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12 May 2016 Cameron Diaz vs Taylor Swift

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 12, 2016, 11:18 pm



Cameron Diaz versus Taylor Swift
(Words: Empire / Results: Lookout!)

Before: "Cameron could have been one of the all time greats,  she just never had much defense, those fights with Paula... “ Taylor is saying when Emily Van Camp coming out of nowhere to slap Swift and send her spinning into her shocked interviewer, EVC escorted out as Taylor storms back into her dressing room.

Diaz offers little commentary,  simply "That rookie will see tonight!" as she stretches before the fight.

Diaz in a black bikini, matching gloves and boots,  short blonde hair loose about her shoulders.  Swift in a yellow bikini, matching gloves and boots, short hair loose as well.  During the refs instructions both blondes staring laser beams through one another, cracking slap echoing though the arena when they are forced to touch gloves.

R1: Cammie working behind her blistering jab, working her way inside to sample Taylor's body before retreating.  Diaz with her left at her cheek, right at her belly, baiting Swift forward and countering with hooks before restarting her pursuit.  Swift trying to close the distance,  but having her offerings batted down by Cameron as the veteran toys with her. In the final minute Taylor feigns pivoting left setting Diaz up for a shoveling right to the belly. Cameron babystepping backwards, mitts raised as she bends downward. Swift marching inside, shoving Cameron to the ropes where they trade hooks to the body, little gloves pik pikking off slim cores to the bell.

R2: Hateful, drunken slugging, blonde beauties keeping their mitts chest high, taking turns plowing into one another, beautiful faces and spectacular bodies being systematically bombarded as neither gives ground through the first two minutes. As time progresses Cammie's veteran instincts turn the tide as she finds a home for her left hook in Taylor's body, plowing sequences into her belly, bunching her up and forcing her to clinch. Swift hating it, mouth open on Cameron's shoulder as she holds on for dear life. Swift swooning on her stool, head bowed, all but out as Kate Hudson tries to revive her.

R3: Swift stumbling out of her corner, virtually nothing left of the beaming blonde who entered the arena. Cammie stiching the jab, peppering Taylor's beautiful face with pinpoint precision. Swift moving forward to clinch and buy time to figure out her foe. After the refs break swift on the run, working a pawing don't hurt me jab as Cameron pursues her around the ring relentlessly,  round ends with Taylor on the ropes,  covering up earmuff as Diaz blasts her to the body from every conceivable angle, Swift crying out,  sobbing into her mitts as Cameron targets her belly button, Taylor wailing as the bell sounds.

R4: Taylor listless, demoralized, can't keep up, even with a just as worn out Cammie D. Diaz mouthbreathing, pawing out left jabs, knocking back Taylor's swelling face backwards. Swift stumbling backwards, head lolling, shabby guard drooping below her nose as she sags against the ropes. Diaz bending right hooks into Taylor's belly winning gurgling whines as she braces her forearm against Swift's humble chest to hold herself up, Taylor clinching, long legs barely holding her up. Ref separates exhausted blondes, Swift stumbling back to the ropes in terrible shape, Diaz with her hands at her sides, begins to work the jab again, popping short flurries off Taylor's mitts and forehead. Cammie looking to finish off her rookie, jabbing to force her to cover up as Taylor swoons, Diaz looking to pivot left to further cripple Taylor to the body and tangles her right foot with Taylor's left. Swift out on her feet, slings a desperation hook that somehow catches Cammie on her chin, spilling her face forward into the ropes as she collapses downward,  left mitt on the second rope, right beneath her. Taylor stumbling to the neutral corner, holding desperately to the ropes as she leans into the turnbuckles for support,  breaking into tears when Diaz is counted out! KO 4 Taylor Swift in comeback fashion!

After: Swift busted up, from the looks of both fighters you'd be forgiven if you thought her the loser. Diaz tended to by Olga Kurylenko, Kury barely resisting the urge to attack Swift as she helps a devastated Cammie back to the locker room. Swift about to begin her post fight interview when Emily Van Camp storms the ring and gets in her face. EVC irate over Swift requesting this match up,  promising to destroy Taylor if she ever had the guts to face her. Taylor unable to banter with brawny blonde, but Monica accepts on her behalf.



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