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27 May 2016 Title Ch Vanessa Hudgens vs Lucy Hale

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 27, 2016, 4:41 pm



Results: Lookout   Writing: Archer
Vanessa: 27 YO, 5’2 (1.57m), 35-25-0 since 2007, Lookout Boxing
Lucy: 26 YO, 5’2 (1.57) 19-17-0 since 2010, Pretty Little Punchers Inc.

Before: “I cannot tell you how much this title shot means to me,” an emotional Lucy Hale tells the press at the pre-fight press conference. “I have worked my way up to this moment and it’s not going to slip passed me. I want that title belt and nothing—and no one (she gives Vanessa a defiant stare, Vanessa just gives her a smirk)—is going to stop me from winning. It will also mean so much to my sisters at the Pretty Little Punchers—it will mean we’ve finally arrived as a legitimate stable not just a ‘farm team’ for Foxfire. Troian tried her best to do that for us, but it wasn’t meant to be. Now I have the opportunity and I am determined that this time it will happen for us!”

“Spare me the dramatics,” says Vanessa Hudgens dismissively. “Lucy is here because she beat Cheryl Cole in a #1 Contenders bout. It makes no difference to me that Lucy won because I could beat either one of them. Lucy has worked hard and reached a certain level of mediocrity, but I do not see her or any of those other ‘pretty little punching bags’ ever reaching the level of Foxfire—let alone the superior heights enjoyed by Lookout Boxing. So call me ‘The Spoiler’ but Cinderella’s NOT going to win the Prince—or the Flyweight Title belt. No, it’s staying with me and that will be that!”

Photographers then try to get Lucy and Vanessa to pose together with the Title Belt, but this turns into a tugging watch when ‘Nessa objects to Lucy trying to put a hand on the belt. “No touching MY belt!” Vanessa cries trying to snatch it away, but Lucy hangs on. Security has to rush in to restore order.

“I will get that belt and rub your face in it!” cries the indignant Lucy.

“All you will get is me SPANKING you with the belt!” Vanessa snarls back.

On the night of the Flyweight Title Bout the opposite sides of the ring are filled with large contingents of Lookout and PLP members.  Owner Paris Hilton has put in a rare appearance with manager Elisha Cuthbert and spokesperson Michelle Trachtenberg are there. So are fighters  Jenna Louise Coleman, Nina Dobrev, Missy Peregrym, and  Yvonne Strrahovski.

Across the ring are Danielle Campbell, Janel Parish, Shay Mitchell,  Sasha Pieterse, Troian Bellisario,  and communications director Autumn Reeser. They alternately ignore and glare at their opposite numbers.

Then comes the challenger: Lucy Hale in black and gold trim robe with LUCY HALE: PRETTY LITTLE PUNCHER across the back. She is accompanied by trainer Nia Peeples and PLP General Manager Danielle Harris. Once in the ring, Lucy removes the robe to reveal a black satiny bra and panties. Black gloves and boots with gold laces complete the look. Lucy waves to the crowd.

Then Vanessa Hudgens makes a majestic appearance. She is a purple silk robe with VANESSA: FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION across the back.  Julie Benz, Lookout’s Head Trainer is on hand. Vanessa waves imperially to the crowd, then enters the ring where she reveals her purple bra and panties with white lace trim. White gloves and boots with purple laces complete the attire.

Lucy’s shortened, blonder hair is hanging loose. Vanessa has hers coiled and piled on top of her head.

Ring instructions pass quickly. Bit of a pushing match during the glove touch, but quick referee intervention restores order and both fighters go to their corners. The bell sounds. The crowd roars to life. The Flyweight Title fight is on!

R1: Vanessa marching on Lucy Hale and gets things off to a smashing start with rising right uppercut that catches Lucy on the nose and jerks her head back, Lucy looking dazed is suddenly facing a furious onslaught of Hudgens leather as Vanessa swarms in close. Lucy finds herself smacked in the belly and breasts, roasted in the ribs and swatted hard in the face. She can’t seem to get her gloves in the right positions to block Vanessa’s incoming. Lucy trying to regroup but Vanessa keeps up the pressure and skillfully backs Lucy into the ropes. Lucy goes face in gloves as Vanessa bangs away at her sides and head. Lucy finally clinches Vanessa around the waist, but she’s clearly aching from this opening blitz attack., After the clinch, Lucy can only keep backing away and trying to get her jab going. She avoids the ropes, but Vanessa sweeps the round and Lucy looks shellshocked as she heads for her corner.

