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30 December 2015 Lisa Maffia vs Elizabeth Olsen

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on December 30, 2015, 10:53 am.


Elizabeth Olsen vs Lisa Maffia by Lookout/simgrrl
Olsen: (12-10-0), 26yo, 5'7”, 118#; Maffia: (28-28-1), 36yo, 5'7”, 115#

Liz Olsen undefeated in four 2015 fights facing a woman with twice the wins and ten years more experience in Lisa Maffia - two-time BBU champion who's struggling to adjust to the FCBA; losing her last two fights. Still, Lisa has benefited from watching Alesha Dixon fight Olsen and she's had plenty of time to train and prepare herself for the North American hottie.

Olsen, a rising young star in the FCBA, (currently #20 from #31 in prior rankings). A win tonight will help La Liz' quest for a top ten spot in the new year, but a loss would cripple her hopes in what is a crowded and talented bantam field.

Maffia, black leather bikini, matching (ass-kicking) black boots, black gloves; Olsen, virginal white lace bra/panties with white hold-up stockings/trainers/gloves. Olsen looking clearly uncomfortable in the prefight face off with a woman who, in past fights, has stripped, spanked and/or taken a leather belt to the behinds of beaten opponents...depending on her mood apparently, or her opponent!

During R1: As you'd expect against an obviously nervous young ingenue, tough old veteran Maffia flying out of her corner and starts throwing punches with both fists - and she's landing 'em! Olsen rocked back on her heels, covering up behind peek-a-boo gloves. Lisa dipping low, tearing into the body of the young Yank to double Olsen up. Big left uppercut just misses the mark, catching Olsen's right cheek and buckling her knees briefly. Olsen clinching, and Maffia helps herself to more of that nubile young body with left hooks and a wild whiplashing right that pancakes Liz' left breast and put tears in the young girl's eyes.
Maffia grinning as she launches two more uppercuts, the first high on Olsen's forehead, the second smashing her nose flat! Olsen's beak bleeding over Maffia's shoulder and down her back as she clinches desperately once again; hanging on for dear life as they waltz around belly-to-belly like a couple of 'Dancing with the Stars' contestants! Olsen finally settling down late in the round, getting separation and beginning to establish the jab, putting together a few combinations as she gets her feet under her at last. Closing flurry from Maffia, however, sends Olsen reeling back to the ropes in disarray but the bell rings before Lisa Maffia can take advantage, although she clearly won the points.

R2: Maffia again springs off her stool and goes on the attack, wrong-footing the young Academy fighter and putting Liz on the defensive straight away. Left uppercut and right cross both effective tools for Lisa early; she's looking far sharper then in previous FCBA bouts - and its against a more highly-regarded opponent (though Troian Bellisario may disagree)! Lisa over-extending on another wild right hand, catches a left hook flush and now it's MAFFIA forced to clinch and hold on! Sweet counter by Olsen allows her to take the initiative from the self-styled “British Bombshell” mid-way thru the round and, to her credit, Lizzie doesn't look back.
From the mid-point, it's all Olsen as she “lights up” Liz's legendary hooters with some serious payback of her own. Maffia driven back across the ring to the ropes where she's (again) forced to clinch, tying up Olsen's arms. Both women struggle and punch (ineffectively) on the ropes until the referee breaks them apart. As Olsen comes off the ropes, she slides to her right, then drops a big right hand over Maffia's extended left hand. Lisa struck with a knee-buckling punch, staggers, then throws herself forward to clinch once more. Olsen using her free (right) hand to pound the body as Lisa doggedly hangs on.
Final thirty seconds sees Liz Olsen sniping at long range, pumping the left in Maffia's face as the British beauty still insists on coming forward trying (in vain) trying to land a big punch to turn the momentum. Bell: Olsen's round, narrowly, with a more/less even split in dominance.

