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31 December 2015 Allison Mack vs Cote de Pablo

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Posted by Results: Lookout!/Words: Wiz on January 1, 2016, 12:57 am


"Well," says Cote with a lovely smile. "I wondered if I'd ever get invited back here. I know I was over my head against Ruah three years ago, but this fight is at bantam. I'm not over my head here. I can win tonight. And, I'm GOING to."

"She's got some usable length," says Allison with a nod. "And, she can box. There are girls in this division that she can give trouble to. But. Not this girl."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Good Times' by Brazilian Girls and..."

McCarthy: "That is NOT 'Good Times. THIS is 'Good Times'..."

McCarthy (singing): "Any time you meet a payment-Good Times. Any time you need a friend-Good Times. Any time you're out from under, not gettin' hassled, not gettin' hustled. Keepin' your head above WAAAAATTTEEEER, makin' a wave when you can...temporary layoffs-GOOD TIMES, easy credit ripoffs-GOOD TIMES. HANGING IN A CHOW LINE-GOOD TIMES! Ain't we lucky we got 'em. GOOD TIIIIIMMMMEESSSSS...."

Tess: "I just...what was..."

McCarthy: "Don't tell me none of you know that song! That show was HUGE!"

Cassie: "According to my quick research on this tablet, that show ran in the SEVENTIES, before Tess and I were BORN. YOU might remember it, but not US..."

McCarthy: "You LITTLE..."

Tess: "You know, Cassie, that line was...Dy-NO-MIIITTTEEEEEE!"

McCarthy: "I KNEW it! You DO remember...you two are...SHUT UP, BOTH OF YOU!"

O'Dell: "A-HEM! One, drink up, boys. Two, the ASPCA called and has threatened to file a cruelty to animals suit against Mac if she ever sings that song again. Apparently every dog within a hundred yards of a TV set airing this show was howling uncontrollably."

McCarthy: "That is NOT...ET TU, JENNY? ET TU????"

O'Dell: "And, THREE, if we could stop doing Jimmy Walker impersonations and concentrate on the ring!"

McCarthy: "How can you impersonate whiskey?"

O'Dell: "Oh, for...not Jimmy...JOHNNIE...the whiskey is..."

Tess: "And, fans, if you have a square that says 'Mac confuses a comedian with an alcoholic beverage', please mark it..."

Cassie: "BINGO!"

O'Dell: "I really didn't think you'd ever GET that one, Cassandra Lynn..."

Cassie: "I knew it was just a matter of time."

McCarthy: "What ARE all of you babbling about?"

O'Dell: "Truck, if we could find some Johnnie Walker, just go ahead and send it out here. Just the bottle. I don't need a glass. Meanwhile, in the ring and now being helped off with the robe is the lovely Cote de Pablo, who is certainly looking very nice in that black bikini tonight and..."

Oh, the shark, babe
Has such teeth, dear

McCarthy: "I! WILL! SUE!"

Cassie: "Have you ever seen the movie 'Groundhog Day', Tess?"

McCarthy: "This is a TRAGEDY of justice! It's illegal, immoral, and ignominious!"

Tess: "Yes, and I've also LIVED it."

McCarthy: "This cheap TRAMP stole my song, stole my gimmick, and here she comes parading down the aisle like nothing happened..."

Cassie: "You forgot the part where she knocked you out twice."

Tess: "Talk about ignominious..."

McCarthy: "The first time I'd been fighting ALL NIGHT against an ALL-STAR team and the second time I got screwed by a hometown ref! I want both of those losses EXPUNGED from my record! Siri! Call my lawyer!"

O'Dell (sighing): "You're a might slow with that bottle, truck. A might slow. Allison, though, not wasting any time getting into the ring. She's wearing that black robe with the gleaming silver knife, a single drop of blood dripping from its blade. Mack helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that blood red bikini..."

McCarthy: "And a body only a MOTHER could love!"

O'Dell: "And, we're about ready to go. Time for some picks. Tess favors Allison. Mac?"

McCarthy: "de Pablo is a typical Dancing Hooker opponent. No FCBA wins! But, even SHE can beat Mack The Fraud! Cote!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "And there, thankfully, is the bell. de Pablo all about the jab early. She wants to create some space here, and use that length. Mack straight up right now, but my guess is we'll see level changes from here before this fight is over, as she likes to use various crouches to give her opponents different looks..."

McCarthy: "I like the one where she's really low and you can only see the top of her head, that way, you don't have to look at her ugly face!"

O'Dell: "Allison working the feet, looking to square, able to get off in combination when she does so. Cote angling. The brunette wants to box here, and that's a good idea. Getting into a slugging match with Allison Mack will not end well for Cote, I suspect..."

Cassie: "Definitely won't. Mack will tell you what happens when Allison gets you clean. Of course, she won't REMEMBER it, but, I'm sure she's seen the video of herself babified...."

McCarthy: "I had been fighting ALL NIGHT against an ALL-STAR TEAM and SHUT UP, SCABBO!"

O'Dell: "Lots of recon work going on as we come down the stretch. Both fighters doing some feeling out in this round. Neither extremely active. Lots of movement of head, feet, hands. Some good punches being landed, but only in spurts. Ten seconds left. Cote going to jab this round away and there's the bell. Close to de Pablo."

Tess: "And, it never hurts the underdog to get the 10-9 lead."


O'Dell: "Back in action and de Pablo back to that long left hand. Cote getting comfortable at range here, and she's finding that range, scoring with the jab as Mack works her way forward looking to close. The brunette staying off square right now and getting some offense going."

