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3 May 2016 Nadia Forde vs Kelly Gale

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(from Aviba Stadium, Dublin, Ireland Rep.)


(BBU Free Agent vs Girls Friday)


Posted by Vassago on May 3, 2016, 1:06 pm



BEFORE: It's Nadia Forde's 27th birthday today and the voluptuous brunette plans to celebrate it the best way possible - by keeping her perfect BBU record in tact. However that task won't be easy since Girls Friday's Kelly Gale is one of the hottest prospects around - she destroyed Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Danielle Lloyd already - and is widely regarded as future champion by most of the experts and fans alike.

The two girls have promised to hit the clubs after the event concludes, Nadia's birthday plans were known in advance and she actually invited Kelly for a trip around Dublin's nightlife which suggests that they will get along rather well and perhaps even develop a friendship of sorts. How will that affect the actual boxing contest remains to be seen but both girls are very cheerful during the introductions almost like they've signed up for a sparring session rather than official ranking battle. Even for BBU TV's Kate Abdo this situation is extremely awkward.

Nadia Forde wears a green bikini top, white knickers and orange gloves. Long dark brown hair in loose waves. Kelly Gale wears a light blue bikini set and yellow gloves. Raven-black hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Kelly is taller then her opponent so naturally she prefers the mid range tangle and gives Nadia plenty of heat upstairs - the cheerful atmosphere is gone very quickly and the Irish girl just can't work around the superior reach of the Swedish brunette who pummels her repeatedly and is somewhat unfortunate she can't back her into the ropes. However Nadia's no Rosie Huntington-like creampuff and stands very firmly on her feet; she finally catches the taller girl with a wild swing on the temple but that's too little too late to make any difference at this stage.

Round 2:
More confident striking from Gale who easily finds the connection and freezes Nadia out in the center of the ring to significantly silence the Dublin crowd in the proccess. Kate Abdo says that Nadia has the bigger punch of the two - after all Kelly only turns 21 in ten days time and hasn't developed the full muscle kit just yet - but she's too erratic in mid range dust up which favors the Swedish model hand over the proverbial fist. Subsequently Kelly can home in more punches over the top and Nadia begins to lose her temper a little come the final minute; she has to revert into defensive circles just to catch a break and fails to deliver a meaningful punch on the younger lass who's all smiles at the bell. And who can blame her?

Round 3:
Kelly's supposed to be a raw talent who struck gold against vastly inferior opposition to date but Nadia doesn't have the agility to enforce the close range drill and succumbs to a nasty left/right combo that nails her on the nose just before the minute mark of the third. She sags on her knees for the first time tonight but Kelly's lanky attire doesn't make her a speed demon across the canvas either, she misses the put away hook and gets harpooned on the liver area as Forde finally settles into close range taking advantage of Gale's brief balance hiccup. IRISH POWER TO THE FOR(D)E!!! Nadia blasts a monster hook on the liver and wraps Kelly into a bending clinch which is quickly overturned by a follow up on the chin... AND KELLY FALLS ON THE ROPES... Irish blitzkrieg fuels the Aviva Stadium crowd and Kate Abdo looks at the stunned Mel Sykes in the Girls Friday corner... she never had it coming and Kelly remains glued to the ropes with eyes staring at a right hook that nails her on the nose AND SENDS HER SLIDING DOWN ON THE CANVAS... Welcome to Dublin, honey! Nadia displays supreme punching power and struts back to her corner as the VS model takes a mandatory eight count before getting back onto her feet... she barks in anger and looks set to avenge the unexpected meeting with the boards but the clock expires before any further punches are thrown. Game on in Dublin!

