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31 December 2015 Leelee Sobieski vs Missy Peregrym

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Posted by Results: Lookout!/Words: Wiz on January 1, 2016, 1:03 am



"Well," says Leelee with a smile. "First day of the rest of my life, I guess. And, I can't think of a better opponent than Missy. She's a champion at two weights, a great athlete and a great fighter."

"This is kinda neat," says a smiling Missy. "First time for Lookout! at Asylum, first fight for Sobieski at the 135-pound catch, and I'm going to be the first Lookout! girl to fight here and Leelee's first opponent. I'm looking forward to it."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Uprising' by Muse, and that means that Lookout! is getting the honors tonight, as 'The Polish Princess', Leelee Sobieski is on her way to the ring..."

McCarthy: "Nice to see both of Weirdo's REAL fighters on the card tonight. He really should do this more often, and, the way to do it is to get rid of the bunch of pretenders he has around here. He ought to get this kid back to welter, make Torv his light, and let Brit fight bantam for him, and then clean house."

Tess: "That wouldn't leave Front Street with a flyweight..."

McCarthy: "Who CARES? They never win anything at fly anyway, and Sceej has gotten along just fine without a fly for all these years."

O'Dell: "Leelee taps glove to fist with Mac on her way to the ring, climbs in, is helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that black two-piece she likes, and that's 'Enough Is Enough' by Avicii, one of the favorite songs of the lady on her way to the ring right now, former bantamweight and lightweight champion Missy Peregrym!"

Cassie: "And, Leelee wasn't blowing any smoke when she talked about how good Peregrym is. She's definitely an elite lightweight. She's 41-19 career, and, Tess, if I'm not mistaken, that's a Hall of Fame winning percentage..."

Tess: "It certainly is, though Missy will need a lot more fights to make the 100 fight threshold..."

McCarthy: "SPEAKING of the Hall of Fame, I want to know why I, the Playmate of the Freakin' CENTURY and the Greatest Fighting Playmate of All-Time, am not in the Hall of Fame..."

Tess (sighing): "Because you don't qualify."

McCarthy: "How can I POSSIBLY not qualify?"

Tess: "Because you need a career winning percentage of 60. Yours is slightly over 51..."

McCarthy: "And if I hadn't been ROBBED two dozen times, it would BE over 60!"

Cassie: "Well, I hate to be the one to bring this up, because it will make trouble for Tess, but there IS a way you can get into the Hall of Fame, Mac..."

McCarthy: "How?"

Cassie: "All you have to do is win 25 fights in a row. That will put you over 60 percent and you'll qualify."

McCarthy: "Then, that's JUST what I'll do! Do you hear that, Sceej? I'm going to win 25 in a row!"

O'Dell (sighing): "Missy in the ring, and, having been helped off with the robe by the Lookout! corner crew, she is looking GOOD in that deep gold bikini. Time for some picks, ladies. Tess favors Leelee. Mac?"

McCarthy: "This is a tough one for me. Two good fighters. But, Leelee's bigger, so I'm going with her."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "First round underway and Missy moving very well out there. Tess, you had concerns coming in about whether she could carry 135 pounds and still move well, and...well, why don't you explain it..."

Tess: "We'll never know, because Missy isn't CARRYING 135 pounds. She weighed in at 130, which is a pound or three heavier than what she normally weighs at light. So, she's giving away five pounds to Sobieski..."

Cassie: "Which isn't a big deal, because fighters give away five pounds all the time, and not just at welter. The weights are ten pounds apart and it's not unusual to see, say, a light fighting at 125 or so and her opponent right at the 130 limit."

Tess: "Exactly. And, better she give away some weight than be slowed down, because speed is Missy's game. That, along with a package of power and athleticism that make her one of the best fighters in the FCBA."

O'Dell: "And, you're seeing some of that right now, as Peregrym's bouncing around the outside as Leelee looks to get the jab on and square her up. Sobieski was always one of the quicker and more athletic welters, and she's not used to giving that away, but, against Missy, almost everyone gives that away..."

McCarthy: "But, you'll note that Leelee's not giving a LOT of it away. She's getting to her spots and getting punches home just fine."

