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1 July 2016 Allison Mack vs Minka Kelly

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 1, 2016, 5:17 pm



Allison Mack vs Minka Kelly
Front Street Gym vs Lioness Club of America
(52-21-3, 39 KO) vs (39-17-1, 35 KO)
Results: Lookout! Boxing / Story: Vassago

BEFORE: These are two of the most experienced bantamweights in the league but inexplicably they have never met in a an official bout before, something that can be blamed on a long-time rocky relationship between Front Street Gym and Lookout! Boxing. Minka spend the brunt of her career with the latter and allthough Front Street's management has repeatedly voiced their support of her actions, they were very careful to keep Allison Mack from crossing her path. However Minka has switched to Lioness Club of America in a high-profile trade last year and with the stable war pride on the line, Allison Mack suddenly becomes a viable option for the Irish brunette.

Allison Mack wears a red bikini set and black gloves. Shoulder lenght blonde hair straight. Minka Kelly wears a dark green bikini set and yellow gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a thick ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Minka has just lost the bantamweight title to Evangeline Lilly but she shows that winning aura early in the fight rocking the blonde with a jabbing set over the top and dominating the close range exchange. Mack rarely competes outside of the Asylum Arena and is used to bullying her opponents into lack of confidence but Minka is a vast upgrade over the likes of Lauren German and Cote de Pablo so she stacks Allison further up on her heels and bangs more clean jabs upstairs. Blonde woman needs time to adjusts her tactics but can only clinch the older actress however Kelly wrestles her back to the ropes and spikes the torso repeatedly in the dying seconds as Mack struggles to tame the Irish heat.

Round 2:
Apparently it's time for Front Street coach Neve Campbell to earn her money already and Mack quickly assumes the aggressive stance to respond to Kelly's fiery antics with equal precision in the opening minute. However the Irish girl refuses to buckle underneath the fellow veteran's pressure which leads into a furious display of boxing that finds no breakthrough until Allison cleans out some jug and wobbles the older actress into a quick uppercut slant aided by a vicious hook on the temple. Minka squeals a bit once that double threw her off balance and Allison pounces on the opportunity; she pummels the slightly rattled opponent back to the ropes and is unfortunate the clock expires just as she was adding more beef at Kelly's midsection expense.

Round 3:
Mack adapts to the PPV demands well and keeps the brunette on her toes with another spirited assault; she gut-checks Minka first but then adds a flurry of punches over the top and has the Irish woman seeking a clinching respite - not your ordinary tactics for someone who held the bantamweight straps eight weeks ago. Of course Mack became a champion in her own right as late as last year but she gets dragged into a feisty wrestling scrap for much of the round before another piercing hook on the breadbasket releases the stalemate and has Minka all covered up when the blonde rips a nasty cross on the brow ridge to sign off the round. She's set to continue the stalking proccess only for the ref to haul her off amid wild cheers from coach Campbell in the opposite corner. It looks like the Front Street camp never left Philly after all?

Round 4:
"I know what I'm doing", Minka looks bemused when receiving a pep talk from LCA head trainer Claudia Schiffer but things need to improve rapidly since Allison's aggressive demeanour has apparently spoiled the Florida-based stable's plan for tonight's showdown. More pressure from the blonde results in another jabbing rally that pierces the brunette's guard all too easily and dumps her on the heels amid first signs of hectic desire to knock her out from the otherwise so composed blonde. You never see Mack on the tabloid front pages but even Neve Campbell has spilled some juice about Minka being the most important scalp on the veteran's resume - back to the ring and a full frontal attack leaves Kelly a bit dizzy in the corner since the power assault simply takes over and has Mackster raining punches like skittles to stun the audience and make her even scowl in delight when the brunette bellows out in a desperate high earmuff unable to live with the blonde's assault. The ref has to haul Allison off her prey one more time at the bell and some experts are wondering did Minka take the gym schedule a little too carelessly since losing the title to Evangeline Lilly back in May? She doesn't look in the best of shape here whatsoever.

