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31 December 2015 Vanessa Hudgens vs Kristen Stewart

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Posted by Results: Lookout!/Words: Wiz on January 1, 2016, 1:04 am



"Hudgens is absolutely the WORST," says Kristen with a shake of the head. "She's everything I hate, and losing to her was awful. Can't happen again. And, it won't."

"Rival?" says Vanessa with a giggle. "Why is everyone calling this girl my 'rival'? Mishy was my rival, and you see how that turned out for her. Hayden is my rival, and so is Lowndes, and I'll do them both just like Mishy. But, Stewart? Rival? Bytch, please."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that is 'Helter Skelter' by the Fab Four, and here comes the FCBA's biggest Beatles fan, 'The Five-Tool Player', Kristen Stewart!"

Cassie: "Stewart coming down first as Uncle Wiz gives the honors to Hudgens, who won their first meeting on pay-per-view back in February."

McCarthy: "I'm not sure we've ever had a fight here where I hoped BOTH fighters would lose, but this might be it. Stewart is the typical overrated Dancing Hooker and Hudgens is almost as insufferable as Decker. We've never had a double knockout in the FCBA. I hope tonight is the night!"

O'Dell: "Stewart into the ring and helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that lime green bikini she likes, and..."


Tess: "Mac, in front of you is a TABLET supplied by Front Street that contains all kinds of information, including the fact that the song you are hearing is 'Gotta Go My Own Way' by the young lady now coming to the ring, two-time former flyweight champion Vanessa Hudgens..."

McCarthy: "And, again, I refuse to read Weirdo's propaganda!"

Cassie: "And, instead, will remain ignorant..."

McCarthy: "SHUT UP, SCABBO!"

O'Dell: "Hudgens into the ring and helped off with the robe. She can certainly fill out that black and white striped bikini. And, we're about ready to go. Time to get some picks. Tess favors Hudgens. Mac?"

McCarthy: "If we don't have a double knockout, Hudgens."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I'm going with K-Stew in the upset."

O'Dell: "And, there's the bell. Hudgens quickly to the legs. She's giving ground with those slide and drop steps like we saw in their first fight. Slowly turning, making Stewart move the feet and work to get square. Meanwhile, 'Nessa pop-pop-popping that left jab for points, getting it in Kristen's face..."

Tess: "Stewart just as quick as Vanessa, as we saw in the first fight, and she's plenty athletic, as we all know, but Hudgens has terrific feet, as good as anyone in the FCBA, present company excluded..."

McCarthy: "That's BETTER..."

Tess: "I meant...neverMIND..."

O'Dell: "Hudgens bobbing the head, shaking the shoulders, all movement. Stewart not getting caught up in any of it. She wants to use that length, work the left jab and HUDGENS ROCKS HER WITH A RIGHT HAND! 'Nessa POUNCED forward and caught Stewart with a perfectly-timed right and Kristen in trouble early!"

McCarthy: "Reversed footwork. Moving right away from the right hand, quick pivot and put that right cross through a tiny window!"

O'Dell: "And Hudgens all OVER Stewart now, looking to finish this thing in stunning fashion. Stewart almost immediately forced to the ropes and taking barrage after barrage of leather from the former champion. Kristen holding on, doing just enough to keep the referee at bay. Twenty seconds left in this round and that may be too many. Vanessa just REEFING punches at Kristen. Stewart's legs holding up. Five seconds. Bell! Kristen gets out of it, but a huge opening round for Vanessa!"

Cassie: "Only 10-9 after one, though."


O'Dell: "Hudgens right after Stewart as action resumes. Kristen still clearly buzzed, giving ground in the face of a determined assault from Hudgens. 'Nessa very busy, throwing leather with both hands, sitting down on her punches, knows she's got her opponent hurt and determined to finish her..."

McCarthy: "Nothing sloppy about what Hudgens is doing, either. Setting everything up, taking her time. And she's giving Stewart a BEATING in the second."

O'Dell: "No question about it. Kristen game, hanging in there, trying to hold canvas and counter in spots, but Hudgens just ALL OVER her right now, landing with both hands, touching Stewart up, picking her up, even banging a little body in spots, and barely able to suppress a smile as she's doing it..."

Cassie: "I have no comment that wouldn't result in some version of 'Swan Lake' starting to run..."

O'Dell: "Stewart managed to stay off the ropes for about two minutes, but 'Nessa has her there now, and she's working Kristen over. K-Stew getting battered to the body now, as Vanessa really digs in trying to drop that guard. Then, she's back upstairs with hard, sharp right hands, snapping back Kristen's head. Ten seconds left. Stewart's going to last out this round, but it's a shutout for Hudgens, who's now in total control."

Tess: "20-18 on the cards after two."


O'Dell: "Hudgens back to work in the third, getting after Stewart, but now getting a face full of leather in return! Kristen firing back heavy and we're seeing some serious hot-tossing right in the middle of the ring! This is one long, back-and-forth flurry with both fighters trying to force the other to back and cover and neither willing to do it!"