O'Dell: "She is, as is Peregrym, and we've had a good, two-way tactical round that's coming to an end with a nice exchange that sees both fighters land hard right hands. Glove tap after the bell and the fighters head back to their corners. Close. Peregrym gets the early lead."


O'Dell: "Into the second and a boxing exhibition developing here. Missy making with the feet and Leelee looking to cut angles and square up. Sobieski the bigger puncher here, and Peregrym the quicker of the two, but those differences aren't as great as what you might expect between a girl who was once a bantam and one who was once a welter..."

McCarthy: "Absolutely not, because Missy is no longer that girl who was once a bantam. She's thicker and heavier now, and, as Tess said, normally fights in the high 120s..."

O'Dell: "And, Sobieski not a typical welter. She was always a boxer up there, a girl who, as our former commissioner always said, could move her hands and feet very well, and wasn't all about power. So, while she's got more of that than Missy, it's not a lot more, and, while Missy's quicker than Leelee..."

Cassie: "Same thing. And, keep in mind that Missy's quicker than a lot of lights, and, I suspect, even this bigger, thicker Missy, is still quicker than a lot of bantams."

O'Dell: "I suspect you're right. And, what we're seeing now is that speed and boxing ability on display from both fighters. Peregrym getting the better of things when she's on the move, but Leelee managing some of that now, getting that heavy left on and slowing Missy down. When she does that, Sobieski's more effective. Coming into the final seconds of another good, two-way round and there's the bell. Leelee close."

Tess: "And, we're even at 19."


O'Dell: "More slick stuff to begin the third, and it's becoming pretty clear that both fighters think this ranged stuff is the way to go. And, give credit to Missy, who's giving up some reach here, because she's quick enough and moves well enough that she's still able to get to spots to get her offense going."

Cassie: "Speed can counteract a lot of things in boxing. If you've got speed, you can offset your opponent's advantages in just about anything."

O'Dell: "And, obviously, we're seeing that here, because Peregrym's able to work at range against a girl three inches taller and do so effectively. Meanwhile, Leelee's offsetting some of Missy's speed with that heavy left jab. When Sobieski gets that thing on, she can hold you with it and set you up for right hands."

McCarthy: "And THESE two always talk about the so-called 'Front Street Jab', well, I think Sobieski has the best jab of anybody in the stable, and you're seeing how that left had can affect an opponent."

O'Dell: "Into the final minute of yet another good two-way round. The two fighters both finding ways to get leather on and to stay on the offensive. Despite a nice work rate, especially for a higher weight like this, neither fighter getting tossed to the defensive. Five seconds left, and there's the bell. Another close one. Sobieski."

Tess: "And, Leelee's up 29-28. And, I'm getting the feeling every point might be crucial in this one."


O'Dell: "Into the fourth and this chess match continuing, as blonde and brunette work the angles, set up their punches, work for spacing and positioning, all while trying to foul the sights of their respective opponents. If you like to watch good tactical fights, this one has everything you're looking for..."

McCarthy: "And, again, not a surprise, as both of these fighters are good at exactly what you're seeing."

O'Dell: "And, if there were any questions about that, they've been answered emphatically tonight and speaking of emphatic there's a BIG right hand from MIssy and Leelee is BUZZED! Peregrym a perfectly-timed right cross and Sobieski quickly covering up! Missy getting busy, banging away, trying to take advantage of this..."

Tess: "Well, if there was any question about whether or not Peregrym had the power to fight a welter..."

O'Dell: "Again, answered EMPHATICALLY. Missy backing Sobieski up. Leelee tying up, but Missy shoving her off. Peregrym getting a ton of leather home right now, but Sobieski able to ship it. The brunette trying to finish this thing, but realizing that's not going to happen, so she's piling up points as we go into the final seconds. And there's the bell! Missy rode that big punch to a wide verdict in round four."

Tess: "And, she's evened the fight at 38."


O'Dell: "Fifth begins with Peregrym trying to press the advantage. Missy has an opportunity here and she's not going to waste it. She's coming forward, driving Leelee back with heavy fire. Sobieski still a bit buzzed it looks like, as she gives ground, countering in spots as Missy gets off big time..."

Cassie: "This is yet another thing that makes Peregrym so dangerous. It's not just the physicals with Missy. She's a very smart fighter as well..."

