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21 August 2016 Anna Kendrick vs Hayden Panettiere

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing & Benny on August 21, 2016, 8:43 pm



Objectively, she knew it was peaceful.

She also knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long.

There were so many reasons NOT to do it. The opponent was top ten. It would be on foreign sand. The fight was too close to other scheduled bouts.

Anna Kendrick pushed all of that out of her mind. She had been challenged. To box on the world’s biggest stage. Copacabana Beach, during the Olympic games. With the eyes of the world focused on the special beach boxing ring.

There was a certain asymmetry to the challenge that still puzzled Anna. Both girls tonight were from the same country, so the Olympics seemed like a strange venue. But then again, competitors from the same country could meet in the finals, fighting for gold. Then there was the beach setting. Anna had been so disciplined since starting at Diamond Boxing Club. Each match was carefully controlled. No crazy costumes. No odd locations. No post-match drama. Benny had worked hard to make sure that she always had the proper conditions to perform her best. He was so… careful with her. Sheltering her. Each fight was difficult and the girls she had fought so far had been strong. But Anna had started feeling like her development was so… safe. It had earned her a top 20 flyweight ranking, and even an early title shot. But something about this potential beach fight against Hayden Panettiere gave her goosebumps. Yes, the bright lights of the pretty boxing gyms were great. She would always love those. But this… was a special fight. They converted the beach volleyball court into a boxing ring. Sold so many tickets they needed to build additional seats on to the stadium.

There was to be a special gold medal presentation for the winner. Each girl had agreed to create a gold medal. Engraved on the back, it read: “I was knocked out by the girl wearing this medal. She is the better woman, and the better fighter.” Each girl was required to sign underneath, and it was agreed that a picture of the KO victim would be embossed on the medal before it was presented. No silver medals were created. There was no second place.


Brazilian sand was distinct. Unique amongst the beaches of the world.

Hayden knelt down and felt it against her skin. Her body memorized the sink and bounce of her body against the sand. Though she wasn’t sure Anna would believe it, the bikinis had not been her idea. The organizers felt that Kendrick’s traditional attire was far too conservative for the Brazilian crowd. Hayden did not shy away from showing off her hard work in the gym in a revealing bikini. She practically filled an entire closet at home just with her beachware.

The prospect of fighting had always appealed to Panettiere. The venue, rules, special conditions… none of that mattered. When another girl was across the ring, Hayden wanted nothing more in this world than to dominate her. The instinct had served her well. Body saddles, body paint bouts, apartment house wrestling, fights from France to Australia. Hayden was never one to back down from a fight. From the moment she heard about the opportunity to box Anna Kendrick during the Olympics, Hayden was all in.

She gave no thought to legacy. Not at this moment. She knew there was a gold medal on the line and of course she appreciated the trophy. But if her management deemed the challenger worthy, Hayden would accept in a heartbeat. Any girl who dared challenge her in the ring needed to be humbled. Needed to be brought to heel and crushed. Beach? Bikinis? Fine. Hayden knew there would be a ring. There would be boxing gloves. There would be a girl on the other side. And Hayden knew that she would use her body to make the other girl quit. To grind the fighting spirit out of her opponent until she had left no doubt that Hayden Panettiere was the better woman.

And now she stood alone on the beach. A quiet moment before the chaos of combat.


By virtue of her lesser experience, Anna Kendrick entered the arena first. The crowd awash in sound and color, and it almost overwhelmed her focus. Anna was awed at the spectacle, momentarily forgetting that she was exposing more skin to Haden’s gloves than ever before. Kendrick shivered under the hot midday sun as the reality dawned on her. She took calculated steps towards the ring, slipping between the ropes as she tried to prepare for battle. Everything today felt different enough to put her on edge. From her clothes, to the lack of a step up as she entered the ring, to the raucous environment in this foreign land, even the new “teammate” working her corner... it was all starting to sink in. Anna Kendrick struggled mightily to get herself ready for battle against her opponent. Brie Larson stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders, trying to pump her up and get Anna in the right mindset. Watchful observers could see Kendrick breathing deeper as she tried to absorb the words of her new teammate.