Round 4:
The knockdown has made Gale angry and that's always the worse adviser of the lot... even Mel Sykes can't keep her down and the otherwise cheerful Swede - as crazy as it sounds - now hits rampage mode and adds high-octane head hunting jabbing that meets immediate recovery plan from Forde... allthough not the fastest on her feet, Nadia ducks & weaves from the repeated striking to seek respite in the hitherto maligned mid distance until Kelly makes a cardinal mistake and wobbles to far forward to meet a crunching counter hook on the jaw... AND THAT SINKS HER ON THE KNEES AGAIN with the arms dropping by the side... Forde blasts her across the mouth and reels on the heels before a piercing hook finds the liver area AND FOLDS GALE DOWN ON HER KNEES... Disaster for Melanie Sykes & the Girls Friday crew... Kelly remains on all fours until the seven count and looks a bit misty in the eyes once she gets back up... "Calm the heck down, gurl!", Kate Abdo shouts from the TV booth as the youthful exuberance seems to have taken over the Swedish house... however Nadia shows her intended friend some mercy and doesn't press on with the coup de grace... she bunny hops around a slumped model despite having her at full mercy and even the most loyal Irish fans begin to wonder if that's actually some evil twisted plan from Nadia or just sympathy. Bell.

Round 5:
The action slows down dramatically as Kelly's clearly rattled by the double knockdown dismay and hangs back only to meet no punishment nor pursuit from the Irish brunette. Perhaps Nadia really wants to give her troubled foe another bite at the cherry? Whatever the case, it's as unorthodox as ever seen before but the Aviva Stadium crowd doesn't blow the gasket over the lack of production just yet. Nadia winks back to Mel Sykes but actually so obvious toying around with a seemingly inferior opponent is the utmost lack of respect; hence Kate Abdo doubts the friendly nightclubbing future if this ordeal continues beyond the fifth. Nadia's a free agent so there's nobody to slap her on the face for this but it just shows how much she rattled Gale mentally in a space of four rounds.

Round 6:
Nadia's boxing leverage might be unlimited but she needs to keep her tactics covered; when Kelly shakes off the knockdown fear to start the sixth - with some strong pep talk from Mel Sykes during the interval - there's a flurry of Swedish strikes swinging all over the older brunette's head but Forde finds the destruction mode again and exposes her opponent's confidence flaws... Kelly almost stumbles back when she tries to retreat from a deep cross and drops her arms too low when Nadia scythes her across the mouth... the next shot nails the taller brunette on the liver area and poor Kelly didn't see it coming... she was under a heavy aerial attack most of the time - which led to the two knockdowns - but a midriff punishing route dumps her butt-in-ropes and makes her scream out in pain as Forde leads the cavalry run straight into the taned ab muscles... Kelly slumps against her foe's shoulder and can only wrap her arms around her waist but the Irish attack is at full force AND SIMPLY CHOPS HER DOWN just past the two minute mark... Kelly's almost in tears now as she hugs her aching guts, she does make it up on her feet at nine but is just too vulnerable at this stage and the ref mercifully calls it a day... TKO6 Nadia Forde!!!

AFTER: Nadia blows a couple of kisses to the crowd but quickly heads back to the Girls Friday corner to see what's up with the girl she just battered into stupor! Well, that's all very nice but Kate Abdo thinks this friendship will require a few bottles of whiskey before it's all good between Ireland and Sweden again. Kelly Gale's triumphant BBU arrival has met it's first hurdle and a very brutal one to boot. Abdo wonders if Helena Mattsson - the OTHER Swedish lightweight powerhouse - will protect the national stock now and possibly challenge Forde into a fight?

The biggest question remains why Nadia didn't push into total destruction of the VS model at the end of fourth and during the fifth? "Well, I knew I broke her mentally after these two knockdowns", she explains to the audience post-fight, "I didn't want to make her look so bad so I just took my foot off the gas. Kelly's the real deal but I'm just the supreme puncher! Irish girls are tougher than most and I like her cheerful attitude too much to just go out there and wreck her like she's a random bimbo. Mel Sykes will probably kill me for saying this - and I see she's mad as a hatter over there - but Kelly's like my little sister, I mean she's two inches taller than me but other than that she's just a kid. And there's no problem that can't be solved with a bottle of whiskey. OK, make that two bottles... ot three? Do they even drink whiskey back in Stockholm? Well, I'm going to find out soon! C'mon girls, let's hit town! Happy frickin' Birthday!"

Final result: Nadia Forde def. Kelly Gale TKO6. 



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