Cassie: "Both heads snapped back more than once and they're still going!"

O'Dell: "These are two girls who do NOT like one another and you're seeing that right now! There's more than the normal amount of boxing aggression coming out as Hudgens and Stewart just work one another over right in the center of the ring. GOOD right hand Stewart and HUDGENS lands a WICKED right of her own! Stewart steps forward and now they're tied up and wrestling around until the referee breaks them..."

Tess: "And, check out the staredown! Hudgens waives Stewart forward and Kristen right back after her!"

O'Dell: "And, the hot-tossing resumes! Amazingly, nobody getting sloppy here, and both girls staying sound defensively, but they are just HAVING AT IT, sitting down on everything, throwing power punch after power punch, a contest of wills right now to see who'll back up and who'll back down and the answer is NOBODY. Ten seconds remaining and they're still at it. Five seconds. Bell. STILL GOING! Referee getting in there to shove them apart and send them back to their corners. Wow! What a round. Close to Kristen."

McCarthy: "And, that makes it 29-28 after three."


O'Dell: "Fighters right back at it as we start the fourth. Right to the center of the ring and hell being unleashed. I think it's safe to say the tactical portion of this evening's program is over, because this is about two flyweights who want to tear one another's heads off their shoulders. In a sound way, of course..."

Tess: "Kind of surprised it's come to this as early as it has. Hudgens moves so well, and Stewart's such a good boxer, so accurate and quick..."

O'Dell: "Hate does things to you in the ring, doesn't it, Mac..."

McCarthy: "It most certainly does, and I think it's doing things to both of these girls right now..."

O'Dell: "RIGHT HAND, KRISTEN! Stewart ROCKS Hudgens and 'Nessa wobbled AGAIN by a left hook! Hudgens now in trouble as Stewart steps up the fire! Vanessa's legs not working and Kristen lining her up and giving her the same kind of beating Stewart took in the second. Vanessa driven back into the ropes and now getting absolutely ABUSED to the body..."

Cassie: "She's put it on sale, and Kristen's loading up her cart, but it she might want to concentrate more upstairs, rather than just mete out punishment..."

O'Dell: "Stewart realizing that and going back to the head, landing a solid right hook that wobbled Vanessa. Hudgens clinching now, but Stewart shoves her off and works those abs. Vanessa clinching again and Stewart punches free and lands a good right hand. Hudgens ties up again. She's running clock effectively as we're down to fifteen seconds. Referee breaks the fighters and Stewart a good left-right at the bell. But, Hudgens still on her feet as the round ends."

Cassie: "38 all and both fighters have now gotten out of tough spots."


O'Dell: "K-Stew looking to consolidate now. She's coming forward, backing Hudgens up. Vanessa trying to hold canvas, but with those legs shaky, can't get it done. Stewart clinical, working everything off that accurate left jab, banging home hard right hands that force Hudgens backward..."

McCarthy: "Vanessa needs to get some side to side movement going, I think, because Kristen's really got the range on her."

O'Dell: "No doubt about that. Has it, and is getting some heavy fire on target. Hudgens a grim, fighting retreat, making Stewart pay for every inch of canvas with return fire, but Stewart getting the better of things and DOWN SHE GOES! A perfect short left hook from Hudgens drops Kristen to her knees!"

Tess: "Don't bother asking Kristen where that punch came from, because she never saw it. That was LIGHTNING fast..."

O'Dell: "Hudgens in a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Stewart to her feet at seven. Going to take the mandatory. And HERE COMES 'NESSA! Hudgens all in on this one. She has Kristen in deep trouble and she aims to finish this time. Stewart backed to the ropes almost immediately and Vanessa making with the big guns. Hudgens stepping into these shots, pouring fire on Kristen. Referee not going to watch much more of this...but he won't have to. Five seconds left. Bell. Hudgens shoves up off Stewart and gives her a smile and the referee quickly between them."

Cassie: "Another escape, but this one costly because of the knockdown. 48-46, 'Nessa in the lead."


O'Dell: "Sixth begins with Vanessa looking to consolidate. Hudgens applying steady pressure, coming forward behind her left, trying to back Kristen up with right hands. Stewart firing back in kind, holding canvas, bogging down the Hudgens offensive, and we're banging toe-to-toe now, again, neither fighter willing to give an inch to the other..."

McCarthy: "And, look how quickly this becomes a war on the respective bodies. Both girls leaning in here, high guards, thumping downstairs."

O'Dell: "And, I don't think there were very many people who would have suspected we'd be seeing this tonight, some inside grinding between two flyweights who are normally most comfortable at range, but, this thing is turning into an absolute war, and I don't think anyone at this table is surprised by that."

Cassie: "Absolutely not, Jenny. Hatred is just dripping off these fighters."