McCarthy: "And, the key is the feet, not the hands. de Pablo moving the feet very well, keeping distance and angling, not allowing Mack to get to her spots."

O'Dell: "And, the results are good for Cote. de Pablo not hurting Mack, not getting a lot of right hands home, in fact, but she's scoring with the left, tap-tap-tapping it, setting up the odd right, and keeping Allison at bay."

Cassie: "And, that's a win for de Pablo. If she can stay in space and box, she has a chance in this fight, because we know that she CAN box."

O'Dell: "And, she's managing to do that at the moment. Mack unhurried and seemingly unbothered. She's continuing to work forward, looking to close, but not having much success doing it. Coming down the stretch in the second, and de Pablo jabbing away the round. There's the bell, and it's Cote's."

Tess: "20-18 de Pablo after two. Nice start for the brunette."


O'Dell: "Third underway and Mack now in that quarter crouch, got the hands high to the sides, bobbing the head, working past de Pablo's glove, hooking a little body. Cote continuing to move the feet, not allowing Allison to square and bang, but the brunette not able to get that jab on as frequently as she did in the first couple of rounds..."

Tess: "Mack doing a good job of slipping and picking off that left hand, Jenny."

O'Dell: "Definitely is. Getting the forearms and elbows involved in the effort. de Pablo giving some ground to keep the distance she wants, but Mack continues to slowly close it, again hooking body every chance she gets. Brunette not giving her a lot of chances, though. Keeps the feet moving..."

Cassie: "No question Cote wants a war of movement here, and, so far, she's been able to get it. Mack not cutting the ring, just working to match footwork and square."

O'Dell: "And doing more of it this round than she did in the first two. de Pablo still making it difficult, though. You're seeing some of that boxing skill we talked about from the brunette. But, Mack unworried by any of that. She just keeps working, keeps going body, getting as much work done downstairs as possible. Five seconds left in the third, and there's the bell. Close. Mack."

McCarthy: "29-28. de Pablo still in the lead."


O'Dell: "Fourth begins with Mack still working out of that slight crouch. She's coming forward a bit more aggressively here, solving some of this ranged de Pablo defense, getting by it and getting to Cote's body. de Pablo tying up when that happens, not going to stand in the phone booth and bang with Mack..."

McCarthy: "Smart girl. That's the only game Mack knows how to play. Take that away, and you can beat her every time."

O'Dell: "Mack shoving and punching free in there, shouldering de Pablo back, creating room to work the body. Cote tying up the head, forcing a break, getting some space, but Mack right back in her grill, THUMPING that body. You can hear the leather whacking meat from where we're sitting at ringside..."

Tess: "And you can see the results on Cote's face, wincing and grimacing as some of those punches land."

Cassie: "You're going to get in with Allison Mack, this is what you sign up for."

O'Dell: "And de Pablo hanging in there, banging back some, but still looking to tie, slow down the blonde, force a break and get some space, but, as Bono once sang, 'There's no space to rent in THIS town'. Mack all OVER Cote as we head down the stretch, tenderizing every part of the Chilean beauty's body. de Pablo game, but she's getting a hammering to the body right to the bell. Mack solidly."

Tess: "And, we're even at 38 after four."


O'Dell: "Into the fifth and Mack with another level change, this time in about a half crouch, mitts to the sides, bobbing the head, working forward, de Pablo can't get the left on. Mack past the guard and working body almost immediately. Cote tying up around the head. Mack shoulders her off and..."

McCarthy: "That's a FOUL! Warn her REF! Warn her, you HOMER!"

Cassie: "That's not a foul. All she did was leverage her with a shoulder. It's perfectly legal..."

McCarthy: "Maybe HERE in Philadelphia, but everywhere ELSE in the world, it's a FOUL..."

Tess: "I'll ask again. What color is the SKY in your world, Mac?"

O'Dell: "Allison absolutely abusing Cote's body right now. de Pablo no answers for this. She's trying to tie up, but Mack punching free, just keeps working. The plan here is clearly to kill the body and the head will follow, and Allison's on her way to doing some killing. de Pablo in a bit of a crouch of her own, trying to protect that body..."


O'Dell: "AND DOWN GOES COTE! A brutal right uppie as Allison explodes out of that crouch and Cote blown right to her back. Mack trots over to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five..."

McCarthy: "Get UP! Get UP!"

O'Dell: "Six. Seven. Eight. No movement at all from de Pablo. Nine. TEN! It's over! That quickly, it's over! And your winner by KO5 in one-punch fashion is Allison 'Mack The Knife' Mack!"

Tess: "Cassie, let's check the replay on that uppie. Walk us through it."

Cassie: "Well, as Jenny was mentioning, Cote was crouching a little to protect the body, bringing the head down, and Mack immediately saw that. She digs a quick left hook to the body and watch her, as Jenny says, explode upward out of the crouch with the right uppercut in the lead. She's got her whole body behind this punch and BAM! Right under the chin. Cote's out before she hits the canvas. Absolutely brutal punch."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I've got our winner, Allison Mack, and, Allison, that punch was something. Did you know it was over when it landed?"

Allison: "I knew I caught her pretty good with it. You never know if someone's going to get up or not, but I knew that was a good punch and it landed pretty clean."

Tess: "You talked before the fight about her being able to box..."

Allison (nodding): "No doubt about it, and you saw some of that tonight. She's got a good jab. She's long. She knows how to put punches together. You box with her, you take your chances. I wasn't taking any chances."


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