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1 April 2016 Stephanie McMahon vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by Academy & Los Ingobernales on April 1, 2016, 8:38 am


Stephanie McMahon (FCBA 4-3, 4 KO; Other 0-2) vs. Charlize Theron (FCBA 240-102-4 146 KO; Other 3-2, 3 KO)
McMahon: 38y/o, 5'9”, 142#, [40D] v Theron: 40y/o, 5'10”, 128# [36B+]
(Los Ingobernales vs. Ginny's Academy)
Result: Lookout!/words: simgrrl (Ginny's Academy)

This is #6 in the Academy v Los Ingobernales Stable War. A Theron win seals an Academy victory in the Stable War, 4-2. But if McMahon pulls an upset over the Hall of Fame blonde with the most career wins in FCBA history... then the Stable War goes to the 7th, and final, fight of the night with a chance for Los Ingobernales to come back. The 7th fight will happen regardless.

BEFORE: McMahon a hulking presence facing Theron at the weigh-in, the taller blond seems fragile beside the thicker, more muscular brunette...intimidating because Charlize's height, thick torso and broad shoulders usually dwarf opponents. It's something to see Theron's face when she gets a second up-close look at McMahon “in the flesh.” As they shake hands, Charlize flashes back to the first meeting several weeks before...
* * *
Theron had been in the ladies room after an awards luncheon and looked up as a brunette came in wearing a tight black sheath. She had high cheekbones, dark hair, thick thighs on tightly muscled, long, tan legs, and carried herself with a supremely self-confident air. Charlize politely stepped aside to let her pass, but the woman stopped and faced her, pressing her prominent bosom into her chest, making eye-to-eye contact.
“I don't believe we've been properly introduced,” she said in a low, smoky voice as she offered her hand. “McMahon. Stephanie McMahon.”
Charlize hesitated, then took it. Stephanie's hand closed and at first, Charlize thought she'd crush her fingers, but then she released her grip... and smiled. “Pleased to meet you,” was all Charlize could think to say.
“I admired you growing up,” McMahon said coyly. “You had a great career... boxing, I mean. Oh, and you acted a little too, didn't you? I'm sure I saw you in something. A Lifetime movie? No! No, it was a video from that porn club.” Charlize's face flushed scarlet before she realized the b###h was teasing. “Let's get together, we have so many things in common,” Stephanie added, not naming even one. And Charlize certainly couldn't think of any!
Stephanie took a business card from her purse with her right hand, then reached up with her left and unbuttoned the top three buttons of Theron's blouse. She reached in and tucked her card into Charlize's right bra cup. Theron winced when the card pricked her sensitive nipple and Stephanie, seeing her wince, smiled, then turned to continue into the ladies room... leaving Charlize trying to catch her breath before she quickly exited re-buttoning her blouse; leaving Stephanie's business card safely tucked away where she could find it later when she'd had time to think how to deal with the big, burly, brunette.
* * *
Now the time for 'dealing with her' had arrived. At 38 years old, Stephanie is at the absolute peak of physical conditioning. A 'gym freak', her tight, toned, wrestling-trained body has been hardened by years of rigorous workouts. She's spent most of her life in training and weight rooms; even got some cosmetic implants; and while rumors of steroids or other bulk-building supplements never go away, tests have failed to detect any - which explains her current 'certified drug clear' status.

Stephanie's eyes narrow, focused with laser-like intensity on Charlize's face looking for the slightest sign of failing confidence, but then her gaze slides South to admire what to Stephanie - always surrounded by pneumatic Amazons - must seem small obstacles to her inevitable JMD triumph and her lips curl in that signature smirk. She leans in and whispers something that makes the blonde's pulse quicken and her eyes widen. Some may see 'fear' - but perhaps it's 'anger'? ... or maybe another, lesser, emotion - one that briefly flared then faded.

Fans all assume, looking at the two women's bodies, the Academy’s training regimen must be less stringent than that of Los Ingobernales'... and they'd be right! Stephanie works her girls fanatically while Charlize is known to prefer yoga and Pilates classes, or long walks on the beach instead of hard work.