R2: Hard work by PLP corner crew seemed to restore Lucy who also gets some urgent advice from Nia Peeples. Vanessa watching with leisurely interest smiles as she confers with Julie Benz. Lucy comes out better organized defensively and when Vanessa resumes her attack, they are driven back with firm jabbing, evasive footwork and a constantly moving upper body. Vanessa’s not looking pleased at Lucy’s recovery and she is even less pleased when Lucy suddenly erupts in her first offensive moves of the night, Lucy just plows right into Vanessa midsection working it like piston as she slams the punches home. Vanessa doubling up still manages to bang at Lucy’s head, but then Lucy smacks Vanessa on the cheekbones first to the left then to the right. Vanessa in retreat, but jabbing hard. Lucy keeps in close. She is taking a lot of leather herself to the head and chest, but she is scoring hard to Vanessa’s ribs and belly. Two build into a real frenzy of joint pressure punching. So much so that the referee has to jump in when the bell rings and they don’t stop. Lucy awarded a close round, but she is nearly as banged up with reddening and bruises areas to face and body as Vanessa. Fans wondering how much longer they can keep this up.

R3: Vanessa not one to let a losing round go unanswered. She quickly goes on the attack and Lucy’s not reacting fast enough to keep up with the champ. Vanessa starts showing some fancy moves dancing around Lucy, using feints and unexpected shots to score on a bewildered looking Lucy. Lucy keeps trying but she just can’t seem to deal with Vanessa’s mobility and the points quickly mount up in the champ’s column. Lucy not all that hurt, but she does look awfully frustrated as the round goes to Vanessa wide.

R4: Lucy in urgent conversation with Nia decides to challenge Vanessa’s aggression this round. As Vanessa comes bobbing and weaving her way in, Lucy tries to get in close and hammer away, not allowing Vanessa the space to use her mobility. Vanessa drawn into the close in battle and very quickly they are banging away in toe to toe action that is aimed mostly at the body, though both try to sneak in quick under or over shots to the face. Vanessa seems to get more comfortable as the time ticks away and finds some solid punching territory by banging Lucy’s breasts. Lucy pumping back to Vanessa’s jugs, but Vanessa’s seem to landing with more impact and Lucy is finally driven back very late in the round. Vanessa has managed to pull out the round. It was close, but Lucy’s gasping for air on her way back to her stool shows she got the worst of it in the breast banging exchange.

R5:  Lucy doesn’t seem discouraged by the battering she took in close last round because she comes charging in for more of the same. However this time Lucy strikes hard and often at Vanessa’s head, swatting her jaw and cheekbones (already swollen from an early attack), then lifting the chin with quick uppercuts. Vanessa trying to circle, but can’t shake Lucy has to settle for banging her head around., It gets the champ some points from the judges, but it doesn’t balance the punches Lucy is landing especially when she goes belly-buster in the final minute. Vanessa taking the belly shots and jabbing back, but failing to discourage Lucy who wins the round, though it is close.

R6: Vanessa looks a bit stiff and sore as she rises for this round, though she seems to try to ignore it as Lucy comes maneuvering in towards her. Vanessa not seeming to have much taste for close-in action as she tries to use her jab and footwork to keep away from Lucy, but Lucy just keeps boring in and every time she does, she drives more leather into Vanessa’s body. Vanessa’s body getting really red and blotched from all the punching and Lucy happy to add to the damage. Lucy stays on the attack and maintains pressure as much as she can. Vanessa never in trouble, but she’s not countering very well and the round got wide to Lucy.

