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9 August 2016 Janel Parrish vs Sammi Hanratty

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Posted by Archer on August 9, 2016, 6:08 pm



Results: Lookout Writing: The Wannabees


Janel: 27 YO, 5’2 (1.57 m), 1-5-0 since 2014, Pretty Little Punchers

Sammi: 20 YO, 5’1 (1.53 m), 2-3-0 since 2015, The Wannabees

Pretty Little Punchers vs The Wannabees: Fight #

Pre Fight

Janel is smirking as she realizes that her team-mate Ashley Benson had won the first match and now it was her turn to show the world, that she is one of the best women fighter in the world.

“Today is the day that Sammi Hanratty realizes that this is a place for women and not woman like her, who seem to have a big mouth but doesn’t have the body to compete in fighting.”

Sammi suddenly comes towards Janel. “At least I have a sexy body, and because of this, I challenge you to fight me in our bra and panties, that way you can see who is sexier.”

“You’re on, but don’t go crying to your team-mates when I make you do a walk of shame whore.” Janel glares. “You’re a pathetic wannabee, you’re a pathetic excuse of a fighter and I can’t wait for Danielle to destroy Zoey.”

“In your dreams.” Sammi did a fake yawn. “Ashley was lucky against Sarah, we all know you PLP people just talk trash.”

Both girls are glaring at each other as they get close to each other and then they slap each other in the face, a fight is about to break out until the security gets involved and sends them to their team dressing rooms.

Round One

Both girls come out to the ring, Janel wearing black lace bra and panties. Sammi wearing pink lace bra and panties, Janel laughing as Sammi gets into the ring, trying to play mind-games, as comes over to “inspect’ Sammi’s chest.

“Pathetic,” Janel pronounces, “and so is your bra.”31A?”

“32A!” Sammi blurts out, but this just makes Janel giggle.

“My mistake,” the PLP fighter snickers, then rubs her larger chest against Sammi’s, “mine are 33B. Don’t you wish you could say that, too?”

Sammi reflexively steps back as she flushes red at the questioning of her youthful rack, but before she react further, the referee swoops in to keep them apart. (“This isn’t a wet t-shirt contest!” He says sternly.as Janel snickers again and Sammi clenches her fists, but order is restored).

The fight starts and Sammi is clearly still upset about the giggling as she aims widely whilst Janel, starts to hit Sammi where she can, she catches Sammi twice in the midriff and whilst Sammi manages to hit Janel at the side of the head, it was only a glancing blow. “Come on little girl, I thought you’d be harder than this.” Janel taunts as she dances around taunting Sammi. Sammi comes flying at Janel in rage, but isn’t defending herself as Janel catches Sammi square in her right tit. Sammi and Janel then trade blows as they fight.


suddenly the bell goes.

Round Two
Both girls start the next round on fire, they are aiming everywhere, their team mates had talked to them about getting a foothold on the match. Sammi then after about 30 seconds goes for a big shot but leaves herself undefended and Janel didn’t need a second opening, she aims straight at Sammi’s unprotected tits, and the pain is unbelievable as Sammi’s tits comes out of her bra, she blushes as she put it back in place and everyone is taunting her, she is also struggling in the fight as her composure has gone and Janel is working her over, her breast, midriff and head is all targeted as Janel slows down towards the end as she taunts Sammi. “Did Janel pop ickle Sammi’s tit out of her bra and now ickle Sammi wants to cry.” Sammi gets a few shot in.


Janel seems to be in total control as both girls get pep-talks from their stable mates.

Round Three.

Sammi comes out a different fighter this third room, as Janel who had been expecting the humiliated Sammi to come back out isn’t ready and Sammi manages to get a few hits onto Janel’s face and body. It takes a few seconds for Janel to get her bearing back and both girls are aiming everywhere, but they seem to be aiming wildly, both girls are trying to go for each other’s breast, it seems like they are both intent on getting as many bruises on the other breasts as possible, they are also aiming for each other midriff and both girls are going to have sore bodies tomorrow as bruises to continue to develop, they are hell bent on hurting each other, Sammi seems to be starting to turn the tide toward the end of the round.

Round Four
Both girls come out from their corner with a plan to try and end this fight, “Come on ickle Sammi, let me pop your boobs out of your bra again.” Janel taunts, trying to goat Sammi into letting her guard down, but Sammi corner has told her to expect this and so she ignores it. “Oh is ickle Sammi scared of me.” Janel taunts but you can see she is getting frustrated and she goes in for the kill but misses and Sammi manages to hit her square on the ear. Janel is in pain as she tries to hit Sammi again but now it’s her who’s let the game plan go out of the window and Sammi is now in control hitting Janel whenever she wants and even though Janel manages to get a few hits in you can see she is starting to be in a bit of bother.


the bell goes and Sammi blows Janel a kiss as she struts to her corner whilst Janel struggles, but when Sammi blows the kiss Janel glares and it’s only because Janel’s teammates are holding her back that a catfight didn’t happen in the ring.

Round Five
Sammi walks sexily toward the middle of the ring, eager to try and end this fight. “Come on Janel, I want to end this so I can get a better workout done.” Sammi giggles as she watches Janel struggle to get to her feet and struggles to the centre. “That wasn’t very sexy was it?” Sammi giggles as she looks Janel over. Janel glares as the bell goes and she tries to fight back but you can see she’s in a bit of pain as Sammi works her over. Janel manages to get a few hit in but she is annoyed and when she goes for a big hit, she leaves herself unprotected and Sammi hit her first hard in her left breast, followed by a hit in her right breast as Janel reals backwards trying to get away but Sammi won’t let her and she ends it with a hard right hook into Janel face, that send the other woman to the canvass,

Sammi struts around the ring as Janel lays there in a world of pain, you can hear the wolf whistle for Sammi as she plays for the crowd, wiggling her backside at them and pointing at the fallen woman , who is now on her hand and knees, the Wannabee gang laughing as she looks like pathetic as she tries to crawl to the ropes but in the end she gives in, she then tries to sit up.


Janel is stunned as she sits on her backside crying about this humiliating loss, especially after the start she had.


Post fight
Sammi walks up-to Janel her hands on her hips as she looks at her beaten foe, normally she would leave it at that but Janel had embarrassed her and had threaten her and now she was going to find out that you don’t mess with Sammi Hanratty.

Sammi grabs Janel by her hair and forces her to her feet, she then pushes Janels bra down. “Oh have I popped your tits out of your bra.” Sammi giggles, as she watches the PLP girls wanting to get involved but her teammates are stopping them, Sammi then makes Janel walk around the ring, with her breasts on display, Janel is in tears but you can hear her saying to Sammi. “This isn’t over, watch your back.” With Sammi replying. “I’m not scared of you.” Sammi then trips Janel over and put her foot on the beaten girls’ backside.

But wait it’s not over, when Sammi moves away Janel puts her bra back on properly and then she tackles Sammi and both girls are rolling around the ring pulling hair and giving each other a wedgie, it takes both girls team-mates and security to break the two up.

Pretty Little Punchers: 1 The Wannabees: 1

The mini-PPV is all tied up as we await the third and deciding bout: the rematch between PLP Danielle Campbell and The Wannabee Zoey Deutch.



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