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26 May 2006 Eva Longoria vs Michelle Williams

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(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)


Posted by simguy on 5/26/2006, 7:38 am


Before: Longoria going at the teeth of the HISC flyweight gate: Claire safely ensconced behind Mish and Alyson and daring the rest of the FCBA to break through. "It's a tough road, no question about it," admits Eva in prefight. "To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if this fight will be harder than lifting the title itself. I've been watching miles of tape on Mish: yes she's rough; yes she can be abrasive; but behind it all beats the heart of a true champion with proven skills - I can't take anything for granted with her." Williams refusing to be buttered up by HMK solicitude - she's snarky from the get go. "Just for calling me a gatekeeper, I'm gonna ride Eva extra hard in this fight," Williams promises with a smile. "I don't think Longoria's taken a real bad beating in the FCBA yet - not a real bad one. A Mish Williams beating. You know the ones: Rachel Stevens. Dani Fishel. Those girls were never the same after I got through with them, and that's what I have in mind for Eva. She's going in there this TV/covergirl/sexpot - but she's coming out a used up, aging tramp. Eva's gonna get old overnight in this fight - I guarantee it!" Eva in red bikini currently on the cover of Shape. Mish in black push up and panties, white lace trim. Smallish black work out gloves, both vixens.

R1: Midring - Eva shifts a little to her right, then holds her ground, punching a lead right into Mishy's face, coming back a hook - and the fight is on. Williams answering back a clanging right to the chin, missing her hook as Eva ducks down, comes up underneath with a lapping flurry of lefts and rights to Mishy's pale gut. Williams bumped back a few steps, then she covers up, edges into Eva's punching while blocking on her guard and hacks a right hand to Longoria's cheek: Eva stops punching, forced to cover up - Mish tucks in a pair of low-slung hooks to flat, tanned, belly. Back and forth, back and forth - both girls planting flat footed, muscling up and getting into each other with ferocious leverage. Bitter retreats of 2 or 3 steps are immediately answered with stirring counterattacks as first one beauty is suppressed and bludgeoned, then the other. Crowd very tense: they can smell the KO on one girl's mitts - just a matter of who. Down the stretch, girls trade hooks and EVA'S LEGS GIVE WAY! Longoria crestfallen, eyes bewildered/dazed - she wanders away wobbly butt, covering up earmuff just in time to receive Mishy's charge. Eva bulled sideways to ropes - her left shoulder in the strands as she cowers: Mishy ROMPING to the finish, swinging sidearm rights into Longoria's paunch; bashing lefts against Eva's back, pushing to reset against Eva's right shoulder. Bell: Mishy crowds in late, getting her body on Eva's right side and WILLIAMS PLUGS HOME RIGHTY! Mishy shoving right hands into Longoria's pain-wracked tummy - ref FINALLY reefs little HISC-hellion off her foe. Williams gloating mightily, well pleased with herself: Eva with stunned tears standing in her eyes, slinks to her corner still humming with shock.

R2: Mishy out gangbusters, looking to clean up: Eva's made of sterner stuff. Job one: give Mishy some lateral movement - Longoria's lithe legs on show as she sidesteps, turns Mishy midring. Eva liberally applying her jab - stinging Mish to the mouth and eyes, keeping it in her face while pivoting around the blonde: Williams soon brought to heel, crouching and blocking at the end of Eva's punches. Mish snarling, launching herself at Eva from too far out: Longoria slipping shots with deft footwork, or crouching low under shots, coming up to tie Mish up around her hips from the side or behind. Mish sloppy, swinging for the fences: Eva placing her shots, just boxing Mish, managing her, not doing a lot of damage. Good recovery round Longoria: she gets her legs back, shakes off some punishment and embarrasses Mish in the process.