R7: Julie Benz seen giving Vanessa some stern words during the break (most likely “Don’t let this punk steal the title from you—fight!”) Vanessa motivated off her stool and quickly shows Lucy that she can apply pressure, too with a strong driving attack first to the belly to bring down her guard and then up into Lucy’s head and chest. Lucy struggling to cope with the revived Vanessa spends most of the round just trying to avoid a knockdown, but taking a lot of punching as she does. Vanessa finishes up by circling Lucy and keeping her off-balance and inaccurate in her counters to the bell. Judges have no trouble giving Vanessa the round.

R8: Vanessa picks up where she left off with the circle-and-punch tactics. Lucy still struggling to figure this tactic out and eats a lot of leather in the process through the first two minutes. However, Lucy’s been watching and Vanessa gets a little too predictable with her circling and suddenly Lucy is unleashing on overhand right that crunches hard into Vanessa’s temple. AND VANESSA GOES DOWN! Vanessa just goes limp and sprawls awkwardly to the canvas as Lucy skips away looking very pleased with herself. Vanessa groggily pulls herself up just in time to avoid being counted out, but she looks more than a little woozy. Referee seems to consider stopping the fight, but this really brings Vanessa to life with an angry protest that causes official to wave Lucy back in. Vanessa strictly defensive to the bell. Lucy looking very happy that she stole a round from the champ with that knockdown.

R9: Vanessa not looking so good on her stool as the Lookout crew works frantically on her. Julie Benz just talking to her fighter quietly just trying to figure out if she’s actually hearting her. Then the fight resumes and a rubbery legged Vanessa goes out to meet Lucy. Lucy attacks with vigor and Vanessa quickly shows she wants no part of close-in battle, Instead, Lucy finds herself chasing Vanessa, who does manage to turn and briefly fight enough times to avoid being booed by the crowd. Lucy look frustrated that she can’t bring Vanessa to bay even though she is awarded the round by a shutout.

“She’s not finished,” Nia Peeples warns Lucy. “Watch out—she’s going to fight you to the end!”

“You can still win this,” Julie is telling Vanessa, “but you got to at least put her on the canvas. Take away that knockdown and you’ll have it!”

R10: Vanessa came off her stool with clear determination and immediately went after Lucy’s midsection with pounding shots that made Lucy’s body tremble with the impacts. Lucy gasped for breath and struggled to organize her jab. Vanessa kept trying to get Lucy to lower her guard, but Lucy seemed willing to take the body punishment to protect her head, Vanessa then launched a furious attack that tried to simply bang through Lucy’s gloves. Trying overhand and underhand shots, Vanessa had some success in rattling Lucy with blows to the head, but Lucy was fighting back with her jab. The strength and accuracy of the jab seemed to grow as time ticked away in the round and the final minute Vanessa’s face was badly bruised and cut., Vanessa was still struggling to land a knockdown shot on Lucy, but she just could not do it and she was actually sobbing in frustration as the bell rang to end the fight.

There was still hope for Vanessa and her supporters as the judges totaled their cards. The weary fighters stood on either side of the referee who then announced the verdict.

“YESSSSSSSS!!!!” cried Lucy as her arm was raised.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!” cried Vanessa as she realized her time as Flyweight champion had ended.


Lucy Hale was quickly hugged by Nia Peeples and Danielle Harris who proudly escorted her to where officials were waiting to present her with the Title Belt. As they did Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario , the original members of the Pretty Little Puncherrs climbed into the ring to share in the triumph. Autumn Reeser was there to record the moment.

“NO! STOP THIS! IT’S UNFAIR!” Everyone turned to see Vanessa Hudgens angrily struggling with Julie Benz. “I DEMAND A RECOUNT! SHE DIDN’T REALLY BEAT ME!”

“Stop making a spectacle of yourself, Vanessa,” Troian Bellisario said tartly. “You know that knockdown cost you the fight.”

Suddenly Vanessa broke free of Julie and made a wild rush at Lucy who was just being handed the heavily ornamented belt. As she heard Vanessa footsteps, Lucy instinctively whirled to face the threat and one end of the leather belt slapped Vanessa across the face. Vanessa reeled back, tripped and went down. For a long moment there was dead silence. Lucy went over to offer Vanessa her hand (while holding the title belt over her shoulder), Vanessa seemed to take it but then suddenly grabbed the belt and tried to escape by running down Danielle Harris. Danielle stuck out a forearm and neatly clotheslined Vanessa sending her crashing to the canvas. At once Lucy lunged for the belt and so did every one else from the PLP. (The Federation officials disappeared just as it all began and the referee quickly joined them).