For minutes that surely seemed like ages, Hayden let her opponent sweat in the ring. It was a veteran move to take a bit of the wind out of Anna’s sails. It was unclear if this was part of a beach boxing rookie hazing, or something to dull the threat of her hungry opponent. What finally moved the her to the ring was the roar of the crowd demanding their blonde boxer. Hayden was never one to disappoint a crowd. With a nod from Rachel McAdams, they made their way to the ring. The long walk to her corner was lined with smiles and cheers. Though she had never been here before, as the fans chanted her name it felt like home. The ring was foreign to her, but as she slipped through the ropes she familiarized herself with the dimensions and particulars of the ring until it was an old friend. No matter how many things changed, one thing was always the same. There was a girl. Across the ring. And she must be beaten.

The girls moved to center ring flanked by their seconds. Kendrick had always been conservative in her attire. But the beach setting required an appropriate outfit. She had selected a revealing blue bikini. Hayden chose a matching cut in red. Stars and stripes had been ruled out for both fighters. This fight was not about who was more patriotic. It was about who was the better woman.

Tense staredown passes without incident. Girls offered the chance to touch gloves before the bell. Anna extends her gloves tentatively. Hayden stares straight into her eyes and politely touches gloves with a wink. The fighters return to corners and we are ready to go!

Round 1: Kendrick’s jaw clenches tight around that mouthpiece. She jumps out from the corner looking to establish herself early. Hayden not scared of a fight as she chests up against her girl. The fans on their feet from the opening bell as the two warriors trade freely! Hand flying back and forth, tucking in tight to tummy or chest, coming upstairs to ROCK chins and rattle ponytails. Gloves tight in guard for both girls, as Hayden loads up to shove a hard uppercut right into Kendrick’s body! Anna’s already throwing a big right hook that CRACKS onto Panny’s jaw! The punch surprised the off-balance blonde, and it’s enough to send her sideways and slamming Hayden on the sand! Delayed reaction from Anna, as she stumbles to the corner struggling with the delayed effect of Hayden’s body shot. Panny looks shocked as the ref begins the count, and she rolls over slowly onto her left hip. She’s up at eight, staring daggers across the ring as Kendrick lounges in the neutral corner. Hayden comes on strong at the restart, looking to even the score, but Anna is able to smother the offense with a tight clinch to ride out the round.

Panettiere leans in on Kendrick after the bell, forcing to take weight as the ref has to pry her off. “Nice shot, rookie. Enjoy the lead while you’re still awake.” Anna can only grimace as she struggles to get free. Hayden snears as she’s finally pulled off. “How’s the tummy?”

Round 2: Kendrick comes out with a fierce attack. She’s betting that Panny is still a little shaken up from that knockdown last round. Hayden just isn’t quite as sharp as she’d like to be, and Anna starts to establish a pounding rhythm. There’s a sharp jab to distract the blond, followed by a hammering right to score. Pip Pop! Pip POP! Hayden just being force fed a steady diet of leather. She’s trying to sneak around shots to body, or loop punches over the top. Her left eye starting to puff up a bit as the damage piles up. Anna starts to get complacent. Why change the attack when it seems to be working? With only a minute left, Hayden answers that question by ducking under the jab. And as Anna’s follow up punch sails high, Panny is able to FEAST on Kendrick’s tummy and jug! Hardhearted scrubbing from the blonde as she tries to pay back all the punches Anna deposited this round. Kendrick stunned as she takes to the body. She’s trying to roll and guard but Hayden’s experience allows her to find each new target as Anna tries to weather the storm. The bell forces a brave dive in from the ref, and Hayden manages to land a few extra blows after the bell, including a compact uppercut to Anna’s chest.

“Foul!” Brie Larson cries from the Diamond corner. She jumps into the ring to protect her girl But McAdams enters just as fast, running interference for Hayden. Brie guides her girl home and begins to work. But with all the punches Hayden landed in that flurry, she’s unsure where to start.