While boxing requires “bendiness and flexibility” fighters usually deliver their messages with a “hammer” - not a massage! It'll be interesting to see which approach prevails. We've seen examples of both and one is usually more effective - but not always!

Not much interaction between the stables until February's JMD bouts lit a fuse that's going to explode tonight. The Academy blames Bella and there's justification! It was Bella's JMDing Liz Olsen after their February bout that set the tone! But more egregious, at least according to Los Ingobernales, was the mass swarming of Los Ingobernales by the Academy after the Theron-Henstridge fight.

But when Charlize unleashed her “juggs” Los Ingobernales made “highly personal” verbal attacks, disparaging Theron's “less than overwhelming” bosom. Charlize had criticized women who “artificially enhance their God-given beauty” and since 80% of Los Ingobernales have “gone under the knife” (young Charlotte McKinney's self-declared “all natural” bosom still requires closer examination before it is certified “additive free”) you expected they'd take every opportunity to try to get under Theron's skin! Charlize took exception to Bonin's “kidding” and Stephanie and Charlize got into it.

Everything went South and seven Academy members battled five Los Ingobernales - including Charlotte McKinney who just days before had joined the stable. To fill two slots for the Stable War, Los Ingobernales called on Gemma Atkinson and Hayley Atwell to fly over from England to “round out” their seven woman lineup!

Stephanie in Jean Paul Gaultier, Theron in 'Armani for Her' (NO, they're wearing string bikini's - who're we kidding!) Steph's in all black with high-top boots and black gloves; Charlize in Kelly green w/fragile twist ties at hips and between her self-declared “full B+” breasts; feet bare; gloves white.

Both corners staffed by women from earlier fights (Ryan/Lively for the Academy & Bonin/Marie in Los Ingobernales'). FCBA hope they're all worn down to the point it'll ease ringside tension and avoid a repeat of February's pier six brawl. Fans, naturally, praying the FCBA's hopes are dashed before the night is over.
* * * *
During Round 1: Charlize gliding left, popping a stiff jab at Stephanie's face as she circles to McMahon's right, looking to blunt her powerful right hand before Stephanie can land it. Stephanie accepting the annoying jab in exchange for a chance to get at Theron's body. There's mileage on the blonde's chassis and McMahon knows if she can get to it, she'll slow the quicker blonde. Charlize more stylish, McMahon more aggressive, constantly pressing forward; forcing Theron to widen her circle as she tries to avoid McMahon's long reach.
Charlize succeeds for the most part, but Stephanie manages several times to catch the blonde and when she does, she hammers her body with sledgehammer hooks. Neither does real damage, but McMahon's continual pressure backs Theron off every time she connects with thumping impact to Theron's torso. At the bell, Theron back to her corner wincing, touching her left ribs; McMahon grinning and hi-fiving Natalie Eva Marie and Celeste Bonin, recovered enough from their fight to help when they meet her at hers. McMahon's steady pressure the big factor and she wins the round, close.

Round 2: In Theron's corner Jeri Ryan again urging her to attack; warning she can't lay back and let McMahon pick her to pieces. Charlize up-tempos, darting to her right and stepping in, landing one/two punches before retreating. The strategy works early, but Stephanie begins to time her thrusts and twice doubles her over with punches to Theron's belly as she's leaning into a right hand. Theron retreats, circling left, away from McMahon's powerful left hook. Charlize misses a left hook, takes a right to the side of her gorgeous face! Flushed with proud anger, Theron steps in and trades with Stephanie, each hurting the other with right hands; both landing left hooks - Theron's flush on McMahon's right eyebrow and McMahon crushes Charlize's right bra cup. Stephanie registering one extra connect - a right to Theron's bra - as the blonde's backsteps a beat too late.
Charlize unleashing fury on Stephanie with an all-out attack in the closing minute; several two and three punch combinations rock the sturdy brunette at the bell. Brief offensive flurry enough for Charlize to take the third round, close!

