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26 June 2016 Danni Wells vs Danielle Lloyd

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Posted by Girls Friday on June 26, 2016, 10:46 am




(Written by Girls Friday/ Results BBU)


(Page 3 vs Garnets Gunners UK)



The next bout sees the JMDD fans get to see the debut of two busty babes who've never exactly swapped Christmas cards in the past.

Danni is a 32E for you jug fans and Danielle is a 32D so certainty two busty women who both need a win badly for their careers.


Unlike Abi and Rhian though, people had heard that these two were pretty friendly as the tour bus travelled around Holland.

Even when they had to pose jug to jug; there did not seem any ill intentions between either as they both smiled.

That shockingly to the media lasted till the press conference when all hell broke loose.

Both were posing jug to jug as that had done many times when Lloyd was heard to say "ready for your jugs to get beat bytch"

It was as if the gloves had come off as Danni replied with a slap to her rivals face, then they were wrestling on the stage as security pulled the two apart.


Fight night and Wells is first out in a blue bikini and gloves, She looks stunning as her hair is tied into a ponytail and she has red lipstick to heighten the cuteness of her lips.

Out comes Lloyd in a red bikini and gloves to match her Liverpool team shirt that she normally wears to enter the ring but she evidentially just wants to fight because as soon as she enters the ring.

The two fighters met jug to jug once again and threaten to beat the other into a mess, the ref pushes them back to their corners and rings the bell for 10 rounds of JMDD action.


Round 1:

As the fighters come out, they're still throwing insults at each other until they can get close enough to start throwing jabs to the others jugs.

Wells seems to be taken the worst of this early exchange as Lloyd has the slight reach advantage and being a southpaw doesn't help matters.

Lloyd is still throwing out verbal bombs as she lands some bomb like hooks to the blondes jugs that rattle them around making Wells groan.

But the Coventry lass is able to fire back with a jab/straight combo to the jugs of the brunette.

Not much deviation of targets here, jug or body seems to be where they're hitting the other and if they are being honest, it's purely jug they want to hit.

Wells starts to land cleaner shots as she starts to get used to fighting a southpaw in this tight brawling affair.

What's worse for the Scouse woman is that Danni appears to be the harder hitter judging by her face compared to her opponents.

The bell rings and both women step back and stare at the others jugs with jealous eyes.

Lloyd shouts "They're turning to an A cup bytch or will be when I'm done" they go jug to jug again as the ref gets them apart.


Round 2:

Wells starts out the quicker in the exchange with neither woman really defending anymore, just preferring to attack and accept any damage they have to win.

The brunette is wobbling slightly as the pain of being hit to her jugs is a new and unwelcome feeling.

Lloyd enforces the first clinch as both women grind upper bodies while glaring at each other.

This is truly a jug grudge fight or at least it's becoming one, Georgie states "I saw these two impressive ladies chest to chest in the build up and they seemed to be friendly but they must be secretly great actresses because they evidentially are jealous of each other"

Separated; Lloyd takes the first back step to flick out the jab now to try and create some distance to hurt the blonde.

But Wells is again slamming hard hooks to the body of her rival which is starting to look sore from the beating it's taking.

All Danielle can do is clinch and try to shove Danni to the ropes to get her off balance and hurt it.

Instead the two keep tripping into the top rope while calling each other even more venomously.

The Dutch crowd in loving this as the cheer for both women to keep it up and to JMD smother the other already.

The bell rings with the fighters pushing apart and staring again at the other set of jugs and then look back into each others eyes to see the envy that they hold.


Round 3:

Lloyd keeps on her bike now, throwing the jab in single punchs instead of doubling up the jab to hold Wells at bay.

The blonde doesn't seem to care too much as she groans with the jab to her jugs to land heavy punches in return to the brunette pair whose starting to redden up.

Grunting loudly now, Lloyd is starting to back up a step from the power of Wells and the look on her face isn't a one of someone in control of this bout.

The blonde lands a straight to the right jug of her rival then follows with a right hook that makes Lloyd's legs turn to jelly.

The next punch sends Lloyd down to her side rubbing the pained jug which is a rookie mistake as the glove she's wearing just makes it worse and she gives up rubbing it quickly.

Seeing Wells bouncing on her toes in a neutral corner spurs the brunette to rise at the count of 8 to a round of applause from the fans.

The blonde rushes in to end the fight and Danielle grabs on to her to get another breather.

But the close contact is making both women moan in pain with Danielle feeling the worst as he face is a mask of hurt.

Separated by the ref, Danielle is trying to survive with a wild Danni chasing her down with the jab and straight, trying to corner her rival.

Danni manages to basically wrestle Danielle against a corner, the brunette has her side into the turnbuckle as the blonde sends devastating hooks to the front of her jugs and Danielle looks like she's going to pass out with the pain.

The ref pulls Danni away and when he checks Danielle she's wobbling as she cradles her jugs.

Waving his arms, the ref signals that Danielle can't continue which makes Lloyd complain but she's sitting in the ropes barely able to get off them.


Winner: Danni Wells TKO Round 3



Danielle is sitting on the middle turnbuckle sobbing as Danni leans down to get into her face.

"Is that the fight you wanted or did I give you all those things could handle" says Danni as she points at Danielle's jugs.

The brunette whispers "screw you bytch" which gets her another thankfully gloved punch to the right jug causing Danielle to scream out in pain.

Quickly Danni gets her gloves taken off and sprints across the ring to get her treat of humiliating her rival.

Grabbing her by her brunette locks, she pulls hard to force Lloyd down to her knees and drags a whimpering Danielle to the ring centre.

The crowd are eating it up as they chant "JMD" in Dutch rings out in front of the arena to which Danni is more than willing to comply.

But first she grabs Lloyd's jugs and squeezes them hard shouting "these are what you think are the best, I had jugs this size as a teenager ####!"

Then she lowers her jugs onto Danielle's face but she quickly lifts them back off as she rubs a bite mark on her left jug.

"You'll pay for that you ####ing bytch!" Roars Danni as she slaps the taste out of Danielle's mouth repeatedly until she feels she's got her point across, which is when the Scouse girls cheeks are as red as her bikini.

Lowering her jugs again, this time she gets them on to the face of Lloyd without any danger of them being bit again.

She grinds them into her rivals face till she passes out and Danni raises her arms then spits on Lloyd's jugs.


Georgie Thompson comes into the ring to interview the winner whose just stood off her foe as Danielle's corner works to wake her up.

"Wow that was an intense bout, you two seemed so friendly until that press conference, what exactly made you two hate each other?" Asks Georgie.

Danni laughs and replies "me and Danielle were friendly but never friends, we both knew that while we could laugh together, that soon we'd be kicking each others arse around this ring, I wasn't going to let her win and well you saw how heated we got over that fact"

"Well you won, do you enjoy this JMDD stuff now or prefer the traditional bouts?" Asks Georgie next.

Danni looks at the crowd who are cheering wildly "those cheers should be enough to keep me doing JMDD, anyway it's not that different, the only rule change is you're allowed to hit jugs, if I wanted I could have blackened her eyes, bust her face up but I had to prove these" holds her jugs.

"Are better than those things she calls jugs and I'd say I've proven that fact"

Hugging Georgie, Danni turns to leave and sees a woken Danielle looking pissed at her, she blows a kiss to her rival and a wink as she laughs and leaves the ring to go celebrate. 




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