Rachel quick to address the puffy eye, strategizing as she works. “Kendrick loves fighting inside. Thinks she owns the body. But she doesn’t know that your body is better. Go show her!”

Round 3: Hayden stamps out to center ring, popping her gloves together. Practically daring Anna Kendrick to come trade. It’s tentative steps from Kendrick as she’s still smarting from the body work in the last round. Hayden smirking as she sees Anna’s elbow held in tight to the body, protecting a vulnerable target. But it’s Kendrick who attacks first! Charging in hard behind a sloppy attack. She’s overwhelming the blonde, and forcing her to give ground. It’s a flurry of leather and even Hayden’s masterful defense can’t block all the punches. Kendrick goes body, looking to cripple the fiery blonde. But Hayden’s tummy holds strong, and she strikes back with a vengeance! Panny CRASHES that right hand to Kendrick’s jaw! Buckling her knees and rattling the brunette as Hayden helps herself to more! Anna falls into clinch, trying to cut down the distance and smother her girl. Now it’s tight infighting, all rolling elbows and tight, jerking shots. Hayden able to carve out space and land thudding punches to tummy. While Anna twists to lash her gloves on Panny’s exposed flanks. Girls fight right through the bell, and the ref has to practically pry them apart and send them to corners.

Brie gives her charge a stern talking to. “You need to be first out there. You can’t play her game. You can’t let her dictate terms. Be first.” Anna nods even as her face twists as she feels the ice pack on her ribs.

In the Foxfire corner, it’s all smiles. Hayden satisfied with forcing this kind of fight. McAdams loving this kind of bruising battle. “If it’s a war, she’ll quit first. Your body is elite. Don’t take any damage you don’t have to. But do what it takes to get this done.”

Round 4: Kendrick returns to up tempo punching, light on her feet as she peppers Hayden’s defenses with that sharp jab. Panny still looking fresh as she keep pace. Hayden giving ground, but she’s hunting as well. Lying in wait for Anna to make a mistake. Overreach. Overcommit. Kendrick is comfortable taking the driver’s seat as she starts to add in her right hand. She’s kissing it off Hayden’s cheek before burying shots to her toned body. Panny taking the shots well and slugging back with firepower of her own. Hayden’s body starts to redden under the pressure, but she valiantly lashes out to score on Kendrick’s cheek. Anna’s head whips under the impact… and she’s CUT! It’s small and located on her left cheek, but Anna Kendrick is cut and hurt! The sight of blood sends Hayden into a frenzy! It’s all offense from the blonde as she surges forward… and is met by stiff resistance! Kendrick holds firm against the onslaught, taking the blows she has to and hammering home the shots she needs. The arena erupts to a fever pitch as the crowd completely drowns out the sound of the bell! It’s pandemonium as the ref dives in to separate the two fighters! Seconds dive in to retrieve their girls as Anna and Hayden have to be pried apart! Brie Larson has to lift Anna up and drag her away as Kendrick flails in her arms! So lost in bloodlust with hearts engages in the froth and fury, neither girl wanted to stop slugging!

It’s a tough job in the Diamond corner as they are able to handle the cut. But it doesn’t look like Anna realized she had been hurt until the wound was cleaned. Brie Larson’s face blanches momentarily as she deals with the damage. But she recovers quickly and gives Anna the words of encouragement she desperately needs.

Hayden is eased down onto her stool by her by Rachel McAdams, taking care to protect those abs. The ice pack is on quickly, and in the safety of the corner, Hayden lets the hurt show on her face. Rachel emphatically points across the ring as she whispers in Panny’s ear. Hayden nodding along with every word, eyes narrowing against the pain as she glares hatefully across the ring.

