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30 December 2015 Natalie Portman vs Vanessa Hudgens

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on December 30, 2015, 10:44 am


Vanessa Hudgens vs. Natalie Portman
(At Christkindlmarkt, Bethlehem, PA.)
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


The rivalry between Vanessa Hudgens and Michelle Williams will, of course, go down as one of the greatest in FCBA history. But, while 'Nessa and Mishy fought seven times, Hudgens has only been in the ring once with Williams' stablemate, Natalie Portman. That one went to Natalie by UD10, and 'Nessa means to avenge that loss under the tents at Christkindlmarkt.

"Sl*t," says Vanessa, eyes flashing. "That's what she called me after our first fight. She beat me, I'll admit, but I closed one of her eyes that night. I hurt her. And that was four years ago. I've gotten better since then. And, Natalie's just gotten older. We'll see who's calling who what when this one's over."

"Is she still on about that?" Natalie asks with a gorgeous smile. "Well, four years later, I'm still the Oscar winner and she's still the sl*t. And, things will go exactly the same way now as they did then."

Both fighters looking fetching in the elf bikinis. Hudgens' smaller, showing more skin. Garners a glare and a smirk from Natalie that seems to say, "See, you are what I said you were." All that's quickly by the wayside at the bell, though. Business picks up quickly, and the heaters in the massive tent are just about unnecessary after about 30 seconds, because the heat coming off the ring could keep all of Bethlehem warm. This is good, fast-tempo boxing from two good boxers. Hudgens bouncing around the outside, circling, snapping jabs. Portman turning with in the center of the ring, popping her accurate left. 'Nessa a little quicker, Nat a little slicker. The result is good, two-way stuff that sees both girls get their faces powdered with lefts. Not a lot of right hands landing, though a few are being thrown. The defense is excellent on both sides. Again, it's 'Nessa's quicks and Portman's slicks, both allowing the slip and pick that keeps down the "punches landed" percentages despite the accurate offense of both brunettes. In the final minute, 'Nessa ups the work rate, doubling and tripling the jab, slowly inching away to claim the round and the 10-9 lead.


More of the same. The brunettes want to box, and they're putting on quite the exhibition of it for the appreciative crowd, which is really getting into this, cheering every time one of the beauties lands something solid. And, more solid shot DOES get home in the second stanza, with the ladies beginning to get punches put together and, as a result, getting the right hands on target. 'Nessa's working a little more body this round, and clearly irritating Natalie by doing so. She's taking every opportunity to poke at Portman's abs and hook her ribs, even landing a couple of shots to the kidneys. 'Nessa acting all innocent when called on it by the referee, but Nat not buying and all about some payback in the form of a series of sharp, accurate combinations that force 'Nessa to cover up for the first time. Down the stretch, it's back-and-forth action, with, again, the slick defense being a match for the classy offense. Close at the bell, but Nat's done more and evened things at 19.


'Nessa dancing and popping now. Trying to make Natalie chase. Not going to work. Portman has too much experience to step into Hudgens' parlor. Instead, she works the feet, looks to get to spots and get off. Hudgens starts clowning trying to entice, sticking out the chin, windmilling the right hand. Again, Natalie not buying. Portman remaining sound, not going to be suckered. Hudgens keeps at it though. Here's the chin, hit it. Natalie DOES. Vanessa hesitates just a second too long and Portman CRACKS her with a right hand. Hudgens wobbles, a barrage of leather from Portman follows and DOWN GOES HUDGENS. 'Nessa crumples face first to the canvas as Natalie bounces away. Count begins and things look dire. Vanessa not moving. But, she's to hands and knees at five. Manages to beat the thing, just barely. Portman's face tells the tale. A look of pure hatred shot at Vanessa as the takes the mandatory. She wanted it to be over, but this will do JUST fine. ON COMES NATALIE. And the beating she gives Vanessa does not border on abuse. It plows over that border in strength, leaving it behind in the dust. Hudgens is ravaged, battered, even bloodied by the time the bell rings. She's wrecked on her way back to the corner. And Portman leads 29-27.


'Nessa is not looking good. She's made a mistake and paid for it. But, she hasn't paid nearly as much as Natalie is demanding. Portman begins grabbing her pound of flesh immediately. She's snapping hard jabs into Hudgens' face, using those to set up sharp right hands that snap back 'Nessa's head and send sweat flying. Vanessa's nose, which was bleeding last round, begins doing so again almost immediately. Hudgens is game. She's firing back in counter, and landing some, but, the problem is, the legs aren't there and that makes her a much easier target for Natalie. And, a skilled boxer like Portman doesn't need any help. Oh, and, did we mention Portman also wants that pound of flesh? Or, should we say, she wants to POUND some flesh. Because, Natalie manages to work 'Nessa against the ropes several times, and, every time she does so, works body viciously, tenderizing Hudgen's flanks and abs, and torturing her ribs. By the bell, 'Nessa's wincing with every blow. Natalie holds her smile until she turns to head back to the corner, now leading 39-36.