Round 5:
Shutdown mode survival from the Irish woman who is happy to drag the blonde around the ring and perhaps Allison is guilty of now showing that rough edge when it matters the most. She did exceptionally well to secure a big lead on the cards but lacks the killer punch to simply blow Kelly away and receives little help from the ref who allows the older actress to bide plenty of time while bouncing off the ropes. Mack slips by the clinch to pierce the ribcage but that makes no impression on the brunette who nearly wrestles her to the ground before Allison finally secures a much-needed separation on the two minute mark. She loops another high hook but misses the target for once and gets countered with a rocket blast on the jaw that wobbles her to the turnbuckle and allows Minka to rally back some pride. The brunette stacks her foe in the corner and delivers her best series to date by piercing the blonde's guard and leaving her behind a high earmuff while pitching some juicy strikes up the middle. She shakes her glove at the bell but Mack gives her a really cold stare and fumes at coach Campbell during the interval. She's still ahead on the cards though, 58-57 at half-distance.

Round 6:
Mack remains committed to the high-octane offense but the precision deserts her badly in the sixth and allows Kelly to secure plenty of counterpunching success instead. The fight take a little U-turn similar to Minka's St. Patrick's Day rumble vs Jenny McCarthy and that results in one angry looking blonde here as Allison struggles to impose her mark on the fellow ex-champion and might live to regret missing on her chances. Minka appears to be a little quicker on her feet and more comfortable in the mid distance execution which leads into a hectic display of reckless strikes from Mack who only bounces off the forearms repeatedly without bothering Minka upstairs. A laser-like punch on the nose wobbles her back to the turnbuckle late in the going and Mack is lucky to duck underneath an aerial follow up as she deploys the escape tactics to simply avoid ending up with her back against the proverbial wall one more time.

Round 7:
A heated dispute between Mack & Campbell domintes the interval but Minka is not to be denied her mojo as she nails the blonde with a quick overhand and dekes around the sluggish response for most of the opening minute. The fight enters the mental aspects zone rather than outright fighting skills and the blonde must be very careful her aggressive ideas don't suffer a haymaker disaster since Minka is known for turning her fortunes around and the last one to buckle under her opponent's imposing demeanour. The tempo of the fight slows down a little as Minka makes some gestures at the blonde and tries to tease her into a rampant attack but Mack has none of it so only an Irish charge can resolve the looming stalemate. And Minka hits it into the intended space as Mack's gloves are slow to react and earn her a cut lip when a double left hander cashes-in. Allison is clearly surprised by that attack and seeks another escape route but for once goes the wrong way and falls into Minka's left-handed strenght... a nasty hit on the liver area bends Allison sideways and sliding onto the ropes but the clock expires before the brunette can pounce on her subdued prey... Mack gets off the hook big time and Neve Campbell is FURIOUS in the Front Street corner. Things are going downhill fast for the FCBA's most successful stable of 2016!

Round 8:
It's almost like Mack needs a knockdown here to restore parity but she's lost her momentum several minutes ago and the pundits are coy whether it's down to her lack of ruthless character or to Kelly's improved attire. Whatever the case, it's all hell breaking loose in the ring as Allison pours in with another overhand assault and Minka fumbles the bendy attitude when she gets caught with a riffling double combo on the temples. One can only deke your way around someone like Mack as long as possible and the close range dust-up favors the younger actress who lays into the Irish tummy before pounding Minka back to the ropes with piercing uppercut combo. Kelly struggles to apply the clinch and she looks hesistant to do so anyway but the she loses the phone booth exchange and gets trapped on the ropes in the dying seconds with Mack rallying back into contention and leaving the fight anyone's for the taking ahead of the final two rounds.