O'Dell: "RIGHT HAND PEREGRYM and that hurt Sobieski! Missy all in now, firing a blizzard of leather at Leelee and SOBIESKI TAKES A KNEE!"

Tess: "Not one punch in there, just an accumulation of leather..."

O'Dell: "Peregrym to the neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Leelee to her feet. Referee going to give her the mandatory and waive Peregrym forward. Missy after Leelee in a big way, gets her to the ropes and has at it. Sobieski in the high guard, leaning back, trying to run clock here..."

McCarthy: "Right strategy. Get out of the round and worry about the rest later."

O'Dell: "Down to thirty seconds left in the fifth and Missy determined to use every one of them in her effort to put a stop to this thing. Leelee hanging in there pretty well, legs able to handle all the leather that's landing. Ten seconds left. Peregrym just keeps coming. You'd think she might be punched out by now, but no sign of it. And, there's the bell. Leelee lasts it out, but Missy now up 48-46 at the half!"


O'Dell: "Missy right back to the offensive as action resumes. Peregrym continuing to pressure. Sobieski holding ground now, banging back some hard retorts, bringing the brunette up short. Missy staying on her blonde, but Leelee not going to be routed, seems to have the legs back and giving as good as she gets..."

Cassie: "And, here's that intelligence from Peregrym. Easing off the throttle now. Back to boxing. Not overplaying her hand."

O'Dell: "That quickly, we've settled back into the pattern we saw prior to Missy landing that big right hand in the fourth, as the fighters now want to box at range again. And, again, it's Leelee using the reach and the heavy left and Missy using that quickness and athleticism to offset those and get to her spots..."

McCarthy: "We talked a lot about how smart Peregrym fights, well, Sobieski's a smart fighter, too. Didn't panic when she got hurt. Worked herself out of the jam, and now back in the fight."

O'Dell: "And, holding her own in yet another close, two-way round. A lot of the talk coming into this thing was that it might not be a good match up, but I think it's turning out to be better than some folks expected. This is our fourth very close round that's now coming to an end. There's the bell, and it's Missy close."

Tess: "And, that's a big round for Peregrym to grab, because she's now up 58-55, a nice lead with four to go."


O'Dell: "Boxing underway again as we move into the seventh. Got to think there's going to be some urgency on Sobieski's part at this point, because we've had four very close rounds that could have gone either way, but, the other two have been clean wins for Missy, one of which was 10-8..."

McCarthy: "Right, which means Sobieski knows she's behind, but not how far behind. We've got it at three points, but it could be four or more, and, in any of those cases..."

O'Dell: "And I suspect that's why you're seeing a bit more aggressiveness from Leelee right now. She's certainly staying patient, but she's looking to follow up on that big left jab a bit more, and she's a little busier as well. Missy willing to play along a bit, allowing Sobieski to fight some lead now..."

Cassie: "Not a bad strategy. Missy's excellent on the counter, and she's scoring well from there. She knows she's got a lead. She can play a little more defensively."

O'Dell: "And 'a little' is exactly how much she's doing it. Missy staying aggressive, taking every opening she's being given. Still moving well and staying busy. Leelee popping that left, locating. When she can get it on and hold Missy, she gets off in combination. Peregrym limiting those opportunities with movement and scoring in counter when they happen. Five seconds left. Missy bobbing, slipping a left, and there's the bell. Close yet again. Sobieski."

Tess: "And, it's 67-65, if we're right. Still anybody's fight."


O'Dell: "Sobieski back to work in the eighth, turning up the heat on Missy. The brunette again willing to play a slightly more defensive game. Will give a little ground, fight on the counter, look for the openings being created by Leelee's offense and take full advantage of same. Sobieski zeroing in with that left, Mac..."

McCarthy: "And, that's the key. That's what's turning things in Leelee's favor just a bit."

O'Dell: "Missy slipping forward just a bit to land a flurry and SOBIESKI HURT HER WITH A RIGHT HOOK! Leelee a short right hook and Peregrym's in deep trouble! Sobieski now thumping away with both hands, driving the brunette backward with volleys of leather. Peregrym covering, backing..."

Cassie: "Missy now playing the same game Leelee was earlier in the fight. Get through this and worry about the rest later."

