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Alyssa Lynch

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Alyssa Lynch

Personal Information
Birth Name
Alyssa Paige Lynch
Birth Date July 7, 1995
Birth Place Langley, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia
Nationality Canadian
Height 5'7" (1.70 m)
Occupation Model / Actress
Total Fights 44 (F)    1 (B)
Wins 31 (F)    1 (B)
Wins by KO 31 (F)    1 (B)
Losses 13 (F)    0 (B)
Draws  0 (F)     0 (B)

FCBA Career Highlights


Weight Division




VIXENs (09/29/16 to Present)


Titles Held


Major Rivals

Alexis Ren


FCBA Fight History


2016 (3-2-0, 3 KO)

10/09/16. (FCBA Debut) (Lookout & Cas) Lost to Alexis Ren (KO7)

10/28/16. (Lookout & Cas) Def Suki Waterhouse (KO5)

10/30/16. (AHW: Sauna Match by Cas) vs Alexis Ren

11/11/16. (VIX: "Sand & Smother" PPV) (Lookout & Cas) Def Hailey Baldwin (KO5)

11/25/16. (Lookout & Cas) Def Dianna Agron (KO7)

12/30/16. (Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Charlotte Church (KO6)


2017 (7-1-0, 7 KO)

01/27/17. (Lookout & Cas) Def AnnaLynne McCord (KO5)

03/01/17. (Lookout & Caspian) Def Alexis Ren (KO3)

04/12/17. (VIX: Fools For Fighting PPV) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Lyndsy Fonseca (KO6)

05/13/17. (VIX: Dissension In Paradise PPV) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Bridgit Mendler (KO6)

06/17/17. (VIXENS vs Lookout Stable War) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Teresa Palmer (KO5)

07/29/17. (Lookout & Caspian) Def Dani Thorne (KO4)

09/09/17. (VIX: Black at the Blue Horizon PPV) (Lookout & Cas) Def Maggie Rawlins (KO5)

11/10/17, (VIX: November Birthday Bash PPV) (Lookout & Caspian) Lost to Alexis Ren (KO7)


2018 (FCBA: 6-3-0, 6 KO / BBU: 1-0-0, 1 KO)

01/17/18. (AHW Bout by Lookout) vs Alexis Ren

02/28/18. (BBU Sweet Valentine's Day PPV) (Vassago/Caspian) Def Diana Korkunova (TKO6)

03/02/18. (Lookout & Holloway) Lost to Anllela Sagra (KO6)

03/24/18. (VIX: Second Redemption PPV) (Lookout & Caspian) Lost to Miley Cyrus (KO6)

06/16/18. (VIX: Beef@The Cow Palace PPV) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Maria Domark (KO5)

08/18/18. (VIX: Lawlessness@The Center PPV) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Kyra Santoro (KO7)

09/22/18. (VIX vs Lioness Club Stable War) (Lookout & Vassago) Def Charlotte Church (KO6)

12/01/18. (The Great American Alexis Ren Bash Rd. 1) (Lookout/Caspian) Def Cailin Russo (KO4)

12/08/18. (The Great American Alexis Ren Bash SF) (Lookout/Caspian) Def Bella Hadid (KO7)

12/17/18. (The Great American Alexis Ren Bash Final) (Lookout/Caspian) Def Cara Delevingne (KO8)

12/28/18. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Ch Nina Dobrev (TKO7)


2019 (6-3-0, 6 KO)

02/02/19. (The Great American Alexis Ren Bash: Grand Finals) (Lookout/Caspian) Def Alexis Ren (KO10)

02/22/19. (Lookout & Caspian) Lost to Elizabeth Olsen (TKO5)

05/31/19. (Lookout & Caspian) Def Lindsey Morgan (KO6)

06/22/19. (VIX: Lights Out @ The Memorial Stadium PPV) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Bryana Holly (KO7)

08/30/19. (Lookout & Caspian) Def Rachel Barnes (KO4)

09/14/19. (VIXENs vs Holloway Stable War II) (Lookout & Caspian) Lost to Briana Evigan (TKO6)

10/19/19. (VIXENS vs Fates Stable War) (Lookout & Caspian) (Lynch/Olsen II) Def Elizabeth Olsen (KO5)

11/29/19. (Lookout & Caspian) Def Shenae Grimes (TKO5)

12/14/19. (VIX Birthday Bash III) (Lookout & Caspian) Lost to Diana Korkunova (KO5)


2020 (8-3-0, 8 KO)

02/15/20. (VIXENs vs Foxfire Stable War) (Lookout & Archer) Lost to Natalie Alyn Lind (KO5)

03/14/20. (VIXENs vs PLP Stable War) (Lookout & Archer) Lost to Sasha Pieterse (KO5)

04/18/20. (VIXENs vs Odds & Ends Stable War 2020) (Lookout & OddMan) Lost to Samara Weaving (TKO5)

04/26/20. (Lookout & Caspian) Def Isabel Lucas (KO4)

05/16/20. (VIX: SOS@The Save Mart Center PPV) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Charly Jordan (KO7)

06/13/20. (VIX: Salutations@Greensboro Coliseum) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Chanel Stewart (KO5)

07/31/20. (Lookout & Caspian) Def Ruby Rose (KO4)

08/16/20. (VIX: Scrappin' @ the Schofield Barracks) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Halston Sage (KO6)

09/25/20. (Lookout & Caspian) Def Rachele Brooke Smith (KO3)

10/17/20. (VIX: Clash in the Clouds @ The Detroit Olympia) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Caroline Kelley (KO5)

12/22/20. (VIX: Birthday Bash IV) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Diana Korkunova (KO6)


2021 (1-1-0, 1 KO)

01/29/21. (Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Hunter King (KO5)

02/14/21. (VIX: Heartstoppers@St. John's) (Lookout & Caspian) Def Nicola Peltz (KO5)

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