R3: Eva operating behind the jab, putting the work into Mishy's eyes early. Longoria's lips pressed tight as she measures Mish for right hands, routinely clouting the blonde with crosses, then scooping clean-up hooks into Mishy's tummy off the front foot. Williams getting dinged up, but walking through it - she's crouching forward crossed-arm, straightening up into whistling hooks, stepping into looping overhand rights. Vicious give and take as Williams' relentless, wild abandon stalemates Eva's cagey execution until the final minute. Longoria feints, jumps in a lead left uppercut, catching Mishy rugged beneath the chin. Williams startled, shook: Eva twists her torso to the right - keeping right fist under her chin - pulling a tight, swiping hook across Mishy's face and WILLIAMS IS STAGGERED! Mishy stomping in fence post holes, seriously buzzed: Eva leans in a heartless right to Mishy's chin; hoists a rising left off the front foot - sliding her back foot forward as she advances Erik Morales style. Williams hits ropes, covers up in swoon as Longoria squares away, bares her teeth and lathers Mishy to tatters at the bell. Williams crying out as Eva's slender-limbed battering continues on past the break - ref has to pull a seething Longoria away and push her reluctantly in the direction of her corner as Mish bleats to the ref about his incompetence, Eva's willful rulebreaking, so on and so forth.

R4: Mish tighter defensively, elbows in, chin tucked, stubbing her jab out to close - she's getting pate-to-pate with Eva and working in tight confines. Latina no stranger to hot inside body-swap, but Mishy really getting the better of early trades. Williams blocking shots against her arms, nipping back with tidy little left uppercuts and withering left hooks to liver and flank. Short, chopping right hands while scraping her forehead across Eva's face; muscular elbow 'pushes' against the breasts. Longoria in steady, grudging retreat, shuddering whenever Mishy swats right/left against that taut tummy, or tucks home snug leather in above either hip. Down the stretch, Eva retreating in good order, blocks a hook ticketed for her liver with her right elbow, answers back a hook to Mishy's chin, dips-n-lifts a short left uppercut to Mishy's chin, then tucks a left home to Williams sternum to draw a shout of agony from the tousle-headed blonde. Mishy backing away, hugging at her body and WILLIAMS TAKES A KNEE! Claire jumping up out of her ringside seat, screaming "GET UP!" with a furious glare - HISC suits suddenly disengaging from cell-phone conversations in abrupt panic. Tears spill out the corners of Mishy's eyes; she fights up off her knee, sagging against the ropes, stiff with hurt and ON COMES EVA! Longoria snuggling up against Mishy's right shoulder, riding the right hand on it in close while tucking short, stuffing left hooks paunch and chin - PAUNCH AND CHIN! Williams in swoon, sitting cramped into the ropes and glug-glugging in astonishment! Bell: Eva biting her lower lip in concentration as she shovels another hook into Mishy's trembling tummy - ref has to take a hand once again, pulling Longoria off and spinning her away. Eva stomping angry-butt to her corner, pulsing with adrenaline. Mishy wiping at tears with her forearm, berating the ref once again for his slipshod handling of things: "She's punching me LOW ref! What the HELL?"

R5: MISH BATTLES BACK! Smashing flat footed trade midring sees Eva disengage, step away rattled - Mishy hops after her with a prodding jab in the shoulder, guiding Longoria to ropes and squaring up on her. Williams in wide stance, knuckling Eva in her chest to prop her, shouldering her to stack - Williams jostling her girl, roughousing her to set up the wallop. Pounding blows applied - but not wild now: Mishy tightening up stroke, keeping elbows in, getting her hips twisting, pushing off the balls of either foot for murderous leverage. Longoria grimacing: she's showing crossed-arm at times, earmuff at others - impossible to cover all bases as Mish bashes away. Eva being bumped out of her stance, pressed into the ropes - Williams doing an exceptional job of smearing her girl, drawing warnings for head butts, forearms-on-the-throat and elbows off short hooks. Eva ragdolled, lumping up nicely: she just can't get her back off the ropes and she can't get Mish off her chest. Mish rough in the clinches - at one point reaching in under Longoria's arms, tugging the long coils of glossy-dark hair to jerk Eva's head back - drawing a startled yelp from lithe Latina/cheers from Danes & Co. Bell to bell Mishy - constant, brawling pressure applied - she's got Longoria open-mouthed and hurting by the finish line. Mish slamming home some swabbing right hands across Eva's kidneys as wounded Latina bends well forward after the bell: ref has to tug snarling blonde off her prey - Eva's turn to wince, straggle back to her stool soundly buffeted.