Round 3: Charlize making hurried adjustments to counter McMahon's 'tweaks.' Stephanie giving Charlize an entirely new look the first minute. Wily blonde quickly shifts gears and again rocks McMahon with combinations as she nimbly changes directions; circling one way, reversing, then reversing again. McMahon being wrong-footed as Charlize shows her dance training wasn't wasted; bouncing and flitting to one side or the other landing a punch, then escaping the return!
Stephanie looks the heavy-footed plodder at times compared to the quicker, more agile, blonde, but she stays patient, investing in Theron's body. Theron taking McMahon's heavy, bludgeoning punches on her forearms, biceps, but Stephanie takes the 'long view'; not giving in to a desire for 'quick and easy gratification' of one or two punches. Closing minute, Theron again puts on an offensive show, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Stephanie who stays with her dull, boring, predictable, “body attack”, pounding Theron's ribs and upper arms while letting Charlize win the round in a shutout to go up 2 rounds to 1!

Between Rounds: Ryan imploring Theron, “Get after her before it's too late,” while Lively urges caution. Across the ring, Eva Marie & Bonin are joined by Charlotte McKinney and the triumvirate perform a pantomime; each showing with gestures how to attack Theron - talking over one another; giving conflicting advice. McMahon shaking her head in disbelief, struggling to restore order from the chaos!

Round 4: Charlize on her toes, bouncing, slide-stepping left, snapping the jab in Stephanie's face. Brunette right eye swelling, face taking on a rosy red sheen of abuse. Stephanie laser focused on Theron's willowy body, and when Charlize begins to tire and her activity slows, Stephanie pounces! She starts to score with power shots to the body! Left hooks to Charlize's right breast; rights firing up under her left elbow pancake her left breast! Bludgeoning body shots taking a terrible toll on the old GOAT! Theron's breathing more labored, her movement less crisp; McMahon sets up in front of Theron and punishes her ribs and belly more and more as the clock winds down!
Theron head-hunting, scoring with long-range rights that swivel Stephanie's head, but McMahon's counter rights to the body are part of every exchange and her punches are far harder than Charlize's! Neither is able to separate herself from the other, but at the bell, the judges think it's clear McMahon's performance is superior and give her the points. Still, it's anyone's fight after four tight rounds!

Round 5: Theron's found the key! Charlize in attack mode off her stool. McMAHON'S HURT! Theron rocks McMahon with a crackling left hook on the chops in their opening exchange! Stephanie shook as Charlize jumps into the opening, pounding a straight right to the jaw to buckle McMahon's thick legs! STEPHIEMAC FORCED TO CLINCH FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Theron digs with both fists into hard, six-pack, brunette abs as red-faced Stephanie wheezes and huffs, cheek on Charlize's shoulder as she bear hugs her about the shoulders! Theron pounds McMahon back to the ropes shoves her head under Stephanie's chin and helps herself to brunette jugg! Charlize hooks jugg, uppercuts jugg, then turns into a sweet right cross that catches ALL of Stephanie's chin. STEPHANIE'S HURT AGAIN! McMahon's knees buckle and she almost goes down, staying up only because she grabs Theron's biceps and hauls herself up, then bearhugs the blonde once more!
Charlize squirming and wriggling struggling in vain to escape Stephanie's wrap, as she pummels McMahon's flanks and kidneys. Theron finally free, hammers another left hook reeling McMahon to the ropes in a rickety peek-a-boo defense! Charlize flailing away with both fists, trying to end it right here! McMahon is not punching back, just absorbing a terrific pounding from the blonde! Final minute all Theron; punching any part of McMahon's anatomy she can reach.
THERON'S HURT! Short, chopping, uppercut by Stephanie short-circuits Charlize's legs and now it's Theron forced to clinch! Theron's head rag-dolling on McMahon's shoulder as Stephanie chup-chup-chups those perky little puppies inside as Charlize desperately clings to her, taking a body bashing to the bell! What a round! Dominating the early minutes enough to win Charlize the round (wide). But those closing thirty seconds, those were all Stephanie McMahon!.