Round 5: The damage on each girl makes the gameplans straightforward. Blonde and brunette each looking to press their advantage. Hayden looking to land hard on Anna’s left cheek. She’s attacking with intensity, looping overhand shots, trying to break through Kendrick’s guard with pure power. Kendrick manages to stay compact, ducking and rolling as she looks to get inside and set up shop to wreck Panny’s body. They maintain a respectful distance, neither girl wanting to expose herself, each waiting for the opening they need. A subtle shift of Hayden’s shoulders tricks Anna into shifting her guard high. In a flash, Hayden brings her glove low, digging hard to Kendrick’s body. Hurt ALL over the brunette’s cute face, as Hayden goes berzerk! BIG shots from the blonde now jerking and snapping Kendrick’s head as her guard begins to falter! Anna fires back blind, but can’t locate her girl! She’s doing everything she can to protect her cheek, which leaves other targets open for Panny to punish! Hayden launches a fierce left hook to the body! COLLAPSING Kendrick around the impact as she cramps up, trying to gut it out! But Hayden won’t have it! She reigns down leather, smacking the brunette every which way… before clouting her with a right cross to the cheek! Kendrick goes limp as she crashes down to the mat and the crowd erupts for the blonde! Anna SO hurt as she tries to rise. Brie Larson shaking the ropes as she screams for her girl to get up! Hayden looking regal as she addresses the crowd and glides to the neutral corner. Kendring pawing at the ropes… she’s desperate to rise… off her knees at eight… and as she sags back into the ropes... she’s cleared to continue! Panny shrugs and bangs her gloves together, happy to dish out as much punishment as Anna wants to eat. And it’s a feast all the way to the bell! Hayden stares at her girl after the bell and whispers “You should have stayed down, honey. Now I have to make it hurt more…”

Brie Larson has to jump in the ring and guide Anna back to the corner on shaky legs. Brie looks at her battered boxer with soft eyes. “Are you sure you want to do this?” It was meant sincerely. A compassionate query from the heart. But Kendrick knew it was never really a question. “I have to do this. I can… still… win… right?” Larson confronted with the fact that she can’t fix all the damage before the bell. She kisses Anna gently on the forehead. “I’m so proud of the way you fight.”

A silent look passes between the girls in the Foxfire corner. The smile on the blondes face tells it all. She can feel the brunette breaking down. Knows she has the upper hand and knows what she has to do to get the knockout. McAdams offers only two words. “End her.”

Round 6: Kendrick mouth breathing as she staggers out. She’s covering up best she can. Her body is close to breaking but her heart won’t let her quit. Big smile on Panny’s lips. But there’s no quit in Kendrick. Banging her gloves together, Anna is waving Hayden in… she’s defiant to the last! Hayden not deterred as she brings that up tempo work to the hurt brunette. Panny wielding her jab like a precision instrument, nipping and biting at any of Kendrick’s exposed flesh. Anna in agony as she falls in close, grappling with Hayden while gripping and tussling to buy time. Panny struggles to work her right hand free, and she’s ravaging Anna’s left side. Body. Body. Head. Body. Kendrick can only hang on and take it as her legs start to tremble and shake underneath her. Hayden must feel it too and it gives her punches that extra bit of venom. Seeing nothing coming back from Anna, the ref begins to hover… and Kendrick starts to punch back! It’s desperate, wild swings. All her power, everything Anna Kendrick has left put into these arcs of her gloves. But the punches are telegraphed, easily avoided by a boxer of Hayden’s caliber. And they leave Anna wide open for retaliation. It’s a tight body blow with Hayden’s left. Her bicep bulging as she knocks all the air out of Kendrick’s lungs. And it’s a final, right uppercut placed perfectly on the brunette’s chin. Kendrick’s head rocked skyward as her body hangs weightless for a moment… before splashing down onto the Brazilian sand! The crowd erupts as they know the outcome before the count begins. Anna laid out flat, eyes shut tight, gloves outstretched. In another context, she might look like she was sunbathing. But as it stood, the slow rise and fall of her chest came in time with the referee’s count. And IT’S OVER! What a knockout and what a performance from your winner by KO6 HAYDEN PANETTIERE!!

After: Hayden has time to pose for pictures, flashing that winning smile as she shows off her body in her red bikini. Anna Kendrick is STILL out! And Hayden moves to collect her… it’s going to be a WALK!! Fans of two minds about this. No true shame in Kendrick’s performance, but the results speak for themselves. McAdams in the ring like a shot to cover Hayden’s prize. Brie Larson is slow to react. Her first fight in the Diamond corner and she doesn’t see how these post-fight proceedings will play out. Rachel just staring daggers at the Diamond corner, practically daring Brie to intervene as Panny wraps her arms around Kendrick’s reddened tummy. Anna SO crushed as she’s hauled off the sand. A valiant performance to be sure, and the realization of a walk is dawning on her slowly. “But… why would you…?”