O'Dell: "And leather is BOUNCING off them as we come down the stretch in an absolutely brutal and competitive sixth. They're in the phone booth just brutalizing one another, thumping every piece of meat they can find to lay some leather on. Twenty seconds to go, and nobody slowing down. A steady barrage of fire continuing right to the bell. Close. 'Nessa."

Tess: "And, Hudgens now in control on the cards. 58-55 with four to go."


O'Dell: "We move into the seventh and right back into the phone booth. Once again, the fighters in close, guards high, leaning in, banging body, really working one another over as both fighters try to, still somewhat surprisingly, impose will in this one. We're seeing some clinching and wrestling around in there, too..."

McCarthy: "I've got to say, I'm surprised this is continuing. I'd have thought both fighters would be looking to get back to range at this point."

O'Dell: "But, neither seems too interested in that. Instead, they're standing toe-to-toe, piling on the punishment, looking to make the other girl flinch. But, nobody's flinching. Both are taking the punishment and banging back even harder as we head into the final minute and HUDGENS IS HURT! Stewart a short left hook hurt Vanessa! Hudgens stumbles back and DOWN SHE GOES! OH, a perfect right hand from Kristen and Vanessa dumped to her fanny!"

Cassie: "YES!"

O'Dell: "Vanessa gobsmacked, staring up at the referee. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Hudgens getting to her feet at seven. Referee gives her the mandatory and waives Kristen forward. Stewart coming on with everything she's got. She's pummeling 'Nessa back into the ropes and giving her a working over. Hudgens hanging on, wobbling, but refusing to go down. Again, ref isn't going to watch much more of this, but he won't have to. Five seconds left and Stewart finishes with a WICKED lick to the body, but 'Nessa still standing."

Tess: "And, still leading, despite the knockdown, 66-65."


O'Dell: "Eighth underway and Stewart right forward behind the left hand. She's backing Vanessa up with hard rights now. Hudgens not running, executing that fighting retreat, not going to let Stewart claim canvas without paying a stiff price. And Kristen's willing to pay to bring power to bear on Vanessa..."

McCarthy: "Hudgens still looking a little buzzed here and I think that's why she's not on her bicycle. Now would be the time to get up there..."

O'Dell: "Stewart turning up the heat. 'Nessa scoring some hard shots in counter and GETS ROCKED AGAIN! That short left hook from Stewart has Vanessa wobbled and Kristen going all in now! She wants to finish Hudgens right now! 'Nessa backed into the ropes again and taking heavy fire from K-Stew..."

Cassie: "And, Kristen not bothering with body now! She's looking to shell Hudgens into submission!"

O'Dell: "No question is siege is underway and Vanessa is taking fire from all directions. Hudgens hanging on, leaning back into the ropes, keeping the guard up, moving the head and shoulders, rolling with as much as she can. Again, Hudgens proving a pro at running clock and doing just enough to keep the ref at bay. Ten seconds left. Stewart still hammering away, but Hudgens pulls another escape. Bell! And a staredown!"

Cassie: "That's all, 'I whipped your butt' and 'Yeah, but you couldn't finish'! This is GREAT!"

Tess: "Shutout, Stewart. And, believe it or not, after all the action we had, it's even at 75 with two to go. Anybody's fight after eight. Just like last time."


O'Dell: "Six minutes to decide this one and both fighters know it. They are after one another from the opening bell. Stewart wants to come forward behind the left, but Hudgens not having it. 'Nessa digging down and holding ground despite legs that certainly aren't what they were in the first round..."

Tess: "Both fighters have taken plenty of punishment in this one, Jenny. It's all about will now."

O"Dell: "No doubt about it, and both of these young flyweights are showing plenty of it, toe-to-toe once again, leaning in, guards high, working head and body, putting everything they can behind the punches, looking to finally get their respective opponents out of there. LEFT HOOK AGAIN! Kristen lands that short left and Hudgens is hurt!"

Cassie: "Now! Finish her NOW!"

O'Dell: "Stewart a right hand and Hudgens wobbles! 'Nessa covering up as Stewart throws a barrage of leather and DOWN GOES VANESSA! Another straight right that split the gloves and Hudgens spills to her back! Stewart to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Vanessa rolls to her belly. Seven. Eight. Nine. TEN! It's over! Vanessa still face down on the canvas and it's over! This place is going NUTS because your winner by KO9 in comeback fashion is 'The Five-Tool Player', Kristen Stewart!"

McCarthy: "Well, it wasn't a DOUBLE knockout, but one will do."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Cassie Scerbo!"

Cassie: "I've got our winner, Kristen Stewart, and, K-Stew, things got a little tough at times in there..."

Kristen: "Didn't expect any less. She's a bytch, but she can fight. I knew I'd have to battle through some stuff to get where I wanted to go."

Cassie: "And, you did..."

Kristen: "I did, and, believe me, Cassie, it was worth any amount of punishment to see her sucking canvas at the end of the night."

Cassie: "She's in the corner right now staring holes through both of us."

Kristen: "Worth it. SO worth it."


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