Between Rounds: Bella and Marie in Stephanie's ears giving her 'stereo' advice, but, this time, they're playing the same tune. “Look at Ryan trying to massage her biceps and forearms,” Marie tells her. “You hit her so many times she can't raise her left arm to protect herself. Just knock her the F- out and be done with this.”
Stephanie shakes her head, grumbling, “NO! She's going to quit. I wanna to knock the 'proud' outta that blond bimbo, not just put her to sleep!”
Nikki Bella smirking as she watches Blake Lively. “Lookit the kid over there, using both hands to ice down her ribs. See Theron's face? She can barely take a deep breath. What're you waiting for?”
Stephanie growls... “Proud b###h! She won't bend a knee to me? I'll make her bow down and admit I'm better than she is if it's the last thing she does!”

Round 6: McMahon showing her resilience, up on her feet before the bell, Theron barely able to get off her stool in time. McMahon lopes across the ring, stacks Charlize up in her own corner and goes to work on the aging blonde's torso with both fists! Stephanie feasting on Theron's taa-taa's in the opening minute; pounding those puppies with either fist... hard, blistering, breath-stealing blows have the actress wilting in Stephanie's muscular arms after the first long, painful, minute of the action!
McMahon pounding her left forearm down across Theron's chest, bending low to hammer the right up into that smooth, soft, curvy, belly over and over and over!! Stephanie switching hands, planting the right forearm hard up under Charlize's chin, bending her head back then plunging her left fist down into - and often below - Theron's reddened belly button. Flushed-face blonde can't get her breath as the ref is constantly thwarted in attempts to eyes on McMahon's punching...Stephanie switching fists every time the referee moves to the other side. Finally, she forces a break, but Stephanie just steps back, raises her hands and as soon as he starts to move away, Stephanie throws herself into two, then three, more punches that cave in Theron's paunch!
Theron a wreck after two minutes, barely able to breathe, hanging all over Stephanie struggling just to stay on her feet. With Theron almost defenseless, and Stephanie's corner screaming for her to, 'Finish her!' Stephanie instead backs off and takes her time. Waiting for Charlize to stand upright then attacking and punishing Theron's already battered bosom with short, chopping, criss-cross punches. It's clear that McMahon wants to force Theron to quit, or for her corner throw in the towel rather than do her the courtesy (and 'kindness') of knocking her out - which it's now clear she can do anytime she wants!
Charlize stubbornly refuses to submit to McMahon's bullying and when her corner holds up a towel to throw it, Theron waves it off and they relent - grudgingly. As the round grinds to its end, Stephanie has Charlize trapped in her own corner, left arm draped limply on the top rope, her right arm over Stephanie's shoulder hanging down on her back. Charlize's body wide open, exposed, her chin defenseless... yet McMahon just keeps hammering those precious little juggs with her right hand as she holds Theron up with her left arm wrapped under Charlize's right arm with her left hand on her back like a couple of 'Dancing With The Stars' wannabe's!
At the bell, Stephanie continues to hold Charlize up until Theron's corner slips the stool under her butt, then gently sits Charlize down, pats her on the head and says, “Stay right here, old girl. I'll be back in a minute and we can continue this dance.”

Between Rounds: Ryan and Lively agree to throw in the towel, or at least not let Theron go out for another round. But proud Charlize stubbornly refuses. “I can NOT quit and dump this War thing in Jen's lap like that!” she groans, struggling to make her throbbing chest and ribs expand so she can take a breath. “I hurt McMahon a couple of rounds ago, maybe I can do it again! As long as there's even the slightest chance, I'm not going to quit and leave it on Jen. It's not fair to her, or the rest of you. I'm the 'face' of this damm stable and I'm going to act like it! I'm either going out on my feet or they'll carry me out!”

