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16 July 2016 Vanessa Hudgens vs Carlson Young

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 16, 2016, 2:41 pm



Vanessa Hudgens versus Carlson Young

Saturday Night's Alright For Slapping

Slapping Table Battle

(Words by Lookout!)



Slapping Tables were a staple all over the United States and internationally, spreading like wildfire since their inception, although they had seen a dip in popularity lately. The origin of the Slapping Table had been attributed to a CW executive who had hoped to curb the ongoing impromptu wrestling matches taking place on sets of shows like Arrow, Flash, the Vampire Diaries, Legends of Tomorrow and others. Insurance was rising just as fast as the tempers, so a solution was born in Slapping Tables, which were classic Arm Wrestling Tables but slightly modified in order to allow those parties involved far more leverage on every slap thrown in the contest. On the CW, as well as tv and movie sets throughout the world, they had been a massive success and had spread to bars, clubs and coffee shops for special nights dedicated to Slapping Table Contests.


On Slapping Table Nights, the rules of such bouts were easy to understand. Each competitor stepped up to the Table, gripping one peg for support as the two of them exchanged orderly slaps back-and-forth until one girl fell. The moment that her opponent broke contact with the table, the girl that remained on her feet hit a large button that triggered a ten-count. To stop the count and resume the fight, her opponent had to get up, grip the peg again and hit the button again. The action would pick up right where they left off, with the girl who had started off the previous ten count permitted to hit the first strike. Whenever the fallen girl could not rise or hit the button a second time within the ten second time period, the bout was over.


Simple and exciting, you could find Slapping Tables at networks, gyms, movie studios, bars, clubs and all kinds of unorthodox locations everywhere as they were alternatives to and often undercards to Apartment House Wrestling (AHW) matches. In addition, they were often negotiating tactics as fighters looked to leverage success there into further appearances on a television show, movie or almost better yet, in an FCBA ring. The winner was able to humiliate her fallen opponent to secure a more lucrative payday in the future and to ensure a rematch in another fashion occurred, with the victrix securing bragging rights for the immediate future.


Tonight, it was at a local club in Los Angeles, one of the biggest venues for apartment wrestling and celebrity fighting in the world, that had a Slapping Table night, which they did approximately once a month. Tonight's was called “Saturday Night's Alright For Slapping” and true to form, Elton John songs could be heard throughout the evening. Tiny Dancer was blaring over the loudspeakers as Vanessa Hudgens walked in, strutting throughout the bar as she looked over her territory.


Vanessa had no intention of competing, but had come to observe the local competition. Hudgens was a minor legend here at this particular club, having beaten numerous Hollywood celebrities here and in fact, held the all-time record for slapping out the most celebrities in a row. The fact that her record had been stopped that night by none other than an opportunistic Michelle Williams at the end of the evening still bothered her to no end, but she had gotten her revenge three (3) months later and that night was indeed framed on these walls too. At the moment, Vanessa came in just in time to witness the completion of a contest between Megan Fox and Emma Watson, with Emma making the most of the moment and emerging victorious. Emma was accompanied by recent BFF Sophia Bush, who was staring daggers at Jenna Coleman and Vanessa flipped off Watson as she strutted by, having heard the comments Emma had been making about her lately. But, getting revenge was not what she was interested in tonight and wisely, Sophia and Emma kept their distance.


During the ensuing humiliation, Vanessa got herself a drink from the bar as she chatted with other local celebrities here to scope out the talent. Hudgens gave a wave to Emily VanCamp, one of her stablemates, who looked like she was drinking with Demi Lovato and blew a kiss to Yvonne Strahovski who was sharing a drink with rival Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


At this point, it was the “Open Mic” portion of the night, where any celebrity, no matter where they were on the list (A – Z), could step up to the table to deliver an open challenge or challenge a celebrity. Any celebrity could step up to the Table and invariably, due to the unpredictability of the matches or outcome, these tended to be some of the most exciting of the evening. Tonight, a young blonde named Carlson Young stepped up to the table, looking out with a rather imperious gaze across the room, searching for a starlet to compete with. Carlson's eyes flitted over a number of suitable rivals for tonight's festivities before her search ended with her bringing the microphone to her lips and calling out “VANESSA – FREAKING – HUDGENS!” as the sound of her name brought Vanessa out from the conversation she was having with stablemate Jenna Louise Coleman.


“Who is that?” Vanessa asked, buying herself some time to familiarize herself with her opponent as she took a sip of the drink and did her best to look casual with all eyes turning to her to determine whether or not she would accept. Of course she would – nobody turned down an Open Challenge here and certainly not one that she was confident she could win.


