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29 December 2015 Amy Nuttall vs Jennifer Metcalfe

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(Double A Boxing vs Lookout! Atlantic Boxing)


Posted by Vassago on December 29, 2015, 11:07 pm


BEFORE: The battle of the British TV soap operas always brings the best from BBU and many people inside the Cardiff Arena believe this fight will become an instant classic on the Boxing Day PPV as former Emmerdale starlet Amy Nuttall clashes with Hollyoaks bombshell stalwart Jennifer Metcalfe. Both these women have fought just once in 2015 which is criminal in some regard, Nuttall returned after a two year hiatus back in February where she lost to veteran Gemma Bissix but looked very promising nonetherless - like a past BBU champion should - while Metcalfe couldn't handle the ever impressive Jessica Schwarz in March still going eight rounds before finally ceasing resistance.

Denise van Outen doesn't have a designated favorite and neither does the Cardiff audience allthough Jennifer gets the bigger ovation twerking her assets a little too invitingly for some and immediately catching Frankie Cocozza's attention who was otherwise interested in Havana Brown's cleavage most of the time. Georgie Thompson notices the look Frankie gave Metcalfe's boobs there but she tells the BBU TV viewers that "Jennifer is way out of his league" and she's probably right. It's different to stalk the somewhat desperate singers while Jennifer's BBU future looks very much secure thanks to the Lookout! Atlantic Boxing contract.

Amy Nuttall wears a green bikini with silver stripes and silver gloves. Dark red hair in loose waves. Jennifer Metcalfe wears a lacy black bikini and red gloves. Raven-black hair in loose waves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Hammer & tongs from the word go and and Amy catches the brunette off guard wholesale as she applies an uppercut route to rock Metcalfe's head back and squashes any chances of a Bissix deja vu putting her on the back foot against a fellow veteran. You couldn't tell Amy was away for so long before that but one doesn't win a BBU title without having some skill and the redhead shows plenty of that early in the fight knocking Jennifer about and stucking repeated leather over the top. Metcalfe must yield the real estate in a hurry but what's worse, she misfires in her response and allows the redhead to dominate the heated dust up before a clubbing hook on the nose finally dumps the brunette on the ropes and has Amy punching her to the body just as the clock expires.

Round 2:
Nuttall secures another jump on the brunette who clearly didn't expect such a feisty start from the ex-champ and gets pummelled on the body again before Amy moves upstairs to dish out the facial punishment and leave Metcalfe scowling. The Hollyoaks brunette receives more damage when Amy pounds her lips into a visible swelling in the second minute with a power rush up the middle that simply settles the close range battle in the redhead's favor. The high tempo work rate shuts Jennifer down thereafter as well and the otherwise toothsome brunette must think better off it allowing Nuttall to run away with the second round on the spin and looking very impressive in doing so.

Round 3:
No teasing game here like in Nadia Forde's case; both women fire away in mindless fashion and Amy still gets the better of Jennifer by stacking her up with a close range assault and superior agility. Metcalfe's always a fraction of a second behind and the hits just keep on coming leaving her face clearly bruised and much worse to wear at this stage of the fight. Amy blows her foe a kiss after thuming her on the brow ridge and Jennifer wobbles really badly after that shot however she simply can't shake the pressure off and has to soak up more redhead leather stalking her on the ribs until the final thirty seconds of the round when she finally clinches the rampant ex-champ and earns herself a clinching breather.

Round 4:
Nuttall's attack finally bogs down when she drills her left hand against the hip after a quick move downstairs and Jennifer was able to turn just at the right moment to prevent a scything liver attack. A brief dry spell - as Amy tries to adjust her stance - is viciously interrupted when Metcalfe homes in a left cross on the eye and dumps the redhead on her heels which finally enables some Hollyoaks pressure to make a rare appearance in the ring. But Jennifer's ultra committed to dishing out some damage and wrecks Amy's left brow ridge with a brutal hook that sends the ex-champion reeling into the ropes with a loud yelp. Amy tries to bouce off the ropes and tackle the rushing brunette with another flyweight-like drill but gets NAILED on the nose as for once Metcalfe beats her to the punch.. and that makes the older actress scream out her loudest of the night with Jennifer drilling her to the body thereafter and completing the rout with another harpoon on the navel that suddenly makes Nuttall very vulnerable indeed.