Round 7: Stephanie back to the body! Theron helped up off her stool by Lively, hobbles out to meet McMahon with her right hand cocked at her cheek, her left glove raised little more than waist high. McMahon, lips pursed, brows frowning, all business as she calmly pops Charlize in the forehead several times, then CRACKS her on the sternum. Theron recoils backward, arms flung out wide, mouth gaping; her mouthpiece slips from her lips, dribbles down her chest and bounces off her right breast onto the canvas as her butt hits the ropes and she slumps awkwardly with her butt thrust between the ropes.
The referee jumps in to intercept Stephanie who is about to club Charlize in the belly, pushing her aside and telling her to step away while he retrieves, then rinses, Theron's mouthpiece. The extra thirty or more seconds of relief make no difference and as soon as her mouthguard is replaced, McMahon's right back in business hammering Theron's once proud breasts flat again! Tears streaming down the proud blondes face as Stephanie takes her time, aiming each punch with pin-point precision. Charlize unable to do anything to prevent it! Stephanie is showing no mercy after Lohan beat down Bella, and it shows with every punch.

Finally, after three or four hard punches to the solar plexus, Charlize simply wilts like a dying plant and puddles at Stephanie's feet. The referee steps in points McMahon to the far corner and begins to count, knowing it's only a formality at this point. Charlize just laying there hugging her middle, her left leg slowly sweeping the canvas, Stephanie unwilling to help as the referee counts her out!
Stephanie McMahon, looking disgusted, walks over and looks down at her opponent, then spits her mouthpiece on Theron's right hip, says something that nobody was able to overhear, turned and walked over to her corner. Putting her gloves on the turnbuckle, Stephanie told Nikki Bella, “Get 'em off. It's party time!”
* * * *
AFTER: Theron is still on the canvas when the 'penalty girl' scrambles eagerly into the ring ahead of The Academy seconds and cozy's up to Stephanie for the drawing to see which of the two remaining envelopes holds Charlize's fate. Since this is the next-to-last pairing, everyone now knows that (win or lose) the last fight will be Jennifer 'J-Law' Lawrence, the Academy Award-winning actress and Hayley Atwell, a woman brought in to simply fill a spot so the Stable War would have seven fights.

Most feel that if Los Ingobernales had any clue the decision would come down to a seventh fight, or that the order would be randomly determined instead of relying on clever and savvy roster manipulation by Stephanie McMahon, Ms. Atwell would probably still be in England watching Downton Abbey reruns - not here holding the stable's fate in her gloves!

While Lawrence and Atwell are completing their prefight preparations, Stephanie McMahon is eager to get her hands on Theron and, now confident of ultimate victory, ready to begin the stable's post fight victory party one fight early.

Steph storms over to the Academy corner where Theron is slumping dazed on her stool as Blake Lively struggle to get her gloves off while Jeri Ryan gingerly holds her around the chest under the arms helping fill her lungs with air. At the bottom of the steps, a still-dazed and disoriented Cat Bell is wandering around looking for her seat.

McMahon grabs Charlize' hair, jerks her to her feet, turns her around, pulls down her top, then parades her around the ring, displaying her bruised and battered body to the fans on all four sides her bruised “JMDs” while the officials get ready for the “penalty phase” drawing.

“Somebody give me a mic!” Steph bellows and is quickly given one.

Standing behind Charlize, who is so rubber-legged she has to lean back against Steph's chest to stay on her feet, Steph reaches around with her left hand and grabs a handful of Theron's left breast to “help” steady her as she lifts the microphone and leans her head over Charlize's right shoulder. She coos softly into the microphone that she holds beside Charlize's right ear, “OK honey, time to choose your prize. Now I want this to be as much fun for you as it is for me, so choose carefully. You want to get the 'right prize' don't you Charlize?” Theron nods numbly, not yet even semi-conscious, nor dimly aware of what's going on. “Good. You really want to pick the 'right' prize, don't you?” Again an automatic responsive head nod from the battered blond. “Great. Now reach in and pick the 'right' ticket for me.”

Charlize fumbles around and pulls out one of the two envelopes. Stephanie grabs it and holds it up against the strong lights above the ring. She frowns, then squeezes Charlize's bruised and throbbing breast and says, “That's NOT the 'right' prize, is it Charlize?” Theron winces at the pain in her breast and starts to raise her hand, but a quick stab of Steph's thumb on the underside of the sensitive flesh stops her and when Steph repeats, “I said, that's NOT the 'right' prize is it Charlize?” Theron tearfully shakes her head - meaning 'no it's not'.