“I don't really know...” Jenna said with a shrug, “I think she's on Scream. One of those shows on MTV now – they are trying to be more than a music video channel. They have that and the Shannara stuff, you know?”


Vanessa nodded with a lick of her lips, taking a moment to consider doing a quick search on her phone to find out more about this girl, but with a shake of her head, decided it didn't matter. All that matters is whether or not she could slap this little girl into submission and with an appraising glance over her potential opponent, Hudgens decided that she could.


Carlson sat at the table, looking very much like a Cheshire cat, just smiling confident as she brought the microphone up to her lips and said again, just as loudly but in a more sultry fashion, “What's the matter, Nessa? Scared?”


Vanessa laughed, draining the rest of her drink before slamming it down onto the table before she sauntered forward, confidently approaching her prey as she flashed a smile and said, “Of course not – just trying to figure out who the hell you are, honey...”


Carlson chuckled as she responded, “I'm the bytch that's going to slap you the hell out tonight, honey. Is that simple enough for you?”


Vanessa shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair, placing her hair into a ponytail as she strutted closer to the table, “Maybe you don't know who I am, but...”


“Of course I know who you are. I said your name, didn't I?” Carlson cut her exotic foe off, “But more importantly, all that matters is YOU are the bytch I'm going to be slapping the hell out tonight.”


Vanessa's eyes narrowed, “You're pretty freaking cocky for somebody new around here..”


“I'm new to here...” Carlson acknowledged with a wink, “But I'm not new to teaching overconfident b###hes their place or slapping the shyt out of them to teach them a lesson.”


Vanessa sat down, locking eyes with Carlson as the two of them stared across from one another with enmity and disdain. Both of them gripped the pegs in front of them as Vanessa snarled, “Neither am I. I've gotten to the top around here, because I'm the best and when I'm done with a dumb bimbo bytch like you, I'm the one on top. Do you understand me, you beta little sl...”


A loud CRACK echoed through the room, along with a yelp of surprise from Nessa and gasps from the assembled crowd as Carlson started off hostilities with a wicked forehand that sent Vanessa staggering off balance, away from the table. With nary a thought to it, Carlson quickly tapped the red button in the middle of the table as the announcer started to count out, “ONE, TWO...”


Vanessa rubbed her cheek for a moment and blinked, then glared as she looked over at Carlson, who was just beaming sweetly at her. Vanessa immediately sat down and listened to the count continue with “THREE, FOUR...” as she said, “You're a cheap b###h and you're going to get what's coming to you.”


Carlson smirked, “I bet I'll get everything I deserve, Nessa...” as Vanessa hit the button again to stop the count. Immediately, upon resuming the contest, Carlson struck out again, again crashing her palm across Nessa's cheek with a vicious forehand that has her head spinning to the side. The crowd winces and so does Nessa, but she keeps her seat as she is prepared this time and grips the peg tightly as she unleashes a brutal backhand in response.


Carlson's head whips to the head, but astoundingly, she keeps ahold of the peg as she delivers a backhand of her own, knuckles cracking across Nessa's cheek as a loud shout escapes Vanessa's lips.


Vanessa and Carlson glared across the table at one another as the two of them slapped back and forth with vicious volleys of slaps that echoed loudly in the room. Loud taunts and grunts accompanied each slap as the two of them continued to try to slap each other into a puddle of quit on the floor. As the two of them continued to swat viciously back and forth across the table, the two of them started to attract quite a crowd as it become more difficult for the two of them to maintain their grip on the pegs. Bodies glistening with sweat as the two of them would occasionally lose ahold of the pegs, dropping to a knee or to their bountiful backsides with a thud. Immediately, the referee would begin to count, with the early counts being quick but gradually increasing as they moaned out, taking advantage of every precious second to rub some feeling back into their cheeks and clear their dizzy heads.


At one particular juncture, Carlson was spun right off of her stool as she staggered to the side, spun around drunkenly and fell to her back with a thud, like a tree being felled. Vanessa glared down at her, standing up confidently as she gripped the peg tightly and hit the button to begin the count as the referee started to count.




“Stay down, you little blonde bytch. Don't worry – just like your little shyt tv show, you're going to SCREAM for me...” Vanessa spat down at her.




“...When you realize that you bit off WAY more than you can chew. All of you little bimbos are same, trying to get yourself noticed and don't care how. Well, you're going to be freaking famous, just not the way you wanted, Carlson...” Vanessa continued to taunt her foe. Carlson only moaned in response as she blinked, starting to stir a bit as she sprawled out, hands over her head as she struggled to sit up, looking woozy as her chest heaved in and out, trying to catch her breathe and regain her bearings.