O'Dell: "Sobieski, meanwhile, thinking about the finish here. She's behind, but none of that matters if Peregrym doesn't make it to the ninth, and Leelee doing all she can to make that happen. Missy in the earmuff, up against the cables, taking a beating, countering only occasionally. Referee looking in closely, but the brunette's legs up to the task. Five seconds left. Bell! Missy escapes."

Tess: "But, it's Leelee wide, and that means it's 76-75 with two to go. We're set up for quite a finish."


O'Dell: "Six minutes left in this one, and Sobieski planning to use them to complete one heck of a comeback. She's after Missy immediately, but Peregrym's got her legs back under her, and that means the brunette's moving very well and making things tough on Leelee in pursuit. And, pursuit it is right now..."

Tess: "No question about that. Peregrym legging this out for the moment, going to try to blunt momentum, run clock, and clear the head all at once here."

O'Dell: "Leelee staying patient, the mark of a veteran. Not going to panic or get sloppy. She works the feet, looks to cut the ring and get the jab on. Having some success, and, when she does, landing in combination. Peregrym, though, able to fire back and hold her own. Looks all but fully recovered from that right hook last round."

Cassie: "Absolutely does, Jenny. She's able to go punch for punch with Sobieski when they're square and force Leelee to work to get them there."

O'Dell: "She's also able to score in open canvas, getting that jab home nicely while Leelee works to cut and force combat. For the first time, Missy not willing to box at range, she wants to stick and move, and she's doing a nice job of it. We're coming down the stretch of yet another close, two-way round. Sobieski snapping out that jab. Peregrym slipping a right hand, ducking away. Bell. End of the ninth. Close. To Missy."

Tess: "And, if we're right, it's 86-84, meaning Sobieski needs something big in the last round. Of course, it could be closer. Or not that close. Six narrow rounds could make for an interesting decision."


O'Dell: "Tenth and final underway and Sobieski definitely giving the impression she thinks she's behind. Leelee out of the corner and after Missy aggressively. Peregrym not giving ground. Staying right in there and banging back and we're seeing some serious hot-tossing here, Mac, as blonde and brunette fire away with everything left in the magazines!"

McCarthy: "Walmart just said it. Who knows what the scorecards actually say? I suspect both fighters have been told they need to win this round, and both are going to try to do just that!"

O'Dell: "AND LEELEE ROCKS MISSY AGAIN! Straight right hand that time and Peregrym stumbled and nearly went down! Sobieski all in now, winging away at Missy with both hands, looking to finish this thing before the judges get a chance to weigh in! Missy immediately forced to the ropes, forms the earmuff and puts body on sale..."

Cassie: "But, no point in taking any right now, and both fighters know it."

O'Dell: "They do, and Sobieski continues to head hunt while Peregrym continues to cover up, move the head, roll the shoulders AND TAKE A SOLID RIGHT THAT NEARLY SENT HER TO THE CANVAS! Peregrym stumbling along the ropes but staying on her feet. Referee looking in. Missy hanging on. Twenty seconds left in this one. Sobieski throwing everything she has at the brunette, but Missy still shipping, still on her feet. Five seconds. BELL! It's over..."

McCarthy: "OH, FOR..."

Tess: "And, there's one of those HUGS Mac likes so much..."

O'Dell: "I think it's appropriate right now. Heck of a fight between two excellent fighters. Lots of respect between those two, and you're seeing that now. Waiting for the decision to come back, and it is unanimous, 95-94 for your winner by UD10, Missy Peregrym!"

Cassie: "What. A. Fight."

McCarthy: "For once, you're making sense, Scabbo."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Missy Peregrym, and, THAT was fun, wasn't it?"

Missy (still out of breath): "That was great! She's a hell of a fighter, Tess. Hits hard, but she doesn't fight like a lot of welters, all power and physical stuff. She can box, and very well. She's really athletic and very quick...quicker and moves better than a lot of lights I've fought. She's a tough night in the ring!"

Tess: "But, so are you..."

Missy (laughing): "Well, I think some folks started forgetting that after I had a few rough rounds against Kelly. Yes. I'm a tough night in the ring, and, if you don't believe that, I'll show you all the belts I've won. And, trust me, I've got plenty more room in my trophy case, because I plan to ADD to that collection. Don't believe that? Just watch me!"


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