Stephanie tucks the envelope in her cleavage and tells, Theron, “Pick another one!” Theron does and Steph's eyes light up as she gently strokes Charlize's by now very, very, tender and sensitive breast. “That's the 'right prize' isn't it Charlize darling?” she asks, giving the breast a reassuring pat.

Charlize mumbles into the mic Steph is confidently holding up so everyone can hear her, “Yuh...yes...?”

“Good!” Stephanie says with a big grin. She pulls the first envelope from her cleavage and puts it back in the urn, then uses her teeth to help rip the second envelope open and announces with all the excitement of a game show hostess awarding a grand prize, “Miss Charlize Theron has won a grand spanking....” then stops as everyone leans forward in their seats, eager to find out - grand spanking... (new? .... new what?)
But there is no more! Slowly, it dawns on some, then more figure it out; pretty soon, the entire audience is buzzing with excitement.

“It's definitely a 'once in a lifetime' gift, Ms. Theron; one I'm sure you'll never forget!” Stephanie says with a lusty leer. Then Stephanie peers out into the crowd until she finds the woman she's looking for. She points at a brunette and when the girl does a 'who me', Stephanie crooks her finger, nods, and invites the petite 5'1” youngster to join her in the ring. Turning to check out the Academy girls on the other side, she calls out the busty little 5'3” blonde who had earlier helped Blake Lively jugg Gemma Atkinson, motioning her to the ring as well.


While the young women are making their way to the ring, Stephanie walks Charlize over to the ropes and pushes her head and shoulders out over the middle rope, leaving her teetering on her belly with her head and shoulders cantilevered above the ring apron; her legs wobbling in the air over the ring. She removes Theron's little bikini top, then uses the top to tie her hands behind her back. Stephanie grabs Charlize' hips and tips her back onto her feet in the ring, then leads her by the elbow back to the others who are now gathered at center ring.

First, she asks the young brunette her name. “Ariel Winter,” she says, proudly puffing out her impressive young chest.

Then she turns to the blond. “I don't recall your name, but you were pretty eager to help Blake Lively, earlier. Would you like to get more 'face time' on camera now?”

The girl was blond, but not stupid and assumed it was a trick question. “My name's Lindsey Pelas,” she said indignantly, “You'd better remember it because in a short time everyone in the FCBA will know it. As to your question... I guess... uhh...” she hemmed and hawed, “...it depends! What kind of help does a big strong woman like you need with a half unconscious, tied up, prisoner?” The audience roared with laughter, admiring the buxom blonde's spunk in standing up to the 5'9” McMahon.

Stephanie raised an eyebrow, admiring the girl's cheeky manner. She smiled. “Well, since you helped Lively, I'm sure you want to help your stable's biggest star too, don't you?”

Again, the clever young blond thought quickly, then batted her eyes innocently. “I guess so. But Jen Lawrence hasn't fought yet. What help could she need from me at this point?”

Frustrated by fans laughing at her a second time, Stephanie got to the point. “I just wondered if you'd want to take Theron's ass whipping for her, you little smart-aleck? My friend here will be glad to lend a hand, won't you Ariel?”

Winter's eyes lit up as she studied Lindsey Pelas' 32F bosom and licked her lips. “Say the word, Ms. McMahon,” she growled, “and I'll put the b###h down and paddle her butt myself. You won't have to break a sweat.” Then realizing that Stephanie was already sweating and that Stephanie would have even less trouble with Pelas than she would, Ariel hurriedly added, “Unless you'd rather deal with her yourself... I mean, after the disrespectful way she talked back to you and all!”

Lindsey Pelas had taken a step toward Winter, clearly figuring if she had to defend herself she'd follow the old bar fighting axiom of getting retaliation first. But by that time, the officials had figured out that things were going seriously off track and intervened. They sent Pelas back to wherever she'd come from and told Stephanie, “After all the work you did to get here, don't you think you'd better either spank her or leave the ring? We're not gonna hold up the show while you play twenty questions with those bimbos.”