Hudgens in danger of getting into a hole too big to get out of as Portman goes back to work to begin the fifth. 'Nessa's legs are coming back some, and that's helping her manage what's been steady pressure from the older fighter since the knockdown. The younger brunette not exactly dancing, but she's moving better, and she's also getting her offense in gear, getting her jab on and getting combinations put together for the first time since tasting the canvas. Portman patient as always, setting up her punches, getting to good spots. As the round goes on, Hudgens gets in a better rhythm, and, for the first time since before the knockdown, we get good, two-way stuff. Again it's the slicks vs. the quicks, and this time, the quicks are winning. 'Nessa's not taking control, mind, but she is doing a little more. And, slowly, she manages to make up the early stagger and grab this thing at the wire to cut Natalie's lead to 48-46.


More of the same. Boxing. Skilled boxing that, again, has this Christmas crowd engrossed, on the edge of its seats, spellbound by the wonderful interplay of offense and defense. Here, Natalie lands a left, but Hudgens moves her head JUST in time to dodge the whistling right. There Vanessa double-taps a jab, but finds her right hand blocked and a counter right crashing into the side of her head. It's all move and counter move, feints, footwork. It's gorgeous, gorgeous stuff, and there aren't many fighters in the world who can do it better than the two brunettes currently working in the ring inside this massive tent. There's very little in it, frankly. Even less than there was in the last round. No one takes control. No one is able to pull away even a little. It's punch for punch right down the stretch and right to the bell, and, by the thinnest of margins, Portman earns the points and leads 58-55.


Pressure on 'Nessa. Down three with four to go, she has to get something done. So she pushes the pace in a major way. It's dangerous, because, of course, it creates more openings for Natalie, and that's something that you really don't want to do against an accomplished boxer. It's also necessary. So, Vanessa pushes down on the accelerator, and we get some hellacious exchanges, long, back and forth flurries that see both women land sharp, clean stuff and both feel the effects of same. Neither is able to gain any advantage, until, about two minutes in, 'Nessa lands a straight right that wobbles Natalie. Portman quickly retreats and covers up, and Hudgens is all over her. It's barrage after barrage of leather as Vanessa looks to end things right now. Portman ends up trapped in a corner, taking and taking, but managing to do enough to keep the referee at bay. At the bell, Natalie's still standing, but she's now been blooded two, her lip leaking, her legs wobbly as she heads back to her corner. It's Vanessa wide, but Portman still up 67-65.


Hudgens in pure blood lust. She wants to finish and finish now. She's all over Natalie, who still doesn't have the legs back, but, she's too aggressive. She's missing more than she's landing, bouncing punches off Portman's high guard, having them caught by the older woman's shoulders and forearms. Natalie giving ground, playing defense, playing it smart. After about a minute of wildness, though, Hudgens settles down, begins setting her punches up and PORTMAN'S DOWN! It's a pretty one-two, a straight left and a quick right hook and Natalie's dropped to her right side. Portman's not done, though. She gets to her knees and watches the count. Takes her time. Rises at nine. Referee looks closely during the mandatory but allows it to continue and ON COMES VANESSA! Blood lust again! Hudgens all in on Nat, driving her into the ropes and throwing a blizzard of punches. Everything Hudgens has now flying at Portman, as 'Nessa burns through energy reserves, going all out to finish this right now. Clock running on her, Portman holding on, in an earmuff. Another good combination shakes Natalie, and then another, and soon Portman's just lying in the ropes soaking it up and THE REF STEPS IN! He bundles Natalie to safety! And your winner by TKO8 is Vanessa Hudgens!


It's a stunning and gutsy win from Vanessa Hudgens over her HISC rival to continue being the proverbial thorn in their side, as the ref pulls Portman to safety, but that is destined to be short-lived. Vanessa enjoys every win in the league, but seem to relish few quite as much as a victory over a fighter from the stable that has caused her so much torment over the years as well. Vanessa is leaping around excitedly, jumping into the arms of her former stablemate, Ashley Tisdale, who is present for the occasion and who has had quite the difficulties with this stable in the past too. Secretly, Hudgens has been sparring with Tisdale all month for this match and apparently, it seems to have paid off! Vanessa jumps over to exchange high fives with Jenna Louise Coleman and Emily VanCamp, who are both preparing for big matches later on tonight. A big hug is exchanged with Nina Dobrev as well as they all celebrate another blow against Pax Portmanica!