The sight of Vanessa being buried under scrum of Pretty Little Punchers brought an instant reaction from the Lookout seats—the girls swarmed to the ring and climbed in. Michelle Tractenberg and  Elisha Cuthbert led the way, but close behind them were Jenna Coleman, Nina Dobrev, Missy Peregrym and Yvonne Strahovski.  However the sight of their entrance quickly brought remaining PLP fighters out of their seats and into the ring. Danielle Campbell, Leah Pipes, Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish  tried to reach their stable sisters who were taken by surprise as the second wave of Lookout attackers swarmed over them.

Yvonne and Missy grabbed the two biggest PLP girls: Shay and Troian and tried to neutralize them with full nelsons. Meanwhile Nina had pounced on Ashley and was trying to pound her face into the canvas. Meanwhile Julie Benz was locked up with Danielle Harris, while Michelle Trachtenberg and Elisha Cuthbert were double-teaming Autumn Reeser and trying to toss her out of the ring. Jenna Coleman with a fine instinct for the key to a brawl was trying to wrestle the Title Belt away from Lucy Hale while Vanessa Hudgens was trying to crawl around to attack Lucy from behind.

It was at this point that Danielle, Leah, Janel and Sasha crashed into the scene. Danielle tackled Jenna while Janel pounced on Vanessa. Suddenly freed, Lucy Hale began to belabor Jenna and Vanessa with the only weapon she had available—the belt. This quickly seemed to render both Jenna and Vanessa too dazed to continue.
Meanwhile Leah and Sasha had crashed into Elisha and Michelle which freed Autumn who did a body splash on the pair that left them stunned. Then Leah, Sasha and Autumn joined Danielle and Janel in attacking Yvonne and Missy in an effort to free up Shay and Troian. The Lookout lightweights quickly were swamped by their four attackers, made 6 once Troian and Shay got free.

Meanwhile Danielle Harris had succeeded in knocking Julie Benz out of the ring and allowed her to throw herself on Vanessa and Jenna who were trying to get back in the donnybrook. It was 2 against 1 but she held off long enough for Danielle Campbell to come over tackle Nina Dobrev who was about to rejoin the action.

Just as it looked like the PLP might be getting the upper hand the voice of Paris Hilton came booming over the PA System: “Hang on, girls, the Cavalry is coming!” Somehow the sound of trumpet charge then followed her words as from the Lookout dressing rooms hurried Emily VanCamp and Kate Upton with Paris herself close on their heels.

“We better get out of here,” Danielle said quickly. “Lucy you keep that belt and run like hell! Don’t let them get it!”

Lucy nodded and with a final kick to subdue Vanessa Hudgens, she was out of the ring and vanishing into the arena. The rest of the PLP somehow managed to extract themselves from their opponents and quickly departed. Emily, Kate and Paris burst into the ring and tried to pursue the retreating PLP forces,  Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse courageously threw rolling body blocks that tripped the three newcomers giving the others time enough to escape. (They themselves managed to scramble away in the confusion as Security suddenly flooded the ring and halted all Lookout attempts to pursue.)

It was quite a finish for what had already been great back and forth contest. A social media storm followed as each side accused the other of starting fracas.  Front Office blamed  “an excess of competitive spirit” for the event (at the same time announcing a new edition of Blu-Ray of “Famous Post Fight Brawls” to include this battle).

“I won the title fair and square. I’m sorry Vanessa was such a poor sport, but I will be a good champion and defend the belt with honor,” Lucy Hale told the press, the newly cleaned and polished title belt around her proud waist.

“I still think I was cheated,” Vanessa Hudgens muttered to reporters, “but my title run is over — for now — but I will be back on top. I promise you all that. VANESSA HUDGENS WILL BE CHAMPION AGAIN!”



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