Round 5:
That was a bad round for the Bolton based redhead who looked to have things under control until then. And that hook on the nose left her a bit dazed as well so when she hangs back to open the fifth even the Lookout! Atlantic entourage realizes there's something wrong... and Metcalfe wastes no time in a proper punishment as she leaps after the redhead and makes her pay for taking the foot off the gas... the ideal plan was there for Amy and now it collapses when she gets smacked by a double combo up the middle and the brunette is hell bent to rearrange her face drilling everything upstairs for a good measure. Amy's footwork no longer helps her cause as the punches stack up her face and pummel her onto the ropes come the final minute where Metcalfe blasts more hooks around the high guard and sinks the ex-champ on soft knees in the corner. A late switch on the breadbasket is almost unneccessary yet it makes Nuttall wince a little louder and Jennifer bumps her off to the ropes after the bell giving the older actress a nice little bytch stare in the proccess.

Round 6:
Looks like Amy's left hand is affected by that bruising punch on the hip in the fourth and she can't quite put much weight behind her shots which badly derails her teeing off ideas to the point Metcalfe beats her for a cross route at will in the opening minute and sends reeling down the ropes. Everything changes in a flash as the Hollyoaks brunette pulls even on the cards with a hectic leather asault from there on and Nuttall's clearly struggling to embrace the body assault that pins her deep and prevents from even striking back with full force. A loud yelp after she nails the brunette over the top indicates there's something wrong with that wrist but Metcalfe's in the groove now and shuts the redhead's eyes with a wicked left/right combo on the temples that is followed by a crisp uppercut on the jaw right at the bell. Amy almost loses her balance alltogether and is lucky enough she actually bumps off the brunette's shoulder but that's a very bad sight for the woman who pretty much dominated the opening three rounds and had Metcalfe unable to salvage any pride at one stage.

Round 7:
We're back to the mindless punching as Amy can't afford to wait any longer but as she drills the brunette's jugs with her initial approach, she gets caught by a brutal hook on the nose which bursts her nostrils and leads into a brief stagger... AND METCALFE CLATTERS HER ON THE FOLLOW UP which has blood spilling into the brunette's face and even getting into her eyes that prevents another hook... What a mess! Amy's nose goes all south and the poor redhead just bellows out onto the ropes smearing the blood all over her face and just losing all the spark in the proccess... ref immediately calls for a medical time out but Amy's close to tears her as she just got wrenched by that hook... Nadia Forde would be proud of that! There's just no recovery for the redhead after something like this and allthough she gets patched up, it's still a long way to go on the clock and Jennifer mauls the quickly gassing out opponent who simply wants to avoid a devastating injury... all the good work undone as Metcalfe powers ahead to resume the red seepage to the point Amy simply grinds to a halt on the ropes and can't stop the tearful & bloody reality taking over... Jennifer tries to hold back but wants to make the fellow actress quit at the same time... just no love lost in BBU... AND THERE COMES THE TOWEL FROM NUTTALL'S CORNER... Double A interim head-coach Sophie Ellis-Bextor makes sure she doesn't have to book a trip to the hospital anytime soon but the redhead's face is still one big mess here... TKO7 Jennifer Metcalfe!!!

AFTER: Some jeering in the audience as the fans think that Jennifer went just too rough on her opponent in the end but the fight could have been stopped as soon as Amy's nose got wrecked in first place. No post-fight antics as Amy quickly exits to the locker room - still trying to avoid the tearful spasms - with a small towel wrapped around her busted up nose. Metcalfe wanted to twerk more jugs out there as her hand is raised in the air but now looks confused at best and well, it's been a while since the blood was last spilled in BBU and that's the most gruesome fight of tonight's card.

However the smile is right back on the brunette's face when she announces to the Cardiff audience that she plans to take Jennifer Ellison down next and that prospect makes some of the fans forget about poor Amy Nuttall's bloody demise. There are online bets though that Ellison can make Lookout! Atlantic manager Nicole Richie throw the towel on Metcalfe for a change and even Denise van Outen and Georgie Thompson can't make their mind up on the eventual scenario.

Final result: Jennifer Metcalfe def. Amy Nuttall TKO7 (Corner Stoppage).



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