R6: Mish bobbing and weaving Eva's jab - Williams lands a GORGEOUS early right cross, pounding it over top Longoria's extended left, nearly dropping Longoria to her knees. Eva stunned: Mishy gets a pair of short left hands tucked in snug to breasts, getting Longoria to backpedal - Latina hits ropes in disarray as blonde wades in.




Pum-pum-pummelling of short, kneading lefts and rights digs at Eva's trunks and thighs, bunching her up with a groan. Longoria's slender arms drape around Mishy's neck: Williams bulls slumping brunette into ropes, stuffing extra leather into the springy meat of Eva's tummy. Mishy loving it now - grinning face-on-face with Longoria, fists plunging in blind to anything soft below. Mishy gets her forearms up, pushing Eva off by her chest, then WILLIAMS GOES JUGG! Sudden bursting assault to Longoria's perky rack so smugingly violent, her mouthpiece dribbles off her teeth! Eva swooning, going out - again reaches to clinch - this time around Mishy's waist: Williams butt back for separation, bashes away at slender rib cage outside Eva's extended limbs until referee intervention.

Eva's wounded eyes, fluttering eyelashes: Mishy's hard malevolent grin as she regroups outside, then pounces back in.

Rest of the way a series of Williams pouncings - in with short, chopping right hands; mauling lefts and rights until Eva can clinch. Longoria desperately hurt, but doing a titanic job of keeping herself together - SOMEHOW she keeps her butt off the canvas and makes it to the finish line. Eva turns away at the bell and GETS CLOCKED A CHEAP RIGHT HAND! Mishy snarling as she plows a sucker-punch from almost behind and to Eva's right, smashing into jaw and dropping Longoria to all fours! Ref bodying wriggling Mish back: Claire, Alyson and Eliza all up out of their seats pumping fists and carrying on. Pure bedlam as Eva is helped to her corner and ref is confronted by enraged HMK cornermen during the break.

R7: EVA RIPS MISHY A RIGHT HAND! Torrid blast - Eva leaning in, bending down with the shot, bashing Mishy above her left eye and WILLIAMS IS WOBBLY BUTT! Mish staggering forward to smother - Eva stepping back in good order, slicing left uppercuts off the right foot - right uppercuts off the left foot as Williams topples in. Ropes approach: Longoria with a pretty sidestep, guides Mishy face-first into the strands, then SAVAGES MISHY'S BACKSIDE! Williams groaning, frowning dimly, right arm over the top rope as the meat of her rump is bunched up and taut lower back lathered by a FURIOUS Latina assault. Eva pushed back all fiery eyes, bared teeth: Mishy turns around, blonde curls obscuring her eyes, lips parted in swoon and HERE COMES EVA! Longoria digging her way into Mish, PLOWING in - Eva riding either arm across Mishy's upperback to slump her forward for pumping work from the free mitt. Williams aghast, ashen-faced - cramping up from withering body work, slowly drawing Eva into clinches and sitting wearily in the ropes for breaks. Longoria breathing hard - she's in oxygen debt, chest heaving after ref pushes her back, but she wades back on in, feverishly striping Mish with punches. Late the round, Mishy just drooping forward behind a drowsy peek-a-boo guard: LONGORIA POUNDS RACK! Vicious, vindictive payback - Eva just standing up in the stirrups, shrugging her shoulders and cramming away to Mishy's goods. Williams slumping into ropes can't keep Longoria off as Eva salts away the seventh with AUTHORITY!

R8: Ramshackle vixens slouch to midring: mouths are open, legs shaky, eyes smouldering with resentment/hate - this thing has taken a DREADFUL toll. Girls paw jabs just to locate one another, then fall in behind brutal rights or lefts, struggling in one another's damp embrace to disengage and get fresh punching room. Fresh cries from Eva as Mishy tugs black hair down in the clinches: fresh warnings from the ref as Williams invents new fouls to keep ahead of the rulebook. Fight staggers from midring to ropes; along ropes to corners; then back to midring as one or the other ties up for ref's break. Inside, both slug mindlessly, feeling their way into offending tummy or breasts or flanks. Mouths loll open on glistening shoulders - sopping skulls scrape, rub and bump. Jerking, shrugged-in uppercuts rock back heads on limp necks; clubbing swats in close carom off temples, bust up eyes. Agonizing to watch, and somehow, both are mustering enough vigour on body shots to bunch the other up with breathy gasps and anguished whimpers. Bell: ref pushes girls apart and Mishy punches a slappy right, just grazing Eva's lips. Longoria doesn't even flinch away from the shot, just blinking back in murky hate.

