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30 November 2001 Eliza Dushku vs Teri Hatcher

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Posted by simguy on 11/30/2001, 7:02 am

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Before: Dushku thirsty for payback - Hatcher lording it over her flyweight rival, constantly playing clips of her stunning KO over Eliza in prefight interviews - two highly motivated contestants in this one. "The thing I get back to," points out Eliza, "is that I was dominating the fight when I got caught. Anyone can get caught, and Teri can punch, I'll give her that. But I was in control and this fight won't be any different. I see me racking up rounds, dictating the action and breaking Teri down. The only difference will be that she's not going to find my chin so easily." Eliza in red leather bikini, Teri in black sports bra, red bikini bottoms.

During R1: Hatcher licks a lanky left up across Eliza's midsection, then slices down across the jaw with a crashing right hand and DUSHKU IS HURT! Eliza clipped in the opening seconds, stumbles in swoon as Teri jabs her to the ropes, starts to crank it up with in and out power punching. Dushku showing composure, bobs and rolls at the ropes, getting hit, but never clean and by the final minute - Hatcher's had her moment. Dushku able to get her legs under her, pivot around her jab and avoid the shutout.

R2: Eliza slowly restoring order with her legs - sharp pivots to the right away from Teri's right hand, stinging jabs to Hatcher's mouth and chest, and zesty straight right hands to the head as Dushku keeps it simple.

R3: Teri with the right at her chest, left at her hip, still stalking, making the fight, but Eliza's sidestepping lateral movement and crisp combinations are keeping Hatcher off balance. Dushku just getting her touches, outpunching Teri 3 to 1, then moving before Teri can set her feet. Down the stretch, girls just circling, not much action when suddenly, Eliza rips a triple left hook to the body, breasts and chin, then snaps off the HARD right cross to the face and Teri scoots to her butt with a glazed expression. Hatcher beats the count at the bell, but swaying badly on numb legs as Eliza looks on with a meanspirited glare.

R4: HATCHER STUNS ELIZA! Dushku getting screened by Teri's lanky left, bites on a withering right to the point of the chin and Dushku crumbles forward to clinch. Teri sidestepping, then drilling Eliza in the ear as the brunette crashes past - Hatcher walking Dushku down with the right hand cocked, left hand at her side. Once again, Eliza forced to focus in hurt - twisting and blocking desperately at the ropes as Hatcher sets her feet and lashes away with limber two fisted mayhem. Final minute - Hatcher winded, has to back off - Eliza able to salvage pride with some cautious jabs to Teri's flat tummy - Dushku staying well outside when she's not getting off.

R5: Dushku recovering well once again - comes out with sharp punching, working combinations off the jab and keeping Teri turning midring. Hatcher's form starting to drift, hands are coming down - she's slugging now, missing over the top as Dushku treats her to some delicious head movement in the middle minute. Hatcher with that rangy motion catches up down the stretch however: missing the hook, she backhands the left and lands a heartstopping right hand on the temple - Dushku steps in fence post holes for a moment then GOES TO ALL FOURS! Eliza trembling - electrified by Teri's punching - Dushku takes 8. On comes Teri, slashing back and forth with her fists, always drawing her hand back across Eliza's face to set up the other punch and another right hand splatters flush to the side of the head, leaving Dushku leaning over her feet. Teri with the follow up hook claps the other side of Eliza's jaw and Dushku takes a hop to the left before falling to her knees at the ropes. Eliza shellshocked - staring out at the audience at the bell as Hatcher parades the ring in triumph.

R6: Teri taking it to Eliza - Dushku unable to shake off the punishment so easily this time around, sits on the ropes covers up, and looks for spots off the ropes. Teri head hunting, forfeits a golden opportunity by missing a lot of shots as Dushku proves a marvel on D. Hatcher pockets another round, but Dushku gets her head together.

R7: Eliza changing her approach - stepping inside Teri's lashing wide strokes and going to the body with crippling efficiency this round. Hatcher grimacing in pain as she is forced into retreat - her punches carrying uselessly around Eliza's shoulders while Dushku dips low, comes up viciously into the ribcage with either hand. Hatcher's legs buckle repeatedly as she starts to cringe on contact - she's hurt and Dushku's digging in. Down the stretch, Hatcher wilting around the ring, suddenly drops the right foot back and catches Eliza walking in with a pitching right down the pipe. DUSHKU'S knees buckle as she nearly goes down, then covers up as Hatcher shellacks away to the bell. Both girls badly used this round - wobbly butts all around on painful walks back to respective corners.

R8: E gets back back on that body. Sharp pivots to the left, jabs to the chest and belly, straight right hands into the belly, and everytime Hatcher slings the right - Eliza slips it, digs a hard left hook to the ribs to put Teri mincing up on her tippy toes.

R9: E to the body - practically snapping Teri in two with numbing 2 fisted power shots. Hatcher barely able to pull the trigger on right hands at this point - Dushku's slipping it at will, counter-hooking to the ribs and jaw, forcing Teri into knock-kneed retreat. Pounding beat down at the ropes as Teri sits blankly to take - stooping forward as Dushku helps herself with grim-faced intensity.

R10: Shutout Eliza Dushku - and some of the cruelest body shots ever taken by Teri Hatcher. Eliza has Teri broken down, unable to punch - Hatcher sobbing aloud as she tries to protect her torso, stubbornly refusing to go down as Dushku bangs her to and along the ropes. Dushku stepping patiently with Teri, staying close, snapping brutally at the ribcage with either hand, bringing her fists back to her chest on follow through to immediately reset. Bell sounds - Hatcher moaning in relief as Eliza chests up and forces eye contact, prompting referee intervention. Comes back UD10 Eliza Dushku in a thriller.

After: Dushku climbs off the deck to solve the Teri Hatcher riddle - gangly Junior Jones style proving particularly troublesome for the talented young brunette. Teri grew increasingly sloppy and wide with her punching as the fight went along - Eliza making the correct decision, came inside, punished the body and simply beat Teri down over the last half of the fight. For those keeping score, that's one a-piece, with Teri looking very good at times against an Eliza Dushku who's used to dominating girls at this weight.



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