Vanessa smirked as she looked at the glassy expression on Carlson's face, when suddenly she heard a loud scream coming from the crowd as she turned around to see an argument break out between Jenna Louise Coleman and Ivana Baquero. It was unclear what the source of the argument was, though their enmity was well known and Ivana was also part of the “MTV” family as one of the leads on “The Chronicles of Shannara.” The two of them were engaged in a hair pulling and indeed, some slapping of their own as the crowd cheered in encouragement! Vanessa rolled her eyes after watching the altercation and listening to the vicious taunts being exchanged between the two. However, once she turned around, her eyes widened as she couldn't believe it as she saw Carlson Young sitting there. Although Carlson's face was a deep shade of scarlet and she still looked a little dazed, that impish grin of hers was on her face as she gripped the peg tightly and Vanessa found herself gripping her own peg in white-knuckle fashion.


Vanessa squealed in outrage, “There is no freaking way she got back up to the peg in time – I slapped that b###h OUT!”


The referee looked almost apologetic as he stammered out, “I'm sorry, Ms. Hudgens, but you let go of the peg too and that reset the count. If you hadn't sat back down when you did, you – you might've gotten counted out instead!”


Vanessa let out a very un-Disney like curse as she got to her feet for a moment and hissed, “Are you freaking serious?”


It was all the referee could do not to disappear and start to count as Vanessa had released the peg again in anger as he said, “ONE, TWO...”


Vanessa's eyes narrowed in fury as she listened to Carlson Young, “That's what has to be SO hard about being on the “A-List.”, right? You don't have your widdle assistants here to keep track of everything for you, huh, Nessa?”


Nessa snarled as she sat back down, hitting the button and gripping the peg as she glared over the Slapping Table, “I don't need any help kicking your fat ass, you jealous bi...”


But she was cut off by a nasty backhand that crashed across her cheek as Carlson smirked, “Guess you lost track, because when you released the peg again, it became MY turn, Nessa..” Nessa's head whipped to the side as she groaned out, losing her hold on the peg for a moment as the referee started to count.


“ONE, TWO, THREE...” before Nessa gripped the peg again.


But, no sooner had she sat back down before Carlson tapped that bright red button and delivered another stunning forehand, palm whipping across her face with such force that Vanessa was sent crashing to her side onto the carpet, once again losing her grip on the peg in the process. Nessa groaned out, vision a little bit blurry as the referee was able to reach “FIVE” this time before she was able to get back to the peg.


Barely had her fingers brushed the red button, than another b###hslap came whirling through the air and Vanessa tried to stay upright, but her butt crashed back to the floor with a thud as she had to release the peg to stay upright. Swaying on her posterior as she moaned out, reaching up to rub her cheek as she had to acknowledge that Carlson definitely had fine slapping form and that bytch could hit, but only to herself. Vanessa made it back up to her stool by “EIGHT” but soon as she did, Carlson's palm lashed out to smack her across the face. Head spinning as Vanessa managed to retaliate with a backhand of her own, but it was off balance and did not connect with the same force that she might've hoped! Carlson quickly responded with a ferocious forehand that ripped her from her perch and sent her crashing to all fours.


Vanessa stumbled around on all fours, feeling dazed as her vision was blurry and head felt like it was in a fog. Vanessa felt herself sprawl forward onto the floor, chest mushrooming against the floor as she struggled to push herself back up to her knees or better yet her feet, but her muscles seemed to betray her. Head was spinning so roughly that she couldn't even focus properly as she felt herself embarrassed, sinking into the floor as the pounding in her own slowly started to recede. Blinking back tears as she pushed herself back up, able to hear the roar of the crowd, half of them urging her to get back up and the other half calling for her to stay down and through that cacophony, the ref's count could be heard as she reached for the peg but couldn't quite reach it as she fell back to her derriere and the count reached “TEN!”


The crowd was in shock, as was Vanessa, as Carlson Young released the peg with an emphatic and triumphant slap of the red button, the bell signaling a win for the blonde as she bellowed with excitement. Jumping to her feet as she pumped her fist into the air, gazing at Vanessa, who was slowly but unsteadily making her way to her feet. Carlson, however, had no intention of letting Nessa make it to her feet as she lunged forward.


