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Equipo Secundario

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Equipo Secundario
                         (Bo Krsmanovic)
Stable Information
Debut : 04/03/16
Owner:  Los Ingobernales
E-mail contact: floatzelclub@yahoo.com


On April 3, 2016 Los Ingobernales announced the creation of a secondary organization. Equipo Secundario would act as a training and promotional vehicle for promising boxers. It wouldbe understood that these fighters are not under contract, but would be free to sign with any manager or stable interested in their services. Not surprisingly given Los Ingobernales interests, the initial three fighters are especially interested in JMD/JMDD bouts).


On April 30, 2016 the first ES roster shake-up occurred with Britani Knight departing. Joining the ES were Charli XCX, Emily Ratajkowski, Helen Flannigan, Jessica Gomes, Genevieve Morton and Samantha Hoopes.


On July 1, 2016 Bo Krsmanovic was promoted to the main Los Ingobernales roster


On December 17, 2016, it was announced that the organization would be shutting down. C,J, Perry was announced as joinging a new group: DREASM MAKERS. The remainder would be given their releases as free agents.




Weight Division







Charli XCX: (Flyweight.Bantam/JMD. (04/30/16 to Present)

Helen Flanagan (Bantamweight/JMD) (04/30/16 to Present)

Jessica Gomes (Lightweight/JMDD) (04/30/16 to Present)

Samantha Hoopes (Lightweight/JMDD) (04/30.16 to Present)

Britani Knight: Lightweight/JMDD (04/03/16 to 04/30/16)

Bo Krsmanovic: Welterweight/JMDD (04/03/16  to 07/01/16)

Genevieve Morgan (Lightweight/JMDD) (04/30/16 to Present)

C.J. Perry: Bantam/Lightweight/JMD/JMDD (04/03/16 to Present)

Emily Ratajkowski (Bantamweight/JMD) (04/30/16 to Present)


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