Hayden whispers in her ear. “Because I won, sweetie…”

Panettiere positively beaming as she parades her girl for the adoring crowd. Anna stumbling along as she twists and turns to escape the iron grip around her waist. She’s sniffling and groggy as Hayden props her back against the corner padding. Kendrick shaking her head now, her head clearing as it dawns on her what’s about to happen. “No… no… no, no no…” It’s sweet music to Hayden’s ears. The blonde leans in close.

“Anna… it has to be this way. It will motivate you, and bring you back stronger. Or it will break you, and you will never be the same. But today I knocked you out. So this is how it has to be.”

Kendrick still protesting but resigned to her fate, as Hayden prepares to climb the corner one rope at a time. Before she can begin to climb, McAdams hustles over with the gold medal. She shoves the ribbon into Anna’s hands and forces her to hold out the shiny medallion. Hayden lights up as she sees the presentation. A feigned expression of gratitude plays across the blonde’s face. “Anna! For me! You shouldn’t have…” Hayden slips her head inside as she claims the gold. She holds her medal up to the fans as the crowd erupts for their winner. Then Hayden shifts her focus down to her beaten opponent. Anna’s grimacing as she knows Panny is far from finished with her. Hayden’s climbs the turnbuckle, her feet now planted firmly on the second rope. She’s shouting with joy as she shows off her new medal and the girl she’s about to smother.

Brie Larson could feel her heart slam in her chest. This… This couldn’t happen… This was why Anna had called her in the first place. To protect Kendrick from a situation just like this. Brie could see McAdams close to the corner where the action was happening. Rachel’s focus was still on the Diamond corner, ensuring there was no interference. Brie would never be able to get by her in time and get Anna off the ropes…

Ropes! Anna was trapped by them. Hayden was standing on them. And so far nothing in Rio had been built to last. Brie dives into her training bag, emerging quickly with a large pair of scissors. “C’mon c’mon c’mon…” Brie now furiously sawing at the middle rope, the strands quickly fraying under the pressure. No one in the ring seems to be the wiser, as all eyes are focused on Hayden and Anna, and the gold medal smother that the crowd is anticipating. In an instant, the tension on the rope is released, Hayden’s celebration is cut short as she falls, her body ricocheting off the top rope and flinging her backwards, launching her into photographers in the ring. Anna’s body slips through the new gap, tumbling out of the ring and collapsing onto the sand. Brie Larson darts down the edge of the ring and retrieves the fallen boxer. The Diamond girls leave the area quickly in the confusion making their way towards the water.

In the relative calm of the beach, Brie laid Anna’s body in the gentle surf. What could she even do right now to help? She found herself stroking Anna's hair as she cradled the beaten boxer in her lap.The waves softly lapped at her bruised skin as Anna Kendrick laid out flat in a KO’d stupor. She was only vaguely aware of the water but was still foggy about how she left the arena.

The small ship advanced on the beach with military precision, DBC logo displayed on the side of the boat. Additional Diamond trainers quickly scooped up the limp body of their defeated fighter, and safely stored her away as the vessel sped off to the marina. Minutes later, they docked with the DBC yacht. Brie Larson refused to leave Anna’s side as she continued to tend to her charge. While the medical staff swarmed around them, Brie cradled Anna Kendrick in her arms as they climbed the steps to the safety of the Diamond facilities. Anna was only vaguely aware of the questions the medical staff asking her.

“Are you ok?”

Not really.

“What happened?”

She knocked me out.

“That post match crap she pulled… how dare she!?!?”

She earned it. She won.

Anna’s lips moved, but none of the trainers could make out the sound. Brie slowly leaned down next to her fighter. Kendrick’s voice was small but strong.

“Thank you.”



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