Vanessa could only vaguely discern the sound of feet pounding on the floor and unfortunately, Jenna Louise Coleman was still too occupied by Ivana Baquero to shout out a warning before Carlson Young tackled her down with all of the weight and power her lithe blonde frame could summon! Vanessa crashed down to the floor underneath her foe as she still was dazed, vision a little glassy as she struggled to buck her off. Carlson, however, transitioned quickly into a mount as she pressed her posterior into Vanessa's jugs to make it a little more difficult to breathe as she bounced up and down a bit, then fought with Nessa to secure her wrists. Vanessa was too dazed to put up much of a fight, so although it was a valiant struggle, Carlson was able to pin them underneath her knees.


Reaching down to brush Nessa's matted hair out of her face, she reached down to give Hudgen's dark tresses a yank to pull her up to gaze down into her foe's glassy eyes. A glint of anger and determination flickered in hers as Carlson grinned as she said, “Guess who is going to scream now, huh, Vanessa?”


Vanessa bit her bottom lip, refusing to give Carlson the satisfaction as her blonde foe ground her posterior down into her jugs a bit before raising her palm up into the air. With Vanessa's arms trapped down underneath her shins, Carlson scooted forward to start slapping methodically and maliciously over Vanessa's face. Vanessa held out stoically, absorbing slap after slap, enduring more than she probably should have, but eventually, Vanessa stopped struggling and was forced to just take. Slap after slap as she found herself lightheaded, sniffling back tears and then finding herself almost sobbing, choking back tears as she tried to hold out, hoping that the punishment would be over.


But, it seemed Carlson was not in a mood to be merciful as she kept crashing her palm down, just back-and-forth slaps to whip Nessa's head over and over in any direction she chose, leaving not an inch of Nessa's face untouched as she just kept taunting down, “C'mon, Nessa – all you gotta do is scream, baby. Just scream for me and it can all be over. I know how tough you are, but you're going to scream for me. Just scream, bytch.”


Nessa tried, but eventually, as her head was pounding a desperate drumbeat in her head – a song of defeat – she realized that she couldn't get out of this. Nessa couldn't dislodge her foe, couldn't protect her face, couldn't stop from getting slapped over and over and over as she finally felt a scream that didn't sound like her ripped from her lungs as she screamed repeatedly – wanting nothing more than for this to be over.


Vanessa heard a voice that she was certain was Michelle William's declaring, “Pathetic...” as finally the slaps relented as her hair was brushed out of her face with Carlson looking down to observe her face, tear-streaked and a deep shade of scarlet, as much from embarrassment as the torrent of slaps. Vanessa was able to stop screaming, struggling to catch her breathe and clear her head as she just looked up at Carlson through blurry eyes as she blew Vanessa a kiss, “Good girl...” as she patted Nessa's head, “I'm a Scream Queen, b###h and you just did as you were told.”


Carlson bounced her butt up and down a few times as she giggled, holding onto Nessa's hair tightly to make her look up at her as she scooted forward, thighs pressing in on either side as she pressed her ass up against Nessa's face with a grin. She could hear Nessa's screams of rage as she bounced a few times, calling out in a sing-song voice, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for Carlson...” as she scrubbed her tush to-and-fro, gliding it a few times times before sliding backwards to stare down at her, point made.


Vanessa shuddered in rage and frustration, struggling to catch her breathe as Carlson met her gaze coolly and then pushed up off of Hudgens. Standing haughtily over her, she plants one foot across her face to push her face to the side as Hudgens is forced to look out into the crowd, filled with many of her fellow stars, contemporaries and friends as she closes her eyes and takes the opportunity to dream of sweet revenge on Carlson Young as she grinds her sole into the side of her face imperiously. Carlson is showing off, flexing her forearm and accepting an offered drink sent to her from adoring fans as she plants her foot across Nessa's chest now – just in time for a photograph to be taken for the Wall. Carlson is beaming victoriously, blonde hair falling down her shoulders and sweaty back as she poses over Vanessa Hudgens triumphantly before she then leaves.


Heading over to the crowd where Jenna and her friend Ivana Baquero have been separated – still taunting one another and demanding an opportunity to finish what they started - she exchanges a high five with Ivana and laughs, “Told you I'd make her scream – I know you can do the same to Jenna next!”


Jenna helps an enraged Nessa up to her feet as a wall of security forms between her and Carlson to prevent an impromptu catfight. Unable to take it at the moment, she exits the club for tonight, vowing revenge as she and her blonde tormentress exchange one last glare of hatred between them. Carlson lifts up a glass of some golden liquid in a toast and Vanessa responds with a middle finger as she heads out to leave Carlson to enjoy her fifteen minutes, which she planned to cut short very soon. Carlson could count on an invitation to the Female Celebrity Boxing Association (FCBA) in the near future and Vanessa could only hope that she would accept, for this was far from over....


-To be continued- 




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