R9: Mouth on shoulder, girls taking turns underneath: brutal, moist, attrition. Energy comes in spurts - first Mish erupting with two or three short, stuffing punches hup-hup-hup, then relaxing, sobbing for air against Eva's shoulder as Longoria rallies, pays back in kind chup-chup-chup. Minute mark, Mishy coming forward, digging hooks to flank and waist in groggy determination to cripple Eva: Longoria grimaces, steps back, actually turns away while hugging her ribs - weird sight as exhausted Mish plods after her foe's back, blearily walking Eva down. Halfway mark, Eva stooped over, butt in ropes - mindlessly swapping shots - body and head, body and head. Simpleminded brutality; finally it's MISH backing out, breathing hard through pursed lips, hands on her hips: Eva grim-faced, trudges forward, hands low, stroking punches from her hips to Mishy's throbbing ribcage. Down the stretch, Williams on the verge of collapse, sits her right hip in the ropes, covers up her head and presents left flank to Eva. Longoria leaning in, palming at Mishy's hip to keep from falling in too close, keeping enough room downstairs to lather Williams into stupor. Bell: yep, Eva's still pouring it to Mish - she won't stop pounding until referee physically pries her off an all-but-out Michelle Williams. During the break, greenpeacers at ringside stand and shout for this thing to be stopped: neither vixen will hear of it - fighting this fight is all that matters to either girl now.

R10: Battered beauties fall in together, reaching in under one another's arms and trying to shoulder to other back. Eva starts to step forward, willing herself to wedge her fists into Michelle's tummy, feeling the quit trembling there. Williams tieing up behind Longoria's elbows, but can't halt Latina progress - Longoria backs Mishy all the way to the HISC corner and starts revving it up: WILLIAMS ABSORBS BEATDOWN! Eva in agony from her own effort, slashing punches at the remains of Michelle - Longoria's elbows in and down, hips twisting side to side as she whips swiping clout onto Mishy's slackjawed face. Williams swaying on her feet, getting LABELLED, dukes up dumb, but not blocking and SUDDENLY MISH! Williams summons a short right hand, dropping it to Eva's chin and startling Longoria: Eva answers with a slicing right hand blast, chopping Mish across her chin. Mish buckles like she's going down, but ANSWERS BACK A HOOK! Williams up out of the crouch with a STUPENDOUS clout, catching 100% of the Longoria chin! Eva's left leg scoots forward - nerveless - and LONGORIA'S DROPPED TO HER BACK! Eva's face pinched in devastation, hands above her head - her knees lift and lower - feet pushing mindlessly at the canvas as little body tries to twitch-away the KO, but it's NO GO! Good Lord - KO10 in spectacular fashion - Michelle Williams!!!

After: WHAT A FIGHT! Longoria ALL used up - Williams collapsing moments after the 10 count, sobbing helplessly on her haunches, glancing puffily over at prone Longoria to make SURE she's not getting up. Both fighters battered beyond recognition, both draining reserves neither thought she had tonight: flyweight boxing at its excrutiating best! How many times have we seen Mish pull out a fight in the 11th hour (ask Claire Danes)? Mish WELL behind on the cards tonight digs down and gets it done - simply willing herself to stop Eva. Longoria finally coming-to on her back in a spluttering, chest-heaving brace of sobs - she covers her face, shaking as attendants move in to assist. Mish sees Eliza, Claire etc climbing onto the apron, mischief in mind. Williams waves off the jackalpack: Mishy's too hurt to enjoy herself on Eva and besides - Williams not about to share the gutsiest KO of her career with anyone. Tonight is special.


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