R3:  Liz Olsen out hoping to build on her late success in the third, taking the fight to Maffia who is starting to swell and lump up around the eyes thanks to Olsen's left. Maffia going low, working to the body, but she's being roughed up coming in, and again going back out. And she's not doing noticable damage during her brief stays inside, either. Olsen putting on a clinic on how to deal with pressure, backing and turning one way, then the other; drawing her girl forward and chewing up Maffia with either hand. Maffia doing all the work, Olsen sucking up all the points as the English lass just can't string together anything in the way of an offense as she's continually being knocked off balance, then driven back by Olsen combinations.
Late in the round Maffia feeling the urgency, throws caution to the wind and goes all in! Lowering her head and spearing Olsen in the chest, Lisa Maffia tackles Olsen to the ropes and sets up on her chest; hooking the body with either hand, Maffia has her best thirty seconds of offense since the opening minutes as Olsen is forced to earmuff, then wrap her arms around Maffia's head, giving up the body when she's unable to get off the ropes.
The referee breaks them with thirty or so seconds left and as Maffia bores back in, she's caught with a knee-buckling left hook-right cross combination! Maffia tries to clinch, but two straight uppercuts leave her hung up in the ropes with her right arm over the top rope holding her up. The referee moves in to give her a standing eight count, but the bell saves her from that embarrassment as she's quickly retrieved by her seconds and steered back to her corner where she collapses on the stool as Elizabeth wins this round on points (wide).

R4: Maffia still on her stool at the bell and Olsen takes her time coming out of her own corner, perhaps hoping Maffia's people will throw in the towel. When they don't she puts up her dukes and comes on. Lisa getting a helping hand on the bum to aid her to her feet, slaps her gloves together and walks stoically out to meet her nemesis. Olsen casually flips out a left jab, AND GETS ROCKED by Maffia's overhand right! Olsen recoiling back on her heels wide-eyed, ducks a whistling left hook from the suddenly lively Maffia. Liz Olsen steps into a straight, hard, left jab, then follows with a sweeping right that reaches Lisa Maffia's jaw just as Maffia's left hook sweeps in under Olsen's right to plow a furrow into Olsen's right bra cup. Maffia's knees wobble as she tries to right herself, but Olsen's already turning into a left hook of her own and this one connects right on the button! (“button” - a boxing term of art referring to the “on-off switch” for a fighter). Maffia drops straight down on her bum, her feet flying up and her arms going backward over her head. She lays stretched out flat not moving and after shooing Olsen away and picking up the count at “three” the referee stops at “five” and waves off the rest as an unnecessary waste of time and breath. Lisa can't beat the count as Elizabeth Olsen wins a KO4 victory over a good, veteran, British Empire fighter at :57 of the fourth round!

After: Maffia's quick start had Olsen on her heels, but the youngster eventually figured things out and put paid to Lisa's chances with a dominant third round that almost ended the fight. It was only a matter of time from that point and, to her credit, Olsen finished her off like a champion early the next round.

Maffia grumbly and grouchy in defeat, mumbling and muttering in her press conference. Short, sharply worded replies to “ungentle” questions not helping her make her case, but it's understandable. Maffia really thought she had what it takes to handle a young fighter of Olsen's limited experience. If Maffia doesn't make some changes quickly, however, she'd be better off to just admit she's not as good as she thinks she is and set her sights somewhat lower. There's plenty of “cannon fodder” in the BBU and FCBA for a girl of her limited capabilities to make hay, but that window is rapidly closing for her!

Olsen in stark contrast to Maffia's grudging apparance for the media, Olsen literally glowing as she poses, preens and postures before the fawning gentlemen and ladies of the assembled media. It's not a problem for a young woman who's spent nearly her entire life in front of cameras and doing interviews, and Liz hits all the right notes; from praising Maffia's “toughness and spirit”; to lauding the quality of the officials, the match-makers; and she even does something unusual, saying some nice things about her management. It's not often old Ginny gets an 'attaboy' from any of her fighters after a fight


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