On the other side of the ring, Natalie is in a state of shock and on the outside, you have Claire Danes and Michelle Williams trembling in rage at the sight of Vanessa victorious. Mila Kunis crosses her arms over her chest, watching as a potential future challenger for her flyweight title and her cool glare indicates that she hopes she is successful against fellow Disney alumni Selena Gomez later tonight to finally put a stop to the Hudgens Express. Only Kristin Kreuk appears to be suppressing a smile at the moment.

But, Vanessa isn't paying attention to any of them. At the moment, anyway. Instead, her gloves are removed and she immediately storms over to the corner where Natalie is shaking her head, starting to recover. Hudgens doesn't seem interested in providing her with that opportunity as she goes to grip Natalie's right wrist, then YANKING her away over to Lookout! corner over the protests and shouts from the assembled HISC roster. Emily, Nina and Jenna step forward to intervene to make sure nobody interrupts Nessa as she roughly shoves Natalie up against the corner. Claire, Michelle and Mila all jump into the ring and the referee immediately steps in between them to keep things from descending into a full-on brawl. The ref is hardly successful as the two camps start shoving, shouting and slapping, with additional referees being summoned to keep things from getting out of control.

Vanessa has free reign on the other side of the ring then, at the moment, with both rosters otherwise occupied as she raises a hand to the crowd and then mounts up on Natalie. As Vanessa does so, the “Star Wars” theme blares over the loudspeakers, per Hudgens' request, bringing further protests from HISC. (Additional protests may come from Daisy Ridley later) As can be expected, it's full-on tummy for Natalie as she scrubs her abs back and forth. Natalie's nose wrinkles and head turned to the side, just closing her eyes as if to ward off such an oppressive occasion. Natalie pushing reflexively against Hudgen's waist and eventually wrapping her arms around it, trying to endure this indignity as she is being bullied by Nessa's tummy. It's a bitter pill for Natalie to swallow as she looks up to see Vanessa popping the double bicep flex, putting her hands behind her head and just thrusting her tummy forward to grind her belly back and forth into her face. Nessa grips Natalie's hair and stuffs her face into her tummy, bouncing her abs up and down as she just slaps her tummy onto her face with wet, slick slaps echoing over the sounds of continued fighting from HISC, the John Williams music and the roars of the crowd. Vanessa calls for a microphone to amplify the muffled squeals and shouts from Portman, receiving one from the timekeeper as all of the refs are currently occupied.

Vanessa is curling one bicep around the back of Portman's head and pulling her in tight, with the other holding the microphone close to amplify the yelps of discomfort from Natalie, when Kristin Kreuk finally enters the ring. The additional contestant tilts the balance in favor of HISC as the refs struggle to contain it and in the chaos, Mila bursts free and goes over to yank Hudgens off of her stablemate. Vanessa falls back to her feet as she releases Portman and the microphone lands on the canvas with a thud. Hudgens spins around immediately as she shoves Mila, then glares at her as the two of them start shouting at one another and it quickly elevates into a physical altercation as the two of them are rolling around the ring!

Referees finally order both stables out of the ring and work on separating Mila and Vanessa, which is clearly a job of work. But, eventually, they are successful as the two are yanked apart, kicking and screaming. The two of them stare each other down and taunt one another in a potential preview between the two in the near future, but for the moment, HISC leaves the ring defiantly with Natalie Portman in tow as the heated confrontation indicates things are far from over between both stables. Vanessa has a big night for now, however as she struts over to the press, leaning over the ropes as she raises one hand to the rafters to indicate the theme music , “Do you hear that? We are the freaking rebellion. For too long, the flyweight division has been held by the likes of Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams and other A-list celebrities. Who even decides who gets to be on what list? I'm from Disney and guess what? We're crashing your party. I've taken down Darth freaking Vader in Michelle Williams, just beat the crap out of Padme here as she made the mistake of siding with the Evil Empire and next up, we've got Mila Kunis. She's like the freaking Jar-Jar Binks of the FCBA universe and just like with Star Wars, we plan on making sure it's like she's erased from the division! People will whisper her name in hushed tones, accompanied by mocking laughter, once we're through with her, just like Jar-Jar, who is a joke. Mila is going to be the punchline. We want the flyweight title back and so, Mila. Is. Mine.” as she emphasized those last three words coolly and then hopped off of the ropes, strutting over to her teammates as she raised her fists to the sky and shouting, “For the rebellion.” as she smirks confidently. Vanessa heads out with John Williams fanfare, the cheers of the crowd and the support of her teammates as she puts up a big win over her most hated rivals in wild fashion. To be continued in Episode 7: Vanessa Hudgens Awakens!


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