Round 9:
Mack catches the second wind fully in her sails and rains more punches up the middle from point-blank range which leaves Kelly exploring the bendy route again. Her counter punching lacks the neccessary precision though and simply falls short of the blonde's high-tempo efforts which leads into a clinching respite as the older woman has no other choice anymore. However Allison bumps her off into the corner and nearly wrestles down on the canvas before drilling the exposed tummy and making Minka moan plenty of pain in the proccess. It's truly a matter of pride now and not one for the purists as both women struggle for supremacy in the corner but with Mack ever so slightly on top of a hectic dust-up she signs off with more piercing jabs against the navel. Minka looks upset at the bell and shakes her head in disguts whereas coach Neve Campbell is convinced this is Mack's fight to lose and she simply has to secure a draw in the tenth to eke out the biggest scalp of her career (outside of Eliza Dushku's heyday and well, coach Campbell herself).

Round 10:
Minka runs riot to pull back the scores and LCA camp takes nothing for granted either; a lone knockdown might be enough to seal the fate of the scorecards after all and the defensive plan laid out by Neve Campbell falls right into the Irish hands. Mack does her best to channel her inside Summer Glau but doesn't have the legs to stay away from Minka's efforts and once she decides to ditch Neve's idea it's too late because Kelly rips a piercing hook on the solar plexus and visibly sinks the blonde veteran on her legs. A classic Minka left-hander follow up finds the temple and spins the Front Street fighter back to the ropes where she can't make another escape anymore and eats a lip-bursting combo that adds to her previous injury. The blonde head snaps back repeatedly in the closing minute and Neve Campbell pounds her fist in frustration as the FS entourage has to swallow a bitter pill of Irish comeback that leaves Minka pounding away against the trapped opponent all the way until the bell. Credit to Allison for not breaking down under the barrage but she's running on empty and gives her coach a really long stare before heading back to the corner. This one is really too tough to call now!

After ten rounds of boxing we go to the scorecards... and the judges declare the fight a 95-95 unanimous DRAW!!!

Some jeers from the crowd and Minka looks as stunned as anyone shaking her head in disapproval. Allison fumbled the tenth round in a rarely seen fashion from someone on Front Street's payroll but is ready to accept the verdict....

...until LCA trainer Claudia Schiffer files for an overtime decider!

"Look, we're OK with a draw but those folks up in Philly and Nashville will forever use this as an excuse! We've waited too long for Minka and Allison to clash horns so draw is not an option! C'mon, wipe your tears Mack and admit you're not good enough to settle for a draw?", she turns to the blonde warrior but apparently coach Campbell is the one making the decision anyway:

"It's ON, bytch!!!"

Does anyone bother to ask Mack about all this? NO!!!

We've entering the Tractorpull's wet dream zone and the girls are back in business...  standard rules apply, we fight until a (T)KO is declared or a single knockdown tips the cards in one's favor...

Round 11:
Well, we're back in business but these are two women in their mid 30s so round eleven is pushing the limits. Mack was never beyond the official distance whereas Minka once fought Leighton Meester in 'The Roomate' FCBA-remake for 16 round and won... that's probably one of the league's most forgotten grudge classics but it's still worth the price of admission... back to the ring and Mack's second wind is gone... all gone after that terrible finish for which Neve Campbell will hear plenty of slack once she returns to Pennsylvania... a single knockdown will of course make the difference but there's no sign of aggression from the blonde who needs more time to recover.. she's not been past the seventh round since last August and it shows as Kelly ravages her midsection with a brutal drive to whip her against the ropes and rally back into more Irish comfort come the third minute.. not much coach Neve can do about it now and deep down inside acceptng the draw was the best solution for Allison's physical struggles. She looks battle-weary at the bell and in no shape to make such a major impact like she did in the early rounds anymore.

