gives me rounds.”

DvO:”No one seems to want to hold onto the Bantamweight FCBA title this year. Claire Holt, Anna Silk, Allison Mack and Danielle Fisher have all worn the belt. Do you fancy a title shot?”

EG:”A title will be the end of a journey I’m on. I’ll be looking to fulfil my BBU obligations in my next fight.”

DvO:”Could that mean that we’ll see you resume your rivalry with Rosie Jones?”

EG:”If the price is right then I’m sure it is a fight everyone would want to see. Although I am 1-2 against her, a lot has changed since we last fought in 2012, and I think my A game would murder hers.” 



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