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31 December 2015 Sarah Jayne Dunn vs Claire Cooper

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(Double A Boxing vs Garnet Gunners UK)


Posted by Vassago on December 31, 2015, 2:08 pm


BEFORE: Sarah Jayne Dunn makes a surprising return to the BBU competition as only the die-hard fans of the organization should remember that Double A Boxing isn't all about The Saturdays and Kara Tointon. Some early December rumours linked the blonde actress to newlywed Christine Bleakley but instead she faces a fellow TV starlet - and Bleakley's victim from August 2014 - Claire Cooper who tries to follow suit on Gemma Merna's and Jennifer Metcalfe's victories to complete the Hollyoaks Boxing Day sweep. The contest is a real coin-flipper since neither woman has shown much skill in the past to warrant even a gatekeeper status but when there's no pre-fight favorite the actual show usually tends to be better. At least that's what the Cardiff Arena crowd hopes for!

Sarah Jayne Dunn wears a black one-piece swimsuit and red gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Claire Cooper wears a white one-piece swimsuit and blue gloves. Dark brown hair tied in a curly ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Blonde powers ahead with a jabbing combo and splits the brunette's mitts early on however Cooper belts her across the ribcage to cause more damage and reel Sarah on her heels while the attack upstairs collapses quickly and enables Claire to pound the midsection for more success. A somewhat hectic approach from both women leaves plenty of opportunities wasted though and it's clear neither of them is capable of landing that big punch yet. Still it's the dark haired actress who outworks her opponent in close range and maintains the upper hand while punching the blonde to the body which makes Dunn groan in frustration and shake her head come the bell.

Round 2:
Sarah attempts another power rush but skims past the high guard and gets whacked across the mouth with Claire moving on the front leg and landing a nifty one-two combo on the jaw to wobble the blonde on her heels again. The defence simply fails to do it's job and Sarah is pummelled back to the ropes with another attack upstairs and by the time she tries to clinch the brunette, Cooper slams more cross hooks on the cheeks leaving a couple of nasty cuts on Sarah's face already. This shuts the blonde off and she gets wrestled away from the clinch before Claire whoops her over the top and smacks on the nose which trembles Dunn into a desperate earmuff cover in the corner. Cooper duly runs away with the round and spikes her foe's midriff to stay on top of her.

Round 3:
More trouble for the blonde who gets stacked up in the corner as Cooper rains punches from the word go obviously well aware of her rival's comeback ineptitude. A couple of wild swings briefly halt the brunette's charge but she gets countered up the middle with a cross hook and a follow up on the chin whips Dunn against the turnbuckle. She fails to keep her gloves high enough and gets nailed with a vicious left hook that wobbles her straight into a clubbing piledriver from the right... AND DOWN GOES SARAH... a vicious combo finally breaks her resilience - it's not like it was a major cause for concern anyway - and Cooper quickly struts back to the opposite corner to witness a slow recovery... Dunn gets up at seven but remains glued to the post and a ripping series upstairs mauls her face in no time with Claire just adding more leather and taking full advantage of Sarah's lack of resistance... the blonde gets pummelled to a standstill and just moans out in pain but can't stop the brunette roughing her up and bends to the side with a loud scream FORCING THE REF TO STEP IN an halt the one-sided beatdown... TKO3 Claire Cooper!!!

AFTER: That was Claire's best BBU performance to date but Sarah was simply not ready to soak up any meaningful series on her comeback and Denise van Outen is visibly upset by the blonde's terrible showing. If she's destined to remain on the active roster she needs to improve her fitness, defence and overall ring attitude. Even long-time Double A punchbag Jenny Frost managed to do that so there's still hope for the blonde actress but she ends the Boxing Day PPV battling a TKO dizziness and Claire just kicks out at her and tells her to get lost as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile word on the street is that Lioness Club's Zoe Salmon eyes both of these girls on her 2016 comeback schedule and Cooper is more than ready to accept the challenge: "Another blonde bimbo? Just bring it on, slut!"

Final result: Claire Cooper def. Sarah Jayne Dunn TKO3.



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