Round 12:
Minka sets up the home run with a repeated drive on the guts and Allison is hurting too much to soak it all up, she gets bumped on her heels and when she swings wide of the temple, a ferocious strike on the lips bursts them into a seeping nightmare one more time. Blonde slumps against Kelly's shoulder but gets belted on the navel and shoved back for Minka to deliver the mid range assault the way she likes it the most... a right cross finds the nose but the trademark left hook does the job and slams a hapless Mack on the brow ridge... she screams out in pain but displays that hollow look in her eye and doesn't react at all when Minka buries a left jab in her solar plexus to lift her off the canvas AND SEND TUMBLING DOWN ON HER KNEES with another shrieking yelp to boot. Mack is left crippled on the deck and coach Neve Campbell can only look in horror as the count passes by... no way back from the embrional position for Allison and she rolls onto her left side when the count reaches eight to signal it's all over!!! KO12 Minka Kelly!!!

AFTER: The second overtime fight in Kelly's career and the second triumph... the Irish brunette acknowledges Mack's efforts and helps her to climb back to her feet before exchanging a couple of words... Allison admits she just didn't have the strenght to make the overtime competitive but the pressure to reject the draw was too big for her to say otherwise: "Even with 76 fights under my belt, I still don't call the shots.. it's all Neve's decision.."

Meanwhile the spotlight is on Neve Campbell indeed after she ordered Mack to sit on the points lead in the tenth despite ultra-aggressive tactics leading into the blonde's advantage throughtout the previous nine rounds.

"I don't want to talk about it!", the Canadian Hall Of Famer scolds at ESPN's Erin Andrews before some angry gestures from Allison Mack lead into an awkward staredown between the two women that simply can't be ignored on national TV anymore.

"You fell into the Lioness trap there, didn't you?", Erin doesn't give up and sticks her mic right into Neve's face: "We hear all these comments from Tess Valmore about how meaningless it is to settle for a draw. It's like a personal insult for her and Old Wiz but at the end of the day, it's the fighter who's the most important factor, right?

"Well, sometimes..."

"What do you mean?"

"There's an average fighter, a good fighter and the Hall Of Famer like ME!!!"


"No buts and ifs, Andrews! Whenever a Hall Of Famer makes a decision, it's final! Minka was rattled big time not only by the Lilly defeat but by Mack's outrageous effort tonight. We're gonna call a review on this 95-95 nonsense. Allison should be winning this one in regular time hand down..."

"Well, Mack was all lost at sea physically thereafter.. too much easy fights at the Asylum!"

"Hogwash! She's as tough as they come..."

"But not as tough as Minka..."

"Random Irish tart..."

"Whom you've never fought before in your Hall Of Fame career."

"Because I chose not to. I preferred my fellow Canadian nemesis, Elisha Cuthbert. And we all know what happened with that rivalry!"

"Indeed we do. But one last thing, Neve. What about that overtime decision anyway? Did you agree with The Man In The Hat that you will go for it regardless of Allison's physical shape?"

"We agreed that we will win this fight. We're the best stable around. Most fights, most wins, we top the money ranks. Allison is good enough to blow the doors off Minka any given Sunday... I just don't know why this fight ended the way it did..."

{{{{ Allison Mack barges Neve in the back }}}

"Excuse me, but I'd like to say that I'll rather have Grace Park in my corner from now on. I can't stand hearing about this Hall Of Fame stuff over and over again... Minka & Claudia want to spend a night with a bottle of whiskey and some beers... and I'm going there! Tell Wiz not to call me in the next 24 hrs.. and oh, Neve, honey.. you're NOT invited!"

Erin Andrews wants to grab a word with the victorious corner but Minka, Claudia & Allison have already headed down to the locker room and the Front Street security crew is more occupied with Campbell's Hall Of Fame profile than actually protecting Mack The Knife from the Lioness brigade... a small commotion ensues but the PPV schedule is strict to the minute and hits the commercial button as top priority.

By the way, the Front Street vs Lioness Club of America stable war is now levelled at 2-2. The plot thickens...

Final result: Minka Kelly def. Allison Mack KO12.



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