Stephanie shrugged and nodded to Ariel to join her at Theron's side. “I'll hold her for you and I want you to spank her big, broad, pale, bottom,” Stephanie told the young brunette. “Do you think you can do that?”

“Well, DOH!” Ariel laughs. “From this distance, I'd have to try hard to miss something that big!” Then she added thoughtfully, “You're not going to let go without giving me a warning are you? She's a lot bigger than me.”

“Don't worry,” Stephanie assured her. “I'm a lot tougher than her, so you're safe. Besides, I'll be holding her like this...” Stephanie grabbed the front of Theron's bikini bottom and gave it a couple of twists, tightening the cloth until it almost disappeared in the various 'nooks and crannies' of the blond stars lower regions. Tears well up in Charlize's eyes as Stephanie's biceps bulge as she tightens the twisted cloth and then drops on her right knee, pulling Charlize down across her left thigh. Stephanie looks at Ariel (who is almost eye level with McMahon) and gives Charlize's bottom a hard spank SMACK with her right hand.

“There you go,” McMahon laughed at Ariel's wide-eyed expression. “All you have to do is spank. I'd recommend you stand on this side, and use your right hand on her right cheek. Don't move around, just keep spanking the same spot over and over until it gets nice and red. Let's see how long it takes before she's begging you to stop.”

Ariel studied the 'moonscape' before her like studying for a college entrance exam. Noticing the officials at ringside checking their watches, Stephanie barked, “Well....go on and hit that ass. What're you waiting for? An engraved invitation?”

WHAP! Ariel's first spank sent shockwaves through Charlize's right butt cheek. SPLAT! SMACK! WHAP! CRACK! Four more came in rapid succession and raised a rosy pink hue on the pale flesh. Theron's feet kicked off the canvas and her head jerked up with every impact, sweaty blonde hair flying every which way!

“Atta girl! Give the old gal hell!” Stephanie laughed, giving Theron's bikini bottom another half twist, the cloth now almost invisible, so deeply embedded was it in the crack of her butt!

SPLAT! WHAP! CRACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The audience began to count along as Ariel quickly got into a rhythm, pausing slightly after each spank to give the soft flesh a chance to recover from the blow, to resume its smooth, surface just before the next time her palm made the orb jump and ripple again.

After twenty more hard impacts, Charlize could no long keep silent and began to whimper; her bound hands clenched in tight fists. Her head, which had at first been held proudly high, now dropped down in defeat and her disheveled hair hid her flushed, red, face from the cameras. Each time Ariel's open palm slammed on her bottom, it sent shockwaves through her rear end. At the other end, her small, firm, bare, breasts also shook and jiggled in an erotic display rarely seen in a boxing ring - one all of those present wouldn't soon forget....certainly neither Charlize nor Ariel would ever forget as long as they lived!

When the audience's counting reached fifty, Charlize's cries and pleading had reached a volume no longer tolerable to the FCBA, the TV network, or The Academy members at ringside...several of whom had to be cautioned by the officials against interference under threat of additional penalties - not only for Theron, but for each of them as well. So they were forced to sit and squirm uncomfortably as their leader and mentor suffered the indignity of being spanked by a little 18-year-old girl.

Finally, the officials gave Stephanie the 'cut' sign and she told Ariel to stop, then she rolled Theron off her thigh. Charlize dropped on her bright red bum and let out a pained squeal as she rolled over on her side. The TV cameras had a perfect shot of her red, tear-streaked face as she lay bound at Stephanie's feet until Bell and Ryan arrived to cover her with her robe and haul her to her feet. They didn't even wait to untie her hands, just pulled and dragged her to her corner, lifted her through the ropes and passed her down to Lohan and Olsen who covered her head with a towel while Ryan and Bell scrambled down from the ring to join them in hustling Charlize away from the ring and back to her dressing room.

On the way up the aisle, they passed a dazed looking Jennifer Lawrence who had been waiting in the locker room watching on television as her stable leader was physically and emotionally battered by McMahon and Winter. It's clear from the worried look on J-Law's face she's unsure if she's up to the task of winning this Stable War by beating a fighter she knows nothing about in Hayley Atwell!




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